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Homeros (ホメロス, Homerosu, dub: Homeros[1]) is the host computer that rules over the Digital World: Iliad.


Homeros is the closest to Yggdrasill in its function and so far is the only one that we have at least idea that he is still an active character and has not lost his function through time. Homeros is the ruler of a Digital World different from that of Yggdrasill, Iliad. Unlike Yggdrasill who seeks to rule his own world, Homeros ignores the existence of laws or the concept of right and wrong, allowing all in Iliad to exist in any way they choose by following their free will. As some beings opposed the anarchism proposed by Homeros, a group known as Olympos XII was created to be like the "Royal Knights" of Iliad. However this was opposed to the intention of Homeros that banished them to the World of Yggdrasill. In the future, Plutomon, Titamon and the Titans’ Army were sent to the World of Yggdrasill to destroy Jupitermon, leader of the Olympos XII.


Digimon Crusader[edit]

Homeros was referred by Aegiomon before he evolved to Aegiochusmon: Dark, and it is also referred as the Host Computer of the Digital World: Iliad during the fight between Jupitermon and Plutomon.