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Digimoji[1] (デジ文字 Dejimoji, lit. "DigiLetters") are a collection of logographic symbols used in the Digital World that represent both the list of kana and the English alphabet.


Kana English Alphabet
a i u e o ya yu yo
Dca w.png Test3.png Dcu w.png Dce w.png Dco w.png Dcya w.png Dcyu w.png Dcyo w.png
ka ki ku ke ko キャ kya キュ kyu キョ kyo
Dcka3 w.png Dcki w.png Dcku2 w.png Dcke w.png Dcko w.png Dcki w.pngDcya w.png Dcki w.pngDcyu w.png Dcki w.pngDcyo w.png
sa shi su se so シャ sha シュ shu ショ sho
Dcsa w.png Dcshi w.png Dcsu w.png Dcse w.png Dcso w.png Dcshi w.pngDcya w.png Dcshi w.pngDcyu w.png Dcshi w.pngDcyo w.png
ta chi tsu te to チャ cha チュ chu チョ cho
Dcta2 w.png Dcchi w.png Dctsu w.png Dcte w.png Dcto w.png Dcchi w.pngDcya w.png Dcchi w.pngDcyu w.png Dcchi w.pngDcyo w.png
na ni nu ne no ニャ nya ニュ nyu ニョ nyo
Dcna w.png Dcni w.png Dcnu w.png Dcne w.png Dcno w.png Dcni w.pngDcya w.png Dcni w.pngDcyu w.png Dcni w.pngDcyo w.png
ha hi fu he ho ヒャ hya ヒュ hyu ヒョ hyo
Dcha w.png Dchi3 w.png Dcfu w.png Dche w.png Dcho w.png Dchi3 w.pngDcya w.png Dchi3 w.pngDcyu w.png Dchi3 w.pngDcyo w.png
ma mi mu me mo ミャ mya ミュ myu ミョ myo
Dcma2.png Dcmi w.png Dcmu w.png Dcme w.png Dcmo w.png Dcmi w.pngDcya w.png Dcmi w.pngDcyu w.png Dcmi w.pngDcyo w.png
ra ri ru re ro リャ rya リュ ryu リョ ryo
Dcra w.png Dcri w.png Dcru2 w.png Dcre w.png Dcro w.png Dcri w.pngDcya w.png Dcri w.pngDcyu w.png Dcri w.pngDcyo w.png
ga gi gu ge go ギャ gya ギュ gyu ギョ gyo
Dcga w.png Dcgi w.png Dcgu w.png Dcge w.png Dcgo w.png Dcgi w.pngDcya w.png Dcgi w.pngDcyu w.png Dcgi w.pngDcyo w.png
za ji zu ze zo ジャ ja ジュ ju ジョ jo
Dcza w.png Dcji w.png Dczu w.png Dcze w.png Dczo w.png Dcji w.pngDcya w.png Dcji w.pngDcyu w.png Dcji w.pngDcyo w.png
da ディ di ドゥ du de do デュ dyu
Dcda w.png Dcde w.pngTest3.png Dcdo w.pngDcu w.png Dcde w.png Dcdo w.png Dcde w.pngDcyu w.png
ba bi bu be bo ビャ bya ビュ byu ビョ byo
Dcba w.png Dcbi w.png Dcbu w.png Dcbe w.png Dcbo w.png Dcbi w.pngDcya w.png Dcbi w.pngDcyu w.png Dcbi w.pngDcyo w.png
pa pi pu pe po ピャ pya ピュ pyu ピョ pyo
Dcpa w.png Dcpi3 w.png Dcpu w.png Dcpe w.png Dcpo w.png Dcpi3 w.pngDcya w.png Dcpi3 w.pngDcyu w.png Dcpi3 w.pngDcyo w.png
ヴァ va ヴィ vi vu ヴェ ve ヴォ vo ヴャ vya ヴュ vyu ヴョ vyo
Dcvu w.pngDca w.png Dcvu w.pngTest3.png Dcvu w.png Dcvu w.pngDce w.png Dcvu w.pngDco w.png Dcvu w.pngDcya w.png Dcvu w.pngDcyu w.png Dcvu w.pngDcyo w.png
wa wo
Dcwa w.png Dcwo w.png
Dcchouon2 w.png Test4a.png
Dca r w.png Dcb r w.png Dcc r w.png Dcd r w.png Dce r w.png Dcf r w.png
Dcg r w.png Dch r w.png Dci r w.png Dcj r w.png Dck r w.png Dcl r w.png
Dcm r w.png Dcn r w.png Dco r w.png Dcp r w.png Dcq2 r w.png Dcr r w.png
Dcs r w.png Dct r w2.png Dcu r w.png Dcv r w.png Dcw r w.png Dcx r w.png
Dcy r w.png Dcz r w.png

List of Digimon with Digimoji inscriptions[edit]

Digimon inscribed with Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcchouon2 w.png — "Digital Monster" 「デジタルモンスター
Digimon Location
Angemon [Ribbon]
Angewomon [Holy Ring, Ribbon]
Anubimon [Sirwal]
Bakumon [Holy Ring]
Black Growmon [Stripes]
Black Megalo Growmon [Stripes]
Breakdramon [Knee-segment]
Chaos Dukemon [Gorgon]
Cherubimon [Holy Ring]
Dagomon [Trident] (Variant: Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngデジタルモンスタ」)
Dukemon [Aegis]
Fantomon [Cape][N 1]
Goddramon [Holy Ring]
Growmon/Growmon (Data) [Stripes]
Holy Angemon [Excalibur, Holy Ring, Ribbon, Heaven's Gate[N 2]]
Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode [Positron Laser]
Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode [Positron Laser]
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode [Positron Laser]
Khaosmon [Holy Ring]
Lilithmon [Nazar Nail]
Liollmon [Holy Ring]
Lucemon [Holy Rings]
Lucemon: Larva [Orbital cavity, Magic circle]
Kudamon/Kudamon (2006 anime) [Holy Cartridge]
[Holy Ring]
Marin Angemon [Holy Ring]
Megalo Growmon/Megalo Growmon (Data) [Stripes]
Minervamon X-Antibody [Shield]
Musyamon [Sword]
Parrotmon [Holy Rings]
Pidmon [Ribbon]
Plotmon [Holy Ring]
Rapidmon Armor [Holy Rings]
Sorcerimon [Cape][N 1]
Tailmon [Holy Ring]
Ultimate Khaosmon [Holy Ring]
Witchmon [Dress]
Wizarmon [Cape][N 1]

Digimon inscribed with other words or phrases
Digimon Digimoji Location
Agumon Hakase Dcde w.png — "D" (デ De) [Badge]
Betsumon [Ring]
Breakdramon Dcwa w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcni w.pngTest4a.pngDcgu w.png — "Warning" (ワーニング Wāningu) [Foot]
Bushi Agumon Dcde w.png — "D" (デ De) [Crest]
Craniummon X-Antibody Dcx r w.pngDce r w.pngDcv r w.pngDco r w.pngDcl r w.pngDcu r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "XEVOLUTION" [Shield]
Garudamon Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png — "Digimon" (デジモン Dejimon)

(Variant: Dcde w.pngDcgi w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png — 「デギモン」)[N 3]

[Shoulder and knee stripes]
Gerbemon 01 Dcde w.pngDcgi w.png — "01 Digi" (01デギ 01Degi) [Garbage can lid]
Holy Angemon Dche w.pngDcbu w.pngTest4a.pngDczu w.pngDcge w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcto w.png — "Heaven's Gate" (ヘブンズゲート Hebunzu Gēto)[N 2] [Heaven's Gate]
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode Dci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.pngDci r w.pngDcz r w.pngDce r w.png — "INITIALIZE" [Omega Blade]
Jesmon Dcf r w.pngDco r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcc r w.pngDce r w.pngDcd r w.png Dct r w2.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcm r w.pngDci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "FORCED TERMINATION" [Tail-blade]
Dci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.pngDci r w.pngDcz r w.pngDce r w.png — "INITIALIZE" [Blade on its left wrist]
Dco r w.pngDcv r w.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcw r w.pngDcr r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDce r w.png — "OVERWRITE" [Blade on its right wrist]
Dct r w2.pngDcr r w.pngDca r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcs r w.pngDcf r w.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.png — "TRANSFER" [Blade on its left leg]
Dcc r w.pngDco r w.pngDcm r w.pngDcp r w.pngDcr r w.pngDce r w.pngDcs r w.pngDcs r w.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "COMPRESSION" [Blade on its right leg]
Jesmon X-Antibody Dcf r w.pngDco r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcc r w.pngDce r w.pngDcd r w.png Dct r w2.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcm r w.pngDci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "FORCED TERMINATION" [Tail-blade]
Dci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.pngDci r w.pngDcz r w.pngDce r w.png — "INITIALIZE" [Blade on its left wrist]
Dco r w.pngDcv r w.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcw r w.pngDcr r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDce r w.png — "OVERWRITE" [Blade on its right wrist]
Khaosmon Dcka3 w.pngDco w.pngDcsu w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png — "Khaosmon" (カオスモン Kaosumon) [BAN-TYO Blade[N 4]]
Kongoumon Dcko w.pngTest4a.pngDcgo w.pngDcu w.png — "Kongou" (コンゴウ Kongou) [Breechcloth]
Metal Mamemon X-Antibody [Visor]
Omegamon Dco w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcde w.pngDcri w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcto w.png — "All Delete" (オールデリート Ōru Derīto) [Grey Sword]
Omegamon X-Antibody Dco w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcde w.pngDcri w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcto w.png — "All Delete" (オールデリート Ōru Derīto)[N 5] [Grey Sword]
Omegamon Zwart Dct r w2.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcm r w.pngDci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "TERMINATION" [Grey Sword]
Omegamon Zwart D Dct r w2.pngDce r w.pngDcr r w.pngDcm r w.pngDci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.png — "TERMINAT" [Grey Sword]
Omekamon Dco w.png — "O" (オ O) [Chest]
Plotmon [Collar]
Plotmon X-Antibody [Collar]
Rhinomon X-Antibody Dcx r w.pngDce r w.pngDcv r w.pngDco r w.pngDcl r w.pngDcu r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "XEVOLUTION"[2] [Blade-horn]
Seraphimon Dcsu w.pngDcbe w.pngDcte w.pngDcha w.pngDcwa w.pngDcre w.pngDcto w.pngDcto w.pngDcmo w.pngDcni w.png — "All shall be one with me" (全ては我と共に Subete wa Ware to Tomoni) [Breechcloth]
Silphymon Dca w.pngTest3.pngDczu w.png — "Eyes" (アイズ Aizu) [Holy Goggles]
Terriermon Joshu Dcde w.png — "D" (デ De) [Badge]
Thunderballmon X-Antibody [Wires]
Trailmon (C-89 Model) Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDce w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcsu w.pngDcpu w.pngDcre w.pngDcsu w.png — "Digital Express" (デジタルエクスプレス Dejitaru Ekusupuresu) [Cabin]
Tylomon Dcde w.pngDce w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcpu w.png2000 — "Deep 2000" (デエープ2000 Deīpu2000) [Horn]


Goatmon's gorget reads

Dcka3 w.pngDcri w.pngDcto w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcge w.pngDcwo w.pngDcmu w.pngDcsu w.pngDcbi w.pngDcto w.png
Dcni w.pngDcmu w.pngDcka3 w.pngTest3.pngDcshi w.pngDcma2.pngDcna w.pngDcko w.pngDcni w.pngDcwa w.pngDcre w.pngDcwo w.png

These lines are fragments of a quote from Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro which reads in full "When Light and Shadow are joined, set us in the eyes of the goat that faces the high sun." (光と影を結び時つぐる、高き日に向かいし山羊の眼に我を収めよ Hikari to kage wo musubi tokitsugeru, takaki nichi ni mukaishi yagi no manako ni ware wo osame yo)

Thus, on Goatmon they would read "Wh- / -ght and shadow are joined, / us in the eyes / that faces /"




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Prophecy stone digiletters.jpg

In episode 38, Gennai contacts Kōshirō via e-mail regarding how to defeat Vamdemon including an prophetic inscription found in ancient ruins with Digimoji present on it (in the form of a compressed file attachment), this is intended to be translated as:


Although in reality the stone actually depicts random Digimoji characters, on the stone, this would appear as:

Dcha w.pngDcji w.pngDcme w.pngDcni w.pngDcko w.pngDcu w.pngDcmo w.pngDcri w.pngDcno w.pngDcmu w.pngDcre w.pngDcga w.pngDcso w.pngDcra w.pngDcwo w.pngDco w.pngDco w.pngDctsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngDctsu w.pngDcdzu w.pngTest3.pngDcte w.pngDchi3 w.pngDcto w.pngDcbi w.pngDcto w.pngDcga w.pngDca w.pngTest4a.pngDcde w.pngDctsu w.pngDcdo w.pngDcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcno w.pngDco w.pngDcu w.pngDcno w.pngDcna w.pngDcwo w.pngDcto w.pngDcna w.pngDce w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcso w.pngDcshi w.pngDcte w.pngDcto w.pngDcki w.pngDca w.pngDcke w.pngDcmo w.pngDcno w.pngDcno w.pngDcsu w.pngDcu w.pngDcji w.pngDcwo w.pngDcki w.pngDcza w.pngTest4a.pngDcda w.pngDcto w.pngDcki w.pngDca w.pngTest4a.pngDcde w.pngDctsu w.pngDcdo w.pngDcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcno w.pngDco w.pngDcu w.pngDcha w.pngDcke w.pngDcmo w.pngDcno w.pngDcno w.pngDcshi w.pngDcyo w.pngDcu w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest3.pngDcwo w.pngDco w.pngDcra w.pngDcwa w.pngDcshi w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcte w.pngTest4a.pngDcshi w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcchi w.pngDcga w.pngDcso w.pngDcno w.pngDcma2.pngDcmo w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcbe w.pngDcki w.pngDchi3 w.pngDcto w.pngDcno w.pngDcmo w.pngDctsu w.pngDcto w.pngDcmo w.pngDca w.pngTest3.pngDcsu w.pngDcru2 w.pngDchi3 w.pngDcto w.pngDche w.pngDchi3 w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcri w.pngDcto w.pngDcki w.pngDcbo w.pngDcu w.pngDcno w.pngDcya w.pngDcwo w.pngDcha w.pngDcna w.pngDctsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcki w.pngDcse w.pngDcki w.pngDcha w.pngDco w.pngDcki w.pngDcta2 w.png

In episode 49, at the Numemon-enslaving factory led by Waru Monzaemon, there is a Digimoji inscription seen on each of the two domes which reads "Dcku2 w.pngDcri w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngTest4a.pngDce w.pngDcne w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcgi w.pngDcchouon2 w.png". This translates to "Clean Energy" (クリーンエネルギー).

Clean Energy.png

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Wanted sign in Starmon's Saloon

Digimoji can be seen on the Digital Analyzer. It can also be seen on the Holy Stones, reading "Digital Monster".

In episode 12, Sora asks Starmon whether or not he has seen Piyomon and in response to her description, Starmon brings up multiple wanted signs written in Digimoji.

ZT13 title2.jpg
Innsmouth sign digiletters.jpg

In the opening title of episode 13, a column of Digimoji appears displaying the following:

Dcfu w.pngTest4a.pngDcgu w.pngDcru2 w.pngTest3.png
Dcmu w.pngDcgu w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcu w.pngDcna w.pngDcfu w.png
Dcku2 w.pngDcto w.pngDcu w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcu w.png
Dcru2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngTest3.pngDce w.png
Dcu w.pngDcga w.pngDcfu w.pngDcna w.pngDcgu w.pngDcru2 w.png
Dcfu w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcgu w.pngTest4a.png

This translates to "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" (フングルイ ムグルウナフ クトゥルウ ルルイエ ウガフナグル フタグン), an occult phrase from H. P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu which means "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming". Later, when Hikari is alone, she walks past a sign that reads Test3.pngTest4a.pngDcsu w.pngDcma2.pngDcu w.pngDcsu w.png - "Innsmouth" (インスマウス), a fictional town in Cthulhu Mythos.

Chinese soup spring.jpg

Later, in episode 36, the children discover a spring that naturally gives forth soup, but fail to read the sign warning them not to drink it.

Test3.pngDczu w.pngDcmi w.png
Dcse w.pngTest3.pngDcna w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcchi w.pngDcyu w.pngDcu w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcna w.pngTest3.pngDczu w.pngDcmi w.pngDcno w.pngDcsu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcpu w.pngDcwo w.pngDcmu w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest4a.pngDcde w.png
Dcno w.pngDcmu w.pngDcko w.pngDcto w.pngDcwo w.pngDcki w.pngTest4a.pngDczu w.png
Dcmu w.pngDcda w.pngTest4a.pngDcde w.pngDcno w.pngTest4a.pngDcda w.pngDcmo w.pngDcno w.pngDcha w.pngDcba w.pngDctsu w.pngDcsu w.pngDcru2 w.png

The Digimoji translates to "中華スープの泉: 聖なる中華な泉のスープを無断で呑むことを禁ず無断で呑んだ者は罰する", so in English the sign would be read as "The Chinese Soup Spring: It is forbidden to drink the soup of the sacred Chinese Spring without permission and those who drink it without permission will be punished."

Diablomon Strikes Back[edit]

Digimon Tamers[edit]

Darc evolution digiletters.jpg
Zhuqiaomon digiletters name.jpg Takato new darc digiletters name.jpg
Darc digiletters.jpg

When the Tamers use their D-Arks to evolve their Digimon to the Adult level, Digimoji are displayed which reads: Dce w.pngDcbo w.pngDcri w.pngDcyu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcshi w.pngDco w.pngTest4a.png — "Evolution" (エボリューション Eboryūshion), but this is written in fragments - Dce w.pngDcbo w.pngDcri w.pngDcyu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcshi w.png followed by Dcchouon2 w.pngDcshi w.pngDco w.pngTest4a.png shown vertically to the left of the screen, hence they would translate as "Evoluti—" and "—tion" respectively. Also, during that moment, they are surrounded by a "cocoon" of Digimoji which repeatedly displays a random sequence of letters (Dca w.pngDcji w.pngDcke w.pngDcru2 w.pngTest3.pngDcbu w.pngDcge w.pngTest4a.pngDcri w.pngDcno w.pngDcfu w.png), reminiscent of movies with a cyberspace theme, in which random characters appear everywhere as well as flowing with the digital theme of Digimon Tamers.

In episode 33, Shaochung enters the Digital World and appears at the "Great Southern Gate" directly above an engraving in the ground which reads: Dcsu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDctsu w.pngDce w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png — "Zhuqiaomon" (スーツェーモン Sūtsēmon). However, unlike other Digimoji, this is displayed in the manner of how it would appear in Katakana, so it appears as:

Dcsu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDctsu w.png Dce w.png Dcchouon2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png.

In episode 35, Takato's D-Ark is destroyed as a result of Guilmon becoming Megidramon and he receives a new gold and white D-Ark in its place. This displays Digimoji on the golden outer rim of the screen which reads: Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcte w.pngTest3.pngDcma2.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDczu w.png — "Digimon Tamers" (デジモンテイマーズ Dejimon Teimāzu).

Bolgmon digimoji.gif

Digimon Frontier[edit]

In Episode 14, the following sequence of Digimoji is shown on the bottom-left corner of Bolgmon's display, repeating itself while charging up to attack Grottomon with Field Destroyer:
Dcsu w.pngDcgo w.pngTest3.pngDcyo w.pngDcchouon2 w.png
Dcde w.pngDcsu w.pngDcto w.pngDcro w.pngTest3.png
Dcya w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcda w.pngDczo w.pngDcu w.png
Dcfu w.pngTest3.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcdo w.png
Dcbo w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcgu w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png

Digital Monster X-evolution[edit]

Message dukemon to omegamon.png

After confronting War Greymon X, Omegamon is contacted by Dukemon via a video message written in Digimoji, this reads:

Digimoji Japanese Romanization Translation
Dcde w.pngDcyu w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcka3 w.pngDcra w.png
Dco w.pngDcme w.pngDcga w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDche w.pngDcno w.png
Dcho w.pngDctsu w.pngDcto w.pngDcra w.pngTest3.pngTest4a.png
Dca w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcse w.pngDcsu w.png
Dcko w.pngDcne w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcto w.pngDcblank.pngDco w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcke w.pngDcchouon2 w.png
コネクト オーケー
Dyūkumon kara
Omegamon he no
Konekuto Ōkē
From Dukemon
To Omegamon
Connect OK

Digimon Savers[edit]

Reference saversopening1 digiletters1.png

Digimoji is the official language of the Digital World[3].

It can be seen during Evolution sequences, Digital Dives and is also displayed on both DATS's computer screens and Thoma's handheld laptop.

In the first opening, during the scene where it shows various views of action at the DATS Headquarters, the following Digimoji are displayed on the top rows, along with lateral inversions on the bottom rows:

Dcd r w.pngDci r w.pngDcg r w.pngDci r w.pngDct r w2.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.png — "DIGITAL"
Dca r w.pngDcc r w.pngDcc r w.pngDci r w.pngDcd r w.pngDce r w.pngDcn r w.png — "ACCIDEN"
Dct r w2.pngDca r w.pngDcc r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDcc r w.pngDcs r w.png — "TACTICS"
Dcs r w.pngDcq2 r w.pngDcu r w.pngDca r w.pngDcd r w.png — "SQUAD"
Reference saversopening1 digiletters2.png

Also, during the scene where it displays the evolutions of the three main Digimon, the English Digimoji along the top of the screen displays the following:

Top 2 rows: Dcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDco r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDco r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcm r w.pngDca r w.pngDcc r w.pngDch r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDco r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcm r w.pngDci r w.pngDcr r w.pngDca r w.pngDcg r w.pngDce r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDco r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "GAOMON GAOGAMON MACHGAOGAMON MIRAGEGAOGAMON"
Top 2 rows: Dcl r w.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcs r w.pngDcu r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcf r w.pngDcl r w.pngDco r w.pngDcw r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcl r w.pngDci r w.pngDcl r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcr r w.pngDco r w.pngDcs r w.pngDce r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "LALAMON SUNFLOWMON LILAMON ROSEMON"
Top 2 rows: Dca r w.pngDcg r w.pngDcu r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcg r w.pngDce r w.pngDco r w.pngDcg r w.pngDcr r w.pngDce r w.pngDcy r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcr r w.pngDci r w.pngDcz r w.pngDce r w.pngDcg r w.pngDcr r w.pngDce r w.pngDcy r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcs r w.pngDch r w.pngDci r w.pngDcn r w.pngDce r w.pngDcg r w.pngDcg r w.pngDcr r w.pngDce r w.pngDcy r w.pngDcm r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.png — "AGUMON GEOGREYMON RIZEGREYMON SHINEGREYMON"
Bottom 2 rows for all three: Dcr r w.pngDco r w.pngDco r w.pngDck r w.pngDci r w.pngDce r w.pngDcc r w.pngDch r w.pngDca r w.pngDcm r w.pngDcp r w.pngDci r w.pngDco r w.pngDcn r w.pngDcu r w.pngDcl r w.pngDct r w2.pngDci r w.pngDcm r w.pngDca r w.pngDct r w2.pngDce r w.pngDcm r w.pngDce r w.pngDcg r w.pngDca r w.png — "ROOKIE CHAMPION ULTIMATE MEGA"
Digisoul Dojo sign

When Masaru and the others revisit Wanderer's Cape, they came across a mysterious building that had a sign with Digimoji on it, reading Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcso w.pngDcu w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcdo w.pngDcu w.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.pngDcu w.png — "Digisoul Dojo" (デジソウル道場, Dejisouru Dōjō). Similar signs reading "Digisoul" can be seen inside the dojo.

During a flashback of Kurata finding Belphemon's Digitama inside a chest sealed by a sheet written Digimoji, which lay hidden within ancient ruins in the Digital World. These Digimoji read:

Dca w.pngDcke w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcna w.png — "Do not open" 「開けるな Akeru na」.

There were also Digimoji on the wall outside this chest, but it was merely a table of the entire Digimon alphabet, arranged in Japanese yokogaki.

Belphemon temple digimoji.png Belphemon chest digimoji.png DS47 Yggdrasil.jpg

When Yggdrasill went berserk and began calling itself the "WIZ9000 Computer", random sequences of Digimoji appeared on its facial display.

In "Agumon! Gaomon! Lalamon! Explosion! The Off-screen Last Battle!", Gaomon states that both he and Thoma are fluent in Digimoji, which is one of the 170-plus languages that they have mastered. When watching clips of their previous battles, Gaomon reads the Digimoji on the Digisoul Dojo sign. Agumon is shocked that Gaomon understands it, and the latter is surprised by the former's illiteracy despite being a Digimon.

Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!![edit]
Algomon digiletters.jpg

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]


Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Digimon Next[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]


When Dark Knightmon constrains Nene using a Blossomon and tortures her in attempt to separate her from Shademon, several ofuda are attached and have Digimoji displayed on them. The first two ofuda that appear read Dca w.pngDcto w.pngDcri w.pngDce w.png (アトリエ Atorie) and Dcho w.pngDcshi w.pngTest3.pngDcyo w.png (ほしいよ Hoshii yo), which together translate as "I want Atelier!". The reference to the Atelier series is most likely due to the fact that Kosugi Jyurohta, Dark Knightmon's voice actor in the anime, has provided his voice to several titles, most notably as Sterkenburg Cranach, who is a supporting character in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, Atelier Totori: The Alchemist of Arland 2 and Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3.

The Digimoji written on the other ofuda (displayed below) also reflect this, as these translate as the names of the main protagonists of the aforementioned games in addition to other female characters that appear in those games.

Digimoji Japanese Translation Atelier Character Location
Dcro w.pngDcro w.pngDcna w.png
Dcto w.pngDcto w.pngDcri w.png
Dcme w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcru2 w.png
Rororina Fryxell
Totooria Helmold
Merurulince Rede Arls
Left arm
Dctsu w.pngDce w.pngDctsu w.pngTest3.png
Dcmi w.pngDcmi w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest4a.png
Dcke w.pngTest3.pngDcto w.png
Kae and
Cecilia Helmold
Mimi Houllier von Schwarzlang
Kaena Swaya
Dcku2 w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcde w.png
Dcri w.pngDco w.pngDcne w.pngDcra w.png
Dcpa w.pngDcme w.pngDcra w.png
Cuderia von Feuerbach
Lionela Heinze
Pamela Ibis
Right arm

Finally, four different words appear during the end of the torture. The Digimoji for these read Dca w.pngTest3.pngDcsu w.png (アイス Aisu), Dcta2 w.pngDcbe w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest3.png (食べたい Tabetai), Dco w.pngDcna w.pngDcka3 w.png (お腹 Onaka) and Dche w.pngDctsu w.pngDcta2 w.png (減った Hetta), which translate collectively as "I want to eat some ice cream, I'm hungry"[4].

Wizarmon's spell

Wizarmon casts a spell using Digimoji that disguises the Xros Heart members as humans and animals. The spell reads Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngDcji w.pngDcha w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest3.pngDcte w.pngTest3.pngDca w.pngDcshi w.pngDcsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngTest4a.pngDcto w.pngDcsa w.pngTest4a.pngDcni w.pngDcte w.pngDcki w.pngDcto w.pngDcu w.pngDcna w.pngDcko w.pngDcto w.pngDcwo w.pngDcka3 w.pngTest3.pngDcte w.pngDcmo w.pngDcra w.pngDctsu w.pngDcte w.pngTest3.pngDcma2.pngDcsu w.png (デジ文字は大抵アシスタントさんに適当な事を書いて貰っています Dejimoji ha taitei Ashisutanto-san ni tekitouna-koto wo kaite moratte imasu), translating as "Digimoji were something mostly appropriate written down for me by Ms. Assistant."[5]

In order to counterattack Shoutmon X7, Lilithmon casts a magic circle. Part of the inner circle has Digimoji reading Dce w.pngDcro w.pngTest3.pngDcmu w.pngDce w.pngDctsu w.pngDcsa w.pngTest3.pngDcmu w.pngDcwa w.pngDcre w.pngDcha w.pngDcmo w.pngDcto w.pngDcme w.pngDcu w.pngDctsu w.pngDcta2 w.pngDce w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcri w.png (エロイムエッサイム、我は求め訴えたり Eroimu Essaimu, ware ha motome uttaetari; lit. "Eloim, Essaim", I seek and beseech thee"), which itself is a translation of the black magic incantation "Eloim, Essaim, frugativi et appellavi", found in the grimoire La Poule Noire and popularized in Japan by the manga series Akuma-kun.[6]

In a flashback of how Bagramon came to be, he is shown in front of the remains of Yggdrasill, the tree of information. There were various Digimoji-inscribed stone pillars within the vicinity; the one directly in front of Bagramon read:

Digimoji Probable Japanese transcription Romanization
Dcko w.pngTest4a.pngDcna w.pngDcto w.pngDcko w.pngDcyo w.pngDcmu w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcra w.pngTest3.pngDcna w.pngDcra w.pngDcna w.png
Dce w.pngTest3.pngTest4a.pngDcgo w.pngDcwo w.pngDco w.pngDcbo w.pngDce w.pngDcna w.pngDcsa w.pngTest3.png
Dcko w.pngDcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.pngDcmo w.pngDcji w.pngDcga w.pngDcyo w.pngDcme w.png
Dcru2 w.pngDcna w.pngDcra w.pngDce w.pngTest3.pngDcgo w.pngDcda w.pngDctsu w.pngDcte w.pngDcyo w.pngDcme w.pngDcru2 w.png
Dczu w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcshi w.pngTest3.pngDcka3 w.pngTest4a.pngDcji w.pngDcda w.pngDctsu w.pngDcte w.pngDcyo w.pngDcme w.pngDcru2 w.png
Dcbu w.pngTest4a.pngDcga w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcda w.pngDctsu w.pngDcte w.pngDcyo w.pngDcme w.pngDcchi w.pngDcya w.pngDcu w.pngDcyo w.png
Dcha w.pngDcna w.pngDcshi w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcwa w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcke w.pngDcdo w.pngDco w.pngDcna w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcsu w.png
Test3.pngDcta2 w.pngDcna w.pngDcni w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcbe w.pngDcmo w.pngDcno w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcda w.png
Dcsa w.pngTest3.pngDcna w.pngDcni w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcno w.pngDcmi w.pngDcmo w.pngDcno w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcda w.png
Dco w.pngDcka3 w.pngDcne w.pngDcha w.pngDcwa w.pngDcna w.pngTest3.pngDcke w.pngDcdo w.png
Dcdo w.pngDcu w.pngDcmo w.pngDcri w.pngDcgo w.png
Konna toko yomu kurainara na
eitango wo oboenasai
Kono Dejimon-moji ga yome-
ru nara eigo datte yomeru
muzukashii kanji datte yomeru
bungaku datte yomechau yo
Hanashikawaru kedo onaka su-
ita nanika tabemono kuda-
sai nanika nomimono kudasai
okane hawanai kedo
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Digimon Tamers: Battle Evolution[edit]

Digimon Savers: Another Mission[edit]

Seal demon dsam.png
Seal DSAM2.png

The seal containing Lucemon displays N, S, E, and W (Dcn r w.png, Dcs r w.png, Dce r w.png and Dcw r w.png respectively) at the cardinal points, "DARKNESS" (Dcd r w.pngDca r w.pngDcr r w.pngDck r w.pngDcn r w.pngDce r w.pngDcs r w.pngDcs r w.png) clockwise along the outer circle, "SEAL" (Dcs r w.pngDce r w.pngDca r w.pngDcl r w.png) to the left, right, top, and bottom of the "octagon" formed within the central circle, and a Digital Hazard symbol in the middle, depicted similar to the diagram (right). Each time when Kagura uses the Seven Great Demon Lords' Code Keys to unlock the seal, Digimoji newly appear in vertical segments highlighted in red, but these are just random letters (ex: "r", "t", "h", "e", "l").

It also appears during evolution, however this is merely random sequencing of letters, for example "dfslkfghh" (Dcd r w.pngDcf r w.pngDcs r w.pngDcl r w.pngDck r w.pngDcf r w.pngDcg r w.pngDch r w.pngDch r w.png). Lalamon's Special Move "Sing-a-Song" displays characters which include "sa", "ya", "su", "gi", "ra", "ri", "go", "ku", and "mu".

The Code Keys themselves also include Digimoji displayed in the format as depicted below:

Lucemon: Falldown Mode
Digimoji Translation
Back of Code Key

Digimon Story[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize & Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Digimon Fortune[edit]

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]


During Joggress Evolution:

Dcji w.pngDcyo w.pngDcgu w.pngDcre w.pngDcsu w.png Dcshi w.pngTest4a.pngDcka3 w.png - Jogress Evolution

During Evolution, De-Evolution, Armor Evolution & Mode Change:

Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcmo w.pngTest4a.png Dcshi w.pngTest4a.pngDcka3 w.png - Digimon Evolution

After meeting Yuugo's ghost:

"Dcki w.pngDco w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcno w.pngDcda w.pngTest4a.pngDcpe w.pngTest4a.png" has been inscribed."
"Fragments of Memory" has been inscribed."
Chapter 4[edit]

Said by Yuugo's ghost right before the Eater boss fight:

"Dcbo w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcwo w.pngDcha w.pngDcya w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcmi w.pngDctsu w.pngDcke w.pngDcte w.png"
"Find me as soon as possible."

Subquest - Said by "Baku/Clockmon":

"Dcki w.pngDco w.pngDcku2 w.png, Dcku2 w.pngDcu w.png-Dcku2 w.pngDcwa w.pngDcse w.pngDcro w.png-Dcki w.pngDco w.pngDcku2 w.png-"
"Memory, eat-should we eat?-Memory-
"Dcta2 w.pngDcbe w.pngDcru2 w.png-Dcki w.pngDco w.pngDcku2 w.png-Dco w.pngDcma2.pngDce w.png-Dcki w.pngDco w.pngDcku2 w.png-Dcku2 w.pngDcwa w.pngDcse w.pngDcro w.png"
"Eat-Memory-You-Memory-Should we eat?"
Chapter 12[edit]

Said by "Raven-Haired Boy!?":

"Dcki w.pngDcmi w.pngDcha w.pngDcda w.pngDcre w.png Dcbo w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcha w.pngDcda w.pngDcre w.png Dcda w.pngDcre w.pngDcha w.pngDcda w.pngDcre w.png Dcki w.pngDcmi w.pngDcno w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcme w.png Dcbo w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcno w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcme w.png Dcda w.pngDcre w.pngDcno w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcme w.png Dcda w.pngDcre w.pngDcda w.pngDcre w.pngDcda w.pngDcre w.png"
"Who are you? Who am I? Who? Who? For you? For me? For whom? Who? Who? Who?"
"Dcbo w.pngDcku2 w.pngDcto w.png Dca w.pngDcso w.pngDcbo w.pngDcu w.png"
"Play with me"
Chapter 14[edit]

The Ebemon Boss in "Makoto Yamashina's Memory" has four special moves written in Digimoji:

  • Dcna w.pngDco w.pngDcsu w.png - Cure
  • Dche w.pngTest4a.pngDcshi w.pngTest4a.png - Reply
  • Dcmo w.pngDcdo w.pngDcsu w.png - Return
  • Dca w.pngDcso w.pngDcbu w.png - Play
Chapter 19[edit]

Written on the symbol that transports you to the Digital World:

Dcde w.pngDcji w.pngDcta2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcwa w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcru2 w.pngDcdo w.png
Digital World
Chapter 20[edit]

Said by Yggdrasil_7D6:

"Dcshi w.pngTest4a.pngDcko w.pngDcgu w.pngDcna w.png Dce w.pngDcra w.pngDcchouon2 w.pngDcga w.png Dcha w.pngDctsu w.pngDcse w.pngTest3.png Dcke w.pngTest4a.pngDcsa w.pngDcgu w.png Dcha w.pngDctsu w.pngDcke w.pngTest4a.png Dcta2 w.pngDcda w.pngDcchi w.pngDcni w.pngDcha w.pngTest3.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.png Dcsu w.pngDcru2 w.png"
"Error, foreign objects must be eliminated immediately."
"Dcha w.pngTest3.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.png Dcha w.pngTest3.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.png Dcha w.pngTest3.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.png Dcha w.pngTest3.pngDcji w.pngDcyo w.png"
"Remove remove remove remove"

Said by Yuugo's Memory Fragments:

"Dcko w.pngDcko w.pngDcni w.png Test3.pngDcru2 w.pngDcyo w.png"
"I'm here"

Digimon World -next 0rder-[edit]

Digimon Linkz[edit]

Other Merchandise[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
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