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Box Art
Digimon Collectors Box Art
Name Digimon Collectors
System Smart Phone
Release Date Japan November 8, 2011
Language Japanese

Digimon Collectors (デジモンコレクターズ, Dejimon Korekutāzu) is a video game.

The service was terminated at the end of July 31, 2014.

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The story begins with Cherubimon descending to what he calls "Lower World", claiming that "Heaven World" was too narrow and needed somewhere to rest his shoulders. In this Lord Knightmon appears and give to Cherubimon a Digitama. Soon the Sistermon appear and seem interested in the Digitama, but Cherubimon is unsure if it should deliver the Digitama to them. In this, many Digimon begin to appear and attack the Digimon, but in the end the Sistermon can protect the Digitama. So Cherubimon decides to deliver the Digitama to them, after all it should not be remain in the "Lower World" for a long time. The Digitama is then guarded by the Sistermon and Hackmon, the Digitama begins to turn black and soon it hatches, releasing Arkadimon who escapes. Lord Knightmon appears and asks not to interfere in this, because it is the will of Yggdrasil. They disobey him and start following Arkadimon, when they arrive in a place they discover that Arkadimon Baby evolved to Arkadimon Ultimate, Ulforce V-dramon and Examon appear saying that Arkadimon had absorbed other Royal Knights. Arkadimon is defeated, releasing his data in the Digital World. The data would form the "Tower of the Seven Deadly Sins", and there would be the fate of the Royal Knights sealed. In the description it is said that Yggdrasil is God. It is explained that Arkadimon originated in the "Dark Space" and the place where the fight against Arkadimon occurred was "the deepest region of the Dark Space". The Towers were collecting the essence of all sins, when all were destroyed then Ogudomon appears. Yggdrasil sent Ogudomon as a way to find superior beings, if Ogudomon was not defeated the whole world would collapse. However, the Royal Knights are unable to do anything against Ogudomon, because the very meaning of Justice can mean some evil depending on the interpretation. So they are unable to do anything against Ogudomon. Gankoomon and Bao Hackmon together manage to send Ogudomon into space, and then Ogudomon simply stops acting. The Royal Knights do not understand the will of Yggdrasil and wonder where Gankoomon and Hackmon are. Omegamon then begins to wonder whether the "selection of higher beings" and Hackmon are related.


Digimon Collectors is a TCG-style smartphone game played with an ever-expanding catalog of Digimon battle cards.

It is similar to the more popular "Dragon Collection" smart phone video game.




Image Gallery[edit]

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Standard Cards[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Collectors/Standard Cards.

EX Cards[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Collectors/EX Cards.

RE Cards[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon Collectors/RE Cards.


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