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God (神 "Kami"?) is an immeasurably powerful being of ultimate goodness[1][2] and infinite love[3] that resides within the Digital World's central "Kernel", which is protected by the Three Archangels and the rest of the Angel-type digimon.[4] The Three Archangels, Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Ofanimon, were given the duty to execute God's enlightened laws, guard his wisdom, and impart his love and mercy respectively, while also being the ones to command the Army of the Gods, which is composed of all Angel digimon.[5][2][4][1] Holy Angemon serves as a speaker for God's "Light" which seeks to preserve the order of the Digital World.[6] Sakuyamon acts as an agent of God's will.[7], while Kongoumon was believed to also be an agent as well in ancient times.[8] Airdramon, a Mythical Animal Digimon, is said to be close to God.[9]

It is often interpreted that "God" is a term used as a synonym for the Four Holy Beasts that govern the stability of the Digital World, but it's also said that God is an existence beyond the Four Holy Beasts. Some research reports that God has a different origin from the digimon and in fact is the System of the Digital World itself.[1] Others believe that God may be the human who created the Digital World.[10] There is an investigation on the matter, but a definite answer is not yet to be found.[1]

Angel Digimon are positioned near to God,[2] with Seraphimon the closest of them all[5], but because of that extreme, they can easily fall into the opposite extreme of "Wickedness".[2] In fact, Lucemon and Demon (while still a Seraphimon[5]) instigated a failed rebellion against God, alongside many other Demon Lord-type digimon, and were deleted to the Dark Area as punishment.[3][10] Bagramon, one of the Demon Lords who took part, rebelled in rejection of what he considers the "unreasonable justice of the world", and so had the right side of its body ripped away. Although Bagramon would be forgiven if he repents before God, he refused to submit, and instead seeks to replace God's justice with its own "New Justice", with which it will banish God.[11]

Gods of the Digital World[edit]

God as a human[edit]

In the early stages of the franchise, the idea of humans being the ones who created the Digimon and the Digital World was a prominent one, and as such, the very human that created the Digital World was thought by some to be the God of the Digital World.[10][1].

God as The Emperor and the Four Holy Beasts[edit]

The Four Holy Beasts are a group of four Ultimate Holy Beast digimon who protect the Digital World[12][13][14][15] and govern its stability.[16] They represent and rule over the cardinal points of the compass — Xuanwumon for the north,[14] Zhuqiaomon for the south,[15] Qinglongmon for the east,[12] and Baihumon for the west.[13] They are led by Huanglongmon, who represents and is enshrined in the "Center", from which he supervises the others.[17] Due to their great power and them being one of the first digimon in history to attain the Ultimate level, many digimon see the Four Holy Beasts as godly beings,[18] and Huanglongmon being the one that rules over them, it is often referred to as "The emperor that rules the World".[17]

God as the System of the Digital World[edit]

Yggdrasill is the mysterious host computer that rules over the Digital World, as well as being the system that manages the Digital World.

God as the Security System of the Digital World[edit]

In some continuities, Homeostasis is the Security System of the Digital World, whose role is to maintains the balance between good and evil in the world. In the Digimon Adventure continuity Homeostasis denies being the God of the Digital World and instead acts only as an agent of God. However, in the Digimon Xros Wars continuity, it is revealed that this digital entity was created after Yggdrasill had gone berserk in the past and attempted to destroy the human world, so it took its place and now acts as its successor with the goal of being a more calm and protective god, momentarily taking over the mantle of the God of the Digital World. By taking the position as God of the Digital World, all of the Angel Army and the Royal Knights began to serve under its command.


While Yggdrasill is the God and the host computer of the Digital World, Homeros is the host computer that rules over the Digital World: Iliad. Unlike Yggdrasill who seeks to rule his own world, Homeros ignores the existence of laws or the concept of right and wrong, allowing all in Iliad to exist in any way they choose by following their free will. Meanwhile, a group of twelve God Man Digimon known as the Olympos XII protect the Digital World: Iliad, being recognized by Homeros as powerful beings.

Other Media[edit]


Leviathan is a super AI that lurks in the Dark Web. It is the Last Boss AI that aims to control the Real World by spreading the L-Virus, and turning all humans into Appmon chips.

Army of the Gods[edit]

After the Son of God, Lucemon,[1] descended to the Ancient Digital World and instigated a conflict between good and evil,[3] to fight against this rebellion, God divided three of its own aspects and gave one to each of his three apostles, who would be in charge of directing the Army of the Gods in order to fight against all the Fallen Angel digimon.[1]

These three apostles were: the highest ranking among the "Male Angel" digimon, who became the absolute guardian of the order and justice of God, Seraphimon; the database who holds the vast knowledge of God, Cherubimon, who is also the highest ranking among the "Holy Beast" digimon; and, embodying the deep love of God, the symbol of the existence of the Female Angels, Ofanimon. In other words, he created the digimon known as the Three Archangels.[1] Each of these three Ultimate Digimon has ten wings and and rules on top of the sacred angel digimon,[1] with Seraphimon being the one closest to God among them all.[5] The Army is organized with the Archangel-types having eight wings, the Angel-types having six wings, and the Holy Beast digimon carrying "Holy Rings".[1]


First Sphere
Name Duty Angel Equivalent
Seraphimon is the highest-ranking angel and protects God's law[5]. Seraphim
Cherubimon is the angel who protects God's wisdom[2]. Cherubim
Ofanimon is the angel who protects God's love[4]. Ophanim
Rasielmon To foresee everything in the world from the "Kernel"[19]. Ophanim
Second Sphere
Name Duty Angel Equivalent
Dominimon It acts on its own accord without being bound by the angelic chain of command[20]. Dominions
Clavis Angemon Protects the "Zenith Gate" between the Digital World and the outside world[21]. Virtues
Slash Angemon An Angel Warrior created in order to battle wicked beings. It commands the Angel Army[22]. Powers
Third Sphere
Name Duty Angel Equivalent
Arkhai Angemon Excelling in both defense and ingenuity, it acts as both an adviser and commander in its assigned unit[23]. Principality
Holy Angemon It has the duty of supervising and surveying the masses of Angel Digimon and acts as the spokesperson for the essence of "Light"[6]. Archangel
Angewomon Tries to convert all evil Digimon[24]. Archangel
Bagramon[N 1] It ruled over death[11]. Archangel
Angemon When there's a crisis in the Digital World it descends to lead Digimon of the same genus[25]. Angel
Pidmon Its mission is to destroy evil[26]. Angel
Darcmon It is in the advance forces of Angel Digimon and its duty is to destroy evil[27]. Angel


Name Relation
Raguelmon When it detects an Angel Digimon that has begun to fall, it will attack and destroy them before they would have fallen completely[28].
Airdramon It is said to have an existence close to that of a god[9].
Kongoumon It has been an agent of God on earth since ancient times[8].
Sakuyamon Acts as an agent of God's will[7].
Kuzuhamon Acts as an agent of God's will[29].
Shamamon To listen to the will of God, and convey that to its clan of Goburimon[30].
Pharaohmon An avatar of God[31].
Gargomon it is sometimes employed as a familiar for Angel Digimon[32].
Cho·Hakkaimon It was originally an Angel-species Digimon, but it committed a crime that incurred the wrath of Ofanimon and was banished from heaven[33].
Manticoremon Employed by Angel-species Digimon to hunt down Virus Digimon[34].

Fallen Angels and Demons[edit]

Name Previous Form
Lucemon: Falldown Mode[3] Lucemon
Black Seraphimon[35] Seraphimon
Ofanimon: Falldown Mode[36] Ofanimon
Cherubimon (Vice)[37] Cherubimon (Virtue)
Deathmon[38] Unknown
Deathmon (Black)[39] Unknown
Murmukusmon[40] Unknown
Devimon[41] Angemon
Ice Devimon[42] Angemon
Lady Devimon[43] Angewomon
Lilithmon[44] Ofanimon
Demon[10] Seraphimon
Mephismon[45] Unknown
Phelesmon[46] Unknown
Neo Devimon[47] Unknown
Ordinemon[48] Ofanimon (+ Raguelmon)
Bagramon[11] Bagramon (Archangel Form)



Leviathan's physical body in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

Apollomon is equated with the power of a God by its subservients from Bright Land and Apollomon itself in "The Final Kingdom, the Shining Sun's Bright Land!".

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Unryuji Knight and Charismon refer to Leviathan as God before the downfall of the Ultimate 4 in "Ultimate Fierce Fighting! Globemon VS Charismon!".

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

Menoa Bellucci compares herself to a Goddess before merging herself with Eosmon.


C'mon Digimon: The capering monster BUN[edit]

After Kamon Kentarou found Bun's dock, he tried to give the dock to Abe Makoto, but Makoto refused to take it, argumenting that God must've put the dock there to help Kentarou get over his hatred of animals. After Bun defeated Deathmon, Kentarou wondered if God had really given him Bun, since he would not have been able to train anyone else.

God appearing as a silhouette in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer[edit]

In Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, God is mentioned twice. It is said that the castle Demon lives in was originally the home of God, who sealed the castle's entrance from humans because He didn't want humans to interfere.[49] A rumor is also told that God's origin is on top of a floating sky tree, a holy land from where He descended.[50]

Digimon Chronicle[edit]

During the events of Digimon Chronicle, it is revealed that the real God of the Digital World was the System itself.[51]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Bagramon brought up to Homeostasis his concern after noticing the human feelings of despair were releasing more dark Digimon and affecting the balance of the Digital World, being eventually banished from the Realm of God.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Unryuji Knight refers to Leviathan as the God who will rule the world.

Digimon Chronicle X[edit]

In the last chapter Dukemon X-Antibody deduces that the data structure of Ogudomon X-Antibody is the same as that of God, and that it is taking advantage of his immunity to make the Digital World collapse. Gankoomon X-Antibody suggests that JESmon X-Antibody use its ability to change the laws of nature and destroy Ogudomon X-Antibody's ability to counter enemy attacks.

By forcibly combining the powers of the Seven Great Demon Lords and the X-Antibody, Ogudomon X-Antibody could no longer be identified as a Digimon, but a part of the system itself, an existence that can almost be said to be God; a ‘God’ with the power to destroy and recreate the Digital World. Ogudomon X is composed of data that’s much like Yggdrasill’s, thus making Yggdrasill and Ogudomon X-Antibody into opposing kinds of gods, like the two sides of the same coin.[51]


Digimon Seekers[edit]

The God of the Digital World set it up so that any Digimon that been been contaminated by data from the Human World couldn't return to the Digital World as the gate to the Digital World would not allow them to pass through. The gate also rejects Humans.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Pharaohmon vows to God it will not lose when challenged by Atsushi at Protocol Ruins. It loses.

Kernel, an avatar of the human creator of the Digital World.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Kernel is an avatar of the creator of the Digital World, acting as the virtual clone of the human God of Digimon. In the continuity of Digimon Story, this person created Kernel as his virtual copy, some time before he died, to take his place and protect the Digital World, something that Kernel eventually didn't by opposing Yggdrasill and destroying the evolutionary tree that rules this universe.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Professor Petrov, as part of the research team of the GIGO Company, wonders at some point whether he has committed an act against God by being responsible for the autonomous uncontrolled growth of the digital lifeform known as Vitium.

A Tokomon in the Village of Beginnings tells Taiga it can hear God's voice, warp evolves to Holy Angemon, and then leaves on a journey to find God.

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Huanglongmon is the God of the Digital World.

Digimon Survive[edit]

The Four Holy Beasts and The Emperor are the Gods of the Kemonogami World.

The Four Holy Beasts as depicted in Digimon Survive.
The Emperor as depicted in Digimon Survive.


Digimon Pendulum Z[edit]

Digimon Pendulum Z II[edit]


Digital Monster Card Game[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

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