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Box Art
Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode Box Art
Name Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode
System Nintendo 3DS
Release Date Japan June 27, 2013
Language Japanese

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode (デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ デコード, Dejimon Wārudo Ri:Dejitaizu Dekōdo) is a video game.


Lament of the X-Antibody[edit]

Due to the artificial life form "Vitium" ran wildly, the Digital World became unstable. To restore it, the Host Computer of the Digital World, Yggdrasill is turned on, having been sealed during the emulation of the Infinity Mountain. To this end, he starts to spread the X-Program in order to force the removal of the alien beings of the Digital World. Under the influence of the X-Program, the Digimon living in the Village of Beginnings start to collapse one after another. To discover the true intentions of Yggdrasill, who has caused the tragedy from happening again, Dukemon (X-Antibody) and Omegamon (X-Antibody) begin a research into the Infinity Mountain. As the X-Program within the Infinity Mountain is persuasive, the Digimon without the X-Antibody must fight to survive. Under this circumstances, Death-X-mon, located in the terrifying final level, acquires an important role: he seeks to destroy the DigiCore (what makes each Digimon unique, where its data is stored, so if it is damaged, the Digimon dies and cannot turn into a DigiTama anymore) of each Digimon. Death-X-mon is the evolution of DORUmon when, after having evolved many times, its powers go out of control.

  • In the Ultimate level, Omegamon (X-Antibody) - He has the special ability of the ultimate force "Omega inForce", a skill that gives great power and allow him to see the future quickly during the battle. When he uses this ability, the senses of Omegamon and its combat potential increases to its maximum limits under any circumstances. Also in this level, Dukemon (X-Antibody) - Bearing the loyality of a knight, Dukemon threw himself into the Holy Wars and was finally blessed with the supreme sacred armor, sacred lance, and sacred shield.
  • In the Child level, DORUmon - A Beast Digimon that is believed to be the experimental "Prototype Digimon" before the Digimon were discovered, as he has an old interface on its forehead. DORUmon, who has a deep connection to the X-Antibody, participates in the research of the Infinity Mountain. Also in this level, Plotmon (X-Antibody) - A Digimon who has joined DORUmon to investigate what happens in the Inifnity Mountain.
  • Also in this scenario, Rosemon (X-Antibody), Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody) and Alphamon make an appearance.

Scheme of the Demon Lords[edit]

Although "Vitium" has been defeated, the space and time abnormalities continue wreaking havoc in the Real World. Shinomiya Rina notices them, but is quickly sent to the Digital World when Barbamon, who resides in the nucleus of the Dark Area, actives a program for this purpose. Barbamon holds trapped Rina because she has the same ability as Taiga (the ability to use the Decode) and the Demon Lord plans to use this ability to conquer the Digital World. The protagonists must now face the Seven Great Demon Lords if they want to save Rina. However, each Demon Lord has his own plans:

  • Barbamon, the Demon of Greed lies in the center of the Dark Area and is the leader of the Fallen Angel Digimon. When he finds a treasure in the network, he does whatever it takes to catch it, regardless of the cruel means to get it.
  • Lilithmon, the Demon of Lust wants to conquer the Digital World for its own ambitions.
  • Beelzebumon, the Demon of Gluttony wants to polish off Barbamon's ambitions cooperating with the heroes.
  • Belphemon, the Demon of Sloth, that creates a Dark Area by sleeping that blocks everything with its enormous power.
  • Leviamon is the Demon of Envy, a gigantic red crocodile who intended to swallow the entire Digital World with its jaws. Leviamon usually sleep in the bottom of the Net Ocean, near the Dark Area.
  • Furthermore Lucemon, who despite its childish appearance has a great power, is instigated by Barbamon on its fall as an Angel Digimon and its subsequent evolution to Lucemon Falldown Mode, known as the Demon of Pride.

Also, new Digimon appear on the stage of the Demon Lords:

  • Orgemon was originally a servant of Barbamon, but thanks to the power of friendship, tries to make good and evolves to its final form, Titamon to save the protagonist. Ironically, despite its good reasons to evolve, Titamon born from the hatred towards the Olympos XII. Its inexhaustible power makes him earn the nickname of the "One-Man Division".
  • Tyranomon is in the midst of a journey to become stronger. Thus, finally evolves to Rust Tyranomon, a Virus attribute Digimon who could evolve by overcoming tough battles and an hostile environment.

After the conquest of the DigiTower by Barbamon, several Digimon who disagree with the situation have emerged, such as Ofanimon, a female Angel Digimon. Ofanimon, Seraphimon and Cherubimon configure the Three Archangels who guard the Kernel (interpreted as the domain of God). Ofanimon is a kind of Holy Mother that represents the infinite love of God and his righteousness.


The gameplay is comparable to Digimon World 1 (1999) on the PSX and the 2012 PSP Release Digimon World Re:Digitize. While the core gameplay remains essentially the same there are various changes.

Compared to the previous release of Digimon World:Redigitize on the PSP, Decode adds various Quality of Life enhancements. For the first time within a world game, the game keeps a Journal of every Evolution your Digimon went through, including Weight, Stats and everything else. This feature makes you know exactly how you got this Digimon. The game also provides hints for evolutions.

The game introduces the Decode ability, which, depending on your abilities as a Tamer will give your Partner Digimon a serious boost. With the introduction of this new ability the max stats were also upped to 99999/9999 respectively. To get max stats, compared to the previous installation, is now quite challenging.

The game introduces various camera angles to have a better overview in battle. Addressing complaints from the PSP Version, the game also adjusts the overworld camera so that the Digimon and protagonist are closer to each other.

The roster of the game experienced a considerable increase and a total of 161 Digimon are obtainable, with some only obtainable in this game. Re:Digitize on the PSP had 161 Items in total while Decode bumped this number up to astounding 424, with a variety of items never seen before.

The game also introduces Multiplayer, allowing Tamers to trade cards, fight battles or even do coop missions!

Introducing a Hard Mode, a second protagonist and various fan favourites, the game offers a considerably more enjoyable experience than the PSP Version of the game.


Guest Characters[edit]



Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Unobtainable Digimon[edit]

Digimon Cards[edit]

ID Name Rank
001 Kuramon C
002 Cocomon C
003 Jyarimon C
004 Zerimon C
005 Chicomon C
006 Choromon C
007 Tsubumon C
008 Dodomon C
009 Nyokimon C
010 Bubbmon C
011 Pitchmon C
012 Pyocomon C
013 Punimon C
014 Pururumon C
015 Botamon C
016 Poyomon C
017 Yukimi Botamon C
018 Yuramon C
019 Leafmon C
020 Relemon C
021 Upamon C
022 Caprimon C
023 Gigimon C
024 Gummymon C
025 Culumon B
026 Koromon C
027 Sunmon C
028 Tanemon C
029 Chibimon C
030 Chapmon C
031 Chocomon C
032 Tunomon C
033 Tsumemon C
034 Tokomon C
035 Nyaromon C
036 Budmon C
037 Pukamon C
038 Peti Meramon C
039 Pokomon C
040 Poromon C
041 Minomon C
042 Moonmon C
043 Mochimon C
044 Wanyamon C
045 Agumon C
046 Agumon (X-Antibody) C
047 Agumon (2006 Anime Version) C
048 Agumon (Black) C
049 Agumon Hakase C
050 Armadimon C
051 Impmon C
052 Elecmon C
053 Otamamon C
054 Otamamon (X-Antibody) C
055 Gaomon C
056 Gazimon C
057 Gazimon (X-Antibody) C
058 Ganimon C
059 Ganimon (X-Antibody) C
060 Gabumon C
061 Gabumon (X-Antibody) C
062 Gabumon (Black) C
063 Kamemon C
064 Candmon C
065 Guilmon C
066 Guilmon (X-Antibody) C
067 Kudamon C
068 Kunemon C
069 Keramon C
070 Kokuwamon C
071 Kokuwamon (X-Antibody) C
072 Gottsumon C
073 Gottsumon (X-Antibody) C
074 Kotemon C
075 Goburimon C
076 Gomamon C
077 Gomamon (X-Antibody) C
078 Commandramon C
079 Coronamon C
080 Psychemon C
081 Shamamon C
082 Shakomon C
083 Shakomon (X-Antibody) C
084 Solarmon C
085 Tyumon C
086 Tukaimon C
087 Terriermon C
088 Tentomon C
089 Toy Agumon C
090 Dracumon C
ID Name Rank
091 DORUmon C
092 Nise Agumon Hakase C
093 Hagurumon C
094 Hagurumon (X-Antibody) C
095 Patamon C
096 Palmon C
097 Palmon (X-Antibody) C
098 Pico Devimon C
099 Piyomon C
100 Falcomon C
101 Funbeemon C
102 V-mon C
103 Plotmon C
104 Plotmon (X-Antibody) C
105 Betamon C
106 Betamon (X-Antibody) C
107 Penmon C
108 Hawkmon C
109 Pawn Chessmon (White) C
110 Pawn Chessmon (Black) C
111 Monodramon C
112 Yuki Agumon C
113 Lalamon C
114 Ryudamon C
115 Lucemon S
116 Lunamon C
117 Renamon C
118 Lopmon C
119 Wormmon C
120 Ice Devimon C
121 Aquilamon C
122 Ankylomon C
123 Igamon C
124 Ikkakumon C
125 Wizarmon C
126 Wendimon C
127 Woodmon C
128 Airdramon C
129 XV-mon C
130 Angemon C
131 Orgemon C
132 Omekamon C
133 Guardromon C
134 Gaogamon C
135 Kabuterimon C
136 Galgomon C
137 Garurumon C
138 Garurumon X-Antibody C
139 Garurumon (Black) C
140 Gawappamon C
141 Kyubimon C
142 Ginryumon C
143 Growmon C
144 Growmon (X-Antibody) C
145 Growmon (Orange) C
146 Chrysalimon C
147 Gururumon C
148 Greymon C
149 Greymon (X-Antibody) C
150 Clockmon C
151 Kuwagamon C
152 Kuwagamon (X-Antibody) C
153 Gekomon C
154 Gesomon C
155 Gesomon (X-Antibody) C
156 Geremon C
157 Centalmon C
158 Cockatrimon C
159 Sangloupmon C
160 Thunderballmon C
161 Thunderballmon (X-Antibody) C
162 Sunflowmon C
163 Seadramon C
164 Seadramon (X-Antibody) C
165 Coelamon C
166 Sealsdramon C
167 Shellmon C
168 Geo Greymon C
169 Scumon C
170 Starmon C
171 Starmon (X-Antibody) C
172 Stingmon C
173 Dark Tyranomon C
174 Tyranomon C
175 Tailmon C
176 Tailmon (X-Antibody) C
177 Death-X-DORUgamon C
178 Devimon C
179 Dobermon C
180 Dobermon (X-Antibody) C
ID Name Rank
181 Togemon C
182 Togemon (X-Antibody) C
183 Tobucatmon C
184 Drimogemon C
185 DORUgamon C
186 Knight Chessmon (White) C
187 Knight Chessmon (Black) C
188 Nanimon C
189 Numemon C
190 Birdramon C
191 Bakemon C
192 Firamon C
193 V-dramon C
194 Fugamon C
195 Platinum Scumon C
196 Black Growmon C
197 Black Tailmon C
198 Blade Kuwagamon C
199 Vegimon C
200 Peckmon C
201 Whamon C
202 Meramon C
203 Mojyamon C
204 Monochromon C
205 Monochromon (X-Antibody) C
206 Yukidarumon C
207 Unimon C
208 Raptordramon C
209 Leomon C
210 Leomon (X-Antibody) C
211 Lekismon C
212 Reppamon C
213 Fladramon B
214 Lighdramon B
215 Sethmon B
216 Honeybeemon B
217 Yaksamon B
218 Depthmon B
219 Sagittarimon B
220 Gargomon B
221 Kangarumon B
222 Magnamon SS
223 Magnamon (X-Antibody) SS
224 Shadramon B
225 Togemogumon B
226 Owlmon B
227 Searchmon B
228 Nohemon B
229 Archelomon B
230 Bullmon B
231 Coatlmon B
232 Pucchiemon B
233 Pucchiemon (Green) B
234 Kongoumon B
235 Allomon B
236 Allomon (X-Antibody) B
237 Rinkmon B
238 Holsmon B
239 Flybeemon B
240 Shurimon B
241 Orcamon B
242 Moosemon B
243 Harpymon B
244 Toucanmon B
245 Peacockmon B
246 Lynxmon B
247 Bitmon B
248 Swanmon B
249 Butterflamon B
250 Kabukimon B
251 Tylomon B
252 Tylomon (X-Antibody) B
253 Goatmon B
254 Nefertimon B
255 Nefertimon (X-Antibody) B
256 Opossummon B
257 Maildramon B
258 Boarmon B
259 Sepikmon B
260 Pteranomon B
261 Pteranomon (X-Antibody) B
262 Digmon B
263 Frogmon B
264 Submarimon B
265 Sheepmon B
266 Seahomon B
267 Chamelemon B
268 Elephamon B
269 Baromon B
270 Stegomon B
ID Name Rank
271 Pipismon B
272 Mothmon B
273 Ponchomon B
274 Mantaraymon B
275 Mantaraymon (X-Antibody) B
276 Pegasmon B
277 Manbomon B
278 Prairiemon B
279 Rhinomon B
280 Rhinomon (X-Antibody) B
281 Gold V-dramon B
282 Rapidmon B
283 Fla Wizarmon B
284 Salamandamon B
285 Thunderbirmon B
286 Kenkimon B
287 Atlur Kabuterimon B
288 Anomalocarimon B
289 Anomalocarimon (X-Antibody) B
290 Andiramon B
291 Andromon B
292 Indaramon B
293 Infermon B
294 Vajramon B
295 Vamdemon B
296 Vikaralamon B
297 Aero V-dramon B
298 Ex-Tyranomon B
299 Etemon B
300 Angewomon B
301 Okuwamon B
302 Okuwamon (X-Antibody) B
303 Gerbemon B
304 Garudamon B
305 Garudamon (X-Antibody) B
306 Gigadramon B
307 Chimairamon B
308 Catch Mamemon B
309 Giromon B
310 Grappu Leomon B
311 Grademon B
312 Crescemon B
313 Kumbhiramon B
314 Cerberumon B
315 Cerberumon (X-Antibody) B
316 Cyberdramon B
317 Sandiramon B
318 Shawujinmon B
319 Shakkoumon B
320 Jyureimon B
321 Silphymon B
322 Sinduramon B
323 Skull Greymon B
324 Skull Baluchimon B
325 Zudomon B
326 Taomon B
327 Tankdramon B
328 Tyilinmon B
329 Caturamon B
330 Death-X-DORUguremon B
331 Digitamamon B
332 Death Meramon B
333 Delumon B
334 Tonosama Gekomon B
335 Triceramon B
336 Triceramon (X-Antibody) B
337 DORUguremon B
338 Paildramon B
339 Pajiramon B
340 Parrotmon B
341 Panjyamon B
342 Panjyamon (X-Antibody) B
343 Hisyaryumon B
344 Bishop Chessmon B
345 Big Mamemon B
346 Piccolomon B
347 Black Megalo Growmon B
348 Blue Meramon B
349 Flaremon B
350 Vademon B
351 Vademon (X-Antibody) B
352 Holy Angemon B
353 Makuramon B
354 Majiramon B
355 Master Tyranomon B
356 Matadrmon B
357 Mach Gaogamon B
358 Mametyramon B
359 Mamemon B
360 Mamemon (X-Antibody) B
ID Name Rank
361 Mammon B
362 Mammon (X-Antibody) B
363 Mihiramon B
364 Mega Seadramon B
365 Mega Seadramon (X-Antibody) B
366 Megadramon B
367 Megalo Growmon B
368 Megalo Growmon (X-Antibody) B
369 Megalo Growmon (Orange) B
370 Metallife Kuwagamon B
371 Metal Greymon B
372 Metal Greymon (X-Antibody) B
373 Metal Greymon (Blue) B
374 Metal Tyranomon B
375 Metal Tyranomon (X-Antibody) B
376 Metal Mamemon B
377 Metal Mamemon (X-Antibody) B
378 Monzaemon B
379 Yatagaramon B
380 Rize Greymon B
381 Lilamon B
382 Rapidmon B
383 Lilimon B
384 Lilimon (X-Antibody) B
385 Rook Chessmon B
386 Lady Devimon B
387 Were Garurumon B
388 Were Garurumon (X-Antibody) B
389 Were Garurumon (Black) B
390 Waru Monzaemon B
391 Apocalymon S
392 Apollomon SS
393 Ultimate Brachiomon A
394 Alphamon SS
395 Alphamon Ouryuken SS
396 Ulforce V-dramon SS
397 Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody) SS
398 EBEmon A
399 EBEmon (X-Antibody) A
400 Yggdrasill 7D6 SS
401 Imperialdramon SS
402 Imperialdramon Fighter Mode SS
403 Imperialdramon Paladin Mode SS
404 Vikemon A
405 Venusmon SS
406 War Greymon A
407 War Greymon (X-Antibody) A
408 Vulcanusmon SS
409 Examon SS
410 Ouryumon A
411 Ofanimon S
412 Omegamon SS
413 Omegamon (X-Antibody) SS
414 Gaioumon A
415 Chaos Dukemon A
416 Chaosdramon A
417 Chaosdramon (X-Antibody) S
418 Chaosmon A
419 Giga Seadramon A
420 King Etemon A
421 King Chessmon A
422 Queen Chessmon A
423 Clavis Angemon A
424 Gran Kuwagamon A
425 Grandis Kuwagamon A
426 Grand Dracumon A
427 Craniummon SS
428 Cherubimon S
429 Cherubimon (Vice) S
430 Gold Numemon A
431 Goddramon S
432 Goddramon (X-Antibody) S
433 Saber Leomon A
434 Sakuyamon A
435 Xuanwumon S
436 Jijimon S
437 Shine Greymon A
438 Shine Greymon Burst Mode A
439 Justimon (Blitz Arm) A
440 Z'd Garurumon A
441 Zeed Millenniumon S
442 Zhuqiaomon S
443 Skull Mammon A
444 Skull Mammon (X-Antibody) A
445 Sleipmon SS
446 Seraphimon S
447 Saint Galgomon A
448 Darkdramon A
449 Tiger Vespamon A
450 Titamon SS
ID Name Rank
451 Qinglongmon S
452 Dianamon SS
453 Diablomon SS
454 Dinotigermon A
455 Dinorexmon A
456 Demon S
457 Death-X-DORUgoramon A
458 Death-X-mon SS
459 Deathmon A
460 Dukemon SS
461 Dukemon (X-Antibody) SS
462 Dukemon Crimson Mode SS
463 Dynasmon SS
464 Dynasmon (X-Antibody) SS
465 Duftmon SS
466 Duftmon (X-Antibody) SS
467 Tonosama Mamemon A
468 DORUgoramon A
469 Neptunemon SS
470 Hi Andromon A
471 Baihumon S
472 Babamon A
473 Barbamon S
474 Bancho Leomon A
475 Piemon A
476 Victory Greymon A
477 Pinochimon A
478 Huanglongmon SS
479 Platinum Numemon A
480 Black War Greymon A
481 Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) A
482 Prince Mamemon A
483 Prince Mamemon (X-Antibody) A
484 Plesiomon A
485 Plesiomon (X-Antibody) A
486 Herakle Kabuterimon A
487 Belial Vamdemon A
488 Beelzebumon S
489 Beelzebumon (X-Antibody) SS
490 Beelzebumon Blast Mode SS
491 Belphemon Rage Mode S
492 Belphemon Sleep Mode S
493 Hououmon A
494 Holydramon S
495 Holydramon (X-Antibody) S
496 Boltmon A
497 Marin Angemon A
498 Marsmon SS
499 Minervamon SS
500 Mirage Gaogamon A
501 Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode A
502 Millenniumon S
503 Moon Millenniumon S
504 Mugendramon A
505 Murmukusmon A
506 Megidramon S
507 Megidramon (X-Antibody) S
508 Metal Etemon A
509 Metal Garurumon A
510 Metal Garurumon (X-Antibody) A
511 Metal Garurumon (Black) A
512 Metal Seadramon A
513 Metal Piranimon A
514 Medieval Dukemon S
515 Mercurymon SS
516 Rust Tyranomon SS
517 Leviamon S
518 Lilithmon S
519 Lucemon Falldown Mode SS
520 Lucemon Satan Mode SS
521 Lucemon Larva S
522 Ravmon A
523 Ravmon Burst Mode A
524 Lord Knightmon SS
525 Rosemon A
526 Rosemon (X-Antibody) A
527 Rosemon Burst Mode A
528 Flamon C
529 Strabimon C
530 Agnimon B
531 Wolfmon B
532 Fairimon B
533 Blitzmon B
534 Chackmon B
535 Löwemon B
536 Vritramon B
537 Garummon B
538 Shutumon B
539 Bolgmon B
540 Blizzarmon B


File Island[edit]

Railroad Plains[edit]

The Railway Plains (鉄路の平原) is the first area to explore in the Digital World. It is a green hill, with many trains and an old railway.

Signpost Woods[edit]

The Signpost Woods (道標の森) is a forest with many signposts and gauges.

Submerged Ruins[edit]

The Submerged Ruins (水没の古都) is an ancient city that has been entirely submerged.

Ancient Bone Swamp[edit]

The Ancient Bone Swamp (古代骨の沼) is an impressive swamp held together symbolically by giant skeleton data.

Underground Waterway Labyrinth[edit]

The Underground Waterway Labyrinth (地下水路迷宮) is a waterway with a structure as complex as that of a labyrinth.

Fluorescent Cave[edit]

The Fluorescent Cave (ケイコウ洞窟) is a cave with shining greenery.

Gravel Wasteland[edit]

The Gravel Wasteland (砂礫の荒野) is a mysterious desert with ancient ruins and giant light bulbs.

Night Canyon[edit]

The Night Canyon (ナイトキャニオン) is a sensational canyon configured from thoughts surrounding nightlife and the remnants of the Real World.

Boncano Volcano[edit]

The Boncano Volcano (ボンケーノ火山) is a hot spot of the Digital World where steel structures and the convection of overwhelming heat collide.

Powdery Cliff[edit]

The Powdery Cliff (パウダリークリフ) is a place completely filled with snow and ice. It looks like a magical world, but it is rejected by all living creatures due to its ruthless scenery.

Binary Castle[edit]

The Binary Castle (バイナリキャッスル) is a sacred castle where only the strongest of Digimon reside.


Image Gallery[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.


Famitsu gave Re:Digitize Decode a good score of 8/8/8/8 [32/40]


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Developer tri-Crescendo トライクレッシェンド
Producer(s) Habu Kazumasa 羽生 和正
Character Design Yasuda Suzuhito ヤスダスズヒト


  • The First Pressing of this game came with a Hyper Colosseum card ReSP-1.
  • The Developers created a Poll prior to the release of the game, asking fans which Digimon they would like them to include. The roster is a result of Developer and fan favourites.
  • In order to truly understand Digimon World, the developers went back to playing Digimon World 1 for the 3DS release, adding various Easter Eggs into the game as a result.

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