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The Digital World (デジタルワールド Dejitaru Wārudo or デジタル世界 Dejitaru Sekai) is a region of pseudo-cyberspace where Digimon and other Digital Lifeforms inhabit. It lies parallel to the Real World, separated by an invisible barrier. Usually, the Digital World consists of four islands: File Island, Folder Continent, WWW Continent, and Forest of the Gods.

Picture of the Digital World

History of the Digital World[edit]

See History of the Digital World




Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

File Island[edit]

File Island is where the first group of Chosen Children arrived. At the time it was under the control of Devimon and he was using the Black Gears to take control of other Digimon. The island is home to many kinds of digimon and is made up of many different environments for them to live in.

Server Continent[edit]

Server Continent is west of File Island. The Chosen Children were advised by Gennai to go to Server to find the Tags and Crest that were scatted throughout the continent. It was divided into two parts: a desert that was controlled by Etemon and the forest region that was controlled by Vamdemon.

The Eastern Region[edit]

The eastern region is protected by Qinglongmon and is where most of the events from Digimon Adventure 02 occurs. It is mostly taken over by the Digimon Kaizer by building the Dark Towers to seal away the power of the Qinglongmon. The eastern region is also where the Holy Stones are hidden that are almost all destroyed by Black War Greymon.