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Box Art
Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer Box Art
Name Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer
System WonderSwan
Release Date December 29, 2001
Language Japanese

Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer (デジモンテイマーズ ブレイブテイマー, Dejimon Teimāzu Bureibu Teimā) is a video game.


Brave Tamer follows the cliffhanger ending of D-1 Tamers where Akiyama Ryo and Millenniumon take a trip through time to, supposedly, the future. However, something went wrong and Ryo was catapulted into the past, where he met Monodramon, its partner later on. It is revealed that all Digital Worlds were created by the computer Atanasoff, the world's first Digital Computer upon his activation in the 1940s through support with ENIAC, the second computer to be activated, and that the Digital Worlds diverged into alternate realities overtime.

Ryo seeks the aid of fellow Tamers and Chosen Children to help to defeat Zeed Millenniumon. He does so with ENIAC's aid, though how ENIAC is able to traverse time and different realities is unknown. He has to save the 5 chosen Tamers and their Digimon from the threat they are currently facing before they will give him their Digimon as thanks. Ryo will alternatively save Tamers while fending off Digimon that Zeed Millenniumon has sent to take over ENIAC's world. Millenniumon has also made clones of the Digimon Kaiser, Yagami Taichi, Motomiya Daisuke, and Matsuda Takato. In one of the talks between Monodramon, Ryo and ENIAC, it is revealed that Millenniumon goes to gain control of all realities and rid the future of the resistance he currently faces.

Ryo eventually confronts Millenniummon at the future, as ENIAC's last ditch attempt to save the world before Millenniumon can take over it. Ryo learns then that Millenniumon is in fact his true partner. Monodramon and Millenniumon dispute over who shall remain Ryo's partner until the Small Dragon Digimon forces a Jogress between himself and Millenniummon, after weakening the latter severely, resulting in a Digitama that will one day hatch and evolve into Cyberdramon.

In the end, Ryo was given the option to either return to his old world or go to the world of the Tamers. He chose to go to the Tamer's world, for reasons unknown. It is unknown how he got his parents to the Tamer's world as well. It is possible that they were only adopted parents or that they were already part of that world. If so, it is unknown what happened to the Ryo of that world.




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The First Pressing of this game came with a Cyberdramon Dog Tag and the TCG Card WS-3.

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