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Digitalmonsterx3 logo.png

Digital Monster X Yellow

Digital Monster X Blue
Series Digital Monster
Version Ver.3
Colors Yellow
Release Date Japan March 16, 2020
United States April 2020 (Premium Bandai USA, Japanese version)
Language Japanese
Dimensions 58×41×15mm
List of Virtual Pets
Digital Monster X Ver.3 (デジタルモンスターX Dejitaru Monsutā X) is a brand new Digital Monster Virtual Pet which is focusing on X-Antibody Digimon. Several mechanics from the Digimon Pendulum X series also make a return, such as the XAI System.


Version Digimon
Yellow ZerimonKuramonGummymonTsumemonTerriermon (X-Antibody)Palmon (X-Antibody)DORUmonBlucomonJazamonKeramon (X-Antibody)Siesamon (X-Antibody)Meramon (X-Antibody)DORUgamonPteranomon (X-Antibody)Togemon (X-Antibody)OmekamonPaledramonJazardmonOmega Shoutmon (X-Antibody)Cyberdramon (X-Antibody)DORUguremonGarudamon (X-Antibody)CannonbeemonGrademonMamemon (X-Antibody)Crys PaledramonJazarichmonPumpmon
Rapidmon (X-Antibody)Justimon (X-Antibody)AlphamonHououmon (X-Antibody)Tiger VespamonHolydramon (X-Antibody)DinotigermonEBEmon (X-Antibody)MetallicdramonGaioumonHexeblaumonNoble PumpmonGankoomon (X-Antibody)Magnamon (X-Antibody)Dynasmon (X-Antibody)Craniummon (X-Antibody)Lord Knightmon (X-Antibody)Dukemon (X-Antibody)Alphamon: OuryukenDiablomon (X-Antibody)JESmon GXOgudomon (X-Antibody)
Blue CocomonKuramonChocomonTsumemonLopmon (X-Antibody)Shakomon (X-Antibody)RyudamonBlucomonJazamonKeramon (X-Antibody)Pegasmon (X-Antibody)Wizarmon (X-Antibody)GinryumonTailmon (X-Antibody)Tylomon (X-Antibody)OmekamonPaledramonJazardmonMonzaemon (X-Antibody)Rize Greymon (X-Antibody)HisyaryumonAngewomon (X-Antibody)Anomalocarimon (X-Antibody)GrademonMamemon (X-Antibody)Crys PaledramonJazarichmonPumpmon
Cherubimon (Virtue) (X-Antibody)Goddramon (X-Antibody)OuryumonOfanimon (X-Antibody)Plesiomon (X-Antibody)Holydramon (X-Antibody)DinotigermonEBEmon (X-Antibody)MetallicdramonGaioumonHexeblaumonNoble PumpmonExamon (X-Antibody)Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody)Duftmon (X-Antibody)Sleipmon (X-Antibody)JESmon (X-Antibody)Omegamon (X-Antibody)Alphamon: OuryukenDiablomon (X-Antibody)JESmon GXOgudomon (X-Antibody)


  • XAI System It is a luck based dice system. When entering a battle the XAI System will start up! Hit the button to stop the XAI as it rotates. The XAI System is quite an important feature!

There are also 2 DAILY XAI events:

- Every time a Digimon wakes up, hatches or a save file is loaded - Affects random event for the day and the XAI count speed for the Excite training.

- The 1st time when entering Quest Map each day - Affects difficulty of the battle, higher XAI count means better chance of winning.

Dpetx XAI.gif

  • ATTACK GAUGE Meter If the XAI System's outcome is low, the gauge moves fast, but if it's high, it'll move slower for you, so the better the XAI's outcome, the easier it'll be for you to stop the attack gauge, giving you more opportunities for a deadly move! The black part of the gauge itself changes based on your Digimon's form, level and attributes. So be careful in the choices you make.

Dpetx Attackgauge.gif

  • RANDOM EVENTS System Sometimes, while idling, your Digimon will call out when a random event is initiated. Random events might result in either getting a free item, sudden battle or rare encounters battle (unlocks evolution route). Random events won't happen during sleep time or freezer mode. Having a higher Daily XAI count is said to have a higher chance to initiate random events [to be confirmed later]

Dpetx Events.jpg

  • TRAINING System There are two types of training available and both increase Strength and Effort. Normal training is basically what the name implied, normal basic training. While Excite training speed depends on the Daily XAI count swhich are fixed for each day. Excite training fills in more strength and sometimes also drains the hunger meter as well. 4 successful training will increase 1 Effort meter, regardless of normal or excite. Effort meter is permanent so having lower effort will leads to different evolution path.

Dpetx Training.jpg

  • COLD/FREEZER System If you put Digimon to sleep outside of its sleeping time, the Digimon will be frozen inside a freezer. During freezer mode, evolution time is frozen and Digimon will be safe from care mistakes. This mode is perfect for pausing during a busy schedule.

Dpetx ColdMode.jpg

  • PRESERVE System By preserving Digimon, you back them up at their current state and you can swap them back in with a Digimon you are raising. Only 2 backups can be saved at a time and you can exchange 1 main Digimon for one of the 2 backups, to swap around for a total of 3 Digimon. Your saved Digimon will appear as an SD memory card icon.

Dpetx Backup.jpg

  • QUEST MAP System is located in the quest adventure map, which will challenge you to fight various type of Digimon and Boss Digimon with each progress. Altogether, there are about 30 areas and each area is a domination type battle with a boss at the end. Each area must be won in a row, failing to do so will restart the whole area again. Going to battle, while your Digimon is hungry or without any strength, will cause the Digimon to RETIRE during mid-battle. In higher level areas, there are also resting stage in which you can feed your Digimon before continuing to the next battle.

Dpetx map.jpg

  • Winning against a boss Digimon will free up the next area and increase the number of evolutionary branches. You'll be able to replay cleared areas anytime you want. Also once per day, before entering an area, your luck will be tested with the XAI system. Based on the number you roll, the strength of enemy Digimon will change in an area. Hope that lady luck is on your side and aim for area domination.

Dpetx map2.jpg

  • Connecting Yellow and Blue Versions to communicate with each other will make a hidden area on the map. When you defeat the boss of that hidden area, the evolution route to Alphamon: Ouryuken will be opened!
  • LEVELING System By defeating an enemy Digimon on the map, you get experience. The level of Digimon goes up by this experience (Level can be checked at the 1st option in the menu). As the level goes up, HP, attack, and strength will go up as well, which will give you an advantage for battle. The mark * will appear next to your level if the Digimon has reached their max level for their respective stage, evolving will increase the level cap.

Dpetx Levelup.jpg

Level Exp Needed
Lv 1 0
Lv 2 50
Lv 3 150
Lv 4 500
Lv 5 800
Lv 6 1000
Lv 7 1500
Lv 8 2000
Lv 9 3000
Lv 10 5000
  • TRAITED EGG System If your Digimon fades away after a certain condition is met, the Digimon hatched from this shiny egg will start from Level 3 and makes it easier to win battle now.

Dpetx Traited.jpg

  • ITEM can be obtained by clearing an area or during random events. Below are some of the lower level areas, where you can collect the items. Other areas also contain items, but these were the easiest obtainable ones.

Dpetx Item.jpg

  • STAGE Depending on the level, max level, HP and other things, stages will change. Raise the level so you can win battles with the strongest enemies. EVO time indicates time needed to reach the next level. Lower stage Digimon have smaller Hunger and Strength bars, so they get hungry easier and lose strength a lot faster than higher level Digimon. Extra care is needed to avoid care mistake during this time.

Dpetx Stats.jpeg

  • LIST OF DIGIMON Below are the list of available Digimon that can be raised on each color. Enemy digimon cannot be raised, but need to be defeated to unlock certain Evolution branches.

Dpetx3 Chart.png

Image Gallery[edit]

Digitalmonsterx yellow.jpg Digitalmonsterx blue.jpg Digitalmonsterx gankoomonx.jpg Digitalmonsterx examonx.jpg
Yellow color Blue color Gankoomon (X-Antibody) package Examon (X-Antibody) package
Digital Monster X3 Background.jpg
Digital Monster X Ver.3 (Background)


Digitalmonster artbookx cover.jpg
Digital Monster Art book Ver.X


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