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A Plant Digimon that lives in groups similar to tribes. They have established small civilizations deep in the jungle. Generally speaking, they are taciturn and do not speak very much, and when hunting in groups, they contact each other through hand gestures and bring down their prey with excellent coordination. Although it is short-tempered and has a violent disposition, it prides itself as a hunter and has a pure heart.
Its Special Moves are striking the enemy with its mighty hatchet that fells even large trees in an instant (Assault Hatchet), and restraining them with the tentacles growing from the back of its head (Tied-up Ivy). When facing opponents that attack from a distance, it counterattacks with its "Shotgun Moss", in which it shoots the poisonous grass needles that grow from its head like hair to restrict their movements.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Assault Hatchet [1] アサルトハチェット Asaruto Hachetto Assault Hatchet[2] Strikes the enemy with an all-purpose hatchet that cuts down even large trees in an instant.
Tied-up Ivy [1] タイドアップアイビー Taidoappu Aibī Entangling Ivy[2] Restrains the enemy with the tentacles growing from the back of its head.
Shotgun Moss [1] ショットガンモス Shottogan Mosu Shotgun Moss[2] Counterattacks enemies that attack from a distance by shooting poisonous grass needles that grow from its head like hair to restrict their movements.


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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

Ajatarmon appears in "Twisted Love". She arrived in the human world via an A.I. in a flower shop where a boy named Yuto worked. Seeing the boy's care for the plants in the place, Ajatarmon ended up developing feelings for Yuto, and thought about turning him into an Ajatarmon so that they could both live together forever. But before trying to change him, she used other humans who had had contact with Yuto as experiments, turning part of their bodies into plants using sap from her body. When Yuto asks Ruli, Hiro, and Kiyoshiro for help, they discover Ajatarmon's plan and confront her. After her defeat, Yuto declined her plan to transform him. She resorted to trying to turn herself human, but failed and died lamenting her inability to understand why the two species can't be the same.

Ajatarmon's analyzer from Digimon Ghost Game.
Ajatarmon from Digimon Ghost Game.


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