Village of Beginnings

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Village of Beginnings
Village of Beginnings
Kanji/Kana はじまりの街 / はじまりの町
Dub Name File City, Primary Village
Part of: File Island

The Village of Beginnings (はじまりの街, Hajimari no Machi) (Dub: File City), sometimes known as the Village of Beginnings (はじまりの町, Hajimari no Machi; Dub: Primary Village), is where Digimon are reborn as Digitama.


The Village of Beginnings is the main city of File Island, located on the center of the island. There are many buildings in the city, and in Digimon World it leads to Infinity Mountain and Unwavering Forest.


Digimon World[edit]

  • Bulletin Board (掲示板 Keijiban)
  • Birdra Transport (バードラ運送 Bādora Unsou)
  • Colosseum/Curling Place (コロシアム/カーリング場 Koroshiamu/Kāringu Ba)
  • Cental Clinic (ケンタル医院 Kentaru I'in)
  • Item Bank (預かり屋 Azukari Ya)
  • Item Shop/Secret Item Shop (アイテムショップ/ひみつアイテムショップ Aitemu Shoppu/Himitsu Aitemu Shoppu)
  • Jijimon's House (ジジモンの家 Jijimon no Ie)
  • Meat Farm (肉畑 Niku Hatake)
  • Restaurant (レストラン Resutoran)
  • Treasure House (宝探し屋 Takara Sagashi Ya)

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

  • Card Shop (カードショップ Kādo Shoppu)
  • Green Gym
  • Baba's House/Rose's House (ババモンの家/ロゼモンの家 Babamon no Ie/Rozemon no Ie, meaning Babamon's House/Rosemon's House)

Digimon World 2[edit]

  • Item Shop (アイテムショップ Aitemu Shoppu)
  • Jijimon House (ジジモン・ハウス Jijimon Hausu, dub: Jijimon's House)
  • Master Gate (マスターゲート Masutā Gēto)
  • Mecha Factory (メカファクトリー Meka Fakutorī, dub: Digi-Beetle Factory)

Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

  • Ange Clinic (エンジェ医院 Enje I'in)
  • Birdra Transport (バードラ運送 Bādora Unsou)
  • Center (中央 Chūou)
  • Colosseum Front Square (コロシアム前広場 Koroshiamu Zen Hiroba)
  • East Entrance (東口 Higashiguchi)
  • Item Bank (預かり屋 Azukari Ya)
  • Item Shop (アイテムショップ Aitemu Shoppu)
  • Jijimon's House (ジジモンの家 Jijimon no Ie)
  • Meat Farm (肉畑 Niku Hatake)
  • Restaurant (レストラン Resutoran)
  • South Entrance (南口 Minamiguchi)
  • Training Gym (トレーニングジム Torēningu Jimu)
  • West Entrance (西口 Nishiguchi)




Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Located on File Island, it is the birth place of all Digimon, where the data of deleted Digimon is sent and reconfigured into a Digitama, which hatches into a baby Digimon. It is guarded and maintained by Elecmon. Takeru and Patamon wander into the Village of Beginnings in "Adventure! Patamon and I". Elecmon sees them as a threat and initially attacks Patamon. But at Takeru's suggestion the two have a tug-of-war face off instead, ending in Patamon's victory. The rest of the Chosen Children reach the Village of Beginning in "Angemon's Awakening!" as Leomon infected with a Black Gear and Orgemon attack them under orders from Devimon.

When the Dark Masters reshape the Digital World, the Village of Beginnings is tainted to prevent the rebirth of Digimon until the Digital World is recreated.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

The Village of Beginnings from Digimon Frontier

The Village of Beginnings is where the data of deleted Digimon is sent and reconfigured into baby Digimon. Their data is changed into a Digitama that grows on bushes. This place is guarded by Swanmon. It was absorbed by the Royal Knights (Dynasmon & Lord Knightmon) of Lucemon in order to power Lucemon's resurrection. When Lucemon Satan Mode is defeated, the data is returned.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

The Player arrives at the Village of Beginnings when he got sucked into his virtual pet. Jijimon wakes him up and tells him that most of the Digimon have became berserk and left the city, and it is up to him to bring them back.

Originally, the Village of Beginnings, apart from Jijimon, only has Baby I and Baby II-level Digimon in it:

  • Botamon lives in Jijimon's House and tells the player how to take care of their Digimon, such as stopping them from pooping outside the toilet.
  • Koromon manages Green Gym, where the player's Digimon can train.
  • Poyomon moves to the Item Bank once it opens.
  • Punimon originally lives in Jijimon's House, on the chair, and lets the player rest their Digimon for an hour to recover HP, MP and tiredness. It later moves to Cental Clinic once it opens.
  • Tanemon manages the Meat Farm, giving the player three pieces of Meat per day. After Palmon is recruited, it resides in the middle planter, where it tells the player about a strange plant in Tropical Jungle and plants Rain Plants in the bottom planter.
  • Tokomon lives in Jijimon's House and gives the player several items at the beginning of the game.
  • Tunomon lives in the main square and tells the player about rumours.
  • Yuramon lives outside the Item Bank and tells the player about the surroundings of the Village and about rumours, such as the invisible bridge and bandits.
  • Jijimon lives in his house and tells the player how many Prosperity Points they have and, once they hit 50 or more, that the entrance to Infinity Mountain, where the final enemy lies, has appeared. Talking to Jijimon after reaching 15 and 50 Prosperity Points causes Greymon and Airdramon, respectively, to appear outside his house and attack the player.

As the player finds or defeats certain Digimon, they'll join the Village of Beginnings, increasing its Prosperity Points (by 1 for Child-level Digimon, 2 for Adult-levels, and 3 for Perfect-levels) with some opening up different businesses for the player's use:

  • Birdra Transport:
    • Birdramon opens the Birdra Transport below Jijimon's House, which takes the player to certain areas he's been in instantly for a price.
    • Andromon and Leomon reside in Birdra Transport.
  • Colosseum:
    • Greymon challenges the player outside Jijimon's House after he talks to Jijimon with 15 or more Prosperity Points, and opens the Colosseum at the bottom-right part of the main square, where the player can make their Digimon fight in tournaments.
    • Airdramon challenges the player outside Jijimon's House after he talks to Jijimon with 50 or more Prosperity Points, then rests in Jijimon's House after being defeated. After beating Mugendramon, it moves to the Colosseum where it predicts the player's future and his compatibility with his Partner Digimon.
    • Megadramon hangs around the Colosseum doing nothing but can be fought in tournaments.
    • Metal Greymon (Virus) opens a booth inside the Colosseum where it gives nicknames to the player's Digimon.
    • Skull Greymon can be fought in tournaments but is not seen elsewhere.
    • Penmon opens the Curling Place below the Colosseum, where the player can play Curling against it.
    • Metal Mamemon replaces Penmon as a Curling opponent if the player reaches a perfect score against the latter.
  • Item Bank:
    • Agumon opens the Item Bank next to Jijimon's House, where the player can deposit his items.
    • Nanimon hides behind Agumon's counter in a corner.
  • Item Shop:
    • Betamon and Coelamon open up the Item Shop in the main square if recruited first between them or upgrade it if recruited second. After the Item Shop is upgraded into a full building, Betamon hangs out in the fountain.
    • Monochromon, Patamon, Piyomon and Unimon upgrade the Item Shop into a full building if recruited first between them or upgrade that if recruited afterwards, with the third creating a Card Machine the player can use to buy cards. Each has a different working schedule and sell an unique item: Monochromon works from evening to early morning and sells Protections, Piyomon works from morning to afternoon and sells Super Recovery Floppies, Patamon works from afternoon to evening and sells Omnipotents, and Unimon works from night to early morning and sells Super Restore Floppies.
    • Piccolomon randomly shows up in the Item Shop and sells the player Training Manuals.
    • Devimon, Mamemon, Mojyamon and Numemon open the Secret Item Shop inside the upgraded Item Shop if recruited first between them or upgrade that if recruited afterwards. Each has a different working schedule and sells different items: Devimon works from evening to early morning and sells Devil Chips, Mojyamon works from morning to afternoon and sells items that improve resting and let the player's Digimon heal by walking, Mamemon works from afternoon to evening and sells Super Stat Disks, and Numemon works from night to early morning and sells items that influence how many wild Digimon fight you.
    • Igamon lives in the Secret Item Shop and teaches the player about different items.
  • Meat Farm:
    • Palmon replaces Tanemon in the Meat Farm, giving the player three or five pieces of Giant Meat per day at random, as well as selling more Giant Meat to him for 500 bits each. After Vegimon is recruited, it resides in the upper planter.
    • Vegimon replaces Palmon in the Meat Farm, giving the player three or five pieces of Sirloin per day at random, as well as selling vegetables that improve training.
  • Restaurant:
    • Meramon opens up the Restaurant on the top-right of the main square, selling three different meals that increase the player's Digimon's stats, increase happiness, and decrease tiredness and hunger, but can only be eaten if said Digimon is hungry.
    • Digitamamon, Garurumon, Tyranomon, Vademon and Yukidarumon upgrade the Restaurant, selling their own dishes. Due to a glitch, Digitamamon's dishes can be eaten even after the player's Partner Digimon's hunger is satiated.
    • Giromon sets up a jukebox which the player can use to listen to the game's songs. However, in the US version, the jukebox is glitched and will crash the game upon being used.
  • Treasure House:
    • Drimogemon opens the Treasure House, where the player can pay it to find random items.
    • Gabumon assists in the Treasure House as it has nothing else to do.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Angemon lives in Jijimon's House and gives the player hints about Digimon he has not yet recruited.
    • Bakemon patrols the main square at night.
    • Centalmon opens the Cental Clinic in the main square, below the Item Shop. It sells healing items and cures injuries and illness for a price, as well as letting the player's Digimon rest for free, with better results than Punimon.
    • Cockatrimon builds a statue of the player between the toilet and the Item Shop.
    • Elecmon lives close to the Item Shop and turns on the lights in the main square at night.
    • Etemon tries to join the Village but gets kicked out immediately, and afterwards sells its evolution item to the player.
    • Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon upgrade Green Gym, increasing the stats the player's Digimon gets by training.
    • Kunemon opens a shortcut between the main square and the Digital Bridge by eating through a bush.
    • Monzaemon's costume hangs on a coat rack in Jijimon's House. It can't be used for evolving Numemon anymore.
    • Orgemon patrols the Village to keep it safe.
    • Scumon hangs around the toilet at night.
    • Shellmon creates the Shell Newspaper bulletin board below Kunemon's shortcut, which gives the player information.
    • Whamon takes residence below the Meat Farm, where it can take the player to Factorial Town or Secret Beach Cave.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Digimon World 2[edit]

Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Village of Beginnings in Digimon World Re:Digitize

By the time of Re:Digitize, the Village of Beginnings was submerged under water, and became known as the Submerged Ruins. Instead, a new Village of Beginnings was made elsewhere.

The new Village of Beginnings is a moderately large city with many new buildings. It leads to Railroad Plains towards the south and the west, Signpost Woods towards the east, and the DigiTower towards the north.

Taiga arrives at the Village of Beginnings after his encounter with the possessed Gabumon in the Railroad Plains. The town's elder, Jijimon, tells him that many Digimon have become berserk once again due to problems with the Memorial Stele of each area of the island, and it is up to Taiga and the others to find out the cause behind these problems.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]

It is a 3rd dimension which costs 20 (or 1 in KDMO) MegaBytes to enter the Village of Beginnings to fee. Its located in the north of the D-Terminal. The next area you can enter is Silver Lake and previous one is D-terminal.

It contains 6 areas to explore.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Takaishi Takeru and Patamon found the Village of Beginnings after they were separated from the rest by Devimon breaking File Island apart in Episode 17, "Adventure! Patamon and I". Finding a bunch of cradles with Baby Digimon (Botamon, Yuramon and Punimon) in them, Takeru realized it was a village of newborn Digimon, and Patamon asked Takeru if they should take care of them. After answering yes, Takeru found a Digitama which had a note saying it should be rubbed. After doing so, it hatched into a Botamon. However, that angered Elecmon, because their coddling could also be bullying, though Takeru just thought that was weird. Regardless, Elecmon then attacked them.

After being defeated, Elecmon acknowledged he misjudged Takeru and Patamon and welcomed them to the Village of Beginnings. Takeru then asked him if he knew how to get back to Infinity Mountain, though Elecmon recommended him not to, as Devimon was there. However, Takeru had to get to him to learn where Ishida Yamato and the rest were. Elecmon told him Devimon would not answer his questions, he'd have to fight him, which Takeru did not want to as he hated fights. Instead, he felt that something would happen if they joined their hearts together. This led Elecmon to go to the Pyocomon village in Gear Savannah, as he thought that, if their hearts united, then File Island would do the same. Afterwards, the Botamon Takeru hatched evolved into Koromon, and everyone congratulated it.

However, this was followed by Leomon arriving. Takeru and Patamon then escaped from him and hid, where Takeru wondered what to do and Patamon answered that they had to get the Black Gear's power off of him, though Takeru did not know how. Orgemon then joined Leomon and threatened to hurt the village if Takeru and Patamon didn't come out. Before they could, however, Leomon found them, though he was stopped from hurting them by the arrival of Ishida Yamato and Gabumon. At the same time, Yagami Taichi evacuated the baby Digimon. Another Black Gear then entered Leomon, turning his skin grey.

Though the Chosen Children were able to defeat Leomon, they could not get the Black Gears out of him. However, Izumi Koshiro and Tachikawa Mimi arrived soon after, and explained how the Digivice could drive out the darkness. Taichi and Yamato followed said instructions, and Leomon went back to normal. Realizing he had no chance alone, Orgemon then escaped.

Leomon then told the Chosen Children of rumours about darkness covering the Digital World, and how Chosen Children from another world would come to save it. While Taichi realized it referred to them, Yamato pointed out he had no proof of it, so Leomon added the Chosen Children had the power to evolve their Digimon. Koshiro then realized that it meant that, if they extinguished the power of darkness, they would be able to return to their world as they would be unneeded in the Digital World. As such, they had to defeat Devimon, who stood at the center of the power of darkness. The Chosen Children and Leomon then steeled their resolve, and decided to do just that.

In Sub-Episode 7, "Where are the Digimon?", which happens after Episode 17, Elecmon worriedly tells Takeru and Patamon that the Baby Digimon of the Village of Beginnings: Botamon, Punimon and Yuramon, had been kidnapped. Takeru, Yamato and Taichi then decided to help him search for them. After they found the babies, Elecmon wondered why they went away from the Village of Beginnings if they were safe and not kidnapped. Returning to the Village of Beginnings, Elecmon asked the babies why they left, and they answered that they left because they were practicing a song in secret to thank Elecmon for taking care of them, which was enough to get Elecmon crying. Elecmon then thanked the Chosen Children for their help and gave them a Skill Release DigiPiece, which gives the equipped Digimon the technique of the same name which undoes Skill Seal in one ally. He then told them they could come back to the Village of Beginnings whenever they wanted.

Digimon ReArise[edit]

Digimon New Century[edit]

Digimon Super Rumble[edit]