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Evolution (進化 Shinka; Dub: Digivolution) is the process in which Digimon undergo a radical reconfiguration of their body structure data and transform into a new, stronger species of Digimon. Most Digimon can evolve into a wide variety of Digimon, and what they evolve into can be influenced both by the environment they are exposed to and by their various inherent traits. There are many methods by which Digimon can evolve, with many different requirements.[1]

Evolution is measured by a Digimon's Evolution Stage. Most Digimon species belong to one of six Evolution Stages, and when they evolve, it is typically to a Digimon of a higher Evolution Stage than their previous form.

As part of their life cycle, all Digimon undergo evolution in the wild over time, and they usually stay evolved. However, Digimon can also draw power from the energy, emotions, and/or willpower of humans to evolve much faster. Tamers and Chosen Children use their bonds with their partner Digimon, together with their Digivices (and sometimes, other items), to temporarily evolve their Digimon into more powerful forms.


Natural Evolution[edit]

All Digimon naturally consume ("load") data, including the data of other Digimon which they have defeated, to sustain themselves. When they have loaded large enough amounts of data, they may undergo evolution.[1] What a Digimon evolves into is determined by numerous factors. The most common of these factors are:

Field Environmental influence Prowess and innate abilities
Fields are categories that sort Digimon by biological traits that they have in common, like element and species, so a Digimon will usually evolve into a Digimon of the same Field as itself. Digimon can evolve to adapt to the environment in which they live. Some evolutions only become available to a Digimon if they are sufficiently skilled, talented, or strong.
Floramon.jpg Kiwimon.jpg
Snowgoburimon.jpg Hyougamon.jpg
Commandramon.jpg Sealsdramon.jpg
Floramon can evolve into Kiwimon. Both belong to the Jungle Troopers Field. Snow Goburimon and Hyougamon are subspecies of Goburimon and Orgemon that have evolved to adapt to extreme cold. Only Commandramon who are skilled enough to pass the Selection-D test can evolve into Sealsdramon.[2]
How it is raised Intake of specific data Modification
The quality of care and attention that a Digimon receives when it is being raised affects how it will evolve. Exposure to, or consumption of, human data or programs can cause evolution into a Digimon based on that data. Some evolutions come from a Digimon altering itself or being altered by an outside force, such as other Digimon, humans, or viruses.
Greymon.jpg Metalgreymon virus.jpg
A Digimon will evolve into Numemon if care mistakes are made when raising it.[3] Pulsemon evolves into various Digimon using different sources of exercise data: Bulkmon from body composition monitors,[4] Exermon from yoga lesson data,[5] and Runnermon from a treadmill.[6] By mechanizing its body, Greymon evolves into Metal Greymon.[7]

These factors mean that any two Digimon who start off as the same species can evolve in completely different directions from each other depending on the life that they live. The diversity of evolution pathways is a survival strategy that allows Digimon to adapt and endure the harsh, survival-of-the-fittest environment of the Digital World.[1] In Digimon Adventure, Gennai says that there is no "right" or "wrong" in evolution in and of itself.[8]

There can be other factors involved in different stories. For example, in Digimon Savers: Another Mission, the influence of the Dark Area is altering the evolutionary trees of Digimon so that they are evolving into many different forms.

Evolving again gets harder and harder with each Evolution Stage that a Digimon reaches, because each new Stage requires more and more data than the last. There are fewer and fewer Digimon of each subsequent level, and the majority of Digimon in the wild do not evolve any further than the Adult level.[1]

Partner Digimon Evolution[edit]

A Digivice, activating the evolution of a partner Digimon.

It is common in Digimon media for Digimon to draw strength and energy from humans. For example, many early episodes of Digimon Savers tell stories about Digimon who have infiltrated the Real World and are feeding on the emotions of troubled people. Humans who are partnered with Digimon and have a Digivice, like Tamers and Chosen Children, are able to use their energy to artificially trigger a temporary evolution of their partner Digimon to a higher Evolution Stage. These evolutions are generally short-lived and only last for one or two battles. After the battle, they will usually devolve back to the form that they regularly inhabit when their human partner is not evolving them (almost always of the Child level).

The ability of a human to evolve their partner Digimon is typically based on the bond that the two share, and on the emotional state and maturity of the human partner. When both their relationship and their mindsets are healthy, they are able to evolve, and as they improve, they become able to evolve into stronger and stronger Digimon. It is also common for the human partner to acquire and use items and other powers to facilitate their partner Digimon's evolution.

Ikkakumon.gif + Crest faith.png

Guilmon.gif + Takato.jpg

Alforcevdramon zero.jpg + Vtamer Digimental.png

Alforcevdramon zero superultimate.jpg
In Digimon Adventure, Kido Jou's Ikkakumon can super-evolve into Zudomon using Jou's Crest of Sincerity.[9] In Digimon Tamers, Matsuda Takato can use Matrix Evolution to fuse with his partner Digimon, Guilmon, and become Dukemon.[10] In Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, Yagami Taichi uses the Digimental to evolve Zeromaru (Ulforce V-dramon) into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode.[11]

In Digimon anime productions, there are two traditions relating to evolution. One, the evolution of partner Digimon into their regular evolved forms is usually depicted with reusable stock footage that showcases the evolution process in a long and flashy way that is unique to that particular Digimon series. Two, a partner Digimon who is undergoing evolution will call out to announce that they are evolving. Sometimes, the human partner will also call out something for the process. Only a few partner Digimon do not do this at all: Wallace's Terriermon in the first Digimon Adventure 02 movie, and the two Pawn Chessmon who are partnered with Kurosaki Miki and Shirakawa Megumi in Digimon Savers.

Evolving by Combining[edit]

Another way to evolve is for two Digimon to combine together and create a single Digimon of greater power. The concept of evolving in this way was introduced in 1998 in the Digimon Pendulum series of virtual pets. There are several named methods of evolution that work by combining multiple Digimon: Jogress Evolution, fusion, DigiXros, and (for Appmon) AppGattai.

Jogress Evolution
(ジョグレス進化 Jyoguresu shinka;
Dub: DNA Digivolution[N 1]/Jogress Digivolution[12])
(合体 Gattai;
Dub: DNA Digivolution/[N 1]DigiFuse[13])
(デジクロス Dejikurosu;
Dub: DigiFuse)
Two Digimon combine together to evolve into a new, stronger Digimon. Usually, this Digimon is of a higher Evolution stage than either of the constituent Digimon.[14] Two Digimon combine together to evolve into a new, stronger Digimon of the same Evolution Stage as the constituent Digimon.[14]   Main article: DigiXros
One lead Digimon temporarily combines with one or more other Digimon ("DigiXros Units") to create a composite Digimon, where the other Digimon form equipment, new attributes and/or new body parts for the lead Digimon.
Xvmon.jpg + Stingmon.jpg

Wargreymon.jpg + Metalgarurumon2.jpg

Shoutmon.jpg Ballistamon.jpg

Shoutmonx2 2.jpg
Two Adult Digimon, XV-mon and Stingmon, Jogress Evolve to become Paildramon, a Perfect Digimon.[15] Two Ultimate Digimon, War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, fuse to become Omegamon, a stronger Ultimate Digimon.[16] Two Digimon, Shoutmon and Ballistamon, DigiXros to become Shoutmon X2. Ballistamon forms a suit of armor for Shoutmon.[17]
(アプ合体 Apu gattai)
Two Appmon combine together to evolve into a new Appmon of a higher Grade.
Gatchmon.jpg + Navimon appmon.jpg

Two Standard Grade Appmon, Gatchmon and Navimon, AppGattai to become DoGatchmon, a Super Grade Appmon.[18]

A Monmon Memo!! column from 2018 establishes an official distinction between Jogress and fusion that is based on whether or not the combined Digimon is of a higher Evolution Stage than the two constituent Digimon: if it is higher, it is Jogress. If the Stage does not change, it is fusion.[14] However, it is common for this distinction to be ignored entirely and for the terms to be used interchangeably by different Digimon productions (e.g. Omegamon is frequently referred to as the result of a Jogress, although in a lot of these instances Omegamon is stated to be a "Super Ultimate" Digimon, which in those instances is considered to be a higher level). There is often no distinction at all in English media, where both cases are usually just called "DNA Digivolution".

The word "Jogress" (sometimes spelled "Jogres") is a portmanteau of the English words "joint" and "progress",[14] as in the two Digimon who undergo this evolution can be described as getting stronger (progressing) together (jointly).

Both Jogresses and fusions generally only involve two Digimon, but there are some Digimon who are formed by the combination of more than two other Digimon, such as Ultimate Chaosmon and Omegamon: Merciful Mode. Jogressing and fusing are often portrayed as giving the consciousnesses of the constituent Digimon equal control of the new form, unlike DigiXrossing, where there is one clear leader who is controlling the new form.

The act of a Tamer undoing a Jogress and splitting the combined Digimon back into its constituent Digimon is called Partition (パーティション Pātishon).[19] Similarly, the act of splitting up a DigiXrossed Digimon back into its constituents is called Xros Open (クロス・オーペン Kurosuōpen).

Unlike Digimon combining, AppGattai is virtually the only way to become a stronger Appmon. An Appmon Chip can be used instead of an active Appmon. It is possible for an AppGattai to fail and result in a weak Appmon (Sukashimon for AppGattai between Standard Grade Appmon, and Damedamon between Super Grade Appmon).

Mode Change[edit]

Mode Change (モードチェンジ Mōdochenji) is an evolution-like ability that is available to certain Digimon species which have multiple forms, or "Modes". When a Digimon undergoes a Mode Change, they transform into another mode of that species. This usually does not change their Evolution Stage, but there are some Modes that do (e.g. Lucemon).

Mode Changes generally do one of three things:

A direct power-up that gives the Digimon brand-new abilities or equipment, or greater power. A change between equipment that they already have. The Digimon can make this change at will. A change of stance or body plan. The Digimon can make this change at will.
Metalgreymon.jpg Metalgreymon alterous.jpg
Justimon.jpg Justimon trinityarm.jpg Justimon criticalarm.jpg
Duftmon.jpg Duftmon leopard.jpg
When Metal Greymon Mode Changes into Metal Greymon: Alterous Mode, it acquires the weapon Alterous and several new attack techniques.[20] Using its Extend Transmitter, Justimon can Mode Change between three arms with different powers: the Accel Arm, the Blitz Arm, and the Critical Arm.[21] The bipedal Duftmon can Mode Change into the quadrupedal Duftmon: Leopard Mode.[22]

Armor Evolution[edit]

Armor Evolution (アーマー進化 Āmā shinka; Dub: Armor Digivolution[N 2]) is an ancient pseudo-evolutionary[23] process in which a Digimon uses the power of a Digimental to evolve into an Armor Digimon. Digimentals and Armor Evolution are a technology that was developed by ancient Digimon to compensate for their limited evolution options and limited likelihood of ever evolving, but the technology is now lost.[24]

Armor Evolution is less of a strain on a Digimon than regular evolution. Different Digimon have different affinities with the Digimentals, and trying to force a Digimon to use a Digimental will trigger an adverse reaction in the Digimental's power and cause it to run wild. Good affinity between Digimental and Digimon will result in an Armor Digimon of greater power, sometimes even Ultimate-class power. The power of Armor Digimon can vary considerably, so some are categorized as belonging to an Evolution Stage of equivalent power for clarity.[24]

Each Digimental is associated with an elemental type, so using a Digimental results in a Digimon that uses that element.[24]

It is possible to evolve into Armor Digimon without using Digimentals.[24]

V-mon can evolve into many Armor Digimon depending on which Digimental it uses.
Vmon.jpg + Digimental courage.png

Vmon.jpg + Digimental miracles.png

Vmon.jpg + Digimental hope.png

If it uses the Digimental of Courage, it becomes Fladramon, a fire-elemental Armor Digimon. If it uses the Digimental of Miracles, it becomes Magnamon, a metal-elemental Armor Digimon. If it uses the Digimental of Hope, it becomes Sagittarimon, a holy-elemental Armor Digimon.

X-Antibody and Evolution[edit]

Main article: X-Antibody

One side effect of the X-Antibody is its ability to cause special evolutions in Digimon. When the levels of X-Antibody present in a Digimon's body reach a second threshold, they extract latent data from the Digimon's Digicore and use that to evolve the Digimon into a new form that expresses that latent data.

(ゼヴォリューション Zevoryūshon;
Dub: (TBA))
(デクスリューション Dekusuryūshon;
Dub: (TBA))
A Digimon evolves into a special X-Antibody variant of itself due to the X-Antibody modifying its DigiCore. The Death-X gives a Digimon a powerful survival instinct, which forces it to continues to exist after death as an Undead Type.
Monzaemon.jpg Monzaemonx.jpg
125px Deathxdorugamon.jpg
The X-Antibody causes Monzaemon to X-Evolve into Monzaemon (X-Antibody).[25] DORUmon can undergo Death-X-Evolution to become Death-X-DORUgamon, the Death-X counterpart of DORUgamon.[26]

Other Types of Evolution[edit]

Blast Evolution
(ブラストエヴォリューション Burasutoevoryūshon;
Dub: Blast Digivolution)
Dark Evolution
(暗黒進化 Ankoku shinka;
Dub: Dark Digivolution)
Death Evolution
The Digimon temporarily evolves into a powerful form that they are at the time otherwise unable to access. Ultimates who Blast Evolve become other Ultimates.   Main article: Dark Evolution
Due to a powerful negative or sinister influence, a Digimon evolves into a Digimon that is destructive and uncontrollable.
When a Digimon dies, it transforms into another Digimon (usually an Undead or Ghost Type).
Tigervespamon.jpg Magnamonx.jpg
Lopmon.jpg Wendimon2.jpg
Togemon.jpg Ponchomon.jpg
In the Pendulum X 3.0, a Tiger Vespamon can Blast Evolve into Magnamon (X-Antibody) when the device's XAI is orange. Feelings of anger and hatred cause Lopmon to undergo a Dark Evolution to Wendimon.[27] When a Togemon dies due to unforeseen circumstances, it will supposedly undergo Death Evolution into Ponchomon.[28]
(変異 Hen'i;
Dub: (TBA))
The effects of Infection or distortions causes the Digimon to undergo a mutation into a Digimon that is destructive and uncontrollable.
Meicoomon.jpg Meicrackmon vicious.jpg
In Digimon Adventure tri., Meicoomon mutates into Meicrackmon: Vicious Mode.[29]



Digimon Adventure original continuity[edit]

In Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Adventure tri., and Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, the ability to evolve is mostly tied to both the strength of the bond between the Chosen Child and their Digimon, and to the maturity and psychological growth of the Chosen Children themselves. For example:

  • The Crests that are required for super evolution embody a trait that each child displayed when they were younger, and unlocking super evolution requires bringing out the best of those qualities in themselves for the right reasons, rather than misusing them.[30]
  • The ability to Jogress requires that each pair of Chosen Children "synchronize" with each other, and truly understand their thoughts and feelings.[31]
  • Agumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and Gabumon -Yujo no Kizuna- are the result of the deep bond that the two Digimon share with Yagami Taichi and Ishida Yamato.[32]

Evolution can also be triggered, especially for the first time, when a Chosen Child is in danger. Their partner Digimon will evolve to protect them. The Chosen Children become aware of this, and on one occasion Yagami Taichi unsuccessfully tries to exploit this to force Greymon to super evolve.[33]

Higher levels of evolution also often require some sort of intervention by some other force. For instance, the Chosen Children initially require physical Crests to unlock super evolution. Agumon and Gabumon need to be shot with arrows of hope and light by Angemon and Angewomon to fulfill a prophecy and unlock their Ultimate forms,[34] and it takes one of Qinglongmon's DigiCores to grant Paildramon the ability to evolve to Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode, and to enable the original eight partner Digimon to super evolve again after surrendering their Crest power.[35]

Evolving requires a great amount of energy, and higher levels require higher amounts of energy. As a result, when partner Digimon super evolve to Perfect or higher, it is common for them to devolve to their Baby II forms when they are finished, and when they Jogress to Perfect or higher, they usally revert to their Baby I forms. The exception is Tailmon, who usually just devolves back to Tailmon and only devolves to Plotmon after Jogressing or other significant expenditures of her power, or Nyaromon on one exceptionally taxing occasion. She attributes this to her having greater self-discipline than the other partner Digimon.[34] The energy requirements also mean that generally, the Digimon cannot evolve if they are hungry,[33] and that they must rest to recover the energy needed to evolve the next time.[34]

Several independent Digimon also undergo evolution in the various series:

Types of Evolution in the Digimon Adventure original continuity
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
(進化 Shinka;
Dub: Digivolution)
A Digimon evolves into a Digimon of the next Evolution Stage. (e.g. Baby I to Baby II, Baby II to Child, Child to Adult) (x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Digivolve to...! (y)!")

DA06 Evo Adult Togemon 01.jpgDA06 Evo Adult Togemon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure)
TRI01 Evo Adult Togemon 01.jpgTRI01 Evo Adult Togemon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure tri.)
M10 Evo Adult Greymon 01.jpgM10 Evo Adult Greymon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna)
Digimon Adventure: "Adrift?! The Island of Adventure!"
Dark Evolution
(暗黒進化 Ankoku shinka;
Dub: Dark Digivolution)
  Main article: Dark Evolution
A Digimon evolves into a powerful but malicious and uncontrollable form due to a negative or dark influence (e.g. intense negative emotions or abusive tactics from their Chosen Child, the negative feelings of the Digimon themself, being forced to by the Digimon Kaiser using an Evil Ring or Evil Spiral).
DA16 Evo Dark Skullgreymon 01.jpgDA16 Evo Dark Skullgreymon 02.jpg
GreymonSkull Greymon
(Digimon Adventure)
TRI05 Evo Dark OfanimonFM 01.jpgTRI05 Evo Dark OfanimonFM 02.jpg
NyaromonOfanimon: Falldown Mode
(Digimon Adventure tri.)
Digimon Adventure: "Dark Evolution! Skull Greymon"
Super Evolution
(超進化 Chō shinka;
Dub: Digivolution[N 3])
An Adult Digimon evolves into a Perfect Digimon, using the activated power of a Crest (either a physical Crest in a Tag, or the essence of it that resides in the Chosen Child).
Digivice changes: The Digivice enters an activated state, where it changes color to (usually) match the Chosen Child's Crest.
(x)、超進化…! (y)!」
("(x), super-evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Digivolve to...! (y)!")

TRI03 Evo Super Atlurkabuterimon 01.jpgTRI03 Evo Super Atlurkabuterimon 02.jpg
Kabuterimon + Crest of KnowledgeAtlur Kabuterimon
(Digimon Adventure tri.)
M10 Evo Super Metalgreymon 01.jpgDA Kizuna Metal Greymon.jpg
Greymon + Crest of CourageMetal Greymon
(Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna)
Digimon Adventure: "Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon"
Warp Evolution
(ワープ進化 Wāpu shinka;
Dub: Warp Digivolution)
A Digimon evolves directly into an Ultimate Digimon, skipping at least one Evolution Stage (e.g. Child to Ultimate, Adult to Ultimate).
Digivice changes: The Digivice enters an activated state, where it changes color to (usually) match the Chosen Child's Crest.
(x)、ワープ進化…! (y)!」
("(x), warp-evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Warp Digivolve to...! (y)!")

DA38 Evo Warp Metalgarurumon 01.jpgDA Metal Garurumon.jpg
GabumonMetal Garurumon
(Digimon Adventure)
M03 Evo Warp Seraphimon 01.jpgM10 Evo Warp Seraphimon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals)
Digimon Adventure: "Revival! The Devil Venom Vamdemon"
(合体 Gattai;
Dub: DNA Digivolution[N 1])
Two Digimon of any Evolution Stage, most commonly Ultimate,[N 4][N 5] combine into a stronger Ultimate Digimon. This combined Digimon is controlled by the consciousnesses of both component Digimon, who act as one. N/A[N 6][N 5]
M02 Evo Fusion Omegamon 01.jpgM02 Evo Fusion Omegamon 02.jpg
War Greymon + Metal GarurumonOmegamon
(Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!)
TRI05 Evo Fusion Omegamon 01.jpgTRI05 Evo Fusion Omegamon 02.jpg
War Greymon + Metal GarurumonOmegamon
(Digimon Adventure tri.)
M10 Evo Fusion Omegamon 01.jpgM10 Evo Fusion Omegamon 02.jpg
Agumon + GabumonOmegamon
(Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna)
Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!
Armor Evolution
(アーマー進化 Āmā shinka;
Dub: Armor Digivolution[N 2])
A Child or de-powered Adult Digimon evolves into an Armor Digimon, using a Digimental.
Chosen Child's evolution command: 「デジメンタル・アップ!」 ("Digimental up!"; Dub: "Digi-Armor energize!")[N 2]
(x)、アーマー進化…! (epithet), (y)!」
("(x), armor-evolve...! (epithet), (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Armor Digivolve to...! (y), (epithet)!"[N 2])
ZT14 Evo Armor Shurimon 01.jpgZT14 Evo Armor Shurimon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure 02)
Digimon Adventure 02: "The Inheritor of Courage"
Ultimate Evolution
(究極進化 Kyūkyoku shinka;
Dub: Mega Digivolution)
A Perfect Digimon evolves into an Ultimate Digimon. (x)、究極進化…! (y)!」[N 7]
("(x), ultimate-evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Mega Digivolve to...! (y)!")

M03 Evo Ultimate Holydramon 01.jpgM10 Evo Ultimate Holydramon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals)
ZT39 Evo Ultimate Imperialdramon 01.jpgZT39 Evo Ultimate Imperialdramon 02.jpg
(Digimon Adventure 02)
TRI06 Evo Ultimate Holydramon 01.jpgHolydramon PV.jpg
(Digimon Adventure tri.)
Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals
Jogress Evolution
(ジョグレス進化 Jyoguresu shinka;
Dub: DNA Digivolution[N 1])
Two Adult Digimon combine into a Perfect Digimon. This combined Digimon is controlled by the consciousnesses of both component Digimon, who act as one.
Digivice changes: Both Digivices enter an activated state where they both change into an identical color scheme that features colors associated with both participating Chosen Children.
(x)(y)! ジョグレス進化…! (z)!」
("(x)! (y)! Jogress-evolve...! (z)!")
(Dub: "(x)! (y)! DNA Digivolve to...! (z)!")
ZT36 Evo Jogress Shakkoumon 01.jpgZT36 Evo Jogress Shakkoumon 02.jpg
Ankylomon + AngemonShakkoumon
(Digimon Adventure 02)
Digimon Adventure 02: "Jogress Evolution, Two Hearts become One"
Mode Change
(モードチェンジ Mōdochenji;
Dub: Mode Change)
A Digimon shifts into an alternate mode of the same species. (x)、モードチェンジ…! (y)!」[N 8]
("(x), mode change...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Mode Change to...! (y)!")
ZT43 Evo Modechange ImperialdramonFM 01.jpgZT43 Evo Modechange ImperialdramonFM 02.jpg
ImperialdramonImperialdramon: Fighter Mode
(Digimon Adventure 02)
Digimon Adventure: "Invasion of the Demon Army"
Last Evolution
(最後の進化 Saigo no shinka;
Dub: (TBA))
A Child Digimon evolves into a powerful "Kizuna" Ultimate variant of itself.
Digivice changes: The Digivice changes color to a bright orange, and cracks that glow in the color of the Chosen Child's Crest form all over it. The cracks are permanent, although they stop glowing after the Digimon has devolved.
N/A M10 Evo Last AgumonGabumonYK 01.jpgM10 Evo Last AgumonGabumonYK 02.jpg
AgumonAgumon -Yuki no Kizuna- and GabumonGabumon -Yujo no Kizuna-
(Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna)
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna

Digimon Tamers[edit]

In Digimon Tamers, the source of all evolution is the Digi-Entelechy, or "light of evolution". The existence of the Digi-Entelechy is what enables Digimon to evolve. Before the start of the series, the Digi-Entelechy is transformed into Culumon by the Digignomes in accordance with the wishes of Qinglongmon, who wanted to prevent any evolution from occurring to avoid provoking the D-Reaper.[42] As a result, normally no Digimon evolve at all, but sometimes Culumon accidentally causes evolutions to occur around him just by emotionally reacting to events around him (sadness, curiosity, etc.)

As the series progresses, the Tamers become able to trigger evolutions at will by Slashing certain cards. They use the "Super Evolution Plug-In S" card (St-100) to evolve their Digimon to the Adult level, and Blue Cards to evolve them to the Perfect Level. Sometimes, when they do this, it is shown that the slashing of the card has triggered Culumon into using his powers on the partner Digimon.

Devolution is also significantly harder in Tamers. Unlike in other series, where a partner Digimon is likely to devolve as soon as the action is over, it is common for the Tamers' partner Digimon to remain in their evolved forms (mainly Adult) for hours at a time afterward with no way to force themselves to devolve, even if their Tamer is no longer present. Lee Jianliang theorizes that it is entirely possible for their Digimon to remain evolved indefinitely, but that after a while it becomes too hard to maintain an evolved form, so they devolve into a more stable form.[43]

Several independent Digimon evolve in the series. This is usually caused by Culumon's power.

Types of Evolution in Digimon Tamers
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
(進化 Shinka/エヴォリューション Evoryūshon;
Dub: Digivolution)
A Child Digimon evolves into an Adult Digimon, using Culumon's power. (x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Digivolve to...! (y)!")
DT03 Evo Adult Galgomon 01.jpgDT03 Evo Adult Galgomon 02.jpg
Digimon Tamers: "Renamon vs Guilmon! Battle is a Digimon's Life"
Matrix Evolution
(マトリックス・エヴォリューション Matorikkusu evoryūshon;
Dub: Matrix Digivolution)
A Child or Adult Digimon evolves into a Perfect Digimon, using Culumon's power via a Blue Card. (x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Matrix Digivolve to...! (y)!")
DT14 Evo MatrixP Megalogrowmon 01.jpgDT14 Evo MatrixP Megalogrowmon 02.jpg
GrowmonMegalo Growmon
Digimon Tamers: "Stand Up Tamer! The Super Evolved Megalo Growmon"
Dark Evolution
(暗黒進化 Ankoku shinka;
Dub: Dark Digivolution)
  Main article: Dark Evolution
A Digimon evolves into a powerful but uncontrollable form due to the intense anger and negativity of their Tamer.
N/A DT34 Evo Dark Megidramon 01.jpgDT34 Evo Dark Megidramon 02.jpg
Megalo GrowmonMegidramon
Digimon Tamers: "The Kindhearted Hero Leomon Dies!"
Matrix Evolution
(マトリックス・エヴォリューション Matorikkusu evoryūshon;
Dub: Biomerge Digivolution)
A Child or Perfect Digimon evolves into an Ultimate Digimon by fusing with their Tamer.
Tamer's evolution command: 「マトリックス・エヴォリューション!」 ("Matrix Evolution!"; Dub: "Biomerge activate!")
(x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Biomerge to...! (y)!")
DT39 Evo MatrixU Sakuyamon 01.jpgDT39 Evo MatrixU Sakuyamon 02.jpg
Makino Ruki + RenamonSakuyamon
Digimon Tamers: "The Name's Dukemon! The True Ultimate Evolution"
Mode Change
(モードチェンジ Mōdochenji)
A Digimon shifts into a more powerful mode of the same species, typically as a result of drawing power from another item or entity. (y)!」[N 9]
(Dub: (TBA))
DT50 Evo Modechange DukemonCM 01.jpgDT50 Evo Modechange DukemonCM 02.jpg
Dukemon + ZERO-ARMS: GraniDukemon: Crimson Mode
Digimon Tamers: "Connected Hearts: The Revival of Beelzebumon"

Digimon Frontier[edit]

Digimon Frontier focuses on the use of the twenty Legendary Spirits to transform into Hybrid Digimon in a process called "Spirit Evolution". Both human Chosen Children and ordinary Digimon are capable of Spirit Evolution. The series focuses on six human Chosen Children who use Spirits.

In addition to the human cast's use of Spirits, there are several independent Digimon characters who undergo evolutions, including both regular evolutions and use of Spirits to become Hybrid Digimon.

  • After being hit by Minamoto Kouji, a Pagumon evolves into Raremon to take revenge.[50]
  • A Candmon evolves into Wizarmon after one of its allies was frozen by Himi Tomoki as Chackmon. It devolves into Candmon after being defeated and purified by Kanbara Takuya as Agnimon.[51]
  • The Three Mushmon Brothers evolve together into a single Woodmon after they're beaten by Orimoto Izumi as Fairimon. They return to Mushmon after being defeated and purified by Wolfmon.[52]
  • A Tunomon from the Digimon elementary school is able to evolve into Gabumon at will. However, because evolving scared its classmates, it refused to do so, and stayed on its Tunomon form, only evolving to save Izumi from drowning and then to save its classmate, Caprimon, from getting killed by a log swept by a strong current. After the latter event, the others stop fearing Gabumon, and Tunomon decides to keep evolving until it becomes as strong as the Warrior Ten, though it still stays as Tunomon rather than Gabumon.[53]
  • Cherubimon created four of the five Evil Warriors (Mercuremon, Ranamon, Grottemon, and Arbormon) by bonding Spirits to Digimon. He also tried to bond the Spirits of Darkness to various Digimon, but none of these attempts succeeded;[54] the broken data remains of these Digimon inhabit the dungeons of Cherubimon's castle at the Rose Morning Star.[55]
    • On one occasion, Mercuremon also fuses with the scanned data of Seraphimon to evolve into Black Seraphimon, in a process that he announces as "Advent of the Fallen Angel" (「堕天使降臨」 Datenshi kourin).[56]
  • A Shamamon finds the Beast Spirit of Fire in the temple where he works as a fortune teller, and is involuntarily bonded to it and evolves into Vritramon. He runs wild until Takuya (as Agnimon) subdues and purifies him and takes the Beast Spirit.[57]
  • A Gottsumon who had befriended Kouji evolves into Insekimon so that he can help Kouji (as Magna Garurumon) fight Lord Knightmon. He devolves back to Gottsumon when Lord Knightmon severely injures him.[58]
  • Murmukusmon is able to Slide Evolve between the forms of Darcmon, Hippogriffomon, and Murmukusmon at will.[59]
Types of Evolution in Digimon Frontier
Type Description Chosen Child's Call Example First Appearance
Spirit Evolution
(スピリット・エヴォリューション Supiritto evoryūshon;
Dub: Spirit Evolution)
A human or Digimon evolves into an Adult-class Human Form Hybrid Digimon, or a Perfect-class, Beast Form Hybrid Digimon, by bonding with one Legendary Spirit. 「スピリット・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("Spirit Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: "Execute! Spirit Evolution! (y)!")[N 10]
DF04 Evo Spirit Fairimon 01.jpgDF04 Evo Spirit Fairimon 02.jpg
Orimoto Izumi + Human Spirit of WindFairimon
Digimon Frontier: "The Legendary Warrior! Agnimon of Flame"
Slide Evolution
(スライド・エヴォリューション Suraido evoryūshon;
Dub: Slide Evolution)
a) A Hybrid Digimon who possesses another Legendary Spirit of the same element as their current form activates that Spirit to evolve into the corresponding Hybrid Digimon without reverting to their base form.
b) A non-Hybrid Digimon who has access to multiple forms, both of the same and of different levels, transitions into another form.
(x)、スピリット・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("(x), Slide Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: (TBA))
DF33 Evo Slide Kaiserleomon 01.jpgDF33 Evo Slide Kaiserleomon 02.jpg
Löwemon + Beast Spirit of DarknessKaiser Leomon
Digimon Frontier: "The Five Legendary Warriors VS The New Warrior!"
Double Spirit Evolution
(ダブル・スライド・エヴォリューション Daburu supiritto evoryūshon;
Dub: Fusion Evolution)
A Chosen Child who possesses two Legendary Spirits of the same element evolves into an Ultimate-class, Fusion Form Hybrid Digimon by bonding with both Spirits. The ability to Double Spirit Evolve is granted by Seraphimon's DigiTama. 「ダブル・スピリット・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("Double Spirit Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: "Execute! Fusion Evolution! (y)!")[N 11]
DF27 Evo Double Beowolfmon 01.jpgDF27 Evo Double Beowolfmon 02.jpg
Minamoto Kouji + (Human Spirit of Light + Beast Spirit of Light) → Beowolfmon
Digimon Frontier: "Double Spirit Miracle! Beowolfmon is Born"
Hyper Spirit Evolution
(ハイパー・スピリット・エヴォリューション Haipā supiritto evoryūshon;
Dub: Unified Spirit Evolution)
A Chosen Child evolves into an Ultimate-class, Transcendent Form Hybrid Digimon by bonding with ten Legendary Spirits in certain combinations. The ability to Hyper Spirit Evolve is restricted to Chosen Children who own D-Scanners that Ofanimon has upgraded. 「ハイパー・スピリット・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("Hyper Spirit Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: "Unity execute! Unified Spirit Evolution! (y)!")
DF35 Evo Hyper Kaisergreymon 01.jpgDF35 Evo Hyper Kaisergreymon 02.jpg
Kanbara Takuya + (Human Spirit of Fire + Beast Spirit of Fire + Human Spirit of Wind + Beast Spirit of Wind + Human Spirit of Ice + Beast Spirit of Ice + Human Spirit of Earth + Beast Spirit of Earth + Human Spirit of Wood + Beast Spirit of Wood) → Kaiser Greymon
Digimon Frontier: "Spirits Become One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution!"
Ancient Spirit Evolution
(エンチェント・スピリット・エヴォリューション Enchento supiritto evoryūshon;
Dub: Ancient Spirit Evolution)
One or more Chosen Children, or an already-evolved Hybrid Digimon, evolves into Susanoomon by bonding together with all twenty Legendary Spirits. 「エンチェント・スピリット・エヴォリューション! スサノオモン!」
("Ancient Spirit Evolution! Susanoomon!")
(Dub: "Execute! Ancient Spirit Evolution! Susanoomon!")[N 12]
DF48 Evo Ancient Susanoomon 01.jpgDF48 Evo Ancient Susanoomon 02.jpg
(Kanbara Takuya + Minamoto Kouji + Shibayama Junpei + Orimoto Izumi + Himi Tomoki + All 20 Legendary Spirits) → Susanoomon
Digimon Frontier: "Light and Darkness are One! Kouichi's Last Wish"

Digimon Savers[edit]

A key theme of Digimon Savers is the influence of human emotions on Digimon. Digisoul is a power that comes from human emotion, and Digimon respond to that power. Tamers must learn to focus their emotions and Digisoul, and direct it toward a clear purpose, in order to evolve their partner Digimon.[60] Evolution is initiated by manifesting their Digisoul as an aura around themselves, and then charging it into their Digivice iC.

Savers also features a high number of independent Digimon, usually enemies, who evolve. Many of these are Digimon who have infiltrated the real world and are feeding on the negative emotions of humans, whose dark wishes they are often trying to fulfill.

Types of Evolution in Digimon Savers
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
(進化 Shinka;
Dub: Evolution/Digivolution)[N 13]
A Child Digimon evolves into an Adult Digimon, using some Digisoul.
Tamer's evolution command: 「デジソウル、チャージ!」 ("Digisoul, charge!"; Dub: "DNA, charge!")
(x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Digivolve to...! (y)!")
DS14 Evo Adult Peckmon 01.jpgDS14 Evo Adult Peckmon 02.jpg
Digimon Savers: "I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Strikes"
Perfect Evolution
(完全進化 Kanzen shinka;
Dub: Perfect Evolution/Ultimate Digivolution)[N 13]
A Child or Adult Digimon evolves into a Perfect Digimon, using a "full charge" of Digisoul.
Tamer's evolution command: 「デジソウル、フル・チャージ!」 ("Digisoul, full charge!"; Dub: "DNA, full charge!")
(x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Digivolve to...! (y)!")[N 14]
DS17 Evo Perfect Lilamon 01.jpgDS17 Evo Perfect Lilamon 02.jpg
Digimon Savers: "Masaru's New Power, Evolve! Rize Greymon"
Ultimate Evolution
(完全進化 Kyūkyoku shinka;
Dub: Ultimate Evolution/Mega Digivolution)[N 13]
A Child Digimon evolves into an Ultimate Digimon, using an "overdrive" of Digisoul.
Tamer's evolution command: 「デジソウル、チャージ! オーバードライブ!」 ("Digisoul, charge! Overdrive!"; Dub: "DNA, charge! Overdrive!")
(x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: "(x) Double Warp Digivolve to...! (y)!")
DS31 Evo Ultimate Miragegaogamon 01.jpgDS31 Evo Ultimate Miragegaogamon 02.jpg
GaomonMirage Gaogamon
Digimon Savers: "Resurrected Digivices, A New Shining Light"
Dark Evolution
(暗黒進化 Ankoku shinka;
Dub: Dark Digivolution)
  Main article: Dark Evolution
A Digimon evolves into a powerful but uncontrollable form due to the intense anger and negativity of their Tamer.
N/A DS34 Evo Dark ShinegreymonRM 01.jpgDS34 Evo Dark ShinegreymonRM 02.jpg
Shine GreymonShine Greymon: Ruin Mode
Digimon Savers: "The Day of Parting, The Strongest Enemy - Thoma!"
Burst Evolution
(バースト・エヴォリューション Bāsuto evoryūshon;
Dub: Burst Evolution/Burst Digivolution)[N 13]
An Ultimate Digimon evolves into a Burst Mode Ultimate Digimon, using a massive quantity of Digisoul.
Tamer's evolution command: 「チャージ!デジソウル・バースト!」 ("Charge! Digisoul Burst!"; Dub: "Charge! DNA... Burst Mode!")
("(y): Burst Mode!")
(Dub: "(y): Burst Mode!")
DS38 Evo Burst ShinegreymonBM 01.jpgDS38 Evo Burst ShinegreymonBM 02.jpg
Shine GreymonShine Greymon: Burst Mode
Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!
Pseudo Evolution
(擬似進化 Gijishinka;
Dub: (TBA))
An artificial Adult Digimon evolves into a Perfect Digimon using artificial Digisoul. N/A DS25 Evo Psuedo GizmonXT 01.jpgDS25 Evo Psuedo GizmonXT 02.jpg
Gizmon: ATGizmon: XT
Digimon Savers: "Smash Kurata's Ambition, Yatagaramon takes Flight"
Hyper Bio Evolution
(ハイパー・バイオ・エヴォリューション Haipā baio evoryūshon;
Dub: Bio Hybrid Digivolution)
A human whose DNA has been infused with the data of an Armor Digimon evolves into that Bio-Hybrid Digimon. 「ハイパー・バイオ・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("Hyper Bio Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: "Bio Hybrid DNA, Charge! (y)!")
DS27 Evo Hyperbio Biothunderbirmon 01.jpgDS27 Evo Hyperbio Biothunderbirmon 02.jpg
KoukiBio Thunderbirmon
Digimon Savers: "Pursue Kurata, The Digimon Extermination Scheme Begins!"
Hyper Bio Extra Evolution
(ハイパー・バイオ・エキスツラ・エヴォリューション Haipā baio ekisutsura evoryūshon;
Dub: (TBA))
A human whose DNA has been infused with the data of an Ultimate Digimon evolves into that Bio-Hybrid Digimon. 「ハイパー・バイオ・エキスツラ・エヴォリューション! (y)!」
("Hyper Bio Extra Evolution! (y)!")
(Dub: "Bio Hybrid DNA, Full Charge! (y)!")
DS31 Evo HyperBioExtra Biolotusmon 01.jpgDS31 Evo HyperBioExtra Biolotusmon 02.jpg
NanamiBio Lotusmon
Digimon Savers: "Genius Showdown! Thoma VS Nanami"

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

The primary focus of Digimon Xros Wars is on its main gimmick of DigiXrossing. The series features DigiXros combinations of more and more Digimon as it goes on. Later in the series, it is common for both Super Evolutions and DigiXrossing to be used together to create even stronger composite Digimon. Both protagonists and antagonists have access to DigiXrossing, but antagonists generally force a DigiXros to occur regardless of whether any of the other constituent Digimon want it, and it generally consumes the other Digimon rather than allowing them to return to an individual existence once the DigiXros is over.

Xros Wars does not use the concept of Evolution Stages. Instead, evolution is described as a permanent growth into new forms that Digimon undergo as they age, which takes a very long time. Unlike other Digimon series, evolution as a power available to the human cast and their partner Digimon is entirely absent from the series until "A New Journey!! The Great Tokyo Showdown!!", where Super Evolutions are introduced as the ability to skip over all of the time that is normally needed to evolve and immediately become the mature form that the Digimon will have in the future. As a result, each partner Digimon only has one conventional evolved form (not counting Mode Changes).

During the first season of Xros Wars, some Digimon transform into new, more powerful forms. These are not treated by the story as conventional evolutions, but rather as being caused by special circumstances, although both examples are considered normal evolution in both prior and subsequent material.

During the Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms season, only the partner Digimon of the protagonists evolve. In the Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time season, some independent Digimon evolve as well, mostly those created by Quartzmon. Despite the lack of human element to them, other than the first one, they are still called Super Evolutions in-series:

  • Knight Chessmon absorbs the greed from Hiroya after pushing him towards becoming more and more obsessed with victory, turning from White to Black before Super Evolving into Rook Chessmon. Unlike other Super Evolutions, this one appears to be permanent, as it keeps the form after Amano Yuu captures it.[71]
  • A Tsumemon created by Quartzmon evolves into Keramon, Chrysalimon, Infermon and finally Diablomon during several fights against the Digimon Hunters, making it the only Digimon seen in the series to evolve multiple times.[72]
  • Several Vamdemon created by Quartzmon evolve into Belial Vamdemon, with three of them instead becoming giant Venom Vamdemon.[73]

The guest characters from prior Digimon series who appear in Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time all follow the same rules and mechanisms for evolution from their respective original series.

Types of Evolution in Digimon Xros Wars
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
Dub: (TBA))
One lead Digimon forcibly absorbs and consumes one or more other Digimon, killing them all in exchange for acquiring new weapons, equipment, and powers from them. (N/A) XW01 Evo Absorption Madleomon armed 01.jpgArmedmadleomon.jpg
Mad Leomon + Mammon + Chikurimon + TroopmonMad Leomon: Armed Mode
Digimon Xros Wars: "Taiki, Go to Another World!"
(デジクロス Dejikurosu;
Dub: DigiFuse)
  Main article: DigiXros
One lead Digimon temporarily combines with one or more other Digimon/DigiXros Units to create a composite Digimon, at the command of one Xros Loader user.
Special variants: Double Xros (performed by two Xros Loader users), Great Xros (performed by three or more Xros Loader users), Final Xros (performed using the Code Crown)
「デジクロス! (z)!」
("DigiXros! (z)!")
(Dub: "DigiFuse! (z)!")
XW44 Evo DigiXros Gcutemon 01.jpgXW44 Evo DigiXros Gcutemon 02.jpg
CutemonDondokomon X (KnightmonPawn Chessmons) X BastemonChibi KamemonJijimonG-Cutemon
Digimon Xros Wars: "Taiki, Go to Another World!"
Super Evolution[N 15]
(超進化 Chō shinka;
Dub: (TBA))
A Digimon evolves into the form that they will have in the future. The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms:
(x)、超進化…! (y)!」
("(x), super-evolve...! (y)!")
(Dub: (TBA))
The Young Hunters who Leapt through Time:
「超進化! (y)!」
("Super-evolve! (y)!")
XW30 Evo Super Omegashoutmon 01.jpgXW30 Evo Super Omegashoutmon 02.jpg
ShoutmonOmega Shoutmon
Digimon Xros Wars: "A New Journey!! The Great Tokyo Showdown!!"
Mode Change
(モードチェンジ Mōdochenji)
A Digimon shifts into a more powerful mode of the same species. N/A XW76 Evo Mode ArresterdramonSM 01.jpgXW76 Evo Mode ArresterdramonSM 02.jpg
ArresterdramonArresterdramon: Superior Mode
Digimon Xros Wars: "The Golden Insect! The Mystery of Metallife Kuwagamon"
Component Digimon listed in bold are the lead Digimon of the respective absorption/DigiXros.
Component Digimon listed in (parentheses) are treated as a single DigiXros Unit for the purposes of the respective DigiXros.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters has its own version of Evolution Stages, called "Grades", but unlike other Digimon series, there is not quite any directly "evolving" a single Appmon into a single new form. Instead, all progression to higher Grades revolves around two compatible Appmon (or their Appmon Chips) undergoing AppGattai to combine together.

Unlocking a Buddy Appmon's higher-Grade form via AppGattai creates an Appmon Chip of that form, and as the series progresses, that chip (when activated, for instance in an Appmon Band) can be used to Appliarise the Buddy Appmon directly into that form instead of having to AppGattai them again. This basically works how evolution works in other Digimon series.

If a Buddy Appmon is exhausted, they are unable to take their Ultimate Grade form until they have rested and recovered the energy needed to do so.[74]

Several independent Appmon, primarily villains, undergo AppGattai or are Appliarised:

A single Digimon appeared in the series: Agumon. It follows conventional Digimon evolution rules to undergo Warp Evolution, instead of Appmon rules.[77]

Types of Evolution in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
Type Description Appli Drive's Call Example First Appearance
(アプリンク Apurinku)
Two Appmon (one in the form of an Appmon Chip) are linked together into a conglomerate entity by an Appli Drive user. Sometimes, the subordinate Appmon forms weapons, armor or new abilities for the lead Appmon.[78] Other times, the subordinate Appmon appears in a ghostly form floating behind the lead Appmon.[18] 「アプリンク!」
APM02 Evo Applink Gatchmesse 01.jpgAPM02 Evo Applink Gatchmesse 02.jpg
Gatchmon + Messemon → Gatchmon + Messemon
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "The Mysterious Navigator! I am Navimon!"
(アプ合体 Apu gattai)
Two Appmon (one in the form of an Appmon Chip) are combined into one conglomorate form, either by an Appli Drive user, or by the volition of the active Appmon. 「3-2-1! アプ合体! (z)!」
("3-2-1! AppGattai! (z)!")
APM08 Evo Appgattai Mediamon 01.jpgAPM02 Evo Appgattai Mediamon 02.jpg
Musimon + RecomonMediamon
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "The Mysterious Navigator! I am Navimon!"
Super Appliarise
(超アプリアライズ Chō apuriaraizu)
  Main article: Appliarise
A Buddy Appmon is directly Appliarised from the Appli Drive in their Super Grade form, using an activated Appmon Chip of that form (usually obtained after a previous successful AppGattai).
「超…!アプリアライズ! (y)!」
("Super...! Appliarise! (z)!")
APM10 Evo Super Raidramon 01.jpgAPM10 Evo Super Raidramon 02.jpg
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "The Appmons' Aspiration! The Legendary Seven Code Gathering!"
Ultimate Appliarise
(極アプリアライズ Kiwami apuriaraizu)
  Main article: Appliarise
A Buddy Appmon is directly Appliarised from the Appli Drive in their Ultimate Grade form, using an activated Appmon Chip of that form (usually obtained after a previous successful AppGattai).
「極…!アプリアライズ! (y)!」
("Ultimate...! Appliarise! (y)!")
APM31 Evo Ultimate Shutmon 01.jpgAPM31 Evo Ultimate Shutmon 02.jpg
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "Return the Seven Code Appmon! Showdown - Ultimate VS Ultimate!"
God Appliarise
(神アプリアライズ Kami apuriaraizu)
  Main article: Appliarise
A Buddy Appmon is directly Appliarised from the Appli Drive in their God Grade form, using an activated Appmon Chip of that form. The Chip is generated from two Ultimate Grade Chips in the user's Seven Code Band.
「神…!アプリアライズ! (y)!」
("God...! Appliarise! (y)!")
APM49 Evo God Poseidomon 01.jpgAPM49 Evo God Poseidomon 02.jpg
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "The Miraculous Final Evolution! The God Appmon Descend!"
Warp Evolution
(ワープ進化 Wāpu shinka)
Agumon (a Child Digimon) evolves directly into War Greymon (an Ultimate Digimon), skipping the two intermediate Evolution Stages.
Digimon's evolution call: 「アグモン、ワープ進化…! ウォーグレイモン!」 ("Agumon, warp-evolve...! War Greymon!")
N/A APM45 Evo Warp Wargreymon 01.jpgWargreymon universe.jpg
AgumonWar Greymon
Digimon Universe Appli Monsters: "Legendary Battle!? Gatchmon VS Agumon!"

Digimon Adventure:[edit]

Evolution in Digimon Adventure: works similarly to how it does in the original Digimon Adventure. It is generally triggered by the Chosen Children by their emotional responses and willpower, especially as it relates to their Crest.

Unlike the original Adventure, Adventure: explores the idea of multiple routes of evolution for partner Digimon, as four of them have unlocked an second, alternate evolution to a given Evolution Stage. However, most of these evolutions have only been used once.

When an evolution is triggered, the outer central ring of the Digivice: will light up in a specific pattern that corresponds with the Evolution Stage that the Digimon is undergoing evolution into. It also lights up when their partner Digimon is gaining a temporary power boost from the Chosen Child's/their own determination and emotional drive. The lights are in the color of the Chosen Child's Crest.

Several independent Digimon have undergone evolutions, including many of the series' villains.

Types of Evolution in Digimon Adventure:
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
(進化 Shinka)
A Child Digimon evolves into either an Adult Digimon, or an Armor Digimon (level listed in the show as "???") that is treated as equivalent to Adult.
Digivice light-up sequence: Two lights spin around the ring at moderate speed.
(x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
DA-08 Evo Adult Garurumon 01.jpgDA-08 Evo Adult Garurumon 02.jpg
Digimon Adventure:: "Tokyo Digital Crisis"
(合体 Gattai)
Two Digimon combine into a powerful Ultimate Digimon.
Digivice light-up sequence: Two lights of different colors spin rapidly around the ring. Each color is the Crest color of the Chosen Child contributing their partner Digimon to the fusion. During the last fusion, lights in the form of Omegamon's head also appear from the Digivices:.
N/A DA-02 Evo Fusion Omegamon 01.jpgDA-02 Evo Fusion Omegamon 02.jpg
Greymon + GarurumonOmegamon
Digimon Adventure:: "War Game"
Super Evolution
(超進化 Chō shinka)
An Adult Digimon evolves into a Perfect Digimon.
Digivice light-up sequence: Two lights pulse across either side from the bottom of the ring to the top, increasing in speed and frequency.
(x)、超進化…! (y)!」
("(x), super-evolve...! (y)!")
DA-12 Evo Super Metalgreymon 01.jpgDA-12 Evo Super Metalgreymon 02.jpg
GreymonMetal Greymon
Digimon Adventure:: "The Steel-Solid Super Evolution"
Mode Change
(モードチェンジ Mōdochenji)
A Digimon transforms into an alternate mode of the same species. N/A DA-22 Evo Modechange WeregarurumonSM 01.jpgDA-22 Evo Modechange WeregarurumonSM 02.jpg
Were GarurumonWere Garurumon: Sagittarius Mode
Digimon Adventure:: "The Tide-turning Update"
Dark Evolution
(暗黒進化 Ankoku shinka)
  Main article: Dark Evolution
A Digimon evolves into a powerful but malicious and uncontrollable form due to a negative or dark influence (e.g. intense negative feelings of the Digimon themself, the influence of miasma).
N/A DA-24 Evo Dark Mugendramon 01.jpgDA-24 Evo Dark Mugendramon 02.jpg
Metal Greymon: Alterous ModeMugendramon
Digimon Adventure:: "The Final Stage, Done Devimon"
Ultimate Evolution
(究極進化 Kyūkyoku shinka)
A Perfect Digimon evolves into an Ultimate Digimon.
Digivice light-up sequence: Two lights rotate around the ring at rapidly increasing speed until the entire ring is glowing.
(x)、究極進化…! (y)!」
("(x), ultimate-evolve...! (y)!")
DA-45 Evo Ultimate Metalgarurumon 01.jpgDA-45 Evo Ultimate Metalgarurumon 02.jpg
Were Garurumon: Sagittarius ModeMetal Garurumon
Digimon Adventure:: "The Ultimate, War Greymon"

Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

How evolution works in Digimon Ghost Game has not been explained yet.

Types of Evolution in Digimon Ghost Game
Type Description Digimon's Call Example First Appearance
(進化 Shinka)
A Child Digimon evolves into an Adult Digimon. (x)、進化…! (y)!」
("(x), evolve...! (y)!")
GG02 Evo Adult Betelgammamon 01.jpgGG02 Evo Adult Betelgammamon 02.jpg
GammamonBetel Gammamon
Digimon Ghost Game: "The Mystery of the Museum"


C'mon Digimon[edit]

As the series is heavily based on the original V-Pet, evolution works in the same way as in it. However, no normal evolutions are seen during the course of the one-shot, but the concept is mentioned during it. Abe Makoto is shown to be training his Greymon, Hard Armor III, to evolve into the hidden character, Metal Greymon, though his Digimon is killed and his dock is destroyed by Jousaki Shinichirou and his Deathmon before that can happen. Kamon Kentarou's Bun is unable to evolve into the Adult level in spite of training and the passing of time, which Shinichirou realizes is because it's a "damemon", a Digimon born every thousand or so that can't evolve no matter what.

Shinichirou's Deathmon is able to take the form of the Digimon whose data was loaded onto it, taking the form of Death Airdramon, Death Devimon, Death Tyranomon, Death Metal Greymon (its strongest form, born from the data of Makoto's Greymon) and finally Death Meramon during its fight against Bun.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

In Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, evolution follows similar rules to the virtual pets. Evolution is generally one-way and relatively permanent, although it can be undone if the Digimon is heavily wounded, and some Digimon can suppress the power of their evolved form and exist in a lower-level form.[89]

Unlike in the anime series, Tamers in V-Tamer 01 cannot trigger evolution at will. However, Tamers with two Digivice 01, namely Saiba Neo and Fujimoto Hideto, can perform Jogress and Partition at will.

A key plot point is the Digimental, an item which has the power to evolve a Digimon into a Super Ultimate form.

During the crossover chapters with Digimon Adventure 02 (Double Tamer) and Digimon Frontier (Frontier Generation), V-mon and Kanbara Takuya can evolve at will with the same rules and methods (Armor Evolution and Spirit Evolution, respectively) of their own series. The former also shows the ability to remove his armour as Fladramon, devolving to V-mon while leaving the armour behind.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~New Courage~[edit]

Despite happening in the same continuity as V-Tamer 01, evolution in New Courage is now fully controllable and Zeromaru can go between his Adult and Perfect forms at will, utilizing the former as his base form and the latter to fight. As he explains, whether due to the polyhedron's influence or being rusty after not fighting for so long, he's incapable of becoming Ulforce V-dramon in spite of that being his base form at the end of V-Tamer. Agumon, coming from Digimon Adventure:, works in the same way as he does there, with his Yagami Taichi being able to evolve him into Greymon at will.

During the last fight against the polyhedron, the power of Courage of both V-Tamer and Adventure:'s Yagami Taichi synchronized, creating a massive Crest of Courage in the sky, which Warp Evolved Zeromaru and Agumon into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode and an incomplete War Greymon, respectively. The forms were lost after the battle, and at the very least, the latter was incapable of evolving into that form normally afterwards.

Digimon Next[edit]

Like Digimon Savers, evolution in Digimon Next revolves around the use of Digisoul.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize & Digimon World Re:Digitize Encode[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

During the fight against the Demons Hackers in their secret base, Aiba Takumi evolves his three Digimon: Terriermon, Hagurumon and Palmon, into their Adult forms: Galgomon, Guardromon and Togemon, all at once. Takumi is shown to be able to execute the evolution at will, but no other details are given of how evolution works in the manga.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Digimon evolve after reaching a certain lifespan. Baby I Digimon can only evolve into a single Baby II Digimon, but afterwards, Digimon will have several possibilities for their evolutions. Which Digimon they will evolve into, if any, depends on specific conditions they meet, such as their stats, how many moves they have, how many care mistakes they have, how many attacks they've learned, how many battles they've had, etc.

Beyond the normal evolution lines, some evolutions can be obtained through special means.

  • If a Baby II-level Digimon sleeps in Kunemon's Bed, it'll evolve into Kunemon.
  • If a Digimon poops too much outside of the toilet, they'll evolve into Scumon.
  • If a Child-level Digimon fails to meet any evolution conditions when the evolution time comes, they'll evolve into Numemon.
  • If an Adult-level Digimon is at least 15 days old, has a Discipline below 50%, and is then scolded, it may evolve into Vademon.
  • If the player interacts with the Monzaemon plush in Toy Town with a Numemon as their partner, said Numemon will evolve into Monzaemon. Unlike the previous examples, Numemon can also naturally evolve into Monzaemon.

Furthermore, evolution items exist in Digimon World. Upon using one, a Digimon will evolve into the Digimon of that item.

Evolution is one-way in Digimon World. The only exception is Scumon, who can be returned to its previous form by talking to Great King Scumon in Trash Mountain.

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Evolution is not possible in these games. Instead, Digimon can learn Variable Moves which let them call upon the Special Moves of other Digimon of higher Evolution Stages, and the player can use Yagami Taichi's Digivice to convert Digimon of any Evolution Stage to be their ally.

An evolution does exist in the game's story, however: before the start of the game, the Dark Master, Mugendramon Jogress Evolved with a Chimairamon to become Millenniumon, who'd then kidnap the Chosen Children and their Partner Digimon except for Agumon.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Digimon can be evolved into their next level in the Evolution Phase of a player's turn. To do so, the evolved card is set on top of their currently-in-play Digimon card. However, they must have at least as much DP as the evolved card needs, as well as being the same colour. Option cards can be used to bypass these requirements, however.

Evolution cannot be undone normally. However, Regression (退化 Taika), an Option Card that discards the top card of your Digimon and returns it to its previous stage, with doubled HP, can be used to do so.

Digimon World 2[edit]

Digimon can be evolved by talking to the Evolution Operators. A Child Digimon may evolve to Adult Digimon at LV 11, an Adult Digimon may evolve to Perfect Digimon at LV 21, and a Perfect Digimon may evolve to Ultimate Digimon at LV 31. One level after evolving, the Digimon will learn every technique of their level that their current form, as well as the Digimon that were Jogressed into them, can learn. What Digimon will be born from an evolution is decided by both the previous Digimon and their current EP (Evolution Points).

Jogress Evolution is also in the game, and can also be done by talking to the Evolution Operators. Child-level Digimon cannot be Jogressed. Upon Jogress, a new Digimon will be created. The newly-created Digimon will be one evolution level lower than the lowest evolved Digimon that created it (for example, if two Adults are Jogressed, a Child will be born, as well as if an Adult and a Child are Jogressed). The newly created Digimon will have a higher max level than its parents, based on their own levels, as well as 1 more EP than the highest EP of both of them. Furthermore, the newly born Digimon will be able to learn every move of its parents once it hits certain levels.

Evolution is completely one-way in Digimon World 2.

Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers[edit]

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]

Evolution is mostly identical to how it works in Digital Card Battle. However, a new addition to the game is Armor Evolution. Usable only by Partner Cards who have obtained at least one Digimental, they can be immediately evolved into an Armor-level Digimon the moment they're played on the field. Armor Digimon cannot evolve further without the use of two Option Cards that devolve Armor Digimon into their Child stage and allow them to become Perfects. Every Partner Card has two Digimentals, and thus two possible Armor Evolutions, except for V-mon, who has three; which will be used can only be chosen outside of battle.

NPC Digimon who originate from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 will evolve over the course of the game. Upon evolving, they will have different, stronger decks, and are counted as different characters for wins/losses. The Digimon Adventure 02 partner Digimon specifically have Extra Arenas in which they battle the player using all their evolution stages. Wormmon does not have an Extra Arena, but he can still be fought in all of his stages except Gran Kuwagamon in Dark City's Battle Arena.

Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit & Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5[edit]

Playable Digimon can temporarily evolve by touching Culumon, who appears halfway through each match. As long as they are evolved, they are entirely invincible and are able to use much more powerful attacks. Culumon only appears once per battle, thus only one evolution can happen per match.

In the original Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit, Impmon is unable to evolve, and if he touches Culumon, Culumon is forced to despawn. Ver. 1.5 adds in an evolution for him: Beelzebumon: Blast Mode.

Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution[edit]

Ten playable Digimon are able to evolve during matches: Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, Tailmon, V-mon, Wormmon, Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, and Impmon. Each of these Digimon has one evolved form, which gives them a new, stronger set of moves. Their evolved forms can also be unlocked as separate playable characters by clearing the 1P Mode with the respective base Digimon.

All playable Digimon possess an Evolution Gauge that fills as they deal damage in a match. Once the gauge is full, Digimon who can evolve undergo evolution. The Evolution Gauge slowly depletes over time while they are evolved. Once the Evolution Gauge empties, the Digimon devolves to its previous form. The evolved Digimon can also expend the gauge at any time to use their most powerful attack technique, but devolve immediately upon the technique's completion or interruption. Digimon who do not evolve can use their most powerful attack technique only when their Evolution gauge is full. This expends their entire Evolution Gauge, but does not devolve them.

Digimon World 3[edit]

Digimon have two different kinds of evolutions in Digimon World 3: their natural evolutions, and optional evolutions. Natural evolutions are obtained by hitting certain levels: LV 5 for Adult, LV 20 for Perfect, and LV 40 for Ultimate. Optional evolutions are obtained by levelling up certain evolutions (for example, levelling up Greymon would give you Metal Greymon if your partner isn't Agumon, who obtains them naturally) or by increasing a Digimon's nature resistances or stats (for example, Agumon will obtain Skull Greymon by increasing its darkness resistance).

A Digimon can equip up to three evolutions that they have learned at a time. They can switch between these and their base form at any time in-battle by using a turn, and one form can be assigned as their "Battle Evolution" so that they will start all battle encounters in that form. Evolutions can be equipped and unequipped by talking to Dr. Kadomatsu in the Asuka City Digimon Lab, or to Piccolomon in other locations.

Certain compatible pairs of Digimon can Jogress Evolve, which in this game just acts as a powerful attack that requires an MP cost from both participating Digimon. It can be activated in the Tag menu, as an alternative to just tagging out, and any Digimon that can be Jogressed with are marked with a red orb icon in that menu. When activated, a cutscene will show the two Digimon Jogressing and performing one technique in their Jogressed form, before switching to the Digimon that was part of the pair that was not in-battle when the Jogress was activated. The majority of Digimon that can be Jogressed are also available as regular evolution options, but there are three who only appear by Jogressing, all of whom are from Digimon Frontier.

Jogress Evolutions in Digimon World 3
Component Digimon Jogressed Digimon MP Effect
Hookmon + Greymon
Dinohumon + Kyubimon
Agnimon 80 Agnimon attacks with Burning Salamander.
160 Power / Magic / Fire Element (64) / No extra effects.
Gryzmon + Growmon Garummon 80 Garummon attacks with Solar Laser.
160 Power / Magic / Machine Element (64) / No extra effects.
XV-mon + Stingmon Paildramon 100 Paildramon attacks with Desperado Blaster.
600 Power / Magic / Fire Element (72) / No extra effects.
Taomon + Holy Angemon Hououmon 200 Hououmon releases a healing wave of light.
Revives and fully heals all Digimon in the party.
Megalo Growmon + Digitamamon Saint Galgomon 160 Saint Galgomon attacks with Burst Shot.
850 Power / Physical / Machine Element (48) / No extra effects.
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode + Diablomon Ancient Greymon 480 Ancient Greymon attacks with Omega Burst.
800 Power / Magic / Fire Element (127) / Reduces foe's Power by 127.
Dukemon + Belial Vamdemon Beelzebumon: Blast Mode 320 Beelzebumon: Blast Mode attacks with Death Slinger.
850 Power / Physical / No Element / No extra effects.
Black War Greymon + Gran Kuwagamon Diablomon 260 Diablomon attacks with Paradise Lost.
999 Power / Physical / No Element / No extra effects.
Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode + Seraphimon Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode 250 Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode attacks with Omega Blade.
580 Power / Physical / No Element / Effective against Dark Digimon.
War Greymon + Metal Garurumon Omegamon 240 Omegamon attacks with both Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon.
850 Power / Physical / No Element / No extra effects.

In battle, Digimon have a Blast Gauge that fills up as they take damage. Once it is full, they will immediately undergo Blast Evolution: a temporary evolution into a more powerful form that lasts for several turns. While Blast Evolved, they will have automatic access to that form's Special Move, and all techniques (both Special and loaded) can be used without any MP cost. If a Blast Evolved Digimon is switched out or evolved into another form, the Blast Evolution state ends. Most of the time, a Digimon will Blast Evolve into their next natural evolution that they have not yet unlocked until Level 39, when they unlock their Ultimate form; after Level 39, they will Blast Evolve into other Ultimate Digimon.

Blast Evolutions in Digimon World 3
Digimon LV 1-3 LV 4-18 LV 19-38 LV 39-69 LV 70-99
Agumon Greymon Skull Greymon Black War Greymon Gran Kuwagamon Belial Vamdemon
Bearmon Gryzmon Grappu Leomon Marsmon Belial Vamdemon Black War Greymon
Guilmon Growmon Megalo Growmon Dukemon Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode Belial Vamdemon
Koemon Hookmon Assaultmon Cannondramon Black War Greymon Gran Kuwagamon
Kotemon Dinohumon Kyukimon Slash Angemon Gran Kuwagamon Belial Vamdemon
Patamon Angemon Holy Angemon Seraphimon Metal Garurumon Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode
Renamon Kyubimon Taomon Sakuyamon Belial Vamdemon Black War Greymon
V-mon XV-mon Paildramon Imperialdramon Black War Greymon Rosemon

Digimon RPG[edit]

Battle Spirit: Digimon Frontier[edit]

There are two types of evolution that Digimon can undergo in battle. When their Evolution Gauge is filled, they can enter a state where, whenever they attack, they will temporarily Slide Evolve into their Beast Form Hybrid form and perform a stronger attack. The Evolution Gauge slowly decreases over time, and Slide Evolution ceases once it is empty.

When a Digimon collects five gold crystals, they are able to perform an Ancient Spirit Evolution. If they make contact with the enemy while initiating the evolution, they will evolve into one of the Warrior Ten (or Susanoomon for the Extra Agnimon and Wolfmon) and unleash one immensely powerful attack, at the cost of emptying the crystal gauge.

Digimon Battle Chronicle[edit]

Fourteen playable Digimon are able to evolve during matches: Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Tentomon, Patamon, Tailmon, Gomamon, Palmon, V-mon, Guilmon, Flamon, Black Agumon, Black Gabumon, and Black Guilmon. Each of these Digimon has two evolved forms, which each give them a new, stronger set of moves.

All playable Digimon have an Evolution Gauge that fills as they collect orbs of energy, that are dropped by all fighters in a match when they are hit. Each time it fills, they are able to evolve to their next form. Their evolution lasts until they are KO'd, at which point they will respawn in their previous form.

When the Evolution Gauge is filled while a Digimon is fully evolved, or if the Digimon cannot evolve (like the rest of the playable fighters), they become able to use an "Ultra" finishing move.

Digimon Racing[edit]

Digimon can evolve by filling their evolution gauge, which can be done by driving over data patches. Evolution is automatic whenever the gauge reaches particular thresholds. All Digimon begin races in their Child forms (or as Agnimon), with their evolution gauge half-full (1 1/2 bars). If the gauge reaches 2 bars full, they evolve into their Adult forms (or Vritramon, in Agnimon's case); if it reaches a full state (3 bars), they can spend part of their gauge to use their Special Move. Every time a Digimon takes damage, their evolution gauge is depleted. If it falls below one full bar, they devolve to their Baby II form (or Flamon, in Agnimon's case).

Digimon World X[edit]

Digimon Story[edit]

Digimon Savers: Another Mission[edit]

Digimon can be evolved upon reaching specific conditions. While Digimon must be first evolved in-battle, the player can then choose which of their evolutions they'll use outside of battle. Obtaining a new evolution will trigger a cutscene where the Tamer of the evolving Digimon performs a Digisoul Charge. If said Tamer is Daimon Masaru, he'll also punch an enemy Digimon and deal some damage.

Digimon Story: Sunburst & Moonlight[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

Digimon can evolve by reaching certain levels: level 11 for Adult, level 25 for Perfect and level 41 for Ultimate. Evolution is temporary, and consumes the player's Digisoul. Some Digimon have stronger stages known as Blast Modes, these need specific items to be unlocked. Other Digimon have alternate Ultimate levels that also require specific items to be unlocked. Jogress Evolution is also possible between specific Digimon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize & Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Evolution in Re:Digitize is similar to how it is in the original Digimon World, but the Ultimate level has been added.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Evolutions are unlocked as the player proceeds through the game and reaches the points in which they were obtained in the Digimon Adventure anime. During the first appearance of each evolution (including Skull Greymon), a cutscene will play, adapting their evolution sequence from the anime with in-game graphics, and afterwards, they'll remain evolved for free for the battle. Afterwards, the Digimon can evolve in-battle by paying an SP cost (except Skull Greymon, which is fully unplayable), which is 5 SP for the Adult level, and will remain evolved for the rest of the battle afterwards, triggering a short scene where they spin around before changing to the next stage and chanting its name. Evolving increases stats, resets lowered stats, removes status effects, and changes the Digimon's moves for stronger ones with a higher SP cost. Digimon may also begin fights evolved by equipping the EVO Boost DigiPiece line, which let them start battles in higher levels depending on the level of the DigiPiece itself.

Digimon start at the Child level. While the Baby II to Child evolution of the first episode of Adventure, "Adrift? Island of Adventure!" does happen in the game, it is purely a cutscene, and the Baby II-level Partner Digimon are not playable. Other moments when the Chosen Children's Digimon dip below Child also do happen in the game as they do in the anime, but they just become non-playable during these segments.

During Episode 23, "The Fairy! Piccolomon", Agumon is incapable of evolving as Yagami Taichi was worried of another evolution into Skull Greymon. As such, the Evolution command is unusable and the EVO Boost I DigiPiece will have no effects. This is solved by the end of the chapter, allowing Agumon to evolve normally again.

Digimon other than the playable ones are shown evolving during the story:

  • A Piyomon, envolved in a dark aura, serves as the final boss of Sub-Episode 2, "Piyomon Runs Amok!". This Piyomon evolved from a Pyocomon of the Pyocomon Village due to eating a DigiTomato, and returns to its previous form after being beaten in battle and exhausting its energy.

Digimon All-Star Rumble[edit]

Every playable Digimon has two evolutions. Obtaining enough EP will allow a Digimon to evolve into their next stage. While the first and second stage are unique for each character, some of the thirds are shared between two characters (for example, Agumon and Gabumon both evolve into Omegamon).

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth & Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory[edit]

Evolutions are managed at Mikagura Mirei's DigiLab. Almost every Digimon has a list of Digimon that it can evolve from and evolve into. To evolve into a particular Digimon, a Digimon must first meet that Digimon's minimum evolution requirements such as level, stats, Ability, and Camaraderie all meeting certain thresholds. The only requirement to devolve is that the player has previously encountered the Digimon to be devolved into. Every time a Digimon evolves or devolves, its Ability stat increases, which makes it easier to evolve into forms that require higher minimum Ability.

Jogress Evolution can be performed between certain pairs of Digimon. This works the same way as regular evolution, except that the the player must also have the other component Digimon for the Jogress and both Digimon must have maximum Camaraderie. Once the Jogress has been performed, the Jogressed Digimon is treated like any other Digimon in terms of further evolution or devolution: that is, the Jogress cannot be "undone" to get both component Digimon back, and instead, the Jogressed Digimon can only be devolved into either one of the component Digimon forms.

Some Digimon, specifically Armor Digimon and Hybrid Digimon (although the latter are treated as regular levels in this game) also require that the player obtain a matching Digimental or Legendary Spirit item before they can evolve any Digimon into them. These items are not consumed by the evolution process, so once they have been obtained, the Digimon can be evolved into as many times as the player wants.

In the original version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Digimon can only evolve into members of the Royal Knights after completing specific late-game quests that each unlock the ability to evolve into one to three of these Digimon. Additionally, in both the regular release of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory and the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition release, there are some Digimon who can only be evolved into once Hacker's Memory has been completed.

Several NPC Digimon characters evolve during the course of the stories.

Digimon World -next 0rder- & Digimon World -next 0rder- International Edition[edit]

Evolution in -next 0rder- is similar to how it is in Re:Digitize, but streamlined. Less time is required for each stage, and it is easier to evolve. Furthermore, Paildramon's dojo allows the player to block certain evolution paths, which helps to evolve a Digimon to the specific one the player wants, and can allow a Digimon to evolve into forms it does not properly fulfill the requirements of. Furthermore, Jogress Evolution is possible in Paildramon's dojo, which will evolve one of Takuto/Shiki's Digimon to the Jogressed stage while devolving the other one one stage.

A new form of evolution added to the game is ExE, short for Extra Cross Evolution. ExE allows the player's Digimon to fuse together in-battle, getting them a major power boost. ExE can be triggered by the player by spending 150 Order Points from both Digimon when they have max friendship with each other, or after both of their Digimon fall in battle randomly. However, ExE can only be used once per day.

Several NPC Digimon characters evolve during the course of the story.

  • Yukimura and Rikka, the partner Digimon of Takuto/Shiki's friends Hirose Kouta and Oofuchi Himari, evolve from their Child-levels to their further levels, all the way to Ultimate. Yukimura also evolves incorrectly into Skull Greymon at one point, due to Kouta forcing the evolution, expecting him to become Mugendramon instead and thinking he could control said Digimon, only for Yukimura to lose control and having to be taken down instead. Several other Digimon also undergo alterations to become Mugendramon during the story, much like how it happened in the postgame of the original Digimon World.
  • During the final part of the story, Analogman possessing Tsuzuki Shoma evolves Omegamon Zwart D into Omegamon Alter-B, a process he calls Altered Super Evolution (変性超進化 Hensei chō shinka; Dub: Ultimate Altered Digivolution). As he explains, he accomplished this by breaking Omegamon Zwart D's mind, as he realized such a process could bring forth altered forms of Digimon other than Mugendramon by watching Kouta's Yukimura evolve into Skull Greymon.
  • In the International Edition only, Kurorin and Kurocchi evolve throughout the game. In MOD Ship Cave, they fight as Gabumon (Black) and Agumon (Black). In Great Fault Ex Machina, they've evolved to Garurumon (Black) and Greymon (Blue), and then they evolve even further into Were Garurumon (Black) and Metal Greymon (Virus). Their final encounter is in Infinity Cauldron, where they've become Metal Garurumon (Black) and Black War Greymon. After losing, they Jogress into Omegamon Zwart for a moment, only for them to immediately separate.

Virtual Pets[edit]

Digital Monster[edit]

The concept of Digimon evolution was introduced in the original Digital Monster virtual pet series. All Digimon undergo evolution through up to five Evolution Stages, ending in Perfect. What a Digimon evolves into, and whether it is able to evolve, depends on several different criteria based on Evolution Stage:

  • Baby I to Baby II: Automatically occurs after approximately 60 minutes of real time have passed since the Baby I Digimon hatched.
  • Baby II to Child: Each Baby II Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Child Digimon depending on how many care mistakes have been made in raising it.
  • Child to Adult: Each Child Digimon can evolve into one of four Adult Digimon, depending on four factors: number of care mistakes made, how many times it have been given training, how often it has been overfed, and how many times its sleep has been interrupted. All models of the Digital Monster feature one "dud" Adult Digimon that is evolved into when the Digimon does not meet the criteria of the other Adult evolution options (respectively: Numemon, Vegimon, Scumon, Nanimon, and Raremon).
  • Adult to Perfect: All Adult Digimon are bound by the same requirements to evolve to Perfect: having fought a minimum of 15 battles, with a minimum win ratio of 80%. Each Adult can only evolve into one particular Perfect. Evolving into Perfect is not guaranteed.

Unlike later virtual pets and other Digimon products, the Digimon that can be evolved into are generally rather random and have no real link to each other (similarities in species or element, etc.)

Digimon Pendulum[edit]

The Digimon Pendulum virtual pet series introduces three important new evolution concepts, all of which became standard for both subsequent virtual pets and the franchise as a whole: the Ultimate Evolution Stage, Jogress Evolution, and Fields. Each version of the Digimon Pendulum is themed around one Field, so almost all featured Digimon within each have some elemental or species trait in common. Evolution requirements are otherwise similar to those of the Digital Monster series.

  • Baby I to Baby II: Automatically occurs after approximately 60 minutes of real time have passed since the Baby I Digimon hatched.
  • Baby II to Child: Each Baby II Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Child Digimon depending on how many care mistakes have been made in raising it.
  • Child to Adult: Each Child Digimon can evolve into one of several Adult Digimon, depending on two factors: number of care mistakes made, and how many times it have been given training.
  • Adult to Perfect: Adult Digimon become able to evolve into one particular Perfect Digimon if they meet a minimum set of criteria: minimum win ratio of 40%, particpating in a minimum number of battles, being given training a minimum number of times, and making as few care mistakes as possible. Higher win ratios improve the odds of being able to evolve to Perfect.
    Alternatively, Digimon may undergo Jogress Evolution to evolve into certain Perfect Digimon.
  • Perfect to Ultimate: Certain Perfect Digimon become able to evolve into Ultimate Digimon if they meet a minimum set of criteria: minimum win ratio of 60%, and no care mistakes have been made.
    Alternatively, Digimon may undergo Jogress Evolution to evolve into certain Ultimate Digimon.

In the Digimon Pendulum, Jogress Evolution works based on the participating Digimon's attributes. Jogressing together two Digimon of a particular combination of attributes will result in each participating Digimon evolving into an appropriate Digimon from their respective virtual pet's roster. The actual identity of the particpating Digimon generally does not matter, with one exception: Jogressing War Greymon and Metal Garurumon in the Digimon Pendulum ZERO will form Omegamon.

Digimon Pendulum Progress[edit]

The Digimon Pendulum Progress introduces time of day as a determiner of what a Digimon will evolve into: training the Digimon in morning, mid-day or evening results in different evolutions. Evolution lines are much freer, and excluding cases where Jogress Evolution is required, any Digimon on the device can evolve into any other Digimon of the next Evolution Stage as long as it meets the evolution criteria.

  • Baby I to Baby II: Automatically occurs after approximately 60 minutes of real time have passed since the Baby I Digimon hatched.
  • Baby II to Child: Each Baby II Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Child Digimon depending on what time of day it is trained in.
  • Child to Adult: Each Child Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Adult Digimon, depending on two factors: what time of day it is trained in, and how many care mistakes have been made in raising it.
  • Adult to Perfect: Each Adult Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Perfect Digimon (excluding Jogress exclusives), depending on three factors: what time of day it is trained in, how many care mistakes have been made in raising it, and how many battles it has participated in.
    Alternatively, Digimon may undergo Jogress Evolution to evolve into certain Perfect Digimon.
  • Perfect to Ultimate: Each Perfect Digimon can evolve into any of the device's Ultimate Digimon (excluding Jogress exclusives) if it meets their respective combinations of these minimum requirements: what time of day it is trained in, how many care mistakes have been made in raising it, how many times its sleep has been disturbed, how many battles it has won, and its battle win ratio.
    Alternatively, Digimon may undergo Jogress Evolution to evolve into certain Perfect Digimon.

The rules of Jogress Evolution are somewhat different from the Digimon Pendulum. This time, players are required to Jogress together specific species of Digimon to get a particular Digimon, rather than accepting any Digimon of a given attribute. Many of the Digimon required come not only from other models of Pendulum Progress, but even from the D-Scanner. Also, some Digimon who are obtainable through Jogressing can also be evolved into by non-Jogress ways.

Digimon Pendulum X[edit]

Digimon Accel[edit]

Digimon Mini[edit]

Digimon Twin[edit]

Digital Monster Ver.20th[edit]

Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th[edit]

Digital Monster X[edit]

Digital Monster Z[edit]

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster[edit]


Digital Monster Card Game[edit]

Main article: Digital Monster Card Game#Evolution Phase

In the Digital Monster Card Game, every Digimon card of Level IV (Adult) or higher lists a specific set of Evolution Requirements that includes the Digimon (usually 2-3) that it can be evolved from, and the required costs ("Evolution Requirements") to evolve each Digimon into the new card. Once every turn, players have an opportunity to evolve their current Digimon. This is done in their turn's Preparation Phase by playing the Digimon card to be evolved into their Evolution Box, face-down, and then playing all of the stated costs for that card in the Evolution Requirements Box.

The types of Evolution Requirements that are asked for depend on the card's level.

  • Level IV: For each Digimon to evolve from, the card will typically list a combination of ● ("Regular Growth", played oriented horizontally) and × ("Irregular Growth", played oriented vertically). This means that, for the total number of symbols listed, you draw that many cards from your Net Ocean and, without looking at their faces, play them face-down in the Evolution Requirements box in the right combination.
  • Perfect and Ultimate: These cards typically have one of two Evolution Requirements:
    • A "Winning Percentage!" Option Card. There are three "Winning Percentage!" types - 40%, 60%, and 80% - and, as stated in these cards' Effects, the type listed by the card is the minimum winning percentage that can be used. That is, you can use a "Winning Percentage: 80%" card to evolve into a Digimon whose Evolution Requirement asks for "Winning Percentage: 40%!" or "Winning Percentage: 60%!" The effects also require the user to send one card from their hand to the Dark Area (discard it) after evolution is completed.
    • Jogress Evolution. The card will list several pairs of Digimon who can be Jogressed into the card, and in each case, either one of those Digimon must currently in the Digimon box, while the other is played in the Evolution Requirements Box.

On occasion, Evolution Requirements will mandate that a given Digimon card can only be evolved from a Digimon card that belongs to a specific Field, Attribute, or Level. For example, Starter Ver. 6 mostly features Digimon cards that belong to the Virus Busters Field, and many of these require that they be evolved specifically from Digimon cards that also belong to the Virus Busters field, instead of any other field.

There are Option cards that can circumvent standard Evolution Requirements, such as "Aim for the Strongest Evolution!" (St-56), which can be used instead of all other Evolution Requirements to evolve a Digimon. However, some Digimon cards have a special ability that prevents ignoring Evolution Requirements like this.

Some cards have Appearance Requirements or Fusion Requirements, instead of Evolution Requirements. Fusion Requirements work similarly to some Evolution Requirements and ask for specific Option Cards, such as cards that feature Digimentals or Legendary Spirits, to fuse with the player's current Digimon. Appearance Requirements have unique effects that sometimes do not require a specific current Digimon at all.

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Episode 1 of Fun Digica demonstrates Evolution Base Effects. Garudamon gets two Evolution Base Effects from the Koromon and Agumon cards that it evolved from.

In the Digimon Card Game, evolution is determined by card color. Any Digimon of a given color can evolve into any other Digimon of a higher Evolution Stage that shares its color. Certain cards, such as BT3-027 Paildramon, also allow for evolution from another color in addition to the card's own color, increasing the amount of Digimon that can evolve into them. Furthermore, some Digimon can evolve from Digimon of the same level (for example, BT5-029 Were Garurumon: Sagittarius Mode can evolve from a Level 5 Digimon like itself).

While Digimon can be played from the hand regardless of their level, evolving them properly gives some benefits over just playing a card from the hand:

  • Evolving a Digimon has significantly lower Memory cost than directly playing it. The cost is even lower if evolving from a Digimon of the same level, whenever possible.
  • Upon evolving a Digimon, the player that evolved must draw a card, increasing their options. This can be done as many times in a turn as the player's Memory, deck and hand allow.
  • Many Digimon cards also have an Evolution Base Effect, which is a special effect that the card passes on to any Digimon cards that subsequently evolve from it, so as a Digimon evolves, they can acquire more Evolution Base Effects.

Digimon cards can normally only evolve from other Digimon cards. However, cards that depict characters from Digimon Frontier allow Tamer cards to evolve into Digimon as well. Some Hybrid Digimon (such as BT4-011 Agnimon) have effects that treat Tamer cards as Level 3 Digimon cards. Some Tamer cards that feature the Chosen Children of Frontier even have their own effects that allow them to evolve into specific Hybrid Digimon, such as BT7-085 Kanbara Takuya, whose effect lets it evolve into Kaiser Greymon by treating itself as a Level 5 Digimon card in the process.

ST-9 and ST-10 introduce Jogress Evolution to the game. Digimon who possess the Jogress Evolution keyword (such as ST10-06 Mastemon) can be evolved in one of two ways, either through the normal evolution method, or by stacking cards that fit specific requirements (in ST10-06 Mastemon's case, a Yellow Level 5 Digimon and a Purple Level 5 Digimon), and then stacking the Jogress Evolved card itself on top of them, for no Memory cost. Digimon may have extra effects that trigger if Jogress Evolved, making it more valuable as an evolution method despite the cost of using two Digimon cards instead of one.

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