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"Digimon Dreamers"
Japanese "Digimon Dreamers"
Kanji/Kana 夢見るデジモン
Romanization "Yumemiru Dejimon"
English "A Digimon Can Dream"
Release Date Japan October 4, 2021
English June 25, 2023
"Indoor Tamer Ritsu"

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Chapter #1 of Digimon Dreamers



As he was on the way to school, Kodou Ritsu found himself transported to the Digital World all of a sudden by Pulsemon, Bokomon and Patamon. The Digimon celebrated that their ritual worked, while Ritsu was shocked to find himself alongside Digimon. Pulsemon confirmed to Ritsu that they were Digimon, that he was in the Digital World, and that he was Ritsu's Partner Digimon who he tamed in his game. He then ordered Ritsu to train him so he'd become the strongest Digimon ever, but Ritsu confessed that he was actually about to delete Pulsemon, since he wouldn't evolve no matter how hard he was trained and, therefore, must be bugged. Pulsemon defended himself saying he was a late bloomer but would evolve into something awesome.

Pulsemon then got Ritsu to their training gym, where he instructed Ritsu to punish him if he failed or got lazy or tired, which got Ritsu annoyed and he tried to leave. Bokomon stopped him and gave him a stone, Ritsu asked him if it was special, but it was just a stone Bokomon picked up that he found pretty. Patamon attempted to convince Bokomon to let Ritsu go, as he was just a stranger who only played with them for fun. Ritsu found all of them annoying, but was curious about why Pulsemon was so determined to get stronger. Pulsemon thought about his dream, to evolve into his Adult (Bulkmon), Perfect (Boutmon), and Ultimate (Kazuchimon) forms, and then become the strongest Digimon in the world. Ritsu felt a pulse coming from Pulsemon, who then got hit by his own sandbag.

Bokomon then took Ritsu to their home, Asunaro Village, where several Baby I and Baby II Digimon, who Ritsu found cute (Chicomon, Koromon, Mochimon, Poromon, Poyomon, Gigimon, Tokomon, Tsubumon, Bubbmon and Relemon), awaited. The Baby Digimon gathered around Ritsu, since he was a Tamer, and a Digimon could get stronger with a Tamer they partnered with. Because of that, they thought Pulsemon was lucky, as the only Digimon in the village with a Partner. Ritsu then pointed out he didn't see any big Digimon in Asunaro Village, and Patamon explained that no Digimon in the village could evolve past the Child level and no one knew why. A Megadramon then flew over them, but Patamon explained that was just a wild Digimon and they'd sometimes get attacked by them. Bokomon then added that Pulsemon's reason to become stronger was to protect Asunaro Village, though Pulsemon denied it. This got Ritsu to finally accept to train Pulsemon, and he allowed him to summon him at any time. Pulsemon cried and hugged Ritsu in happiness, and Ritsu left.

Later on, Ritsu was summoned again into the Digital World, but because he was taking a bath, he appeared naked, to Pulsemon's shock.

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