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Digimon Pendulum Z
Series Digimon Pendulum
Colors Green/Blue/Red
Release Date Japan November 2020
Language Japanese
List of Virtual Pets
Digimon Pendulum Z (デジモンペンデュラム Z Dejimon Pendyuramu) is a brand new Digital Monster Virtual Pet.


Version Digimon
Pen1 vpet digitama.gif Nature Spirits BotamonWanyamonGaomonMorphomonSunarizamonPlotmonAgumonAgnimonBaboongamonUnimonHudiemonGaogamonGolemonGokimonTailmonGreymonVritramonGogmamonJewelbeemonScorpiomonMach GaogamonOrochimonArchnemonAngewomonSilphymonMetal GreymonAldamonAncient BeatmonHolydramonBaihumonMirage GaogamonNidhoggmonAncient VolcamonOfanimonValkyrimonWar GreymonKaiser GreymonApocalymonHuanglongmonSusanoomonOmegamonImperialdramon: Paladin ModeAgumon -Yuki no Kizuna-
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See: Folder Continent Report

Several Digimon were recently discovered in this research, but in the background of that report was evidence of a large-scale conflict between Digimon in the Digital World. When and why, and how much time has passed since the situation ended? I cannot research it now, but there were discoveries that were more than enough to show the extent of the impact it had on the Digital World. It was a vestige of ancient Digimon that seemed to exist in the Digital World a long time ago. The appearance was not really observed and, surprisingly, what was thought to be found was in the data of several newly discovered Digimon this time around.

From the Digimon "Nature Spirits", data from Ancient Beatmon and Ancient Volcamon from the ancient Digimon were extracted. These Digimon are the origins of insects and minerals. The Digimon of "Deep Savers" include Ancient Mermaimon and Ancient Megatheriumon that control the power of water and ice. The Digimon of the "Nightmare Soldiers" showed signs of having data from Ancient Sphinxmon, which was born out of darkness.

This is an inference, but I believe that the things that have been transmitted between Digimon since ancient times were instinctive, in an attempt to restore the ecosystem that had been disturbed by the conflict that affected the entire Digital World... It also means that new Digimon that have a primitive appearance appeared one after the other. Whatever the conclusion, the research is still insufficient. For more information, we need to start a search in another area. It may not be long before I'll do the next report.


Like the previous Pendulum series, some of the features returns with the few new features.

Image Gallery[edit]

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Digimon Pendulum Z Nature Spirits Deep Savers Nightmare Soldiers


Nature Spirits
Deep Savers
Nightmare Soldiers



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