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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Elec Rush [1] エレキラッシュ Ereki Rasshu Electric Rush[2] Rams into the enemy with all its might at lightning speed.
Petit Impulse [1] プチインパルス Puchi Inparusu Minor Impulse[2] Discharges electricity generated within its body from its hair.


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Live Action[edit]

Digimon Project 2021[edit]

In NEW DIGITAL MONSTER BEGINS, Pulsemon appears besides his Tamer in the Real World as he looks at his Vital Bracelet. A Normal Mission then starts and both run, with an overlay showing how many steps they've taken, then jump against a wall once a DASH instruction appears in the overlay, followed by GOAL 20. Afterwards, they jump over some stairs, with the overlay now showing their heartbeat. After performing some backward flips, they high-five each other. The overlay then disappears, as a gate appears in front of them.

Finding themselves in a Battle Arena, Pulsemon and his Tamer face Agumon and his Tamer. Both rush at each other, bounce off each other, and then Agumon shoots Pulsemon with several Baby Flames, only for Pulsemon to dodge them with lightning speed. He then counters with his own Petit Impulse, and both attacks explode against each other, knocking Pulsemon down. Both Pulsemon and his Tamer feel the pain of the blow in their chest, as Agumon's Tamer confidently smiles at them, rising up his Vital Bracelet, with a blue EVOLUTION! ring appearing around him. Agumon then evolves into Greymon and roars. Pulsemon gets back up to fight, with his Tamer rising up his arm in response. A pulse appears, and Pulsemon powers up and charges at Greymon with Elec Rush, cheered up by his Tamer.

However, as shown in Digimon Identified Memory, this proves to be unsuccessful, as Greymon wins their match. Walking to the downed Pulsemon and his Tamer, Greymon's Tamer opens an overlay showing Dim Cards: Agumon, Ancient Warriors, Volcanic Beat, Blizzard Fang and Gabumon are visible (alongside the Digimon illustrated in them: Agumon, XV-mon, Vorvomon, Blucomon and Gabumon). He grabs Volcanic Beat, which becomes physical, and throws it at Pulsemon's Tamer.

At Pulsemon's Tamer house, the camera focuses on his Agumon and Gabumon plushies before moving to him in bed, with Pulsemon at his feet. The Tamer looks at the Volcanic Beat Dim Card, and Pulsemon tries to touch it, which causes an overlay to appear from it, first saying it is a Digimon Identified Memory CARD, followed by a ring saying VOLCANIC BEAT around it. The Tamer then inserts the Dim Card in his Vital Bracelet, with the overlay now stating he's been granted passage. A door then appears and Pulsemon and his Tamer walk through it, finding themselves in a black area where the only visible thing is a black and red Digitama on a white pillar. The Tamer touches the Digitama, which causes it to hatch, turning the black area into a mountain area, as well as giving birth to a Peti Meramon. An Adventure Mission then starts, making them climb up a mountain, where they find a Meramon which roars at them. The trio are then shown running, with a red WARNING sign around them, as a Birdramon flies close to them. Finally stopping, the trio find a Meramon and a Death Meramon about to fight, alongside several more Birdramon flying.

Later on, Blitzmon and his Tamer take a fighting stance as a Punch Mission starts. Pulsemon punches a giant rock, with his Tamer punching the air at the same time. The rock then breaks, revealing the area boss, Tyranomon. The Tamer rises up his Vital Bracelet, with a blue EVOLUTION! ring appearing around him, and Pulsemon evolves into Bulkmon.

Pulsemon in Digimon Project 2021: "New Digital Monster Begins"


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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Pulsemon is the partner of Kodo Ritsu.

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Digimon Caged Figures "The Digimon" IMPULSE CITY SET Digimon Dreamers
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Illustration by Yabuno Tenya

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Vital Bracelet Digital Monster

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