Bancho Leomon (Savers)

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Bancho Leomon
Bancho Leomon
Kanji/Kana バンチョーレオモン
Dub Name BanchoLeomon
Human Partner Daimon Suguru
Voice Actor Japanese Takemoto Eiji (竹本 英史)
English Wally Wingert

Bancho Leomon is the Partner Digimon of Daimon Suguru in Digimon Savers.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child ?
Adult ?
Perfect ?
Ultimate Bancho Leomon
Bancho Leomon: Burst Mode




Digimon Savers[edit]

The DATS team first meet Bancho Leomon upon their return to the Digital World to chase down Kurata Akihiro. He defeats an entire group of Gizmon: XT and then tells the team that they need more power. They later meet up with him again when they go to the cape to search for clues to finding Daimon Suguru. He trains them to use the power of the Ultimate Digisoul, causing their Digivice iC units to transform into Digivice Burst and allowing their Digimon to evolve to Ultimate.

Upon their return to the Real World following El Doradimon, he shows up again, giving Daimon Masaru advice on Burst Mode (and not to use it). However, when Masaru accidentally corrupts Shine Greymon, reverting him to a Digitama, Bancho Leomon chastizes him and leaves. He later appears again to watch the battle with Belphemon: Rage Mode, congratulating Masaru when Burst Evolution is successful. However, the battle ends with the Digital World and Human World ready to collide. Using his Digisoul, Bancho Leomon encases himself in an amber crystalline substance to hold the two worlds apart.

In a flashback shown in "Shock! The Truth About Bancho Leomon", Daimon Suguru first encountered Bancho Leomon while on his quest for Yggdrasill. He became friends with him and later evolved him to his Burst Mode when confronting Craniummon. Yggdrasill appeared and Suguru was imprisoned. When the other Royal Knights surrounded Suguru before his torture, Bancho Leomon intervened punched Suguru and Suguru's soul was transferred to Bancho Leomon discretely in order to trick Yggdrasill, leaving Yggdrasill to use his body. He sacrificed his life in order for Shine Greymon to take out Yggdrasill.

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