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Director Mitsuka Masato
Screenwriter Tomioka Atsuhiro
Character Design Animator
Character Designer Asanuma Akihiro
Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi
Animation Director Asanuma Akihiro
Nakajou Kumi
Producer Sakurada Hiroyuki
Planning Assistant
Composer Sahashi Toshihiko
Studio Toei Animation
Network Fuji TV
Duration Jap.png April 5, 2020 - September 26, 2021
Usa.png November 19, 2022 - April 13, 2023
Official Site Digimon Adventure: Official Site
Next Series Digimon Ghost Game
Previous Series Digimon Universe Appli Monsters

Digimon Adventure: (デジモンアドベンチャー:, Dejimon Adobenchā:), sometimes referred to as Digimon Adventure: (2020)[1] and Digimon Adventure Colon (デジモンアドベンチャーコロン, Dejimon Adobenchā Koron)[2], is the ninth animated series of Digimon, serving as a reboot and set the parallel world to the original Digimon Adventure.


For the first time in the history of Fuji TV, TV and data broadcasting are linked to the Virtual Pet training game exclusively in Japan known as Digital Monster, which is based on the original V-Pet Digital Monster series debuted in 1997.[3]

On April 20, 2020, Toei Animation announced that it would suspend broadcasting new episodes of Digimon Adventure: until further notice due to the ongoing 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic,[4] and starting April 26, Fuji TV will air reruns of episodes from the sixth series of Gegege no Kitaro in its place.[5]

After several weeks, the official Digimon sites announced that Digimon Adventure: is set to be return in the normal timeslot on June 7, 2020 at 9:00 in Japan.[6][7] The show restarts from the first episode, and continues with the newer episodes, which starts from the fourth episode, "Birdramon Soars" on June 28, 2020.


It is 2020.

The Network is now an integral part of human life. But, what they don't know is that...

On the other side of the Network is an endless world: the Digital World, and Digimon live there. A large-scale network failure broke out in the heart of the Greater Tokyo Area. There was a vision outside of traffic lights randomly flickering and garbled text. The news reported it as cyberterrorism.

The protagonist is fifth grader Yagami Taichi, who lives in a high-rise apartment building in the suburbs of Tokyo. He stayed at home on his own to prepare for summer camp over the weekend, but his mother and younger sister, Hikari, who went to Shibuya, were on a train that was unable to stop.

Taichi rushed to Shibuya to rescue his mother and sister, but the moment he headed to the platform... A mysterious phenomenon occurred, and Taichi entered the Digital World!

The children met their Partner Digimon, and faced an unknown "Adventure"...!



Main Characters[edit]


Dark Digimon[edit]

Main Enemies[edit]

Negamon's Servants[edit]

Devimon's Servants[edit]

Digimon Controlled by Soundbirdmon[edit]

Digimon Controlled by the Miasma[edit]

Millenniumon's Servants[edit]

Millenniumon's Fragment[edit]

Wild Digimon[edit]

Cloud Continent[edit]


Infinity Continent[edit]

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Position Name Kanji/Kana
Original Concept Akiyoshi Hongo 本郷 あきよし
Producer(s) Ebana Matsuki (Fuji TV)[8]
Sagawa Naoko (Yomiko Advertising)[8]
Sakurada Hiroyuki[8]
Takami Akira[8]
江花 松樹(フジテレビ)
佐川 直子(読売広告社)
櫻田 博之
高見 暁
Series Director Mitsudzuka Masato[8] 三塚 雅人
Series Composition Tomioka Atsuhiro[8] 冨岡 淳広
Character Design Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi[8] 中鶴 勝祥
Chief Animation Director Asanuma Akihiro[8] 浅沼 昭弘
Art Director Kinoshita Ryoka[8] 木下 了香
Art Setting Amada Toshitaka[8] 天田 俊貴
Music Sahashi Toshihiko[8] 佐橋 俊彦
Production Fuji TV Yomiko Advertising Inc. Toei Animation Co., Ltd. フジテレビ・読売広告社・東映アニメーション


Theme Songs[edit]


  1. "Mikakunin Hikousen" by Tanimoto Takayoshi - 1-67


  1. "Kuyashisa wa Tane" by Fujikawa Chiai - 1-13
  2. "Q?" by Reol - 14-26
  3. "Mind game" by Maica_n - 27-38
  4. "Overseas Highway" by Wolpis Carter - 39-54
  5. "Dreamers" by ATEEZ - 55-67


  1. Be The Winners by Tanimoto Takayoshi
  2. X-treme Fight by Tanimoto Takayoshi
  3. Break the chain by Tanimoto Takayoshi


DVD/Blu-Ray Box Art[edit]

Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 1-1.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 1-2.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 2-1.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 2-2.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 3-1.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 3-2.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 4-1.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 4-2.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 5-1.jpg
Adventure 2020 BD Box Art 5-2.jpg


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