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Hybrid (ハイブリッド体 Haiburiddotai) is another artificial stage that can be reached by humans or Digimon by using the Legendary Spirits. The power of Hybrids is hard to pin down, but its usually higher than Child.


Hybrids, born from the possibility of analogous human beings being transformed from Digimon, which are made of digital information, is a new species with unknown power.

Those who inherited the unparalleled power of the Warrior Ten, who saved the Digital World in their initial stage, fight using the Legendary Spirits to use skills that had been lost for a long time.

The Human Form has excellent agility and stability, but its weakness is that the human being still exerts great influence in this form.

The Beast Form releases the power of a proud animal that surpasses the power of an Ultimate, but does not possess self-control because of how fierce it is and can eventually become wild.

When the Human Form and the Beast Form bring their bodies into harmony, it becomes the Fusion Form, which is the most powerful form because it combines the wisdom of Humans and the life force of Digimon.

And in this era, a new legend that surpasses that of the Warrior Ten starts out...[1]


Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Human Form ヒューマン形態 Hyuuman Keitai Human Hybrid Are at the same class as an Adult in power. It is reached through the use of an H (or L) Spirit.
Beast Form ビースト形態 Biisuto Keitai Beast Hybrid Are at the same class as a Perfect in power. It is reached through the use of a B (or K) Spirit.
Fusion Form 融合形態 Yuugou Keitai Fusion Hybrid Are at the same class as an Ultimate in power. It is reached through the use of both H and B (or L and K) Spirits of the same element.
Transcendent Form 超越形態 Chouetsu Keitai Unified Hybrid Are at the same class as Ultimate in power. There are only two, Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon, as each requires a specific matrix of half of the existing Spirits.

(Note: "Haiburiddotai" is literally translated as "Hybrid Body".)

DigitamaBaby IBaby IIChildAdultPerfectUltimate
Armor, Hybrid
Evolution Stage


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