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The Digital World is a region of pseudo-cyberspace located on the network, where digimon and other digital lifeforms inhabit. It is a vast world very similar to the Real World, with an atmosphere, vast oceans, continents and islands.[1] It's said that it was created by God[2][3] and is managed and operated with multiple servers,[1] among them the Yggdrasill system and its Royal Knights.[4][5] The identity of the people and organizations that manage and operate the Digital World, as well as the reasons for what they created this world, remain a mystery.[1]

It is primarily subject to the law of the jungle,[6][7] and its "Central Dogma" normally precludes the existence of incomplete Jogresses like Chaosmon.[8][9] It is thought that its managing system is responsible for rendering threats like Belphemon Sleep Mode dormant,[10] and it is protected from external threats through the Internet by Digimon like Crossmon.[11] Despite this, it still contains digimon like Clockmon who are powerful enough to upset the balance of the Digital World, causing it to collapse,[12] and it is rumored that the certain country is covertly conducting research and development on digimon in order to take possession of the dimension.[13]

Several species of powerful digimon have survived since the Digital World's Genesis (創世記 "Sousei-ki"?),[14][15][16] and some of their descendants inherited the ability to perform "Armor Evolution".[17][18][19][20] In the modern era, the Digital World is warming, and among the effects are the expansion of Mammon's super-compressed data, and the opening of the once-icebound Ice-Snow Area.[21]

The Digital World was discovered thanks to the use of the Digimon Capture software,[22] and was announced publicly in 1997. Every year the Digital World is "expanding infinitely" as the network advances, though usually it consists of four regions: File Island, Folder Continent, WWW Continent, and Forest of the Gods.[1]

In 2003, as digimon continued to grow, evolve, and multiply, the Digital World grew closer to exceeding its storage capacity, and the world would be destroyed if it exceeded that limit. In order to prevent that, Yggdrasill created a separate partition known as the New Digital World, and transported only a few chosen digimon there. The digimon left behind in the old Digital World were to be eliminated by the Royal Knights and the X-Program.[23] After the activation of Project Ark, the old Digital World became a world of death due to the contamination by the X-Program, and was thus under strict lockdown. After a decade or so had passed, the concentration of the X-Program there had thinned enough that it would not affect the bodies of Digimon directly; as such, Yggdrasill ordered the Royal Knights to conduct a survey on the current state of the old Digital World.[24]

History of the Digital World[edit]

See History of the Digital World




Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 & Digimon Adventure Tri[edit]

File Island[edit]

File Island is where the first group of Chosen Children arrived. At the time it was under the control of Devimon and he was using the Black Gears to take control of other Digimon. The island is home to many kinds of digimon and is made up of many different environments for them to live in.

Server Continent[edit]

Server Continent is west of File Island. The Chosen Children were advised by Gennai to go to Server to find the Tags and Crest that were scatted throughout the continent. It was divided into two parts: a desert that was controlled by Etemon and the forest region that was controlled by Vamdemon.

The Eastern Region[edit]

The eastern region is protected by Qinglongmon and is where most of the events from Digimon Adventure 02 occurs. It is mostly taken over by the Digimon Kaizer by building the Dark Towers to seal away the power of the Qinglongmon. The eastern region is also where the Holy Stones are hidden that are almost all destroyed by Black War Greymon. 100 of these Dark Towers are also used to create Black War Greymon.

The Northern Region[edit]

The northern region is protected by Xuanwumon.

The Southern Region[edit]

The southern region is protected by Zhuqiaomon.

The Western Region[edit]

The Western Region is protected by Baihumon.

Interesting thing about these 4 Digimon Sovereigns:

  • Folder Continent is home to Baihumon, who lives in the Codec Ruin area.
  • Forest of the Gods is home to Xuanwumon, who lives in the Script Forest Area.
  • WWW Continent is home to Qinglongmon, and Zhuqiaomon. Qinglongmon lives in the Assembler Tower, and Zhuqiaomon lives in the Boot Volcano.
  • Trash Hole is home to Huanglongmon, the fifth Digimon Sovereign.


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Digimon Chronicle[edit]

Digimon Chronicle X[edit]


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