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Box Art
Digimon Crusader Box Art
Name Digimon Crusader
Asia Digital Treasures: Holy Crusaders
Usa.png Digimon Heroes!
System Smart Phone
Release Date Japan December 3, 2012 (iOS)
Japan July 29, 2013 (Android)
Asia October 28, 2014
Australia.png June 28, 2015
United StatesEurope January 27, 2016
Language Japanese Chinese English

Digimon Crusader (デジモンクルセイダー, Dejimon Kuruseidā) is a video game.

It serves as a continuation of Digimon Jintrix, and its Japanese service was terminated at the end of November 26, 2014. In Asian territories the service was terminated at the end of November 30th, 2016. The global service, Digimon Heroes, was terminated on December 31st 2017.

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Main article: Gallery:Digimon Crusader/Storyline
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The Digital World is undergoing a great chaos, a vortex of war never seen before. The cause: the main computer had the task of maintaining order; however "Yggdrasill" suddenly vanished. Due to the lack of rules, the Digimon tried to gain power to become the "Next Ruler of the Digital World". To keep the right direction, Angewomon decided to call coaches from the Real World that could handle the cards to correct the situation.

In the forest, far from the wars, Aegiomon was living in peace with his friends, but one day the peace was interrupted by the invasion of Titamon and his army of Orgemon. So, he will be involved in the war and will fight for his fate in the battlefield!


Gameplay of Digimon Crusader revolves around 5 Elemental Card-Types, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple. Red cards consist of mostly Dragon and Reptilian Digimon such as Greymon and V-mon. Blue cards consist of Machine and Knight Digimon such as Hagurumon and Craniummon. Green cards consist of Plant, Bug, and Beast-like Digimon such as Lilimon, Kuwagamon, and Unimon. Yellow cards consist of Holy Digimon like Angewomon. Purple cards consist of Virus and demon-themed Digimon such as Devimon and Vamdemon.

There are also 2 additional card types that have different effects in battle: Vaccine and Wild Card. Vaccine recovers HP, while the Wild Card can be substituted for any card type. The Wild Card also guarantees a critical hit.

Battle Mode[edit]

Battles are conducted through a series of dungeons with around 3 Levels. Once you enter the dungeon you are prompted to choose another player as a Partner. Their leader Digimon will join your party for a level. You start off with 10 random cards on the lower screen, usually assigned to give you at least one set of 3 cards. Your goal is to match 3 of as many as possible. Each with different types and numbers. The number on the cards indicates their power - the greater the number, the more damage an attack will do. For each set of cards you match, the Digimon in your party with a type matching the cards you have chosen will attack a random opposing Digimon. You may also select a Digimon to be the primary target and plan your tactics accordingly.

As you match cards, you will see that above them there is an icon saying "NEXT" pointing to a set of cards that will drop down as you clear your current cards. When you select a card, the next card coming up will be available for you to select. This will happen twice - giving you more variety to choose from considering you are able to see the next 4 cards. After selecting your first 3 cards, a chain will begin. A chain matches the next set of 3 cards automatically. This includes whatever the next card that will drop is. As such it's possible to create a series of large chains by examining which cards will appear next. If you select 3 Wild Cards all your Digimon will attack full force with a "Wild Attack" critical hit bonus. If a Wild Card is in your hand during a chain, it will pick whichever set of cards that can continue the chain. If there are no cards that it can substitute in place of 3, it will not continue the chain. A chain will break if all the cards in your hand are depleted. This is called a Finely. When there is only one card left after a series of chains, the game will automatically draw 9 cards and continue the chain from there until a chain can no longer occur.

As cards of all types drop, it is recommended that you have at least 4 or 5 Digimon with a different type in your party.

Once you clear a level, you will be rewarded with Bits, EXP, and any items or eggs dropped by a Digimon.

Digimon Power-Up[edit]

As you clear through the game, you will be required to use Digimon you have obtained through dungeons as Level Up material for your Digimon. As your storage of Digimon is limited you will either have to sell extra Digimon for Bits or use them to Power Up one of your team members.

This is done by choosing the second option in the Digimon menu. You first pick the Digimon you wish to upgrade, and then select up to 5 Digimon to fuse with your Digimon. This costs Bits and the price will increase as you level up. Once your Digimon has hit its maximum level it will be able to Evolve if you meet the requirements.


Evolution is a fairly long process, but becomes easier as you get further into the game. Most Digimon require other Digimon of a certain type and level to be used as evolution material. The Digimon you wish to evolve must be temporarily replaced in your party with another Digimon. When you select the Digimon you want to evolve, you are given 1 or more choices of Digimon to choose from, each with a different requirement.

The evolution requirements are: Your Digimon to be at its maximum level, at least 1 or more Digimon at a certain level, a number of Data dropped by a Digimon of a matching type, and a large number of Bits.

For example, in order to evolve Greymon to Metal Greymon your Greymon needs to be Level 20, you must have 10 Red Perfect Level pieces of Data, A Red Digimon at level 8, a Blue Digimon at level 3, and a Purple Digimon at level 3. The Bits charged will depend on the Digimon.

Selling Digimon[edit]

In order to progress, you will need to sell Digimon for Bits. The bits are determined by the Digimon's level and rarity, and it varies depending on the Digimon.

Digimon Gacha[edit]

As you make friends, or assist and gain assists, or even through login bonuses and events you will receive tickets (depending on the event) and points that go towards receiving a random Digimon, which is typically a Child level unless the event ticket is for a Digimon of a higher level.



Picture of the Digital World


Image Gallery[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Crusader.


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