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Noguchi Kenji
Noguchi Kenji
Full Title Professor Kenji Noguchi
Kanji/Kana 野口 憲治 (野口憲治 教授)
Dub Name Kevin Crier
Organization Digital World Exploration Party
Family Noguchi Misuzu (wife), Noguchi Ikuto (son), Noguchi Ruka (daughter)
Voice Actor Japanese Naka Hiroshi (中 博史)
English Joe Ochman

Noguchi Kenji is a minor character in Digimon Savers.


He is the biological father of Noguchi Ikuto.



Digimon Savers[edit]

One night, while conducting research in the space-time dimension along with his wife, Misuzu, at their home in the Japanese Alps. Ikuto, who was a baby at the time, was sucked into the Digital Gate that was formed during the research. As a consequence, he along with his wife went to the Digital World along with the other members of the Digital World Exploration Party to search for Ikuto.

In DS21, he finally reunites with his long lost son, just moments away of losing him again after he was about to be arrested by Chief Hashiba, under suspicion of illegally creating the Digital Gate in which Hagurumon destroyed their house, before Misuzu intervenes and says he is innocent.

After Kurata's DATS subjugation, he was placed under house arrest at the hotel along with his wife and daughter. Later they escaped with the help of Masaru and the others. In order to return to the Digital World to stop Kurata's actions, the solution was to open a Digital Gate. He manages to successfully create one, only moments later did it become unstable.

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