Yggdrasill (Savers)

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Kanji/Kana イグドラシル
Dub Name King Drasil
Voice Actor Japanese Fukami Rika (深見 理佳)
English Jonathan David Cook

Yggdrasill is a character in Digimon Savers who primarily acts as an antagonist.


The portrayal of Yggdrasill in Digimon Savers is similar to how it was depicted in Digital Monster X-Evolution, however, there are subtle differences. Once again, Yggdrasill's primary function is to oversee the activities of the Digital World, being represented by a orb of light, making it appear as an omnipotent and omnipresent entity or "God" as such.

Also, like before, Yggdrasill is once again protected by and has command over the Royal Knights. Unlike X-Evolution, Yggdrasill assumes its residence in the form of a gigantic tree, a reference to the "World Tree" 「世界樹 Sekaiju」 in Norse mythology, with optical fibers for roots. Also, it is summoned through the use of crystals that are located in a main chamber deep within the tree. Small versions and copies of these can also reflect attacks inflicted on them.



Digimon Savers[edit]

Yggdrasill is first mentioned by Mercurymon, who during the time of the Digital World Exploration, told of its existence to Daimon Suguru in attempt to form a peace between Digimon and humans. Suguru goes on a long quest to find Yggdrasill. Ten years later, it seemed that Suguru had found Yggdrasill with the aid of Bancho Leomon, only to be shocked at the news of Mercurymon's deletion at the hands of Gizmon: XT through Kurata Akihiro. This incident convinced Yggdrasill that humans are a threat to Digimon, ordering the Royal Knights to seize Suguru. Yggdrasill takes over his weakened body as a vessel. After the defeat of Belphemon Rage Mode in the human world, Yggdrasill decides to destroy the Human World by dispatching the Royal Knights after Kurata's use of the space-time oscillation bombs causes the Digital World on the verge of colliding with the Human World, due to the space-time wall collapsing.

Masaru and the others travelled to the Digital World to discover the truth of what his "father" had become, Daimon Masaru fought him until Bancho Leomon arrived and revealed the story about his link with Suguru before sacrificing his life for Shine Greymon to take out Yggdrasill, still in Suguru's body. After the tree is completely engulfed in flames, Yggdrasill emerges as its new form.

In this partiticular form, it has the ability to regenerate itself, and control vine-like wires to attack. In DS47, it began calling itself the "WIZ9000 Computer" (WIZ9000型コンピューター, WIZ Kyūnen-gata Konpyūtā). It was intentionally created to ovesee the Digimon evolution. This ended in failure because the humans interfered, hence the existence of DigiSoul and its manipulation, and as a final consequence it will execute a program based on Error 401, which refers to unautorization of access, and reset the computer systems. After Agumon underwent a pseudo evolution, he charged through Yggdrasill, forming a large hole. After this form of Yggdrasill was destroyed, a second form emerges in the appearance of a crystalline figure. Masaru punched it in the face shattering it completely. Yggdrasill was defeated by their combined efforts. After which, Yggdrasill decides to lay itself to rest and watch over everybody. It later restored Suguru's body back

Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers
Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers Yggdrasill from Digimon Savers


Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

His confrontation against Daimon Masaru and Shine Greymon can be seen during Bagramon's flashback.

Vídeo Games[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

Gankoomon states it works for Yggdrasill.