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Digisoul (デジソウル Dejisouru; Dub: Digimon Natural Ability, abbreviated D.N.A.[1][N 1]/DigiSoul[3]) is an energy manifestation of a human or Digimon's emotions in Digimon Savers and Digimon Next. It can be used to empower Digimon, including to induce evolution.


Digimon Savers[edit]

Human Emotion[edit]

The "power of emotions" is exclusive to humans, and Digimon are incapable of it by themselves.[4] Digimon are easily influenced by the human emotions and desires,[5][6] or even by residue of past emotion.[7] The allure of human emotions is what draws Digimon to the Real World.[8]

The character of the human's particular emotion shapes the nature of their subsequent behavior.

  • The seven emotions of desire which sway humans toward evil—wrath, greed, gluttony, lust, envy, pride, and sloth—have a negative effect on a Digimon's behavior and influence them toward acting violently.[5][8]
  • There are other emotions of desire, such as a genuine will to protect others, which are considered pure and result in significant, positive power.[8]
  • The will to live is the strongest human emotion, and it generates a power that is pure and invincible.[6]

Digimon also draw power from human emotions, positive and negative alike, and this power can enable them to evolve.[9]


Thoma H. Norstein invokes his Digisoul to evolve Gaomon.

Digisoul is, in essence, the power of an individual's emotions,[8] which can give individuals infinite potential.[4]

Digisoul typically visually/physically manifests as a distinctive aura of glowing, pixelated light that flickers like flames; in small quantities, it tends to manifest around one of the user's hands,[10] but more significant quantities of Digisoul manifest around their entire body, especially when uncontrolled.[11] When an individual is manifesting and controlling their Digisoul, it also appears to have the side effect of increasing their physical strength to levels beyond their usual limits, allowing them to, for instance, shatter the ground[12] or destroy machinery[13] with a punch.

Most DATS operatives and other Tamers are able to invoke their Digisoul to manifest at will as they need it (for example, Thoma H. Norstein snaps his fingers to invoke it[14]). Daimon Masaru is considered a rare exception, as usually, the only way that he is able to invoke his Digisoul is by punching a Digimon or a Bio-Hybrid, at which point it automatically ignites.[15] This is regarded as a weakness, as it makes him unable to evolve Agumon in situations where he is, for whatever reason, unable to land a punch.[14]

Compatibility between a Digimon and the Digisoul of a human is an important factor. Since regulations require that all Digitamas which appear in the Real World must be paired with a partner when they hatch, DATS routinely scouts for potential operatives who have Digisouls that are compatible with said Digitamas. They have a medical procedure for testing individuals for the presence of a Digisoul, which entails the use of a syringe.[5]

An individual's Digisoul appears to in some manner express distinctive sensory stimuli depending on the individual, which others can perceive and even recognize as familiar. For example, Masaru has described his Digisoul as a "hot feeling, like 'boom!'"ブァーって熱い感じ」,[16] and those who have observed both him and Daimon Suguru in action, such as Mercurymon[17] and Baromon (who describes their Digisouls as being the same),[12] have described their Digisouls with metaphors of fire, heat and burning. Likewise, Digisouls can express the user's personality and state of mind; for example, Mercurymon has described Suguru's Digisoul as expressing the absolute, unwavering conviction of his soul, such that being punched by Suguru caused his own conviction to falter.[17]

Digisoul is driven by one's emotions and therefore fueled by intense, passionate emotion (or, as Suguru describes it, "burning one's Digisoul"デジソウルを燃やせ[る]」 and "combusting one's passionate feelings"熱い思いを爆発させる[18]). Significant moments of emotional growth and catharsis can trigger the ability to tap into greater quantities of Digisoul.[11] However, emotion alone is not sufficient. The ability to control one's Digisoul is an important factor, especially for using it to evolve one's partner Digimon to higher Evolution Stages. It is controlled by one's strength of will, through which one channels and focuses all of it toward one's purpose.[8]

Although human Digisouls are the most frequent subject of focus, Digimon also possess Digisouls and can make use of them.[19][6] It has been observed that when a human is using their Digisoul to invoke their partner Digimon's evolution, the Digimon's own Digisoul is charged up.[10]

In Savers, Digisoul has a different color depending on the individual. The default color appears to be yellow,[13] while certain characters, primarily those who partner with Digimon, have personalized colors:

Owner Color Episode Notes
Daimon Masaru Orange "I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Strikes" Same color as the other members of the Daimon family. Has been described as having the same Digisoul as Daimon Suguru.[12]
Fujieda Yoshino Pink "Burn, Digisoul of Anger, The Flymon Hidden in Darkness"
Thoma H. Norstein Blue "Genius Thoma has Returned! Beat Meramon"
Noguchi Ikuto Lavender "Digimon Boy Ikuto, The Forest Keeper Jyureimon"
Yushima Hiroshi Mint green "The DATS Team is Annihilated?! The Clash with Mercurymon"
Kurosaki Miki Dark purple "Great Panic in the Human World, The Digimon Army Advances"
Shirakawa Megumi Ivory "Great Panic in the Human World, The Digimon Army Advances"
Daimon Suguru Orange "Smash Kurata's Ambition, Yatagaramon takes Flight" Same color as the other members of the Daimon family. Has been described as having the same Digisoul as Masaru.[12]
Satsuma Rentarou Blood orange "Pursue Kurata, The Digimon Extermination Scheme Begins!"
Kouki Purple "Pursue Kurata, The Digimon Extermination Scheme Begins!" Same color as the other Bio-Hybrids.
Nanami Purple "Pursue Kurata, The Digimon Extermination Scheme Begins!" Same color as the other Bio-Hybrids. After defeat and ceasing to be a Bio-Hybrid, manifests as the default yellow.[13]
Ivan Purple "Pursue Kurata, The Digimon Extermination Scheme Begins!" Same color as the other Bio-Hybrids. After defeat and ceasing to be a Bio-Hybrid, manifests as the default yellow.[13]
Daimon Chika Orange "The Perfect Ending! Farewell, Leader of Fights" Same color as the other members of the Daimon family.
Daimon Sayuri Orange "The Perfect Ending! Farewell, Leader of Fights" Same color as the other members of the Daimon family.
Relena Norstein Pale blue "The Perfect Ending! Farewell, Leader of Fights"
Noguchi Ruka Lavender "The Perfect Ending! Farewell, Leader of Fights" Same color as Ikuto.
Katsura Kosaburou Green Digimon Savers: Another Mission
Kagura Yuma (TBA) Digimon Savers: Another Mission

Uses of Digisoul[edit]

  • When channeled into a Digivice iC or Digivice Burst:
    • Evolving a Child Digimon into an Adult Digimon, using some Digisoul[10][20]
    • Perfect Evolving a Child or Adult Digimon into a Perfect Digimon, using a "full charge" of Digisoul[11]
    • Ultimate Evolving a Child Digimon into an Ultimate Digimon, using an "overdrive" of ultimate Digisoul[21]
    • Burst Evolving an Ultimate Digimon into its Burst Mode form, using the "strongest Digisoul" (Digivice Burst only)[22]
  • If not adequately controlled, directly conferring immense power upon the Digimon,[23] with the potential to destroy one's Digivice iC[24]
  • When unleashed, causing physical destruction to anything with which it makes contact[8]
  • Evolving a broken Digivice iC into a Digivice Burst, by channelling Ultimate Digisoul into it[8]
  • Enhancing its user's physical strength when invoked[12]
  • Forming a protective barrier around the individual that cushions blasts of energy[18]
  • Installing new attack techniques in a partner Digimon[25]

Types of Digisoul[edit]

Digimon Savers:

  • Ultimate Digisoul (究極のデジソウル Kyūkyoku no dejisouru)
    A Digisoul generated by the virtuous desire to protect others, that is being effectively controlled and channeled by the individual. This Digisoul can evolve Digivice iCs into Digivices Burst, and Ultimate Evolve their partner Digimon into an Ultimate Digimon. Unlike other Digisouls, it manifests as a thin, persistent and stable aura of light.[8]
  • "The strongest Digisoul" (最強のデジソウル Saikyo no dejisouru)
    A Digisoul which is generated by the synchronization of the wills and feelings of a human and their Digimon. When mastered, it enables its user to Burst Evolve their partner Digimon into their Burst Mode form. It confers supreme power that surpasses the Ultimate level upon the Digimon, but it is a double-edged sword, in that if used improperly, such as being fuelled by impure emotions like hatred, the user will be utterly unable to control it and its power will consume them.[26][27][22]
  • Artificial Digisoul (人工デジソウル Jinzō dejisouru)
    A synthetic form of Digisoul developed by Professor Kurata Akihiro for use with his Dark Digivice. It can trigger the pseudo-evolution of Gizmon: AT into Gizmon: XT. It is purple in color.[28]
Fujieda Yoshino, Thoma H. Norstein and Daimon Masaru manifesting their ultimate Digisouls.
The "strongest Digisoul" emanating from Daimon Masaru's Digivice Burst.
Kurata Akihiro releasing artificial Digisoul.

Digimon Next:

  • Dark Digisoul (ダークデジソウル Dāku dejisouru)
    A form of Digisoul that is is fueled by intense negative emotions, such as hatred, anguish and jealousy; it is comparable to the dark energy, formed by such emotions that drift from the Real World to the Dark Area, that fills the Dark Area. If used, it contaminates its users and lingers in their system for some time, but can be rectified with medical treatment.[29] A Digimon who is evolved using it is powerful, but if the Dark Digisoul is not adequately controlled, they become extremely vicious.[30]



Digimon Savers[edit]

Daimon Masaru discovers his Digisoul by punching Cockatrimon.

Professor Daimon Suguru is the first human known to have demonstrated the ability to harness Digisoul. During his decade stranded in the Digital World, he demonstrates his high proficiency in its use in a variety of applications, ranging from fighting Digimon himself,"Smash Kurata's Ambition, Yatagaramon takes Flight" to physically smashing open a water table in order to flood a basin and save El Doradimon,[12] to Burst Evolving his partner Digimon, Bancho Leomon, into Bancho Leomon: Burst Mode.[4]

Operatives of the Digital Accident Tactics Squad are able to use their Digisoul with their Digivice iCs to evolve their partner Digimon. DATS commander Satsuma Rentarou in particular is capable of using his Digisoul to Ultimate Evolve his partner, Kudamon, into his true form: Sleipmon of the Royal Knights.[31] Agents are scouted based on the criteria of having Digisoul compatible with a Digitama that has entered the Real World.[5] Independently of this, in the Digital World, Noguchi Ikuto also becomes able to use his Digisoul to evolve Falcomon into Peckmon.[32]

Daimon Masaru accidentally discovers his ability to use Digisoul when he attempts to fight a Cockatrimon that realizes in Tokyo. When he punches it, to his surprise, his Digisoul manifests. At the sight of this, Yushima Hiroshi approaches him and gives him a Digivice iC, and instructs him on charging his Digisoul into it in order to awaken Agumon and evolve him into Geo Greymon.[10] Masaru subsequently learns that he cannot invoke his Digisoul unless he punches a Digimon first,[16] so doing so becomes his first act in battles going forward.

Around the time that Masaru meets Agumon and joins DATS, Tokyo is experience a wave of more frequent Digimon realizations, as Digimon are being lured to the Real World by human emotions, particularly the seven desires of evil, and are being both influenced and empowered by them.[5][8] Examples include the Keramon/Chrysalimon that attempts to fulfill Hanamura Neon's desire for career success,[9] the Togemon that is influenced by Tsubasa Manami to sabotage her father's boxing opponents,[33] and the Evilmon and Pico Devimons that fulfill the avarice of Shiratori Tasuke.[34]

When a Digitama appears in the Daimon family's back yard, it immediately becomes of interest to DATS due to its protocols concerning realized Digitamas. Once it hatches into Puwamon, Thoma H. Norstein begins planning ways to protect him from human emotional influence, but instead he bonds with Daimon Chika. When he evolves into Piyomon after Falcomon's attack, it is speculated that Chika caused him to evolve and therefore has a compatible Digisoul, so Satsuma orders that she be tested. However, both Masaru and Daimon Sayuri are opposed to Chika being consripted into DATS, leading to a situation where the two must be separated so that Piyomon can be reverted into a Digitama and returned to the Digital World.[5]

Subsequent to this, when Piyomon is driven mad, evolves into Garudamon and rampages in Tokyo, Masaru is forced to confront his failure to protect his family from Garudamon. His desire to become strong enough to protect others from emotional pain triggers a moment of catharsis that unlocks his ability to use a "full charge" of Digisoul to Perfect Evolve Geo Greymon into Rize Greymon.[11] Later, when the trio enters the Digital World on a mission, Thoma and Fujieda Yoshino experience similar moments of catharsis when their encounters with Metal Fantomon and Mammon cause them to relive past trauma and also gain the ability to Perfect Evolve their Digimon,[35][36] as does Ikuto when Kurata Akihiro's Gizmon XT kills Mercurymon.[28]

As part of his plan to exterminate Digimon, Kurata develops artificial Digisoul for use on his Gizmon ATs.[28]

The three Bio-Hybrids, Kouki, Nanami and Ivan also use purple-colored Digisoul of their own to Hyper Bio Evolve and Hyper Bio Extra Evolve into their Digimon forms.[37][38] Masaru's own Digisoul is inadvertently how he learns that they are Bio-Hybrids: when he attempts to fist-fight Kouki, he is shocked to see that his Digisoul triggers, indicating that he is actually a Digimon.[37]

During a battle with the Bio-Hybrids in the Digital World, Masaru, Thoma and Yoshino manifest immensely powerful, uncontrolled Digisouls out of their desperation to save Jyureimon from the three's attacks. This confers a significant temporary power-up upon their partner Digimon, speculated by Thoma to be Ultimate-class power, and causes Digisoul specters of their respective Ultimate forms to manifest above the Digimon. With this power they are able to defeat the Bio-Hybrids and force them to retreat, but their Digivices are totally unable to handle the strain of the Digisouls, and are broken beyond repair.[24]

They subsequently encounter Bancho Leomon, who locks them in his dojo and subjects them to training to control their Digisouls, refusing to let them out until they succeed. The test is to completely destroy three training dummies, which can only be accomplished by sufficiently focused and powerful Digisoul, not brute force or an unfocused Digisoul. Although they struggle to do so, when the Bio-Hybrids return and threaten to kill their partner Digimon, Masaru's anger causes him to once again manifest an extremely powerful Digisoul which, following Bancho Leomon's directions about control, he channels into his desire to save Agumon and thus manifests his ultimate Digisoul. Thoma and Yoshino do likewise, and at Bancho Leomon's direction, they input their ultimate Digisouls into their Digivices, transforming them into Digivices Burst. Masaru unleashes his Digisoul to destroy both the dummies and the dojo, and the group emerges to face the Bio-Hybrids and Ultimate Evolves their partner Digimon into their Ultimate forms for the first time.[8] Ikuto later gains the ability to do likewise during the final fight against Kurata and Belphemon, when he stands up to Kurata and reflects on the importance of his friends and what the loved ones in his life have taught him.[21]

When Thoma betrays the DATS team and aligns himself with Kurata, Masaru is so overcome with rage that he manifests an extremely powerful, sinister Digisoul that inadvertently triggers a misuse of Burst Mode that Dark Evolves Shine Greymon into Shine Greymon: Ruin Mode. Shine Greymon is unable to control its power and runs wild until Masaru's tears cause him to revert into a Digitama.[27]

In the final moments of the battle against Belphemon, when the tide turns against them, Masaru and Shine Greymon experience a moment in which their desires to defeat Belphemon and save their friends synchronize with each other, yielding the "strongest Digisoul" that enables Shine Greymon to Burst Evolve correctly into Shine Greymon: Burst Mode. When Shine Greymon delivers the final blow to Belphemon, Masaru also delivers a Digisoul-fueled punch to Kurata's face, triggering a blast of Digisoul that tears through Belphemon's body.[22]

Bancho Leomon unleashes his Digisoul to hold back the Digital World.

When Yggdrasill triggers the collapse of the Digital World onto the Real World, Bancho Leomon unleashes all of his Digisoul and uses it to hold the Digital World back. His Digisoul petrifies into a massive stone support, with Bancho Leomon still inside it, to hold the Digital World in place while the DATS team seeks out Yggdrasill in the Digital World.[19]

During their battles with the Royal Knights in the Real World, the rest of Masaru's team also learns to use their "strongest Digisouls" to trigger Burst Evolution. Thoma gains the ability due to his both determination to protect his family, Relena Norstein and Franz Norstein, from Lord Knightmon, and due to him and his father coming to an understanding for the first time in years.[39] Yoshino and Ikuto both gain the ability during their battle to protect the Daimon family and a group of refugee baby Digimon from Duftmon; this also causes Ikuto's Digivice iC to evolve into a Digivice Burst.[40]

During the Duftmon encounter and a subsequent encounter with Craniummon, Chika inadvertently uses her Digisoul to evolve Piyomon into Garudamon again, twice.[40][18]

When Masaru travels to Yggdrasill's tree to confront Yggdrasill, who has possessed Suguru's body, the words of his father in his mind, instructing him on the significance of Digisoul, cause him to manifest an aura of Digisoul around himself as he falls off the tree. Mirage Gaogamon and Rosemon use their attacks to propel Masaru, shielded from damage from them by the aura, back up onto the tree to resume the fight with Yggdrasill/Suguru. Meanwhile, Craniummon releases Bancho Leomon and uses his own Digisoul to take his place, so that Bancho Leomon can assist Masaru.[18]

Sleipmon, who had previously frozen himself and Dukemon into a block of ice during a battle, burns up all of his Digisoul left in his body to melt the ice and free the two, reverting into Kudamon in the process.[6]

During their confrontation with Yggdrasill's 7D6 form, Masaru, Thoma, Yoshino and Ikuto's determination to survive and protect both the Real and Digital Worlds causes them to manifest pillars of Digisoul that assist Craniummon in holding up the Digital World. In response to the purity of their will to live, described by Noguchi Kenji as the strongest of all emotions, Digimon everywhere, including the surviving Royal Knights, gather to also assist in holding the Digital World back.[6] People all around the world also begin to manifest Digisoul pillars of their own, including Chika, Sayuri, Relena, Noguchi Ruka, and the former Bio-Hybrids, as if to cheer on the DATS team against Yggdrasill.[13]

In the last moments of the fight, by taking in everyone's Digisoul,[15] Masaru and Agumon's bond causes Agumon to take a new form which gives Agumon wings made of Digisoul. In this form, Masaru and Agumon destroy Yggdrasill.[13]

Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!![edit]

When Daimon Masaru reawakens, he uses his Digisoul to Ultimate Evolve Agumon into Shine Greymon. He manifests an extremely powerful Digisoul aura when he defends humanity's ability to learn from their mistakes to Algomon, and with the assistance of Rhythm, it causes Shine Greymon to Burst Evolve into Shine Greymon: Burst Mode.

Daimon Masaru manifesting a Digisoul aura in Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!!

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Daimon Masaru uses his Digisoul to Ultimate Evolve Agumon into Shine Greymon, and then Burst Evolve him into Shine Greymon: Burst Mode during the final battle between the "legendary heroes" and Quartzmon's horde of Venom Vamdemons.[41]

Daimon Masaru invoking his Digisoul in Digimon Xros Wars.


Digimon Next[edit]

Tatsuno Tsurugi discovers Digisoul during Sealsdramon's attack on Hidden Valley. His desire to avenge Piccolomon causes him to inadvertently invoke his Digisoul, which empowers Agumon and increases the intensity of its Baby Burner to the point that it is able to destroy Sealsdramon. After the battle, Piccolomon transforms Tsurugi's Digimon Mini into a Digivice iC, so that Tsurugi can better use his Digisoul.[23]

During their fight against Tankdramon in Middle Town, Tsurugi's determination to stand his ground even in the face of Tankdramon's overwhelming power charges his Digisoul into his Digivice, evolving Agumon into Geo Greymon for the first time.[20] Later, at I-Land, Tsurugi also uses his Digisoul to install the Mega Burst command in Geo Greymon, enabling him to destroy Cannonbeemon.[25]

Inui Yuu learns to use his Digisoul to evolve Gaomon into Gaogamon during the fight with Meramon in the desert, when his grief at witnessing Meramon harm so many of his companions causes him to unleash a wave of Digisoul.[42]

When he confronts Tsurugi, Yuu and Atlur Kabuterimon in the North Forest, Knight opens the "door to the Dark Area" and taps into Barbamon's power to use Dark Digisoul on his Peckmon, evolving it into Yatagaramon. Using the power of the Dark Digisoul, Yatagaramon unleashes a massive blast that consumes a vast swath of the North Forest.[43]

When Mummymon and the crew of its Battle Armament Trailmon destroy Trailmon C-89 on its journey to Light City, Inui Yuu's rage and hatred toward the crew for the killing causes him to inadvertently invoke Dark Digisoul, triggering the Dark Evolution of Gaomon into Black Gaogamon. Black Gaogamon immediately slaughters all of Mummymon's forces in a berserker rage, then reverts to Wanyamon.[30] Afterward, Yuu and Wanyamon are taken to Light City's medical center for treatment of their Dark Digisoul contamination. Andromon explains to Tatsuno Tsurugi and Kitajima Ami what happened and what Dark Digisoul is, and based on its description, Tsurugi concludes that Knight is also a user of Dark Digisoul.[32]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digital Monster: Battle Junction[edit]

Digimon Savers: Another Mission[edit]

All playable Tamers are shown flaring up their Digisoul and loading it into their Digivice iCs when the player triggers an evolution for the first time. In the case of Daimon Masaru, as in Digimon Savers, he'll also punch one opposing Digimon to activate his Digisoul, inflicting some damage.

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Additional Information[edit]

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