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Digital World: Iliad (デジタルワールド・イリアス, Dejitaru Wārudo: Iriasu) is a Digital World that exists on a different server to the one ruled over by Yggdrasill that seems to be managed by the Olympos XII. The Royal Knights have not specifically interfered with the Digital World: Iliad due to the protection of the Olympos XII, but it seems that because of Yggdrasill's will and a virus sweeping the world, the day is coming when they will cross servers and meet face-to-face.[1] The host computer of this world is called Homeros.[2] Grace Novamon is said to have been born from the fusion of Apollomon and Dianamon when an unprecedented crisis arose there long ago.[3] It has its own Dark Area.


Digimon Crusader[edit]

Aegiomon was born there, and was originally Jupitermon, but at some point he became Aegiomon and lost his memory.