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Kanji/Kana ボコモン

Bokomon is a supporting Digimon and one of Pulsemon's friends who accompany Kodou Ritsu in Digimon Dreamers.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Bokomon
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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

As he was on the way to school in "Digimon Dreamers", Kodou Ritsu found himself transported to the Digital World all of a sudden by Pulsemon, Bokomon and Patamon. The Digimon celebrated that their ritual worked, while Ritsu was shocked to find himself alongside Digimon.

After explaining their situation, Pulsemon then got Ritsu to their training gym, where he instructed Ritsu to punish him if he failed or got lazy or tired, which got Ritsu annoyed and he tried to leave. Bokomon stopped him and gave him a stone, Ritsu asked him if it was special, but it was just a stone Bokomon picked up that he found pretty. Patamon attempted to convince Bokomon to let Ritsu go, as he was just a stranger who only played with them for fun. Ritsu found all of them annoying.

Bokomon then took Ritsu to their home, Asunaro Village, where several Baby I and Baby II Digimon, who Ritsu found cute (Chicomon, Koromon, Mochimon, Poromon, Poyomon, Gigimon, Tokomon, Tsubumon, Bubbmon and Relemon), awaited. The Baby Digimon gathered around Ritsu, since he was a Tamer, and a Digimon could get stronger with a Tamer they partnered with. Because of that, they thought Pulsemon was lucky, as the only Digimon in the village with a Partner. Ritsu then pointed out he didn't see any big Digimon in Asunaro Village, and Patamon explained that no Digimon in the village could evolve past the Child level and no one knew why. A Megadramon then flew over them, but Patamon explained that was just a wild Digimon and they'd sometimes get attacked by them. Bokomon then added that Pulsemon's reason to become stronger was to protect Asunaro Village, though Pulsemon denied it. This got Ritsu to finally accept to train Pulsemon, and he allowwed him to summon him at any time. Pulsemon cried and hugged Ritsu in happiness, and Ritsu left.

Pulsemon arrived alongside Bokomon and Patamon and interrupted Ritsu's relaxation in "Indoor Tamer・Ritsu" by shouting at him, as he hadn't called Ritsu so he'd lounge around. Instead, as his Tamer, it was his duty to make him evolve into the strongest Digimon ever. Ritsu confessed that, though he had offered to help Pulsemon, he didn't know how to. Pulsemon explained that a Digimon's bond with their Tamer could be the key to evolution, and that they'd go do some special training at the volcano. Ritsu didn't want to go, however, as he liked to spend his free time at home instead of going outdoors, which angered Pulsemon. Instead, he gave Patamon a selfie stick and a cellphone so Pulsemon could broadcast his training and Ritsu could give him advice remotely. This annoyed Pulsemon even further, making him question why he even summoned Ritsu at all then if he was going to do no more than gaming. Pulsemon then tied Ritsu up and forcefully took him alongside him, as breathing the same air would help deepen their bond, though Ritsu was against it.

Over at the volcano, Ritsu was terrified of the falling volcanic rocks coming from the erupting volcano, although Pulsemon, Bokomon and Patamon were unaffected. After some training, Pulsemon smelled something sweet, which turned out to be Vegimon, who saw the group as a feast for themself, deep in the mountains. Patamon and Bokomon were worried as Vegimon was an Adult Digimon, but Pulsemon thought a real fight with Vegimon would give him experience to evolve. Thanks to a volcanic rock hitting Vegimon, they were defeated instantly, and Pulsemon celebrated his victory and how he was one step closer to becoming the strongest Digimon ever, although Patamon pointed out he didn't get any experience and Bokomon instead congratulated Ritsu for properly observing his surroundings, saying he had the markings of a master Tamer. From his part, Ritsu just wanted to go back to Asunaro Village and relax.

In the Real World in "Asunaro Meat", Ritsu went to WcDonald's as he was hungry and wanted burgers. However, before he could get there, he was summoned once again to the Digital World. Ritsu screamed at Pulsemon "my burgers!", which Pulsemon misunderstood as a human greeting, and Bokomon and Patamon started using it on each other, which got an annoyed Ritsu to correct them about it. Pulsemon then took Ritsu with him as he had good news of Asunaro Village, while a Chicomon, a Koromon, an Agumon, an Upamon, a Poyomon and a Tokomon admired Ritsu. Bokomon explained that Tanemon succeeded in selectively growing meat.

Over at the meat field, Tanemon confirmed that they had succeded at it, while Ritsu was shocked at seeing a field of meat, which was also observed by other Digimon from the village: on one side, two Agumon, a Penmon, a Mochimon, a Tunomon, a Koromon; on the other, a Chicomon, a Betamon, a Tokomon, a third Agumon, and a Poyomon. Patamon explained that Tanemon worked hard to grow the best meat possible, and a hungry Pulsemon jumped at the meat, but Tanemon glued his feet to the ground with their Nenchakusei no Awa, as the meat was not yet ready. To cook it, an Agumon started a fire while Ritsu, Patamon, Bokomon and a Chicomon observed. Once it was ready, Tanemon allowed Pulsemon to eat it. Pulsemon found it both delicious and energizing, feeling he could evolve just by eating it. Tanemon was overjoyed at it and vowed to grow more crops so everyone could enjoy them and evolve. Pulsemon, Patamon, Bokomon, two Agumon, a Koromon and a Jyarimon kept eating the meat while exclaiming how Tanemon's meat was the best, which Tanemon found creepy as it sounded like they were eating Tanemon, so they instead offered to call it Asunaro Meat, which got Pulsemon to point out that Tanemon's meat was Asunaro Meat, which Tanemon didn't like. Bokomon and Pulsemon offered some Asunaro Meat to Ritsu, who also loved it. Pulsemon pointed out that eating the same thing would link them in mind, stomach, and soul, and indeed both were perfectly in sync while they ate and their bond kept growing stronger thanks to the Asunaro Meat, as Bokomon and Patamon pointed out. Tanemon happily wondered if their meat was the key to evolution. The full Ritsu and Pulsemon then fell asleep, to Tanemon's shock. Afterwards, the sleeping Ritsu and Pulsemon sleep-talked about how Tanemon's meat was the best, Tanemon wished they'd stop calling it that, and Bokomon pointed out how they were synchronized even in their sleep.

As Pulsemon trained by punching a bag to become the strongest and evolve in "Orgemon Invasion", Ritsu, who was watching him alongside Bokomon and Patamon, asked him what kind of Digimon he'd turn into after evolving. Pulsemon was confident he'd become a Bulkmon, and Bokomon pointed out they're macho and cool, though Patamon doubted if Pulsemon could evolve into one. Pulsemon was confident about it and punched the bag hard enough to send it flying, convincing himself that he was in perfect form and close to evolving, but he then got hit in the back by the returning punching bag, shocking the onlookers, with Patamon hoping he'd evolve soon. Jyarimon then interrupted their training, warning them that an Orgemon had entered Asunaro Village.

As Orgemon ate the Asunaro Meat while assuring the Digimon of the village that he'd evolve for them, making Tanemon cry, he was stopped by a kick to the top of his head from Pulsemon, who declared that he'd keep Asunaro Village's meat safe to both Orgemon and Koemon, and the Digimon that had tried to defend Tanemon, who happily cried at his arrival. Orgemon was angry at Pulsemon, and only got more mad after the latter misunderstood his comment, so he went and punched Pulsemon in the head. Ritsu, Bokomon, Patamon, and the Digimon of Asunaro Village screamed at Pulsemon who had apparently been knocked out with a single blow, and Orgemon pointed out that, as a warrior, he made it a point not to go easy on anyone and they should not think badly of him, then tried to leave, only to stop in shock as Pulsemon got back up. Pulsemon taunted him to attack him again, claiming that he'd evolve, and Orgemon punched him in the head again, convincing himself that he must've accidentally held back earlier. Once again, Orgemon tried to leave, only for Pulsemon to get back up for a second time. Orgemon let loose a storm of blows on Pulsemon, to the fear of Ritsu, Bokomon and Patamon, but Pulsemon merely got up again.

Their fight continued in "The Pulse of Evolution", where Orgemon hit Pulsemon with his Haouken, leaving him badly beaten on the ground as Ritsu, Bokomon, Patamon, Tanemon, Mochimon, Bubbmon, Chicomon, a Koromon, Poyomon and an Agumon watched them. Orgemon praised Pulsemon for making him use his Haouken, but blamed his loss on being just a Child, born in a village where no one can evolve, with Ritsu accepting that Orgemon being an Adult-level gave him too much of an advantage. Orgemon then pointed out Tamers were useless and challenged Ritsu to fight him, but Ritsu was terrified of him as he realized that, just as he was full when he went back to the Real World after eating in the Digital World, getting hurt or dying would be just as real. In his thoughts, Ritsu asked Pulsemon for forgiveness for not being able to do a thing and Orgemon mocked him, but Pulsemon called him a moron as he got back up, because he never said Ritsu had to fight alongside him, his job was to have the conviction that Pulsemon could beat Orgemon, and use that feeling to cheer Pulsemon on so he could defeat him. Bokomon seconded Pulsemon, as even if he felt powerless as a partner sometimes, with his wholehearted support, his bond with Pulsemon would give him strength. Ritsu acknowledged their words and cheered Pulsemon on with all his might. A vitals waveform went through both of them as their heartbeat was heard, and Pulsemon started glowing. Orgemon, Bokomon, Patamon, Ritsu, Tanemon and Chicomon looked at him in awe, as he seemingly broke the curse of Asunaro Village and they pictured him as the ideal Bulkmon, but in reality, only his head changed, with the rest of his body remaining that of Pulsemon's, to everyone's shock.

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