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Box Art
Digimon World Box Art
Digimon World Box Art
Name Digimon World
Usa.png Digimon World
System PlayStation
Release Date JapanJanuary 28, 1999 (PS1)
United StatesMay 23, 2000 (PS1)
EuropeJuly 06, 2001 (PS1)
Korean (한국어) |April 27, 2002 (PC)[1]
Language Japanese, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean

Digimon World (デジモンワールド, Dejimon Wārudo) is a video game.


The protagonist finds that his Digimon (V-Pet) is acting strangely. He is suddenly turned into data and lands in the Village of Beginnings, which only consists of a few buildings. He meets his Digimon in its real form (Agumon or Gabumon) and is told by Jijimon that the city was once full of life. It turns out that a strange force has made most of the town's inhabitants feral. The protagonist must battle the Digimon to reawaken them.

The Player mission is twofold, to repopulate the Village of Beginnings with Digimon and to save File Island from danger. While on his way through the Great Canyon he is attacked by Orgemon, along with his gang (of Agumon & Gabumon). After defeating Orgemon they go to his Fortress, after his second defeat Orgemon escapes through a secret passage.

Later in Freezeland Whamon asks the Player (Digimon World) for help, for his place has been taken over by Orgemon's gang. After arriving in the Secret Beach Cave he confronts Orgemon and his bodyguard Waru Seadramon. After being defeated yet again Orgemon makes his escape, and as thanks for his help Whamon gives him his treasure.

After getting into a fight with Otamamon in Geko Swamp, the Player is escorted to Daion Region by Gekomon to meet with Tonosama Gekomon. Tonosama Gekomon tells him that the mist from Misty Trees comes from Jyureimon, the forest chief. Jyureimon tells him that this all started 80 years ago, when a part of File Island suddenly changed.

Outside of the entrance to Drill Tunnel the Player finds the Market Manager, who has been chased out by Orgemon and his gang. The Player asks him if Drimogemon is okay, with him replying with uncertainty he goes in to check on him. After he defeats Orgemon once again, he finally joins the Village of Beginnings

In a secret chamber of Dark Lord Mansion he finds a starving Vamdemon, after feeding him (with Blood-Stained Meat) the Player befriends him. Returning to the mansion they are met by Devimon, who has trapped Vamdemon in his Underground Lab. After defeating Skull Greymon who was corrupted by Devimon, he saves Vamdemon again.

The Sewer in the Factorial Town is filled with this fog made from factory waste, to get rid of it he needs to get inside. To get inside the Player would need to get a keycard from Andromon, but Andromon was uncooperative so he had to sneak in during shift change. Inside he finds Giromon, the factory foreman who has gone crazy.

After defeating Giromon he goes to Andromon to have the waste stopped, Andromon apologizes and closes the factory. He’s sorry for all the trouble they caused, with the Player thinking it was caused deliberately. Andromon tells him that important data about the island's past was stored here, but was lost during Giromon's riot.

The Player returns to Andromon, who has repaired the data destroyed by Giromon. It was a record from 100 years ago when Analog Humans first appeared, after a 10 year war the Humans were defeated and they disappeared. The Player realizes that these Humans are the ones responsible and is resolved to face them.

Inside Infinity Mountain the Player comes face to face with Analogman, who can’t believe a kid has been ruining his plan to rule the world. While Analogman believes that Digimon should be slaves, the Player believes in friendship with Digimon. After his partner's defeat (Mugendramon) Analogman tries to destroy File Island only for it to backfire and be destroyed instead.

The Player returns to the Village of Beginnings and says goodbye to all his new friends as he returns home. Later in the park his V-Pet acts up and Mamemon pops out, telling him that Analogman has returned. Returning to Infinity Mountain he finds Mugendramon, it turned back from its altered form after being defeated and is freed from the curse left behind by Analogman.


The Digimon behave just like the V-Pet; they must be fed, healed etc. Your Digimon can be disciplined and trained.

In the American release, a lot of Japanese content has not been translated.


Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Unobtainable Digimon[edit]


File Island[edit]

Unwavering Forest[edit]

The Unwavering Forest (迷わずの森) is where the Village of Beginnings is located, and is the first area to explore in File Island. It is a forest with many digital trees and plants plugged in to outlets.

Gear Savannah[edit]

The Gear Savannah (ギアサバンナ) is a huge plain with various trees. It is notable for its huge factory to the north, constantly constructing and deconstructing unknown mechanical objects.

Geko Swamp[edit]

The Geko Swamp (ゲッコー湿地) is a wetland rumored to contain a palace where the ruler of the swamp resides.

Misty Trees[edit]

The Misty Trees (ミスティツリース) is a forest covered in a thick fog all the time, where travelers can easily get lost.


The Freezeland (フリーズランド) is a frigid location where snow falls each day. An icy temple provides shelter and reprieve to those who are granted entry.

Great Canyon[edit]

The Great Canyon (グレートキャニオン) is a canyon with very dry and hot weather. Recently installed elevators allows travelers to traverse up and down the canyon grounds.

Overdell Cemetery[edit]

The Overdell Cemetery (オーバーデル墓地) is a grim and dark location within a wasteland, and serves as the front yard to a royal mansion.

Tropical Jungle[edit]

The Tropical Jungle (トロピカルジャングル) is a jungle with humid weather, with an annoying atmosphere consisting of buzzing noises and the screams of tribesmen.

Infinity Mountain[edit]

The Infinity Mountain (ムゲンマウンテン) is a large mountain located at the center of File Island, where only the strongest of Digimon reside. A small bridge from the Village of Beginnings acts as the only point of entry into the mountain's core.

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Vegasmon chain melon appli monsters manga.jpg
  • During the Digimon World Summer Campaign a Hyper Colosseum Card, Dw-0 was distributed.
  • The PAL version of the game runs slightly slower than the NTSC Versions. Around 16.67FPS rather than 20FPS.
  • The reason for that is the way the game renders the frames. It calculates 60FPS but renders only the 3rd frame. Since the PAL region uses 50FPS as a standard and nobody on the localization team adjusted that rendering technique, the game lost 3,33 FPS making the game slightly slower as a result.
  • Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Manga) references numerous locations and items from Digimon World in the form of an homage to the videogame, though the locations themselves don't actually appear besides a banner.

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