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Box Art
Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version Box Art
Name Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version
System WonderSwan Color
Release Date Asia September 18, 2001 (Hong Kong)
South Korea September 2001[1]
Language English

Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version  is a video game.

It is a compilation and port of the earlier WonderSwan games Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer and Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer for the enhanced WonderSwan Color system. It was released by Bandai Asia for the Hong Kong and South Korean markets.


See also: Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer#Story and Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer#Story

On New Year's Eve 1999, Agumon seeks out a child from the Real World to help save the Digital World. The only child to respond to Agumon's call is Ryo Akiyama (Akiyama Ryo) who, as he explores his new computer, grabs the Digivice that Agumon presents to him and is taken into the Digital World, and arrives in File Island.

After an encounter with a rampaging Digimon, Agumon and Gennai explain the situation to Ryo. Millenniummon (Millenniumon)—a Digimon created when two Digimon, Machinedramon (Mugendramon) and Kimeramon (Chimairamon), fused together in order to survive after being defeated by Tai Kamiya (Yagami Taichi)—Millenniummon has taken over the Digital World and disrupted the flow of time, causing evil Digimon who had previously been destroyed by the Chosen Children to be resurrected as its servants. All eight of the Chosen Children have been taken captive by Millenniummon's forces, as have their partner Digimon, and Agumon is the only one to have escaped.

Ryo agrees to assist Agumon to stop Millenniummon. The group comes up with a plan to gather an army of allied Digimon to fight back and chip away at the forces under Millenniummon's influence, to weaken Millenniummon's "Dark Power". After clearing out a cave dungeon north of the Village of Beginnings, Gennai entrusts Tai's Digivice to Ryo, so that he can use the one power that he is able to access, its "Sacred Power," to turn enemy Digimon into allies. As Ryo progresses and clears out more dungeons, he diminishes Millenniummon's "Dark Power" and clears away obstacles between himself and reaching Millenniummon. Once he defeats Devimon, he frees two of the Chosen Children—Izzy Izumi (Izumi Kōshirō) and Mimi Tachikawa (Tachikawa Mimi)—from captivity and, before he and Mimi return to the Real World, Izzy gives him his Digimon Analyzer.

After Devimon, Gennai instructs Ryo to travel to Server Continent, where Millenniummon is amassing evil Digimon, via a gate that he has constructed. In Server, he encounters DemiDevimon (Pico Devimon), who now serves Millenniummon, fights and defeats the resurrected Etemon, Myotismon (Vamdemon) and Piedmon, and frees five more of the Chosen Children and enables them to return to the Real World. Upon defeating Piedmon, a portal appears behind his dungeon, enabling Ryo to travel to a temple on a floating island where Millenniummon resides. Inside the temple, he and his Digimon face one of Millenniummon's constituent Digimon, then Millenniummon himself.

When Millenniummon is defeated, Tai is released from captivity and reunites with Agumon. Tai and the Digimon say their farewells to Ryo, and Ryo leaves the Digital World and reawakens at his desk. His parents notice that something about his demeanour has changed.


See also: Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer#Gameplay and Digimon Adventure: Cathode Tamer#Gameplay

Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version is a tactical role-playing game. As Ryo Akiyama, the player travels to dungeons around File Island and Server Continent and, within each dungeon, completes a series of turn-based strategy battles on each floor of the dungeon to clear it and unlock the next dungeon.

When starting a new game, the player is prompted to select either Anode Tamer or Cathode Tamer. This determines which set of version-exclusive Digimon and content will appear.


In each floor's battle, the player moves their team of allied Digimon (maximum of 3 at a time) moves across a battlefield grid to defeat all enemy Digimon (also a maximum of three at a time). Each Digimon, on both sides, takes turns to move and attack.

A Digimon must move into an adjacent space to an opponent Digimon in order to initiate an attack against it. Once the initiating Digimon has made their attack, the opponent has an opportunity to counter-attack. It is possible for both attacks and counter-attacks to miss.

When initiating an attack, any Digimon, allied or enemy, has a random chance to inflict a critical hit for increased damage. This is signified by the name of one of their attack techniques popping up on-screen, with an alert sound effect, during the attack. Critical hits can still miss.

A Digimon, allied or enemy, may also use its turn to perform a Variable Move. Doing so prevents them from moving around the map in that turn, but unlike attacks, their range is unlimited, and Variable Moves that deal damage do not miss by chance.

The player may use items, but doing so consumes the current Digimon's turn.

When the player wins a battle, they are rewarded with Bits (the game's currency) and up to three random items. If there are more floors to go in the dungeon, the player is prompted to continue, retreat, or save the game.


The total group of allied Digimon which are currently traveling with the player, and which can be called for battles, is called the stock. The stock's capacity is limited; at the start of the game, a maximum of 10 Digimon can be in the stock at a time. Stock capacity can be expanded as the player progresses through the game, by purchasing HD space increases from Nanimon's shop; the maximum stock limit after purchasing all increases is 30.


A Digimon's abilities and performance in battles are governed by the following stats:

Generation Determines the Digimon's other stats. Generally, Digimon of higher Generations will have higher DP, AP, PP and VP, whereas those of a lower stage have a higher SP.
Attribute Gameplay effect unknown.
All Digimon are assigned one of three Types: Land, Sky and Ocean. Determines the Digimon's stat build and interactions with map terrain, as well as acting as a weakness targeted by certain Variable Moves. Some Digimon species also have one of several additional Types which are not shown to the player, which act exclusively as Variable Move weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Plant, Insect, Sacred (Holy), Devil (Demon), and Dead.
Digimon Power (DP) The Digimon's hit points/health. If reduced to 0, the Digimon is defeated and cannot be used for the remainder of the dungeon or until revitalized with an item. DP is replenished to full once once the player leaves the dungeon, including for defeated Digimon. DP can also be replenished during dungeon battles using Floppy items.
Attack Points (AP) Determines how much damage the Digimon's attacks deal to opponents.
Speed Points (SP) Determines the accuracy of the Digimon's attacks, as well as its own ability to evade opponents' attacks. Also dictates the turn order in battle.
Protect Points (PP) Reduces the damage that the Digimon takes from opponents' attacks.
Variable Points (VP) Points which must be spent for a Digimon to perform its Variable Moves. A Variable Move cannot be used if the Digimon has fewer VP than the cost required by the move. VP is replenished to full once once the player leaves the dungeon. VP can also be replenished during dungeon battles using Plugin items.
Eat Points (EP) Measures how hungry the Digimon is. Depletes over time, and when it reaches 0, the Digimon enters a "hungry" condition which impairs its ability to fight (signified by a distressed-looking menu/battle map sprite, and a meat icon on its DP bar in battle). EP can be replenished using Meat items. Maximum is 8 for all Digimon.
Unchi Points (UP) Measures the Digimon's need to "go DooDoo" (defecate). Fills over time, and when it reaches its maximum, the Digimon enters a "toilet" condition in which it is unable to counter-attack and its EP deplete more quickly (signified by a distressed sprite and a feces icon). UP can be reset to 0 using the Toilet key item; if used during a battle, the Digimon will temporarily enter a "toilet used" condition (signified by a distressed sprite and a flush icon), until the end of its next turn, but regains the ability to counter-attack immediately. Maximum is 8 for all Digimon.
Map Points (MP) The maximum number of spaces on the map which the Digimon may move in a single turn; the Digimon may move anywhere within that range.
Version A hidden value that identifies one game, LCD device or other medium in which the Digimon species previously appeared (usually, but not always, its debut appearance). This is used to determine the number of Digivice points needed to recruit an enemy Digimon, and is also a criterion for some party combinations that will result in learning Variable Moves.

All allied Digimon of the same species will ordinarily have the exact same base stats when they are first received from the Server Room. However, there is a small random chance that upon receiving a Digimon at the Server Room, Datamon (Nanomon) will remark on a "miracle" which has caused the new Digimon to be "very powerful," indicating that the Digimon has special potential for stat increases.

Each time that a battle in a dungeon is won, there is a chance that the AP, PP, or VP of ally Digimon who fought in that dungeon may increase slightly. This is described by the game as "leveling up," although it is not tied to any visible levels. Stat increases vary depending on "how you fight," meaning the stats grow from seeing use; using Variable Moves increases VP, attacking directly increases AP, and taking direct attacks increases PP. Normally, the furthest that AP, PP and VP can increase is [(stat's base value) × 2], but if Datamon identified a Digimon as "very powerful," then that Digimon's maximum possible AP, PP and VP stats are instead [(stat's base value) × 3].[2]

The three main Types primarily affect a Digimon's mobility, including both its raw MP and how it handles different types of terrain, as follows:

  • Land: Maximum movement range is reduced by 1 when crossing water terrain. Generally has mediocre MP, but is an all-rounder.
  • Ocean: Attack power is increased when positioned on water terrain. Maximum movement range is reduced by 1 when crossing land terrain. Generally has mediocre MP.
  • Sky: Can cross any terrain without being impeded. Generally has high MP, but otherwise mediocre stats.

Partner Digimon[edit]

The player starts the main story with only Agumon as an allied Digimon.

When the player clears each of the first three boss dungeons for the first time, they will release other Chosen Children and their respective partner Digimon from captivity, at which point the partner Digimon will become allies as well:

During the main story, the partner Digimon are permanent allies and cannot be deleted by the Server Room's "Return a Digimon" menu. In the post-game, this restriction is lifted, and the player may also encounter and recruit more Digimon of the partners' species in the fourth and final hidden dungeon.

Recruiting Digimon[edit]

Other than the partner Digimon, the player can acquire new allied Digimon from the Server Room, by choosing from the list of available Digimon in the "Get a Digimon" menu. Upon acquisition, Server Room Digimon may be given a nickname.

If the player no longer wants a Digimon in their stock, they may use the "Return a Digimon" menu at the Server Room to remove it. If this is done, the Digimon is effectively gone forever, and is not re-added to the list of available Digimon.

Digimon become available at the Server Room under two circumstances. First, some Digimon are automatically added to the Server Room after clearing certain dungeons.

Secondly, the player is able to recruit enemy Digimon to their side using the Digivice key item, which is awarded to them after clearing the first File Island dungeon. Doing requires spending the Digivice's "Sacred Power" points, which accumulate as the player fights and defeats enemy Digimon. During battles, the Digivice can be used from the Item menu to attempt to convert one enemy Digimon. If successful, the Digimon is sent to the Server Room and added to the "Get a Digimon" list, and the Digivice's points are reduced to 0; if unsuccessful, the battle continues with no effect on the enemy, and the Digivice's points are not spent.

The number of Digivice points required to successfully convert an enemy depends on both its Generation and its Version.

Level Digital Monster Digimon Pendulum Other[N 1]
(Baby I/Baby II)
20 30 N/A
40 50 50[3]
80 90* 90[3]

The only Digimon who are of a higher Generation than Champion (Adult) are the seven bosses (sans Devimon).

In the post-game, the third and fourth hidden dungeons that open up on File Island allow the player to recruit both the bosses and additional copies of the partner Digimon. Both groups require far more Digivice points to recruit than other Digimon, as follows:

Agumon 320[3] Devimon 160[3]
Gabumon 280[3] Etemon 160[3]
Patamon 260[3] Myotismon
Palmon 260[3] Piedmon
Tentomon 250[3] Kimeramon
Gomamon 250[3] Machinedramon
260[3] Millenniummon


Since Ryo is unable to use the Digivice for the purpose of evolution due to not being its true owner, evolution is not a significant mechanic in the game aside from Variable Moves. However, three Digimon will evolve/transform into other Digimon species when traded at the Penguinmon Trading House:

Trading is the only way to obtain Gekomon, Sukamon and Soulmon.

Digimon Analyzer[edit]

Main article: Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer and Cathode Tamer/Digimon Analyzer

The Digimon Analyzer is a key item that the player receives from Izzy Izumi (Izumi Kōshirō) after freeing him, by clearing Devimon's dungeon on File Island. It provides profiles of all Digimon, both playable/enemy and Variable Moves, in the game.

A given playable Digimon must be obtained, or a given Variable Move must be learned, before its Digimon Analyzer profile may be read. Since certain Digimon are only available in one version, completing the Digimon Analyzer requires trading between versions.

Completing the Digimon Analyzer grants access to the fourth and final hidden dungeon, in which the player may battle and recruit duplicates of the Chosen Children's partner Digimon.

Variable Moves[edit]

Variable Moves are special technique in which a Digimon briefly evolves into another Digimon to perform a single Special Move. Both allied and enemy Digimon are able to perform Variable Moves.

Using Variable Moves consumes a Digimon's VP. If a Digimon does not have enough VP to cover a Variable Move's cost, then the move cannot be used.

Unlike conventional attacks, Attack Variables are able to target any opponent anywhere on the map, regardless of distance.

Variable Moves are divided into three categories:

  • Attack
    Inflict damage on, depending on the Variable Move, one or all opposing Digimon. Some Attack Variables target specific Digimon Types to inflict greater damage, while simultaneously being weaker in effect against Digimon of opposing Types.
  • Defense
    Grants buffs to one or all Digimon of the same allegiance. Includes DP recovery, increases to stats, restoration of debuffed stats, protection from damage, and other beneficial effects.
  • Assist
    Inflicts debuffs on one or all opposing Digimon. Includes stat decreases, prevention of using items or Variables, and other disruptive effects.

Allied Digimon learn new Variable Moves automatically during battles when certain criteria are met; there is a random chance for this to happen at the start of their turn. When a Digimon first "thinks up" a new Variable Move, it immediately uses the move for the first time once at no VP cost, ending their turn in the process. Each Digimon can know a maximum of five Variable Moves; if they already know five when they learn a new Variable, the player is asked to forget a previous Variable if they wish to keep the new Variable.

The main determining factor of learning new Variable Moves is the player's party of Digimon in a battle. More often than not, if a combination of specific Digimon species, or a combination of Digimon who have a particular trait or traits in common, are together in the battle, then they will be able to learn specific Variable Moves. Relevant traits include:

  • Version
    Pairing Digimon whose Version is the same virtual pet together will often yield a Variable Move from the same virtual pet.
  • Generation
    Pairing Digimon of the same Generation together can result in particular Variable Moves; usually, both Generation and Version in common are required.
  • Type
    Pairing Digimon of the same Type will often yield a similarly-themed Variable Move.
  • Backstory
    For example, pairing the partner Digimon together will frequently result in learning Variable Moves of their evolved forms from Digimon Adventure.

The NPCs in the Village of Beginnings' Digimon Houses provide hints about Digimon combinations for learning Variable Moves.

When a Digimon "observes" the same Variable Move being performed frequently in battles that it participates in, whether that be by ally or enemy Digimon, there is a small chance for it to learn that Variable Move by itself. The amount of times a Variable Move has to be repeated to this end also depends on the Digimon's innate connection to the specific Variable Move; if they are able to think of it naturally with specific team combinations, it requires five uses, or otherwise ten.


The game's main hub is the Village of Beginnings, which offers various facilities to assist the player. In addition, there are numerous NPC Digimon in the Village, both inside "Digimon Houses" and standing outside, who give new hints about gameplay mechanics, and party combinations to obtain Variable Moves, as the player progresses.

Village square

  • Penguinmon Trading House (top-left)
    Operated by Penguinmon (Penmon). Facilitates linking with other copies of Veedramon Version to exchange Digimon via Link Cable.
    See Connectivity section.
  • Nanimon Shop (bottom-left)
    Operated by Nanimon. Offers recovery items for purchase, as well as HD expansions. The player may also sell unwanted items to Nanimon for Bit (the game's currency).

North of village square

  • Server Room (left)
    Operated by Datamon (Nanomon). Facilitiates managing allied Digimon, including both receiving new ones when available (Get a Digimon) and deleting unwanted ones (Return a Digimon).
    See Recruiting Digimon section.
  • Hint Tree (center)
    The player may read fallen leaves on which gameplay hints are written. More are added as the game progresses, for a maximum of eight.
  • Digimon House (right)
    Inhabited by a Pagumon and a Nanimon. Gives hints about Digimon combinations that will result in Variable Moves.
  • Ancient Colosseum (path at far right)
    A Digimon Pendulum embedded in a mountain face. Facilitates linking with Digimon virtual pets, via the Digimon Connector (Digital Monster Link Adapter). Unlocked by completing one practice battle at Pixi Battle Lesson.
    See Connectivity section.

East of village square

  • Gennai's House
    Gennai provides advice on the player's next objective. The player also returns here whenever they clear a dungeon or lose a battle.

South of village square

West of village square

  • Leomon Colosseum (left)
    Operated by Leomon. Facilitiates linking with other players for multiplayer battles.
    See Connectivity section.
  • Pixi Battle Lesson (right)
    Operated by Piximon (Piccolomon). Allows the player to play practice battles with pre-set teams of ally Digimon. Four themed battles may be played: "Standard Battle" (the player is given a team that covers all Types), "Land Digimon," "Sky Digimon," and "Ocean Digimon" (the player is given a team comprised only of Digimon of the respective Type).


For most dungeon floors, a different battle map is randomly chosen each time that the player attempts the dungeon.

Area Dungeon Floors Possible Enemies Variable Digimon Boss Battle Reward(s)
File Island File Island #1
2 N/A N/A Key item

Digimon data

File Island File Island #2
(mansion, left)
3 N/A N/A Digimon data
File Island File Island #3
(mansion, right)
3 N/A Digimon data
File Island File Island #4
(Devimon's cave)
4 Floor 4

Variable Digimon

Partner Digimon

Key item

Digimon data

Server Continent Server Continent #1
3 N/A Digimon data
Server Continent Server Continent #2
(Etemon's castle)
3 Floor 3

Variable Digimon (first round)

Variable Digimon (second round)

Partner Digimon

Digimon data

Server Continent Server Continent #3
(Cathedral, left)


N/A Digimon data
Server Continent Server Continent #4
(Cathedral, right)
4 N/A Digimon data
Server Continent Server Continent #5
(Myotismon's (Vamdemon) mansion)
5 Floor 5

Variable Digimon

Partner Digimon

Digimon data

Server Continent Server Continent #6
(left manor)
5 N/A Digimon data
Server Continent Server Continent #7
(right manor)
5 N/A Digimon data
Server Continent Server Continent #8
(Piedmon's (Piemon) mansion)
6 Floor 6

Variable Digimon

Digimon data
Floating Island Final dungeon (Millenniummon's (Millenniumon) lair) 12 Floor 7

Variable Digimon

Floor 8

Variable Digimon

Floor 9

Variable Digimon

Floor 10

Variable Digimon

Floor 11

Variable Digimon

Floor 12

Variable Digimon

Digimon data

End of main story

File Island Hidden dungeon #1
(East of village square, central building)
7 N/A Digimon data
File Island Hidden dungeon #2
(Brick tower, east of File Island #1)

Anode only

Cathode only

N/A Digimon data
File Island Hidden dungeon #3
(Behind Gennai's House)
7 N/A Digimon data
File Island Hidden dungeon #4
(Hole in village square)
7 N/A N/A
[A] This Digimon only appears in this dungeon in Anode Tamer.
[C] This Digimon only appears in this dungeon in Cathode Tamer.


Veedramon Version can link up to other copies of Veedramon Version for multiplayer modes via the WonderSwan's Link Cable. These multiplayer modes are accessed at the Penguinmon Trading House and Leomon Colosseum.

Penguinmon Trading House facilities:

  • Log In -> Trade
    Both players send each other one Digimon.
  • Log In -> Upload
    One player temporarily loans out one Digimon to the Install menu in the other player's Trading House. The Digimon will disappear from the Uploading player's game for a period of time, after which it will automatically reappear their Server Room, without any further connection to the other player required.
  • Install
    The player selects a Digimon that has been Uploaded to the player's game, to borrow for use in one dungeon.
    After clearing or leaving the dungeon, or in the event that the power is turned off in the interim, the borrowed Digimon will disappear from the game and cannot be Installed again, unless the player links with the other player and has them Upload it again.
  • Remove
    The player returns a Digimon that has previously been Installed.

Leomon Colosseum facilities:

  • Vs.Battle
    Initiates a multiplayer battle between two players.

Veedramon Version can also connect to two-prong Digimon virtual pets and other LCD games using the Digimon Connector (Digital Monster Link Adapter) peripheral. Connectivity with LCD devices is accessed at the Ancient Colosseum. Veedramon Version is known to be compatible with:

Ancient Colosseum facilities:

  • Start
    Initiates a battle with a virtual pet, after the player selects one Digimon from their stock. The battle follows the traditional virtual pet battle rules.
  • Analyze
    Transmits one Digimon species of the player's choosing to the Digimon Analyzer toy, so that the Analyzer displays its profile on that Digimon.
    Veedramon Version restricts some Digimon species from being sent to the Analyzer, primarily (but not exclusively) blocking those who are not present in the Analyzer. A Digimon species also cannot be sent until the player has unlocked its entry in the game's own Digimon Analyzer (i.e. a playable Digimon must have already been obtained, and a given Variable Move must have already been learned).

Changes from Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

  • Veedramon Version is only available in English. It is one of two WonderSwan Digimon games to receive a separate English release for Asia, the other being Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan. Despite this, the packaging and instruction manual are entirely in the respective languages of the release regions (Chinese and Korean).
    • Human character names are taken from "Digimon: Digital Monsters season 1," the Saban Entertainment English dub of Digimon Adventure (although the group of humans are still called "Chosen Children" as in Japanese).
    • With two exceptions, Digimon names are taken from contemporary Bandai America and Bandai Asia localized merchandise.
    • Attack techniques names retain their original Japanese names (or mistranslations thereof).
  • All of the original games' graphics were colorized for the new hardware.
    • One sprite has been replaced entirely: in the original Anode and Cathode Tamer, Diablomon used a sprite with a slightly different design from usual, in which it demonstrates its generally unused ability to deploy extra arms (also used in Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers). For Veedramon Version, Diaboromon's (Diablomon) sprite was replaced with the color sprite from Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers, which matches its standard design.
Diablomon tagtamers battle.png Diablomon battle da02d1t.png
Original sprite
(Anode/Cathode Tamer)
New sprite
(Veedramon Version)
  • In Anode and Cathode Tamer, four Digimon were exclusive to special event releases: the Digimon V-dramon, and the Variable Moves Aero V-dramon, Omegamon and Goddramon.
    As its title suggests, Veedramon Version makes Veedramon (V-dramon) readily available to the player without the event. It is automatically added to the Server Room's obtainable Digimon after clearing the first dungeon, and more are routinely added to the Server Room after this point. The AeroVeedramon (Aero V-dramon) Variable Move can also be learned freely by Veedramon.
  • The "Analyze" function of the Ancient Colosseum is not present in the original Anode Tamer, and was only added for Cathode Tamer. In Veedramon Version, the function is available in both Anode Tamer and Cathode Tamer.
  • In Anode and Cathode Tamer, the song played on the title screen, and when an ally Digimon initiates a Variable Move, is "Brave heart" (specifically, its opening riff). Veedramon Version replaces this with a different song that loosely resembles the refrain of the aforementioned dub's "Digimon Theme."
  • Menu layouts were slightly altered to accommodate the generally longer English text. The most significant change is that the field for a Digimon entry's number was removed from the Digimon Analyzer's index.




Obtainable Digimon[edit]

Main article: Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer and Cathode Tamer/Digimon Analyzer


# Name Type Group Notes
001 Botamon Land
002 Koromon Land
003 Agumon Land Partner Digimon
004 Betamon Land
005 Tyrannomon (Tyranomon) Land
006 Airdramon Sky Anode Tamer only
007 Numemon Land
008 Punimon Land
009 Tsunomon (Tunomon) Land
010 Gabumon Land Partner Digimon
011 Elecmon Land
012 Frigimon (Yukidarumon) Land Ice Anode Tamer only
013 Vegiemon (Vegimon) Land Anode Tamer only
014 Poyomon Land
015 Tokomon Land
016 Patamon Sky Sacred Partner Digimon
017 Kunemon Land Insect
018 Unimon Sky Sacred
019 Centarumon (Centalmon) Land Sacred
020 Ogremon Land Devil
021 Shellmon Ocean
022 Drimogemon Land
023 Sukamon (Scumon) Land Trade only
024 Etemon Land Devil Boss
025 Yuramon Sky
026 Tanemon Land Plant
027 Palmon Land Plant Partner Digimon
028 Kokatorimon (Cockatrimon) Land
029 Leomon Land
030 Mojyamon Land Ice Cathode Tamer only
031 Nanimon Land
032 Zurumon Land
033 Pagumon Sky
034 Gazimon Land
035 Gizamon Ocean
036 DarkTyrannomon (Dark Tyranomon) Land Devil
037 Cyclonemon (Cyclomon) Land Devil
038 Devidramon Sky Devil
039 Tuskmon Land Devil
040 Flymon Sky Insect
041 Deltamon Land Devil
042 Raremon Land Dead
# Name Type Group Notes
043 Pabumon (Bubbmon) Land
044 Motimon (Mochimon) Land
045 Tentomon Sky Insect Partner Digimon
046 Gotsumon (Gottsumon) Land Cathode Tamer only
047 Otamamon Ocean
048 Tortomon (Tortamon) Land Anode Tamer only
049 Monochromon Land
050 Starmon Land
051 Kuwagamon Sky Insect
052 Gekomon Ocean Trade only
053 Pichimon (Pitchmon) Ocean
054 Bukamon (Pukamon) Ocean
055 Gomamon Ocean Partner Digimon
056 Crabmon (Ganimon) Ocean
057 Syakomon (Shakomon) Ocean
058 Dolphmon (Rukamon) Ocean
059 Seadramon Ocean Anode Tamer only
060 Coelamon Ocean Cathode Tamer only
061 Gesomon Ocean Devil
062 Octomon (Octmon) Ocean Cathode Tamer only
063 Mokumon Sky
064 DemiMeramon (Peti Meramon) Sky Fire
065 Tapirmon (Bakumon) Land
066 Candlemon (Candmon) Sky Fire
067 DemiDevimon (Pico Devimon) Sky Devil
068 Apemon (Hanumon) Land
069 Meramon Land Fire
070 Wizardmon (Wizarmon) Sky
071 Devimon Sky Devil Boss
072 Bakemon Sky Dead
073 Myotismon (Vamdemon) Sky Devil Boss
074 Piedmon (Piemon) Land Devil Boss
075 Nyokimon Land
076 Yokomon (Pyocomon) Land Plant
077 Biyomon (Piyomon) Sky Partner Digimon
078 Floramon Land
079 Mushroomon (Mushmon) Land Plant Anode Tamer only
080 Veedramon (V-dramon) Land Sacred
081 Kiwimon Land Anode Tamer only
082 Woodmon Land Plant Cathode Tamer only
083 RedVegiemon (Red Vegimon) Land Cathode Tamer only
084 Choromon Land
085 Kapurimon (Caprimon) Land
086 ToyAgumon (Toy Agumon) Land
087 Kokuwamon Land Insect
088 Hagurumon Land
089 Deputymon (Revolmon) Land
090 Tankmon Land
091 Clockmon Land
092 Guardromon Land
093 Mekanorimon (Mechanorimon) Land
# Name Type Group Notes
094 Gatomon (Tailmon) Land Partner Digimon
095 Ebidramon Ocean
096 Gorillamon (Gorimon) Land
097 Vilemon (Evilmon) Land
098 Roachmon (Gokimon) Land Insect
099 Minotarumon (Minotaurmon) Land
100 Dokugumon Land
101 Musyamon Land
102 Rockmon (Golemon) Land Dead
103 Snimon Land Insect
104 Penguinmon (Penmon) Ocean
105 Goburimon Land
106 Ninjamon (Igamon) Land Plant
107 ShimaUnimon (Shima Unimon) Land
108 Soulmon Sky Dead Trade only
109 Flarerizamon (Flare Lizamon) Land Fire
110 Yanmamon Sky Insect
111 Kimeramon (Chimairamon) Land Boss; Anode Tamer only
112 Machinedramon (Mugendramon) Land Boss; Cathode Tamer only
113 Millenniummon (Millenniumon) Land Boss

Variable Moves[edit]

# Name Requirement Combinations Notes
114 Greymon N/A Agumon + Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
115 MetalGreymon (Metal Greymon) Greymon Agumon + Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
116 WarGreymon (War Greymon) MetalGreymon Agumon + Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
117 Birdramon N/A Piyomon + Agumon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
118 Garudamon Birdramon Piyomon + Agumon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
119 Garurumon N/A Gabumon + Agumon / Piyomon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
120 WereGarurumon (Were Garurumon) Garurumon Gabumon + Agumon / Piyomon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
121 MetalGarurumon (Metal Garurumon) WereGarurumon Gabumon + Agumon / Piyomon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
122 Kabuterimon N/A Tentomon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Gomamon / Tailmon
123 MegaKabuterimon (Atlur Kabuterimon) Kabuterimon Tentomon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Gomamon / Tailmon
124 Togemon N/A Palmon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
125 Lillymon (Lilimon) Togemon Palmon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
126 Ikkakumon N/A Gomamon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Tailmon
127 Zudomon Ikkakumon Gomamon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Tailmon
128 Angemon N/A Patamon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
129 MagnaAngemon (Holy Angemon) Angemon Patamon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon / Tailmon
130 Angewomon N/A Tailmon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon
131 Magnadramon (Holydramon) Angewomon Tailmon + Agumon / Piyomon / Gabumon / Patamon / Palmon / Tentomon / Gomamon
132 Pukumon N/A Tuskmon + Ganimon
133 MetalSeadramon (Metal Seadramon) N/A Seadramon + Coelamon Requires Digimon from both versions
134 AeroVeedramon (Aero V-dramon) N/A V-dramon + Airdramon / Unimon Unavailable in the dungeons
135 Dragomon (Dagomon) N/A Octmon + Snimon / Evilmon Requires a Digimon from Cathode Tamer
136 Divermon (Hangyomon) N/A Mushmon + Rukamon / Octmon Requires a Digimon from Anode Tamer
137 LadyDevimon (Lady Devimon) N/A Devimon + Evilmon / Devidramon / PicoDevimon
138 MarineDevimon (Marin Devimon) N/A Gesomon + Devidramon / Evilmon / PicoDevimon / Devimon
139 SkullGreymon (Skull Greymon) N/A DarkTyranomon / Cyclomon / Deltamon + DarkTyranomon / Cyclomon / Deltamon
140 Mammothmon (Mammon) N/A Yukidarumon + Mojyamon Requires Digimon from both versions
141 SkullMammothmon (Skull Mammon) Mammon Yukidarumon + Mojyamon Requires Digimon from both versions
142 SkullMeramon (Death Meramon) N/A PetiMeramon / Candmon / Meramon / FlareLizamon + PetiMeramon / Candmon / Meramon / FlareLizamon
143 Blossomon N/A Tanemon + Vegimon / RedVegimon
144 MegaSeadramon (Mega Seadramon) N/A Syakomon + Goburimon / Gorimon / Minotaurmon
145 Jijimon N/A Mojyamon + Woodmon / Yuramon Requires a Digimon from Cathode Tamer
146 Digitamamon N/A Vegimon + RedVegimon Requires Digimon from both versions
147 Phantomon (Fantomon) N/A Soulmon + Bakemon Requires a Digimon from the Trade
148 ExTyrannomon (Ex-Tyranomon) N/A ToyAgumon + Penmon Unavailable in the dungeons
149 Jagamon (Jyagamon) N/A Tortamon + Gottsumon Requires Digimon from both versions
150 Monzaemon N/A Numemon + Nanimon
# Name Requirement Combinations Notes
151 Vademon N/A Wizarmon + Starmon
152 Cherrymon (Jyureimon) N/A Woodmon + Kiwimon Requires Digimon from both versions
153 WaruMonzaemon (Waru Monzaemon) N/A PicoDevimon + Nanimon
154 Piximon (Piccolomon) N/A Wizarmon + Betamon / Tyranomon / Elecmon / Kunemon
155 Datamon (Nanomon) N/A Mechanorimon + Hagurumon or Revolmon + Guardromon
156 SaberLeomon (Saber Leomon) N/A Leomon + ShimaUnimon / Unimon / Centalmon
157 Gryphonmon (Griffomon) N/A Airdramon + Yanmamon / Cockatrimon Requires a Digimon from Anode Tamer
158 ShogunGekomon (Tonosama Gekomon) N/A Gekomon + Otamamon Requires a Digimon from the Trade
159 Okuwamon N/A Kuwagamon + Flymon / Dokugumon
160 Giromon N/A Raremon + Gottsumon / Monochromon
161 MarineAngemon (Marin Angemon) N/A Poyomon + Pitchmon / Pukamon
162 MetalEtemon (Metal Etemon) N/A Etemon + Hanumon
163 Garbagemon (Gerbemon) N/A Numemon + Scumon Requires a Digimon from the Trade
164 Boltmon N/A Tankmon + Hanumon / Orgemon
165 Asuramon N/A Dokugumon / Musyamon / Golemon / Snimon / Chimairamon + Dokugumon / Musyamon / Golemon / Snimon / Chimairamon
166 Brachiomon (Brachimon) N/A Penmon / Goburimon / Igamon / ShimaUnimon / Soulmon / FlareLizamon / Yanmamon + Penmon / Goburimon / Igamon / ShimaUnimon / Soulmon / FlareLizamon / Yanmamon
167 Whamon N/A Koromon / Tunomon / Tokomon / Tanemon / Zurumon / Pagumon / Bubbmon / Mochimon / Mokumon / Nyokimon / Pyocomon / Choromon / Caprimon / Agumon + Botamon / Koromon / Agumon / Betamon / Tyranomon / Airdramon / Numemon
168 Mamemon N/A Koromon / Tunomon / Tokomon / Tanemon / Zurumon / Pagumon / Bubbmon / Mochimon / Mokumon / Nyokimon / Pyocomon / Choromon / Caprimon / Agumon + Botamon / Koromon / Agumon / Betamon / Tyranomon / Airdramon / Numemon or Punimon / Tunomon + Punimon / Tunomon Unavailable in the dungeons
169 MetalMamemon (Metal Mamemon) N/A Koromon / Tunomon / Tokomon / Tanemon / Zurumon / Pagumon / Bubbmon / Mochimon / Mokumon / Nyokimon / Pyocomon / Choromon / Caprimon / Agumon + Botamon / Koromon / Agumon / Betamon / Tyranomon / Airdramon / Numemon or Punimon / Tunomon + Punimon / Tunomon
170 BigMamemon (Big Mamemon) N/A Koromon / Tunomon / Tokomon / Tanemon / Zurumon / Pagumon / Bubbmon / Mochimon / Mokumon / Nyokimon / Pyocomon / Choromon / Caprimon / Agumon + Botamon / Koromon / Agumon / Betamon / Tyranomon / Airdramon / Numemon or Punimon / Tunomon + Punimon / Tunomon
171 Megadramon N/A Cockatrimon / Leomon / Mojyamon / Nanimon + Cockatrimon / Leomon / Mojyamon / Nanimon Unavailable in the dungeons (Cathode Tamer only)
172 Andromon N/A Unimon / Centalmon / Orgemon / Shellmon / Drimogemon / Scumon + Unimon / Centalmon / Orgemon / Shellmon / Drimogemon / Scumon
173 Scorpiomon N/A Gomamon / Ganimon / Syakomon + Gomamon / Ganimon / Syakomon
174 Puppetmon (Pinochimon) N/A V-dramon / Kiwimon / Woodmon / RedVegimon + V-dramon / Kiwimon / Woodmon / RedVegimon Unavailable in the dungeons (Anode Tamer only)
175 Pumpkinmon (Pumpmon) N/A Bakumon / Candmon / PicoDevimon + Bakumon / Candmon / PicoDevimon Unavailable in the dungeons (Cathode Tamer only)
176 Deramon (Delumon) N/A Piyomon / Floramon / Mushmon + Piyomon / Floramon / Mushmon Unavailable in the dungeons
177 Triceramon N/A Tentomon / Gottsumon / Otamamon + Tentomon / Gottsumon / Otamamon
178 MetalTyrannomon (Metal Tyranomon) N/A Gazimon / Gizamon + Gazimon / Gizamon or DarkTyranomon + Tyranomon
179 Knightmon N/A ToyAgumon / Kokuwamon / Hagurumon + ToyAgumon / Kokuwamon / Hagurumon Unavailable in the dungeons
180 SkulSatamon (Skull Satamon) N/A Devimon + Orgemon
181 KingEtemon (King Etemon) N/A Etemon + Octmon / Gazimon
182 VenomMyotismon (Venom Vamdemon) N/A Vamdemon + Clockmon / PicoDevimon
183 Diaboromon (Diablomon) N/A Piemon + V-dramon / Meramon
184 Apokarimon (Apocalymon) N/A Millenniumon + Chimairamon / Mugendramon
185 Omegamon N/A Event only
186 Goldramon (Goddramon) N/A Event only

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
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  1. This category encompasses Digimon whose Version is one of the following video games: Digital Monster Ver. S, Digimon World, and Digital Monster Ver. WonderSwan.

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