Digimon Legendary Skies

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Digimon Legendary Skies
Digimon legends sky cover.jpg
Author Huáng Qí (Illustrator), Jīng Chén (Writer)
Publisher Shanghai Century Publishing Group
Serialization 漫动作·GOGO TOP
Duration May 2004 - November 2004 (discontinued)
Volumes N/A
Next Manga D-Cyber
Previous Manga Digimon Frontier (Manhua)
Digimon Legendary Skies (数码宝贝·传说的天空, Shù Mǎ Băo Bèi: Chuán Shuō De Tiān Kōng) is a Chinese Digimon manhua, which was planned to be a sequel to Digimon Frontier, but due to copyright issues related to the Frontier cast's appearance, it underwent major rewrites and ultimately got discontinued after a few chapters.



Nüwa and Fuxi are the creators of the Shenzou, the Chinese Digital World, that can be accessed from the Jiuzhaigou Forest. Nüwa was corrupted by a virus whereas Fuxi is strangely attacked at some point and fell powerless in the virgin forest of Jiuzhaigou. 28 Xīngsù Shén Jiāng, incredibly powerful Digimon based on the Chinese constellations, took care of Shenzhou and when the Digital Virus invaded the world, they became the Evil 28 Stars and started working for Nüwa. Shenzhou fell to the Virus and the Dark Lady wanted to devour Fuxi, the baby Digimon, to become the ultimate being and control all the Shenzhou Digital World.

The main character of Legendary Skies is a Chinese boy named Yú Jiābǎo who comes across this mysterious baby Digimon and runs into the woods to follow it. Meanwhile, 3 kids based on Kanbara Takuya, Minamoto Kouji and Orimoto Izumi from Japan go to Jiuzhaigou, China, a valley said to be the gate to the Digital World. There, they found the mysterious baby Digimon going inside the forest and they chase after him. Yú Jiābǎo appears in front of them with a Xiongmaoshou as his partner and both fight the Chosen Children. They agree after the battle that all was a misunderstanding, and Yú Jiābǎo claims that he first saw the baby Digimon in the virgin forest of Jiuzhaigou and they all go there, where they found a natural bridge for Shenzhou, a part of the Digital World, where they find Heshouwushou, who tells the kids this is a different Digital World, and their D-Scanners don't work here. After this encounter, they are found by the Fire Tiger of Tail, one of the Evil 28 Stars who works for Nüwa, and Jiābǎo is mysteriously send to the Human World, after which he thinks that everything was a dream.

Jiābǎo wins a Digivice in the form of a V-Pet bracelet in a lottery, but two rogues destroyed his Digivice, so he decides to buy another one in a shop and is invited by a mysterious boy to a tournament along with some other Tamers to find the strongest there. After some battles, Longjiu, the misterious boy who invited Jiābǎo and sent him to the Human World, discovers that one of the attendants is a Mu'oushou controled by the Earth Bat of Girl. Afterwards, 4 more members of the Evil 28 Stars appeared, but Jiābǎo saves the day with the power of Fuxi, after realizing that everything was real. Longjiu tells everyone the story of Nüwa and the Evil 28 Stars and they decided to go back to Shenzou to fight her.


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Digimon Legendary Skies Digimon Legendary Skies Digimon Legendary Skies Digimon Legendary Skies
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Digimon Legendary Skies Digimon Legendary Skies

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