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The Global Information Global Organization (グローバル・インフォメーション・グローバル・オーガニゼイション Gurōbaru Infomēshon Gurōbaru Ōganizeishon), initialed to GIGO Company is an organization in Digimon World Re:Digitize. GIGO is seeking to manipulate and control the Digital World as a way to use the Digimon and its creation Vitium to commit sabotage against other corporations via the Digital World's connections to the internet, while Vitium wants no part in being forced to brutalize and destroy other beings against its will and in retaliation for this causes the "Blackening Phenomenon".

GIGO Company History[edit]

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The Crisis of Cyber Terrorism.

Cyber terrorism has occurred throughout the world in recent years.

Memorably, a virus program that infiltrated network servers made all data communications throughout the world unusable, plunging the world into chaos.

The first to restore their servers amidst the confusion was GIGO, which had already been researching server systems prior to the attack.

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GIGO's Russian Team.

Once its existence was hypothesized by GIGO, a team of researchers composed primarily of Russians was brought in.

Their goal was to find proof that a digital world existed parallel to our own.

It is said that the preparations GIGO made, which no one paid attention to at the time, became the foundation for of the replacement server infrastructure which was quickly created in response to the cyber terrorism incident.

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GIGO influence at World's Daily Life.

After the worldwide cyber terror attacks that sparked GIGO's rise to the number one position in the data communications industry, the company began to provide many services that later became deeply involved with consumers' daily lives.

Today, GIGO has become an irreplaceable part of many of the world's households.