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"Wizarmon's Future"
Japanese "Wizarmon's Future"
Kanji/Kana ウィザーモンの未来
Romanization "Wizāmon no Mirai"
English "Wizardmon's Future"
Release Date Japan December 4, 2023
English December 3, 2023

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Chapter #22 of Digimon Dreamers



Outside the castle; Mojyamon, Leomon, and Numemon defeated their opponents (Dark Lizamon, Cyclomon, and Minotaurmon, respectively). A swarm of Evilmon then appeared from Phelesmon's castle, with Leomon believing it was because Phelesmon did not want them to get into it, and he hoped Wizarmon and the rest were fine.

In Phelesmon's chamber, Wizarmon asked Kodou Ritsu what his plan was. Phelesmon thought it was pointless, since their black armour, born out of the fusion of their Black Statue and Demon's Shout, was practically invincible, so Wizarmon would just reduce himself to ash trying to harm it. Ritsu pointed out it was possible if Pulsemon's electrification worked as a battery. Wizarmon realized he meant that Pulsemon would retain the electricity as an external batery. Tailmon wondered how, and Pulsemon grabbed onto Wizarmon's hat, entering his "External Battery Mode". Tailmon got mad at it, but Ritsu and Pal were sure of themselves, which only got Tailmon more worried. Phelesmon thought they were mocking him, but their expression changed as Wizarmon put his hand over his chest and called out to his Digicore, causing it to become visible, and then to shine as he started accumulating energy, with electricity pouring out of his entire body, which Pal then absorbed. Phelesmon saw the aura of Wizarmon's potential as Medieval Dukemon coming out of Wizarmon, making them realize that what he had was not an exceptional Digicore known as the X-Factor, but the latent power to evolve into a Medieval Dukemon, and that meant they had to kill him at once. Tailmon tried to stop them with a Neko Punch to their eye, and Phelesmon punched her out of the way. Ritsu went to Tailmon as Wizarmon kept powering up, with Tailmon pointing out that Bolt Break was an electric shock powerful enough to cause quantum disintegration. She then cheered both Pal and Wizarmon on, as did Ritsu, who believed that Pal's inner Bulkmon that he trained so hard could withstand it. Wizarmon then finally launched his Bolt Break at Phelesmon, completely shattering their black armour. Ritsu happily ran to them, Wizarmon thanked Pal but pointed out that his body might bug out after that, and a bugged-out Pal fell to the ground, worrying Ritsu.

Despite the power behind the attack, however, Phelesmon rose once again, now convinced they had to kill Wizarmon before he had a chance to evolve, or else his latent power would jeopardize their ambitions. They then summoned their trident, as Ritsu looked surprised at how even Bolt Break wasn't enough to destroy them alongside their black armour. Phelesmon rushed at Wizarmon, but their trident was caught and they were hit by electricity. To everyone's shock, a properly fully evolved Bulkmon was responsible. He explained to Ritsu that his body was tingling like crazy but now he felt great. Phelesmon cursed Bulkmon and Tailmon wondered if the bug caused by Wizarmon's electricity had undone Pal's curse. Ritsu didn't know, but he did know that this was Pal's true form, as Bulkmon bent Phelesmon's trident and proclaimed how Wizarmon carried the future of Witchelny on his back and he would not let Phelesmon destroy him.

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