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The Olympos XII (オリンポス十二神 or alternatively オリンポス12神 Orinposu Jūnishin, lit. "Twelve Gods of Olympus") are a group of twelve powerful God Man Digimon, they are of noble character. The group was modeled after the Roman analogue of the Twelve Olympians, the "Dii Consentes".


Olympos XII
オリンポス十二神 Orinposu Jūnishin
Name Olympian God Animal Domain
Apollomon Apollo Lion Flames
Bacchusmon Bacchus (Dionysus) Snake Wine
Ceresmon/Medium Ceres (Demeter) Bird Fertility
Dianamon Diana (Artemis) Rabbit Water and ice
Junomon/Hysteric Mode Juno (Hera) Peacock
Jupitermon/Wrath Mode Jupiter (Zeus) Owl Sky, thunder, and weather
Marsmon Mars (Ares) Panther War
Mercurymon Mercury (Hermes) Wolf Genius
Minervamon/X-Antibody/Mervamon Minerva (Athena) Snake
Neptunemon Neptune (Poseidon) Fish Sea
Venusmon Venus (Aphrodite) Dove Love
Vulcanusmon Vulcanus (Hephaestus) Octopus Smithery


There are also three Digimon that are related to the Olympos XII.

Name Mythological Equivalent
Plutomon Pluto (Hades)
Titamon The Titans
Grace Novamon Meleager (Meléagros)



Digimon Savers[edit]

Mercurymon is the first major "villain" of Savers. He first appeared when he opened the Digital Gate in his lair to go to the real world to find Falcomon. He was eventually weakened by one of Kurata Akihiro's Gizmon: XT and his Digitama permanently deleted.


Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

The Olympos XII is one of the rock bands invited to perform at the Shoutmon's coronation concert.

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Digimon Crusader[edit]

See: Aegiomon's Chronicle

In the Digital World: Iliad, the host computer known as Homeros wanted the Digimon to be guided by their wild instincts, free will, even if that meant their self-destruction (a modified version of the Prometheus myth). The Digital World: Iliad eventually collapsed because the Olympos XII taught the Digimon there the concept of good and evil, against the will of Homeros. In retaliation, Homeros gave power to Plutomon over the titans (An army of Titamon), and the Olympos XII were forced to flee to the Digital World of Yggdrasill, where they learned their lesson and became neutral. Plutomon, already in the Digital World of Yggdrasill, pretends to take revenge of Jupitermon (now amnesic and in his adult form of Aegiomon) for not having been accepted in origin like a member of the Olympos XII.

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