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Community Portal Guidelines[edit]

  • All archived discussions are viewable in the archive.
  • If there is a page that needs to be deleted, please mark it with Category:Deletion.
  • When discussing content, please use the ":" marker to thread your conversations, to make them easier to read.

Open Talk Page Discussions[edit]

Please weigh in your opinions on these unresolved discussions
Need involvement? Add a link to the list at OpenTalk.


Sorry for the sluggishness lately! Been obscenely busy with work for... forever. But I've got a lot of time off at the moment so working on some updated art for the top banner (considering most of it is from 2009-2012). Any preferences for character inclusion? --devkyu (talk) 19:30, 23 April 2018 (CDT)

Twitter feed updates[edit]

As it's approaching a year since it was last updated, it would be worth having additional people who are willing to regularly tweet with the latest Digimon news (inside/outside of Japan). Any thoughts? --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 15:10, 31 March 2018 (CDT)

Digital Monster Ver. S descriptions[edit]

Hi there! I have the descriptions of the Digimons that appear on the game Digital Monster Ver. S, but I noticed that the descriptions are pretty similar to ones that already exist, so my question is... Is it worth it to put them here? For example, the description of Agumon in the game is:


Translation: This Digimon began to walk with 2 legs. It is still growing, so it is weak, and doesn't know anything scary yet. Its special move “Baby Flame” is to exhale a breath of flame.

But the Virtual Pets - Digital Monster description is the following:


Translation: A Reptile Digimon which has grown and become able to walk on two legs. Its strength is weak as it is still in the process of growing, but it has a fearless and rather ferocious personality. It spits a fiery breath from its mouth to attack the opponent (Baby Flame).

As you see, the Kanas are different, but they say the same thing, so that's why I'm asking :/

--Akfly (talk) 13:44, 11 January 2018 (CDT)

New user, suggestions[edit]

Hi, everyone, I'm a new user of this wiki and 've been thinking on some suggestions, that hope you can read them. In a Digimon page, should we put all Digimon it evolves from and into, into a table that has some pictures and a name below them? It makes it easier for users to access and recognize Digimon rather than clicking on the link to see what's the Digimon. Hopefully you hear my suggestions, have a nice day

FireSalamence (talk)


I just noticed some Digimon pages have IPA pronunciations, but what are these actually supposed to be based on? The pronunciation of the name in Japanese, or the way we would imagine an English speaker to pronounce it? (and also whether a US or UK speaker, since i think the 'o' in 'mon' would be represented differently in both varieties) If it's a source of confusion I think we could just leave it out altogether, since IPA for Japanese can mostly be easily predicted from the kana, and I think doing IPA for English is tough especially when there aren't 'official' pronunciations for most Digimon and different speaker interpretations may arise? --Garmmon (talk) 09:42, 26 October 2017 (CDT)

Agreed. It's more or less redundant in the newer Digimon pages; I almost forgot that that parameter existed. --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 11:39, 26 October 2017 (CDT)

Battle Spirits cards[edit]

The Battle Spirits wiki has the card effects translated already, and since it's part of the battle spirits game anyway I don't think the cards need to be covered again in full here? Should the card pictures just go under the respective Digimon's image gallery or should they be incorporated into the TCG template? (Each card does have a short blurb, though they're also mostly reused info like other card blurbs) --Garmmon (talk) 10:12, 22 August 2017 (CDT)

I didn't know those cards even existed until now. It probably might be worth incorporating into the TCG template. --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 02:50, 23 August 2017 (CDT)
The full set isn't out yet (it'll be released 30/9), but yeah I think they could have a section under the TCG template with the pictures and the blurb, and maybe link it to the Battle spirits wiki or something? --Garmmon (talk) 03:00, 23 August 2017 (CDT)

Series/game/etc. codes[edit]

Is there a page anywhere listing all such codes. I'm having trouble with a particular one, Digimon World -next 0rder-. Should it be DWn0? DWN0? DWNO? ...Something else? THB (talk) 09:58, 20 May 2017 (CDT)

There needs to be page. As for Digimon World -next 0rder-, I'd go with DWn0. Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 10:05, 20 May 2017 (CDT)

Card game alpha images[edit]

When doing up the alpha/BT cards this was something I ran into that I'm not sure how to tackle; a lot of alpha/BT cards got rereleased in other sets and so they have different pictures, and some (like DM-072) even change stats/abilities in different releases. Ideally I'd like to record each release, so I was thinking maybe something like tabs showing pics from different releases (though that may not be so important since some alpha/BT card images aren't easy to find). But then there's the TCG template on the Digimon pages too and I'm not sure how we should incorporate it there, if we should even incorporate it or just stick to doing the most updated release for each card? --Garmmon (talk) 01:14, 1 May 2017 (CDT)

Spring Cleaning[edit]

Hey y'all. Could we possibly push for a bit of a "spring clean" of the wiki over the next few months? Mainly get rid of the big "in progress"/eyesores that are here and there and everywhere. Here are a couple on my mind

  • Clean up Community Portal (I did, moved a bunch into the archive)
  • Clean up OpenTalk (look above - some of those haven't been commented on since like 2014)
  • Finish the navigation tabs on the Main Page - for a newer visitor/user, it looks silly to have half of them saying "Coming Soon"
  • Refresh the look - User:Devkyu and User:dkpat???
  • Finish Wikimon:Rules which has been under construction for the past 12 years :P
  • Try and form some interwiki connections to help further our growth.

--Koroku (talk)

Image Gallery Tabs[edit]

I'd been thinking of implementing tabs for the image galleries on Digimon pages to organise them better, as seen here: User:Garmmon/Sandbox4 (bottom of the page), but I just wanted to see if anyone has any opinions on it before trying to go ahead with it. As for the v-pet graphics, I'm not sure whether to include them with the image gallery, or in seperate templates (what I had in mind was User:Garmmon/Sandbox3, near the bottom of the page). --Garmmon (talk) 15:51, 18 March 2017 (CDT)

Looks great so far. --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 10:34, 24 March 2017 (CDT)
Thanks! I've run into a few problems I couldn't figure out though, if it's not too much trouble would you mind taking a look? The table seems to cause the headers below to get shortened (like on Garudamon's page), and the tabs seem to have this gap sometimes (User:Garmmon/Sandbox4, the bottom table's collector/crusader tab), unless there's a way to remove the border somehow. Thank you! --Garmmon (talk) 02:10, 25 March 2017 (CDT)
I've created Template:IGTabs2 (temporarily) as a test which works, but it involves using extra parameters though. Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 11:22, 3 April 2017 (CDT)
Thanks so much for the help always! I'll try it out when I get around to organising the pics! --Garmmon (talk) 11:55, 5 April 2017 (CDT)
I might try to incorporate an overflow into the template to make the tabs scrollable if they reach a particular height. Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 11:41, 16 April 2017 (CDT)
I tried it out on Garudamon's page so far and it seems to be working :> thank you! I'll try to work on implementing them and see if I run into any other problems. --Garmmon (talk) 06:45, 17 April 2017 (CDT)

Server migration issues[edit]

Just a general topic for issues regarding the recent server migration - feel free to add other issues. Apparently pages (inc. templates) that contain characters besides those from the 26-letter latin alphabet, e.g. macronized letters, Japanese, and mumbers have disappeared. Also, the Special:Preferences comes up with an internal error. --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 08:55, 17 March 2017 (CDT)

Oh shoot. There was an error while migrating the database causing some non-ASCII fields to become corrupted. Pages are now fixed, some images are still broken (please do not re-upload them though, they are still there on the server). I'll look at it over the weekend and try to get it fully fixed. You may experience some auto-logout when I clear the caches. Pawitp (talk) 09:37, 17 March 2017 (CDT)
Images should be fixed now Pawitp (talk) 22:10, 17 March 2017 (CDT)

Pronouns in profiles and elsewhere[edit]

This has bothered me a little for a while, but a post on WtW worked me enough to write something about it. Using "it" to refer to most Digimon is bad English. It, as a pronoun, is only suitable for inanimate objects and animals lacking agency and/or that humans don't care about. It isn't suitable at all for *most* Digimon. Used correctly, you could refer Digimon like Mechanorimon or even Gumimon as an "it", but not the average Digimon. There are two gender-nonspecific pronouns you can use: he/his/him or they/their/them. For most profiles, I think the former is going to sound better - a lot of profiles are phrased in such a way as to make the singular they sound particularly awkward. An unfortunate side effect of that policy would be that Digimon who have gender-clarifying attributes (as if, for example, they are based on the goddess Venus) will have to be referred to as she/hers/hers; otherwise some profiles will look absolutely silly, whether you believe Digimon have gender or not, which I assume is the reason someone originally chose to abuse "it". They/them/theirs would usually be preferred where reasonable, of course. Unless someone has objections I will be editing them as I see them and cleaning them up in general. ShiningCelebi (talk) 18:05, 29 August 2016 (CDT)

Many digimon despite "appearing" to have an actual gender, can be the opposite (we do have canon male Sakuyamon) so even in case of tiddies, we prefer not to use gendered pronouns for the monsters at all. As far as "it" goes, almost digimon are, indeed, animals/monsters. Also keep in mind that the profiles are referring to the "species" in general, rather than individual persons, in which singular they is more respectful, and would be more appropriate on Character pages.--devkyu (talk) 21:51, 29 August 2016 (CDT)
Yes, Digimon are animals/monsters, but that doesn't make "it" correct. "It" is 100% wrong and bad English for the majority (but not all) of Digimon. Sapient creatures are not an it. Neither are animals of personal interest to any other sapient creatures. "He" is not exclusively a gendered pronoun, so it presents no problems where a Digimon isn't wearing a bra. Yes, whether "she" is appropriate will always be a judgement call, and there should probably be a note somewhere that yes, a male Venusmon exists somewhere in the universe. It's not a matter of respectful versus disrespectful, "it" is just wrong. I'll stick with they/their/them where possible, but actually, a great portion of profiles address the reader as if there is only one of that species. "They" could be done everywhere, really, it would just require more editing for the sentence to sound okay. Probably the right way to go. It does take the judgement call aspect out, albeit at the expense of occasionally more stilted language. There's really a lot of cleanup needed on profiles, they are mostly translated too literally (mine being no exceptions) and the language is very stilted and doesn't flow at all for native English speakers.ShiningCelebi (talk) 13:26, 30 August 2016 (CDT)
I definitely disagree with 'he/his/him', it may have been gender-neutral in the past but not so much now with 'they' becoming more used. Personally, I'm mostly indifferent towards the usage of 'they' or 'it', though I lean towards 'it' more simply because I'm used to seeing it in profiles; as mentioned it seems more fitting to refer to some Digimon as 'it', and I guess I just prefer to see the same pronouns in all the profiles. You could argue that the person writing the profiles does not see Digimon as equals to them, and so uses 'it' to refer to Digimon and it wouldn't really be wrong if they were 'looking at and describing Digimon from a higher plane', sort of dehumanising them. Either way though, as someone studying English too I refuse to support the fact that such a thing as '100% wrong and bad English' exists. As for the profiles being too literal...when it comes to translating, I tend to go towards the less exact/literal side, but I'm aware some people prefer it more literal..? From what I know Kryten is doing most of the dictionary profiles though so I haven't really done much other than change a bit here and there. --Garmmon (talk) 10:52, 31 August 2016 (CDT)
This may be coming to this discussion late, but I primarily used "it" because that's what a lot of the more recent in-game official translations used, and also as devkyu stated, the fact that there are many cases of a Digimon's gender not matching its apparent secondary sexual characteristics. I'd be fine with using "they" as a singular gender neutral pronoun, though.KrytenKoro06 (talk) 15:23, 29 June 2017 (CDT)

Wikimon 10th Anniversary[edit]

Even though it's early mentioning it now, oddly (and scarily) enough, Wikimon's 10th anniversary is next year, so it's literally months away from now rather than years. What sort of ideas should we come up with in the very early stages of the long run-up to this major milestone? --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 01:56, 7 February 2014 (CST)

...Oh my god I feel so old. Wow, I don't even know. We're already getting a new layout/theme. I will try and think of something that could realistically be done and not be resource-intensive. I think maybe cleaning up or improving certain categories might be useful.--devkyu (talk) 02:15, 7 February 2014 (CST)
Maybe do a 10-month project or something. Like, starting in February 2015 we devote each month to a "big" project. One month could be cutting the number of stubs in half, or getting at least 10 pictures in each episode page or something. (It is almost 20 months tho, so we got time...) --Koroku (talk) 02:34, 6 March 2014 (CST)
Or even try to get to 10,000 pages or something; seems fitting for the 10th anniversary. --Ainz ( talk | contribs ) 07:32, 27 December 2014 (CST)
Well, we're just short of 8000, at the moment. If we manage to finish up all the missing card pages that will add a chunk to the total.--devkyu (talk) 16:06, 28 December 2014 (CST)

Did anything ever get done for this? I know I missed it... erg --Koroku (talk)

Guidelines for Using Spaces in Names[edit]

I'm not able to find anywhere the reasoning for including spaces in the names of Digimon. I've never really seen any official material that includes the spaces, nor can I really see why some names get spaces while others don't. My best guess is that spaces are included anytime the name of a Digimon includes the name of another existing Digimon, is that right? And just out of curiosity, how did the practice of putting spaces in the names begin? Humulos (talk) 13:39, 29 August 2018 (CDT)

If a name is two "words", a space is added. Wikimon takes its name formatting from Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia. She was the official translator for the original series. In some of the Adventure evolution sequences, spacing was used between the names in Adventure (Holy Angemon specifically) on screen. --devkyu (talk) 09:01, 3 September 2018 (CDT)