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Box Art
Digimon Story: Lost Evolution Box Art
Name Digimon Story: Lost Evolution
System Nintendo DS
Release Date July 1, 2010
Language Japanese

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution (デジモンストーリー ロストエボリューション, Dejimon Sutōrī Rosuto Eboryūshon) is a video game.

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The Digital World used to be a paradise for Digimon, until disaster struck. The Tamers who fought alongside Digimon and helped them grow have been going missing one by one... And the Digimon who were left found themselves being eyed by an unsettling group. In this time of crisis, Agumon decided to search for the Tamers by itself, and headed off to the Real World. On the night of a fireworks competition, a group of children headed behind the mountain to investigate a ball of light that had fallen there; that was where they met with Agumon. To answer Agumon's calls for help, the protagonist becomes its Tamer, and heads to the Digital World in pursuit of the mysterious trio who had abducted their friends. In a world they have never seen before, an adventure begins.

While watching fireworks Shū/Kizuna witness a mysterious object fall from the sky. He/She meets with his/her friends Hiroyuki and Takuto. With the help of Hiroyuki's cousin Asuka and his younger sister Yui they find a crashed ship in the forest. They meet Agumon who came to the Human world to look for a Tamer for himself. Uno Dos and Tres of The Bandits exit the crashed ship and Uno tries to abandon his Digimon Numemon, this upsets Agumon and with Shū’s/Kizuna’s help battles Uno and Numemon. After the battle the Bandits return to their ship, and as other children are astounded by Numemon when they are all beamed up into the ship.

While in the Ship Hiroyuki pressed the emergency ejection button and the children were ejected from the ship. Shū/Kizuna, Hiroyuki, Asuka, and Agumon touched down at North Bridge on the Motherboard Continent. Agumon informs the kids that they need a DigiShip to return to the Human world and that They can find a DigiShip by going to where his friends are. Agumon’s friends are at the DigiBase but wild Digimon will attack them, so Agumon gives Shū/Kizuna a digivice. They realize they have been separated from Takuto and Yui. Agumon assures that his friends will help them find Takuto and Yui.

As they were on their way to the Digibase they found Gabumon in a daze, Gabumon was out collecting Bug Plates when he was electrocuted from behind. Gabumon initially suspected the Bandits, but with Agumon proving it couldn't have been them he instead suspects their allies. After Agumon introduces Shū/Kizuna to Gabumon, they decided to return to the Digibase together. Shū/Kizuna would also became Gabumon’s new Tamer.

After arriving at Digibase they are greeted by Terriermon, after being told about what happened to Gabumon Terriermon inquired about the children. Agumon introduces Shū/Kizuna, Asuka, and Hiroyuki to Terriermon, who becomes excited over the idea of having the help of tamers. After going over the missing children and the need of a DigiShip they enter the Digibase.



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Obtainable characters[edit]

See Digimon Story: Lost Evolution Guide



Motherboard Continent (マザボたいりく)[edit]

  • Digibase (デジベース)
  • Tamer Town (テイマータウン)
  • Heritage Cape (ヘリテージみさき)
  • Patch Prairie (パッチプレーリー)
  • Packet Coast (パケットコースト)
  • Login Mountain (ログインマウンテン)
  • Chip Forest (チップフォレスト)
  • Magnet Mine (マグネこうざん)
  • Label Forest (ラベルフォレスト)
  • Limit Valley (リミットバレー)
  • Pixel Desert (ピクセルさばく)
  • Register Jungle (レジスタジャングル)
  • Loop Swamp (ループぬま)
  • Palette Amazon (パレットアマゾン)
  • Palace Laboratory (パレスラボラトリー)
  • Shadow Hell (シャドウヘル)
  • North Cave (ノースケイプ)
  • South Cave (サウスケイプ)
  • North Marine (ノースマリン)

Graphics Board Continent (グラボたいりく)[edit]

  • Graphics Board Central (グラボセントラル)
  • Proxy Island (プロキシアイランド)
  • Task Canyon (タスクキャニオン)
  • Angler Tunnel (アングラトンネル)
  • Access Glacier (アクセスひょうが)
  • Thriller Ruins (スリラーいせき)
  • Wizard Temple (ウィザードテンプル)
  • Class Desert (クラスデザート)
  • Chrome Mine (クロンこうざん)
  • Risk Factory (リスクファクトリー)
  • Risk Cave (リスクケイブ)
  • Graphics Board Cave (グラボケイブ)
  • Graphics Board Marine (グラボマリン)
  • North City (ノースシティ)
  • South City (サウスシティ)
  • East City (イーストシティ)
  • West City (ウェストシティ)


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Discovery Guide[edit]

Digimon story lost evolution discovery guide 1.jpg Digimon story lost evolution discovery guide 2.jpg Digimon story lost evolution discovery guide 3.jpg Digimon story lost evolution discovery guide 4.jpg Digimon story lost evolution discovery guide 5.jpg

V-Jump Scans[edit]

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Famitsu gave Lost Evolution a good Score of 8/8/7/7 [30/40]


  • The First Pressing of this game came with a Super Digica Taisen card D-DSLE.
  • According to Mito Ryo, chief producer on many Digimon videogames, Lost Evolution was originally planned as a dual game based on concepts like Mars & Jupiter.[1]

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