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An Evolution Stage (進化段階, Shinka Dankai), also referred to as Level (レベル, Reberu), is the level of development a Digimon is at. There are six stages of normal evolution, after hatching from a DigiTama, through which a Digimon can naturally go through. Starting with Baby I and progressing to Ultimate, although getting past Adult before death may be difficult.

Name Level Kanji/Kana Romanization Translation Dub
Digitama 0 デジタマ Dejitama DigiEgg DigiEgg
Baby I I 幼年期 Younen-ki Infancy Phase Baby/Fresh/Training I
Baby II II 幼年期II Younen-ki Infancy Phase In-Training/Training II
Child III 成長期 Seichou-ki Growth Phase Rookie
Adult IV 成熟期 Seijuku-ki Maturation Phase Champion
Perfect V 完全体 Kanzen-tai Perfect Body Ultimate
Ultimate VI 究極体 Kyūkyoku-tai Ultimate Body Mega

There are also two artificial stages of evolution, which can be accessed through the use of a Digimental or a Legendary Spirit to get to Armor Level and Hybrid Level, respectively.

The Super Ultimate level though, is not actually a level of evolution, but more like a title that is given to a specific species of Digimon to demonstrate that it has surpassed the usual power level of an Ultimate level Digimon, and because of this, a Digimon could be considered a Super Ultimate level Digimon in one universe but not in others.[1]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Translation Dub
Armor アーマー体 Āmā-tai Armor Body Armor
Hybrid ハイブリッド体 Haiburiddo-tai Hybrid Body Hybrid
Super Ultimate 超究極体 Chou Kyūkyoku-tai Super Ultimate Body Ultra

Appmon's Evolution Stage, referred to as Grade (グレード, Gurēdo), is a bit different from Digimon's, in that an Appmon's evolution always requires a pair of compatible Appmon that are able to upgrade each other's functions enough so that they can perform an AppGattai that allows them to evolve to the next stage of evolution.

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub
Standard 並/スタンダード Nami/Sutandādo
Super 超/スーパー Chou/Sūpā
Ultimate 極/アルティメット Kiwami/Arutimetto
God 神/ゴッド Kami/Goddo
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