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A form of Devimon that took in negative data to its limit and became an Ultimate. Its mental state is between normal and abnormal, and once it is angered, its intelligence vanishes, and it attacks in a ferocious manner. Digimon that are attacked by a berserk Done Devimon disappear without a trace.
Its Special Moves are piercing the opponent's entire body (Destroy Claw), a destructive energy wave emitted from its mouth (Ultimate Flare), and crushing the opponent with its two arms, which materialize as a result of its overflowing negative data (Mias-spew).
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Destroy Claw [3] デストロイクロウ Desutoroi Kurou Pierces the opponent's entire body.
Ultimate Flare [3] アルティメットフレア Arutimetto Furea A destructive energy wave emitted from its mouth.
Mias-spew [3] マイアスピウ Maiasupiu Crushes the opponent with its two arms, which materialize as a result of its overflowing negative data.


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Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Done Devimon is the Ultimate Level of Devimon. It appeared when Dark Knightmon used the power of the dark crystal to help a wounded Neo Devimon evolve into his Ultimate Level. However, the evolution drove him berserk, leaving behind only power with no reason. He tainted Yagami Taichi and Metal Greymon: Alterous Mode by using miasma, which, alongside him devouring Taichi, caused Metal Greymon to Dark Evolve into Mugendramon. It was finally destroyed by War Greymon with the help of the holy Digimon's power.

Devimon temporarily took this form, after Neo Devimon's, during Takaishi Takeru and Patamon's dream in "The Angels' Determination", as he explained how he could hear the sound that once drove the world mad, gave him shape, and ignited his soul. He then disintegrated, as he explained how everything would disappear due to the Great Catastrophe. He told Takeru and Patamon that it could not be stopped, but they refused to believe so, and Devimon taunted them for it before finally disappearing.

In "The Last Miracle, the Last Power", Done Devimon manifested himself from Seraphimon's left arm after the lights of hope from the Real World were gathered together by the Chosen Children whose existences were eaten by Abbadomon and destroyed the tentacle that had captured Seraphimon. He soon after returned to Devimon, saying that he could hear the voices that resonated beyond the world and gathered hope, and how they were creating a miracle as the light of hope, and thus, the whim of the shadows such as himself and Skull Knightmon (who appeared as a shadow behind their true form, Ofanimon) must be the same. He then disappeared, leaving a black feather behind and acknowledging the answer Seraphimon, who he referred to as his "dear old friend", reached.

Done Devimon's first appearance
Done Devimon in Digimon Adventure:
Done Devimon attacked by Mugendramon
Done Devimon in Takeru and Patamon's dream.
Done Devimon saving Seraphimon.


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Done Devimon is one of the Ultimate Digimon available in the Agumon Dim Card


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