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For the manga of the same name, see Digimon World Re:Digitize (Manga).

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Box Art
Digimon World Re:Digitize Box Art
Name Digimon World Re:Digitize
System PSP
Release Date Japan July 19, 2012
Language Japanese

Digimon World Re:Digitize (デジモンワールド リ:デジタイズ, Dejimon Wārudo Ri:Dejitaizu) is a video game.

Manga artist Yasuda Suzuhito is responsible for the character design.


Many changes have occurred to File Island, as its environment changes drastically, and the GIGO Company gains access of Infinity Mountain and converts it into the DigiTower for their new Internet game - Digital Monster.

The top 3 ranked players of Digital Monster: Rank 3 player Taiga, Rank 2 player Nicolai Petrov, and the mysterious Rank 1 player Nyanko Tamer, are invited to a special online event for the game. However, when Taiga figures out the secret password which grants access to the event: "Re:Digitize," the three players, along with two other people, are sucked into their computers and transferred to File Island.

For what purpose are they brought to the Digital World...?


Being the true successor and sequel to Digimon World, the Digimon behave just like the V-Pet; they must be fed and healed, and can be disciplined and trained. You can explore the various areas of File Island, and see the changes that has occurred by the time of Re:Digitize. Other Digimon can be found and battled for Bits and items.

A new feature in Re:Digitize allows a dying Digimon's data to be stored as DigiMemory and summoned a limited number of times during battle. DigiMemory can then be used to Jogress with the Digimon it's equipped to, if compatible.


Guest Characters[edit]



Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Unobtainable Digimon[edit]

Digimon Card[edit]

ID Name Rank
001 Botamon C
002 Dodomon C
003 Yuramon C
004 Poyomon C
005 Jyarimon C
006 Koromon C
007 Wanyamon C
008 Budmon C
009 Tokomon C
010 Gigimon C
011 Agumon C
012 Gaomon C
013 Piyomon C
014 V-mon C
015 Hagurumon C
016 Candmon C
017 Tyumon C
018 Tukaimon C
019 Kamemon C
020 Kudamon C
021 Lalamon C
022 Impmon C
023 Guilmon C
024 Patamon C
025 Pico Devimon C
026 Gabumon (Black) C
027 Psychemon C
028 Goburimon C
029 Yuki Agumon C
030 Agumon (Black) C
031 Gabumon C
032 Solarmon C
033 Tentomon C
034 Gomamon C
035 Palmon C
036 DORUmon C
037 Commandramon C
038 Greymon C
039 Gaogamon C
040 Birdramon C
041 XV-mon C
042 Meramon C
043 Airdramon C
044 Garurumon C
045 Bakemon C
046 Black Tailmon C
047 Geo Greymon C
048 Sunflowmon C
049 Numemon C
050 Leomon C
051 Growmon C
052 Angemon C
053 Growmon (Orange) C
054 Tailmon C
055 Devimon C
056 Black Growmon C
057 Ice Devimon C
058 Garurumon (Black) C
059 Gururumon C
060 Geremon C
061 Kabuterimon C
062 Scumon C
063 Ikkakumon C
064 Guardromon C
065 Seadramon C
066 Togemon C
067 Sealsdramon C
068 Metal Greymon B
069 Mach Gaogamon B
070 Garudamon B
071 Paildramon B
072 Holy Angemon B
073 Lady Devimon B
074 Monzaemon B
075 Rize Greymon B
076 Lilamon B
077 Vamdemon B
078 Mega Seadramon B
079 Megalo Growmon B
080 Black Megalo Growmon B
081 Were Garurumon B
082 Angewomon B
083 Blue Meramon B
084 Were Garurumon (Black) B
085 Megalo Growmon (Orange) B
086 Atlur Kabuterimon B
087 Etemon B
088 Andromon B
089 Zudomon B
090 Metal Tyranomon B
091 Megadramon B
092 Metal Greymon (Blue) B
093 Tankdramon B
094 War Greymon A
095 Mirage Gaogamon A
ID Name Rank
096 Hououmon A
097 Black War Greymon A
098 Shine Greymon A
099 Victory Greymon A
100 Marin Angemon A
101 Rosemon A
102 Platinum Numemon A
103 Bancho Leomon A
104 Darkdramon A
105 Chaosmon A
106 Metal Garurumon A
107 Metal Garurumon (Black) A
108 Z'd Garurumon A
109 Herakle Kabuterimon A
110 Metal Etemon A
111 Vikemon A
112 Chaos Dukemon A
113 Belial Vamdemon A
114 Murmukusmon A
115 Deathmon A
116 Vikaralamon A
117 Kumbhiramon A
118 Vajramon A
119 Mihiramon A
120 Andiramon A
121 Majiramon A
122 Sandiramon A
123 Indaramon A
124 Pajramon A
125 Makuramon A
126 Sinduramon A
127 Caturamon A
128 Chaosdramon A
129 Mugendramon A
130 Metal Seadramon A
131 Giga Seadramon A
132 Neo Vamdemon A
133 Dorbickmon A
134 Splashmon A
135 Zamielmon A
136 Olegmon A
137 Gravimon A
138 War Greymon (X-Antibody) S
139 Black War Greymon (X-Antibody) S
140 Seraphimon S
141 Ofanimon S
142 Cherubimon S
143 Lucemon Falldown Mode S
144 Leviamon S
145 Beelzebumon S
146 Lilithmon S
147 Belphemon Rage Mode S
148 Barbamon S
149 Demon S
150 Goddramon S
151 Holydramon S
152 Megidramon S
153 Qinglongmon S
154 Baihumon S
155 Zhuqiaomon S
156 Xuanwumon S
157 Ancient Greymon S
158 Ancient Garurumon S
159 Ancient Beatmon S
160 Ancient Irismon S
161 Ancient Megatheriumon S
162 Ancient Mermaimon S
163 Ancient Troiamon S
164 Ancient Wisemon S
165 Ancient Sphinxmon S
166 Ancient Volcamon S
167 Apocalymon S
168 Huanglongmon SS
169 Imperialdramon SS
170 Imperialdramon Fighter Mode SS
171 Imperialdramon Paladin Mode SS
172 Omegamon SS
173 Dukemon SS
174 Magnamon SS
175 Dynasmon SS
176 Lord Knightmon SS
177 Ulforce V-dramon SS
178 Craniummon SS
179 Sleipmon SS
180 Duftmon SS
181 Examon SS
182 Alphamon SS
183 Marsmon SS
184 Neptunemon SS
185 Mercurymon SS
186 Venusmon SS
187 Minervamon SS
188 Vulcanusmon SS
189 Clockmon B
190 Jijimon B


File Island[edit]

Railroad Plains[edit]

The Railway Plains (鉄路の平原) is the first area to explore in the Digital World. It is a green hill, with many trains and an old railway.

Signpost Woods[edit]

The Signpost Woods (道標の森) is a forest with many signposts and gauges.

Submerged Ruins[edit]

The Submerged Ruins (水没の古都) is an ancient city that has been entirely submerged.

Ancient Bone Swamp[edit]

The Ancient Bone Swamp (古代骨の沼) is an impressive swamp held together symbolically by giant skeleton data.

Underground Waterway Labyrinth[edit]

The Underground Waterway Labyrinth (地下水路迷宮) is a waterway with a structure as complex as that of a labyrinth.

Fluorescent Cave[edit]

The Fluorescent Cave (ケイコウ洞窟) is a cave with shining greenery.

Gravel Wasteland[edit]

The Gravel Wasteland (砂礫の荒野) is a mysterious desert with ancient ruins and giant light bulbs.

Night Canyon[edit]

The Night Canyon (ナイトキャニオン) is a sensational canyon configured from thoughts surrounding nightlife and the remnants of the Real World.

Boncano Volcano[edit]

The Boncano Volcano (ボンケーノ火山) is a hot spot of the Digital World where steel structures and the convection of overwhelming heat collide.

Powdery Cliff[edit]

The Powdery Cliff (パウダリークリフ) is a place completely filled with snow and ice. It looks like a magical world, but it is rejected by all living creatures due to its ruthless scenery.

Binary Castle[edit]

The Binary Castle (バイナリキャッスル) is a sacred castle where only the strongest of Digimon reside.


Image Gallery[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon World Re:Digitize.


Famitsu gave Re:Digitize a good score of 8/8/7/8 [31/40]


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Developer tri-Crescendo トライクレッシェンド
Producer(s) Habu Kazumasa 羽生 和正
Character Design Yasuda Suzuhito ヤスダスズヒト


  • According to Hubmon's development blog the title "Re:Digitize" stands for "restoring the Digital World to it's Origin" and can be also seen as "resurrecting the Digimon World series".

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