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Box Art
Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers Box Art
Name Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers
System Sega Saturn
Release Date September 23, 1998
Language Japanese

Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers (デジタルモンスターVer.S デジモンテイマーズ, Dejitaru Monsutā Bashon S Dejimon Teimāzu) is a video game.


Hackers invade the Digital World and you and your Digimon have to stop them. You must gather 5 medals from all over File Island. However, if you lose to a hacker you lose a medal.


The gameplay is similar to a v-pet, but up to 4 Digimons can be raised at the same time, and it has some additional features, like having a Shop with multiple food and items. Each Digimon will like and hate different food.

Digimon possess stats too, and these can be raised with different training methods. The Jumping Rope increases Speed, the S-Bag increases the Strength, and the Computer increases the Intelligence. There is another stat called Personality, that can only be raised by brushing the Digimon on the Main Screen. There is also another training method, the Fighting Ring, which will slightly increase the Strength, Speed and Intelligence, but will lower the Personality. All of these trainings are done automatically, and each one (except the Ring) can be upgraded on the Shop.

The objective of the player is to obtain a medal on every Area. These areas are: Sky, Grass, Water, Cave and Arena. To earn each medal, the player must win 5 consecutive fights on that area, except on the Arena, where the medal must be earned after defeating a boss. Every area is opened only on a certain day of the week, except for the Arena, which is always open.

Sometimes the player will be attacked by a Hacker, and the player must defeat him/her. The Hackers will appear randomly while the player is on the Main Screen or after certain events.


Combat is similar to a v-pet, since Digimons attack automatically, but there are some differences. Digimons fight by turns, and each one will attack when the turn bar is filled; the bar fills faster with a high Speed stat. When a Digimon misses a physical attack, there is a chance for the other one to make a counter attack. Instead of pressing a button at the beginning of combat, the player have to continuosly hit the A ,B, and C buttons quickly during the whole fight to fill an energy bar. Once this bar is filled, the player can press a single button once to activate an effect. The effects are the following:

  • A button: The next attack is a Critical, dealing more damage.
  • B button: Fills the turn bar completely, giving you an extra attack.
  • C button: The next attack won't miss.

There are 2 attack types, physical and long range. The computer seems to pick them at random.


In this menu there is a map with multiple addresses. At the beginning, not all of the addresses are unlocked, but the player can get more by looking at the in-game Forum and Mail sections, which are located in the Net menu. To unlock a new address, it has to be typed at the top URL, by pressing the button with an “A” inside it.

After unlocking an address, the player can spend some money to make a Digimon search it. Sometimes the Digimon will find items, and some of these can't be found on the shop. This is the only way to get Digimon Fragments, which are items that affect the evolution of the Digimons.


There is valuable game information here, telling the player new addresses and where and how to find some items. This information is given in the form of Mails, Forum messages and a Newsletter. Each in-game day will refresh the Forum messages, and some days the player will receive new mail and news.

There is also a minigame in this section where the player have to smash flies that try to bite a Botamon. Each screen cleared will make more flies to appear, and the minigame ends when a fly bites Botamon. This minigame will reward the player with some money. How much is earned is calculated by multiplying the amount of flies smashed by a certain value. This value is randomly chosen between 1.2, 2.4, 4.8 and 9.6.


As in the later Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan, the evolution lines for the Digimon in Digital Monster Ver. S simply follow the original four virtual pets. There are also certain items that will affect the evolution.

Digimon Fragments[edit]

To help the player to get a certain evolution, the game has items called Digimon Fragments. These fragments force a Digimon to evolve into another one, no matter how many Care Mistakes were done. Each one will only work on certain Digimon, and will force an evolution into a specific one. For example there is a fragment that only works on Agumon and Betamon, and will force them to evolve into Devimon.

These items can only be found using the “Search” system, and there is only one kind of fragment for each address. By reading the "Net" section, the player can guess which fragment is on each address and what Digimon will result by using each fragment.

New Digitama[edit]

After advancing through the game, a new item will appear on the shop called “New Digitama”. This item will allow the player to merge two Digimons into a new one. This new Digimon couldn't be found on the original pets. The player can merge any Digimon from the Child stage onwards (even two of different levels), but the resulting Digimon will always be an Adult one. Any Digimon merged with one of the same species (i.e. Agumon + Agumon) will always result on a Gokimon. Also, if any of these new Digimons is merged again (i.e. Mamemon + Gorimon) the result will be a Gokimon too. Everyone of these new Digimons can be obtained using only Child Digimons.

Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Evolution lines of the newly introduced digimons

Ver. S features 70 species of Digimon, including all Digimon from the original virtual pets Digital Monster Ver. 1, Ver. 2, Ver. 3 and Ver. 4. The game introduces 14 new Digimon to the franchise, these are:

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