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An Evolution Stage (進化段階 Shinka Dankai), also referred to as Level (レベル Reberu), is the level of development a Digimon is at. There are six stages of normal evolution, after hatching from a DigiTama, and two stages of artificial evolution:

Name Level Kanji/Kana Romanization Translation Dub
DigiTama 0 デジタマ Dejitama DigiEgg DigiEgg
Baby I I 幼年期 Younen-ki Infancy Phase Baby/Fresh
Baby II II 幼年期II Younen-ki Infancy Phase In-Training
Child III 成長期 Seichou-ki Growth Phase Rookie
Adult IV 成熟期 Seijuku-ki Maturation Phase Champion
Perfect V 完全体 Kanzen-tai Perfect Body Ultimate
Ultimate VI 究極体 Kyuukyoku-tai Ultimate Body Mega

Are all stages Digimon can go through naturally. Starting with Baby I and progressing to Ultimate, although getting past Adult before death can be difficult. There are only three known Super Ultimate stage Digimon and most people prefer to list them as Ultimates for the sake of convenience.

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Translation Dub
Super Ultimate 超究極体 Chou Kyuukyoku-tai Super Ultimate Body Ultra
Armor アーマー体 Aamaa-tai Armor Body Armor
Hybrid ハイブリッド体 Haiburiddo-tai Hybrid Body Hybrid

Armor is an artificial stage Child Digimon can reach by using Digimentals and are usually equivalent to Adult level, although their strength can sometimes match Ultimate Digimon.

Hybrids are another artificial stage that can be reached by humans OR Digimon by using the Legendary Spirits. The power of Hybrids is hard to pin down, but its usually higher than Child.