Net Ocean

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Net Ocean
Net Ocean
Kanji/Kana ネットの海
Type water body
Part of: Digital World

The Net Ocean (ネットの海, Netto no Umi; also ネットオーシャン, Netto Ōshan) is the Network's ocean[1]; a large body of water that surrounds the Digital World. It is the birthplace of Digimon, with Ancient Mermaimon acting as its guardian goddess, ruling the whole of it and able to handle all water, such as the ocean currents and tidal waves, as if they were its own limbs.[2] It consists of a range of biomes, and is inhabited by various aquatic Digimon[3][4][5][6], even in places of high water pressure within its deepest trenches[7] or regions nearest to the Dark Area.[8] Some aquatic Digimon were discovered in it. It is where Ganimon dissolved metal data and stuck it to its body,[9] rapidly enhancing its combat ability, and its bottom is the source of Octmon's Digi-Treasure.[10] Coelamon was also discovered here when the Computer Network was being repaired.[11] There are a few Aquatic Digimon that are extremely rare to encounter, such as Manbomon.[12] Hookmon ventures through it, pursuing the phantom White Whamon.[13]. Mermaimon's looted treasure is said to reside somewhere in the Net Ocean.[14]. Giga Seadramon is said to patrol the Net Ocean for the Crack Team, though it is not known when and where it will appear.[15]




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Whamon helps the Chosen Children to cross a portion of the Net Ocean between File Island and the Server Continent.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

It is comprised of three layers resembling the structure of the World Wide Web: the Surface Web at its uppermost layer, then the Deep Web below it, and finally the Dark Web underneath where the AI Leviathan resides.[16].


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]


The Net Ocean is a game mechanic referring to the player's deck that they draw cards from, while the Dark Area serves as the discard pile.


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