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Baby II (幼年期 Younenki) is the term used which refers to the 2nd stage of Digimon evolution, also referred to as level II. (Dub: In-Training).

They are slightly stronger and more developed than newborn Digimon, and usually grow limbs of some sort to become more mobile than their blob-like previous forms. Most of them attack using bubbles or some other mildly offensive technique. They evolve somewhat swiftly into the Child stage.

Some Baby II Digimon sometimes only have one form to evolve into - which usually happens when they're created to be the Baby of a Digimon created for the anime. Mostly, they have branching evolutions that can range from two to six options with most Children branching out into Virus, Data, and Vaccine forms. Some Digimon skip this stage, as well as Baby I to hatch directly into the Child stage from the Digitama.

Baby II Digimon, like Baby I, don't appear in the TCG cards, aside from minor illustrations on Option Cards. There are exceptions to this, for example Culumon, who has several cards of his own, although they're intended to be played as evolution-inducing option cards rather than be used in battle.

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