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For the live action series made to promote this series, see Digimon Seekers (live action).
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Duration April 3, 2023 - March 10, 2024

Digimon Seekers (デジモンシーカーズ Dejimon Shīkāzu) is a web-novel. It started serialization on April 3, 2023 at Digimon Web.


The Digital World – a land entirely unlike which humans call the Real World. This Cyberspace built upon the network is home to Digital Monsters known as Digimon. The discovery of these AI lifeforms is both a blessing and a curse to human society, which relies on the Network to manage everything in their world.

Nagasumi Eiji is 19 years old, a "loser" Cracker who earns daily money with dangerous work related to the Digital World. One day, Professor Ryusenji of the Tokyo Cyber University, entrusts Eiji with a Digimon Linker, the newest model of the Digimon Dock – along with a Digimon. When Eiji meets Loogamon, a Wolf Digimon with a mysterious Interface on its head, his life is changed completely.

Judge, a justice hacker who hates crackers. Digipolice, Investigative Unit Eleven of the Metropolitan Police Department's Cybercrimes Division whose mission is to stop Digimon crimes. As well as SoC: Sons of Chaos, an extremist crack team led by legendary cracker Tartarus...

Ryusenji sends Eiji to infiltrate and investigate SoC. He discovers that they are planning a widescale cyberterror attack. What is the special skill known as Mind Link? What are the answers to Loogamon's missing past and true specs? Will Eiji come out on the top in the Digital World and turn his life around...?

This is the beginning of a Digimon story steeped in chaos.


Chapter 1 Eiji:Wolf of ninth avenue[edit]

Chapter 2 Hacker Leon:WWW Airlines Flight626[edit]

Chapter 3 Unit 11:Digital Missing In Action[edit]

Chapter 4 Sons of Chaos: Seekers[edit]



Main Characters[edit]


SoC (Sons of Chaos)[edit]

Abadin Electronics[edit]

Other Characters[edit]


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Narrator Sawashiro Miyuki 沢城みゆき
Character Design/Illustrator malo malo



Digimon Seekers main visual
Digimon Seekers world view
Digimon Seekers main visual
Digimon Seekers Carter 1 visual
Digimon Seekers Carter 2 visual
Digimon Seekers Carter 3 visual
Digimon Seekers Carter 4 visual

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