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"Inner Bulkmon"
Japanese "Inner Bulkmon"
Kanji/Kana 内なるバルクモン
Romanization "Uchinaru Barukumon"
English "The Inner Bulkmon"
Release Date Japan March 4, 2022
English July 30, 2023
"Sandiramon in the Shrine"

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Chapter #6 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon had seemingly evolved into Bulkmon, however, only his head changed, to the shock of Kodou Ritsu, Bokomon, Patamon, and Pulsemon himself. Due to the weight of his now-oversized head, he fell to the ground. Ritsu pictured the full Bulkmon in his head and wondered why that had happened when he was sure Pulsemon had evolved. Orgemon laughed at Pulsemon's head being so big he couldn't even move, but Pulsemon rushed at Orgemon by biting at the ground, which freaked Orgemon out, and he then punched Pulsemon back the way he came as Koemon watched. Pulsemon's head then devolved, which calmed Ritsu down, but then his arms evolved, followed by his legs, leaving all spectators shocked. Pulsemon's right arm then evolved, with him wondering what had happened. Ritsu thought the evolution had failed but Bokomon said it was proof he was resisting Asunaro Village's curse. As he explained, Pulsemon had gathered a large amount of evolution energy through his bond with Ritsu and that energy was trying to break through the curse, however, it was unable to fully break through, so only one part of Pulsemon's body could evolve at a time. He added that Pulsemon's body contained the energy of a fully evolved Bulkmon, meaning that right now, Pulsemon was as powerful as Bulkmon, which excited Ritsu. Patamon wondered if he should be called Pulsemon or Bulkmon, and Pulsemon suggested they go with Bulsemon while doing a thumbs-up with his evolved right arm, but Ritsu denied it as it sounded lame.

Angry at how they kept talking, Orgemon attacked, but Pulsemon accidentally punched him in the gut as his arm evolved. He then kicked Orgemon in the face with an evolved leg. Koemon asked Orgemon if he was okay, but Orgemon told him not to worry and he swore not to lose on his honour as a warrior, while Pulsemon proclaimed he'd protect Asunaro Village. Patamon and Bokomon observed how it was a clash of prides and they were going all-out, but Ritsu thought they just wanted to hog all the meat to themselves, which caused both Digimon to shut him up. Nonetheless, Pulsemon thanked his Tamer as he was now one step closer to becoming the strongest. A happy Ritsu then asked his Partner Digimon to beat Orgemon to a pulp with the power in his body. Orgemon assaulted Pulsemon with his Haouken, but Pulsemon proclaimed he'd smash him to beat with his pulse, then beat Orgemon with an Electrical Fist to the face after fully evolving into Bulkmon. Ritsu, Patamon, Bokomon, Koemon and the Digimon of Asunaro Village witnessed this moment. Koemon took Orgemon away on a cart as the villagers celebrated their victory, but then Bulkmon devolved. Pulsemon angrily stomped the ground as he thought he had finally achieved evolution, but Tanemon thanked him for protecting the Asunaro Meat. Pulsemon bashfully said it was no big deal, but then his stomach growled, and he went to eat the Asunaro Meat. Tanemon pointed out he was eating a lot, Ritsu that his appetite evolved, and Bokomon that he was Bulkmon on the inside after all.

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