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Box Art
Digimon Battle Server Box Art
Name Digimon Battle Server
System PC
Release Date Korean (한국어) |July 25, 2002 - August 2. 2004(Beta)[1]
Language Korean Japanese

Digimon Battle Server (デジモンバトルサーバー, Dejimon Batoru Sābā) is a video game.


Digimon Battle Server was originally called Digimon Online in Korea (디지몬 온라인) and run by X2Online.

The game had a free open beta starting from July 25, 2002[1]. In January 10th 2003 version 1.5 of the beta was released[2]. Japanese website for the game was opened on February 6th 2003[3] renaming the Japanese release as "Digimon Battle Server" and referred to the Korean beta version as "undergoing favorable evaluation!". In May 19th 2004 beta version 2.0 was announced [4]. However the game was shutdown few months after[1] due to copyright infringement[1], terminating the Japanese version of the game before it even had a beta-version of itself.


Battle Server is a multiplayer online game. Players could join Rooms of up to eight people until the battle would begin. There are several maps based on various locations in Digimon. Once the turn-based battle begins, each player is given a certain distance they can move across the map (depending on their character) and a time limit in which to use cards and/or attack. Attacking is done by aiming and charging an attack; attacks can do damage to both enemies and the landscape itself.

A player is out of the fight once their HP reaches zero or they are knocked from the playing field. During the round, cards with various upgrades and abilities drop from the sky. Evolution for a short time period is also possible depending on how much experience a Player has accumulated using each character.


Playable characters[edit]

Japanese Gallery - Game Ver. 1.5[edit]

Playable Digimon (Battle Server Dev Site)

xpx xpx xpx xpx xpx xpx
Agumon Gabumon Patamon V-mon Guilmon Terriermon
xpx xpx
Renamon Impmon

Other Site Sprites

xpx xpx xpx
Evolution Example (Battle Server Dev Site) V-mon Jumping (Bandai Beta Site) Roster (Bandai Beta Site)

Japanese Gameplay

Digimonbattleserver-sc battle.jpg Battleserver screen01.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc onlineimg 02.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc desert.jpg
Battle Server Dev Site Battle Server Dev Site Battle Server Dev Site Battle Server Dev Site
Digimonbattleserver-sousa1desertmanual.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc onlineimg 03.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc onlineimg 04.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc icem.jpg
Bandai Beta Site Battle Server Dev Site Battle Server Dev Site Battle Server Dev Site (Internet Archive)
Digimonbattleserver-toytown.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc title.jpg Digimonbattle-server-roommanual.jpg Digimonbattleserver-serv3.jpg
Site Origin Not Known Battle Server Dev Site (Title Screen) Bandai Beta Site Bandai Beta Site
Digimonbattleserver-serv4.jpg Digimonbattleserver-sc select.jpg
Bandai Beta Site Battle Server Dev Site

Japanese Site Assets

Digimonbattleserver-websitechatwall.gif Digimonbattleserver-websitelogowall.gif Digimonbattleserver-websiteshinkawall2.gif Digimonbattleserver-websitewall.gif
Battle Server Dev Site (Background for site) Korean Logo used on the JPN Site.
Battle Server Dev Site (Background for site)
Battle Server Dev Site (Background for site) Battle Server Dev Site (Background for site)
Dgimonbattleserver-icon.gif Digimonbattleserver-icon2.gif Digimonbattleserver-banner3b.gif Digimonbattleserver-banner1 2.jpg
Bandai Beta Site - Game Exe Bandai Beta Site - Installer Beta Test Time (Time Frame) Beta Test Time (Time Over)
Bandai Beta Site - Game Banner


Digimon Battle Server Original Gameplay - Likely 2002
Digimon Online (디지몬 온라인) (CCR, x2Game, 2002) gameplay 1 - August 10th 2022
Digimon Online (디지몬 온라인) (CCR, x2Game, 2002) gameplay 2 - August 19 2022
디지몬온라인(Digimon Online) 고각샷 - June 17th 2023
추억의 게임 포트리스 디지몬 온라인 digimon online - City Level Nov 19th 2022
추억의 게임 포트리스 디지몬 온라인 digimon online - Internet Level Nov 19th 2022
추억의 게임 포트리스 디지몬 온라인 digimon online - Grass Level Nov 19th 2022


Music for the Game can be found Here on Wikimon


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