Amanokawa Hiro

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Amanokawa Hiro
Amanokawa Hiro
Kanji/Kana 天ノ河 宙
Dub Name Hiro Amanokawa[1]
Age 13
School Private Hasakura Gakuin (私立葉櫻学院)
Partner Digimon Gammamon, Jellymon (temporary), Espimon
Digivice Digivice-V- (light blue screen when activated)
Family Amanokawa Hokuto (father)
Unnamed Mother
Voice Actor Japanese Tamura Mutsumi (田村 睦心)


A first year junior high school student who goes to the private Hazakura Academy. 13 years old. A dependable person who manages to do most things on his own, he is often relied upon by others. He's the type of person who never turns down a request. He's inquisitive and has started to take an interest in Digimon after meeting Gammamon.

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Digimon Dreamers[edit]

Hiro and Gammamon walked past Kodou Ritsu.

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Digimon Ghost Game
Digimon Ghost Game
Digimon Ghost Game
Digimon Ghost Game X Cerezo Osaka
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Digimon Ghost Game
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Digimonghostgame illustration yabuno tenya.jpg Hiro and Gammamon illustration yabuno tenya.jpg Hiro, Gammamon and Bokomon illustration yabuno tenya.jpg Happy New Year illustration yabuno tenya.jpg
Illustration by Yabuno Tenya Illustration by Yabuno Tenya Illustration by Yabuno Tenya Illustration by Yabuno Tenya
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Illustration for the Toei Animation Official Weibo Digimon Ghost Game
Illustration by Yabuno Tenya Digimon X Karatez Karaoke
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