Railroad Plains

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Railroad Plains

Railroad Plains (鉄路の平原 Tetsuro no Heigen) is the plains on the southern portion of File Island, where the Unwavering Forest once was.


Railroad Plains is a large plains with many old trains and railways, as well as an abandoned train station in the center. A few traffic lights are scattered around, and some power lines are near the coast leading to the Submerged Ruins. Railroad Plains leads to the Village of Beginnings towards the north, the Submerged Ruins towards the south, and the Fluorescent Cave towards the west.


  • Around Town (街周辺 Machi Shūhen)
  • Cave (洞窟 Doukutsu)
  • Coast (海岸 Kaigan)
  • Prairie (大草原 Daisougen)
  • Station (駅 Eki)




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Digimon World Re:Digitize[edit]

Taiga first arrives to File Island in the Railroad Plains, where he encounters his partner Agumon. While figuring out the situation with his Digimon, a possessed Gabumon appears and attacks them. After the battle, Taiga heads north to the Village of Beginnings in order to seek out the village elder for the current situation of the Digital World...