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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Waiwai-wiper [1] Howling Wiper ワイワイパー Waiwaipā Leans over the opponent with its large body and scrubs them with the shaggy hair on its feet.
Masshigura-run [1] Full-speed Run マッシグラン Masshiguran Blows the opponent away with its violent dashing.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

In the past, Komondomon helped the Army of the Holy Digimon as a means of transportation. In "A New Darkness, Millenniumon", Lopmon resurrects them to help the Chosen Children to reunite in the Infinity Continent, with the Komondomon with a red helmet staying with the Chosen Children as their transport.

Grey-helmet Komondomon appear later on in the haven for travelling Digimon in "Jyagamon, Potato Hell". With the red-helmet one being dirty and itchy, a grey-helmet one tells it about Lunamon, who previously washed it. The Chosen Children and their Digimon then help their Komondomon get clean, using Lunamon's Lop-ear Ripple bubbles.

Lopmon later travelled with Digimon that had lost their home and Leomon's allies (two Peckmon, Falcomon and Spadamon) on a grey Komondomon, searching for a new place to live, as narrated by Leomon in "A Place to Return To".

Lopmon, Spadamon, Falcomon, a Xiaomon, a Frimon and a Puroromon, riding the grey Komondomon, reacted to the attack of a group of Soundbirdmon in "The Angels' Determination".

Komondomon in Digimon Adventure:.
Komondomon seen from below.
A Komondomon revealing one of its blue eyes.


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