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Digimon Championship Box Art
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Name Digimon Championship
Usa.png Digimon World Championship
System Nintendo DS
Release Date Feb 14, 2008
Aug 26, 2008
Language Japanese English

Digimon Championship (デジモンチャンピオンシップ, Dejimon Chanpionshippu) is a video game.


Digimon Championship has a basic storyline: Every four in-game years, there is a tournament to decide the ultimate Tamer.


Digimon Championship plays out much differently than the games before it. It returns to the Virtual Pet roots of Digimon, instead of having a true storyline. Many of the original functions of the V-Pets are still there, such as the Feed option, the Clean Option, and the Battle option, but it allows for more than one Digimon to be cared for at a time. Like the V-Pets, it doesn't display evolution statistics, making training a bit more difficult. Digimon will sometimes degenerate into Digitama if their lifespan has been exceeded. But unlike the handhelds, Egg Reverts actually play a part in the hidden evolution requirements.

To obtain more Digimon, Digimon Championship employs a new method; The Hunt menu.

Players are given a somewhat-3D representation of a globe. By tapping the desired gate, they can view an area in which they can catch Digimon using a D-Rope. Also, you can place traps for, shoot at, bomb, and place wires to stop Digimon and make them easier to catch. Depending on the D-Rope purchased in the game's shop area, you can catch stronger Digimon. Gates are unlocked via battling in Title matches. Some however, have a fee to enter them.

Battles have also changed considerably. First of all, they are done in a third-person view. The player watches the selected Digimon automatically fight by running around and attacking enemies. There are a few battle options:

  • Free battle: You select your foes and the area you wish to battle in.
  • Title Match: These only occur on certain days every year. Once you beat them, you gain Medals. By getting more medals, your rank increases.
  • Championship: Every four in-game years, a large tournament consisting of a few battles with tough Digimon. To enter this, you need to have won your way through the preliminaries.
  • Password Battle: You can record passwords for teams and give them to friends. Or, you can pit your Digimon against themselves this way.
  • Multi Battle: Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you can battle friends or random players from across the world.


Digimon being fed.
A digimon battle taking place.
Win screen after battle
A digimon evolving.
Screenshot depicts the hunting system. A digimon is stunned in a grassland with a prompt to pick him up.

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