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Director Chioka Masatoshi
Mitsuka Masato
Screenwriter Sogo Masashi
Character Design Animator
Character Designer Yabuno Tenya
Itou Mariko
Animation Director
Producer Sakurada Hiroyuki
Planning Assistant Izawa Hiroshi
Yabuno Tenya
Composer Otani Kow
Studio Toei Animation
Network Fuji TV
Duration Jap.png October 3, 2021 - March 26, 2023
Official Site Digimon Ghost Game Official Site
Next Series N/A
Previous Series Digimon Adventure:

Digimon Ghost Game (デジモンゴーストゲーム, Dejimon Gōsuto Gēmu) is the tenth animated series of Digimon.



In the near future, new technology has been developed. On social media, rumors have been circulating about strange phenomena of unknown authenticity known as "Hologram Ghosts".

First year middle school student Amanokawa Hiro activates a mysterious device that his father left behind called a "Digivice", and can now see unknown creatures that cannot be seen by ordinary people — Digimon.

Since the day he met Gammamon, a mischievous Digimon that was entrusted to him by his father, Hiro has been caught up in various strange phenomena.

There is the "Sewn-lip Man", who steals humans' time, and the "Mummy Man", who wanders around every night kidnapping people...

Hologram Ghosts are nearby, and are targeting us.

From here on, it is a story about the other side of the world that no one is aware of. Together with Gammamon and his friends, Hiro sets foot into a mysterious world inhabited by Digimon.


Main Characters[edit]

Supporting Characters[edit]


Other humans[edit]

Other Digimon[edit]


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Original Concept Akiyoshi Hongo 本郷 あきよし
Character Draft Yabuno Tenya[1] やぶのてんや
Digimon Draft Watanabe Kenji[1] 渡辺 けんじ
Planning Cooperation Yabuno Tenya[1]
Izawa Hiroshi[1]
Series Composition Sogo Masashi[1] 十川 誠志
Deseries Director(s) Chioka Masatoshi[1]
Mitsuka Masato[1]
地岡 公俊
三塚 雅人
Character Design Itou Mariko[1] いとうまりこ
Digimon Character Design Shinozuka Chou[1] 篠塚 超
Art Director Ichioka Mai[1] 市岡 茉衣
Art Setting Amada Toshitaka[1] 天田 俊貴
Music Otani Kow[1] 大谷 幸
Production Fuji TV Yomiko Advertising Inc. Toei Animation Co., Ltd. フジテレビ・読売広告社・東映アニメーション


Theme Songs[edit]


  1. "FACTION" by Wienners - 1-67


  1. "Pedal" by Aiiro Apollo - 1-12
  2. "Datte Kyō made Koiwazurai" by BMK - 13-21
  3. "Hikari Aumonotachi" by Bye-Bye-Hand No Houteishiki - 22-31
  4. "Monster Disco" by Suga Shikao×Hyadain - 32-44
  5. "STRAWBERRY" by kobore - 45-57
  6. "Take Me Maybe" by Penthouse - 58-67


  1. First Riders by Masukura Yoshimasa - 2-
  2. MAKUAKE by Masukura Yoshimasa - 56-



Digimon Ghost Game poster
Digimon Ghost Game poster
Digimon Ghost Game illustration by Yabuno Tenya
Digimon Ghost Game illustration by Cozy Ashfilm
Digimon Ghost Game illustration by Yabuno Tenya
Digimon Ghost Game Monthly V Jump Special Editing Booklet "Digimon Anime Start Guide" early setting
Digimon Ghost Game Monthly V Jump Special Editing Booklet "Digimon Anime Start Guide" early setting
Digimon Ghost Game illustration by Yabuno Tenya
Digimon X Karatez Karaoke (Promotional Artwork)
Digimon Ghost Game X Cerezo Osaka (Promotional Artwork)
Digimon Ghost Game GraffArt Tea Party (Promotional Artwork)
Digimon Ghost Game GraffArt SD Pop Art (Promotional Artwork)
Digimon Ghost Game poster
Digimon Ghost Game TV Animation Calendar
Digimon Ghost Game promo art
Digimon Partners digigift wallpaper

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References Notes
  1. A Salamandamon made a cameo in "Executioner" where it was killed by Sealsdramon. Not to be confused with the Salamandamon that appeared in "Wall Crawlers" as a main enemy.
  2. The Kamemon that evolved to Gawappamon in "The Land of Children" has no affiliation with the Gawappamon group that appeared in "Ghost Lake" .
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