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Kanji/Kana ヴァンデモン
Dub Name Myotismon
Voice Actor Japanese Ohtomo Ryūzaburou (大友 龍三郎) (Adventure), Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之) (02)
English Richard Epcar (Adventure), Paul St. Peter (Rumble Arena 2)

Vamdemon is the third major villain of Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02.


Baby I ?
Baby II
Perfect Vamdemon
Ultimate Venom Vamdemon
Belial Vamdemon
Venom Vamdemon Undead[1]




Digimon Adventure[edit]

Vamdemon is the third major villain that the Chosen Children face. Before the beginning of the series, he captures Tailmon and hardens her heart through his cruel treatment making her into one of his generals.

Vamdemon DA32.jpg

He first sends Pico Devimon to discourage the Chosen Children from awakening their Crests. After some of the Chosen Children do awaken their crests he appears before them to fight them himself. He defeats many of their Digimon but Sora's concern for Piyomon awakens her Crest of Love causing Piyomon to super evolve into Garudamon who held off Vamdemon long enough for the Chosen Children to escape.

He soon sets his eyes on finding and killing the eighth Chosen Child before she would even know she was a chosen child. After devising a spell to unlock the key cards he opens a gateway from his castle to Earth. Using fake Crests of Light that would glow if the eighth Chosen was near he had his minions scour Odaiba searching for her, while he held the real Crest of Light himself. His weakness to sunlight slowed his search at first, but he creates a fog barrier to blanket Odaiba in darkness. After finding out that Tailmon and another one of his minions, Wizarmon, were trying to steal the Crest of Light he figures out Tailmon is Hikari's Digimon partner. Wizarmon attacks him but Vamdemon repels the attack, however, Wizarmon snatches the Crest of Light off of him in the process before Vamdemon throws Wizarmon into Tokyo Bay. Tailmon is captured.

Vamdemon feeding on a victim

After one of his minions, Phantomon discovers that the eighth chosen his Hikari and captures her before Vamdemon. Tailmon denies her being the eighth chosen to protect her, but when Vamdemon has Pico Devimon pull her hair causing her to cry out in pain Tailmon calls out her name.

The other Chosen Children arrive with Wizarmon to save Hikari and Tailmon. In the battle Vamdemon attacks Hikari but Wizarmon jumps in the way acting as a shield. Seeing the sacrifice Hikari's Crest of Light awakens super evolving Tailmon into Angewomon. Angewomon paralyzes the Vamdemon with Saint Air attack and gathers all of the other Chosen's Digimons attack into her Holy Arrow attack killing Vamdemon.

Venom Vamdemon

However, Vamdemon begins his resurrection by saving his night raiders, under the command of Pico Devimon, devour his former minions. At six minutes and six seconds after six o'clock, he took on the form of Venom Vamdemon, losing his intelligence and his reason. He imminently swallowed Pico Devimon before rampaging through Odaiba. He dismissed the Chosen Children's Digimon with ease. The Chosen Children then uncover part of the prophecy allowing them to warp evolve Agumon and Gabumon into War Greymon and Metal Garurumon. They do some damage to the monstrous Venom Vamdemon but he quickly recovers and a second face emerges from Venom Vamdemon's abdomen known as "the beast". realizing that it is Venom Vamdemon's weak point they attack it killing him again.

His spirit abandoned his body and resided inside of Oikawa. He prayed on Oikawa's desire to travel to the Digital World and had him manipulate Ken into becoming the Digimon Kaiser. Ken would establish Dark Towers to weaken the barrier between Earth and the Digital World. After Ken was redeemed Oikawa had him captured and scanned the Dark Seed inside of him to make copies of it. Oikawa implanted them inside of other children who looked up to Ken. He would be confronted by Black War Greymon. Vandemon's spirit would surface and attacked Black War Greymon fatally wounding him. Black War Greymon used the last of his life force to seal the gateway between Odaiba and the Digital World.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Belial Vamdemon from Digimon Adventure 02

Not knowing this, Oikawa gathered the children infected with the Dark Seeds together and tried to open the gate to the Digital World. Instead, they were brought to the world of dreams. The younger generation of Chosen Children pursue him. Vamdemon leaves Oikawa's body, fatally wounding him in the process, and absorbs the Dark Seeds from the other children transforming himself into Belial Vamdemon. Belial Vamdemon slaughtered Oikawa's servants, Archnemon and Mummymon, to strike fear into the hearts of the Chosen Children. He then used his Mind Illusion attack to trap the Chosen Children within their own desires. However Daisuke aided the others in breaking out and learned to use the powers of the world of dreams to split their Digimon partners into all of their possible evolutions. Belial Vamdemon is blasted through the dimensional barrier into the Digital World. This turns to his favor as, when the Chosen Children's Digimon leave the world of dreams they return to normal, losing their ability to be in more then one evolution at once. Belial Vamdemon then gathered the darkness that lingered in the Digital World to power himself up and opened the gateway to Earth. He easily toppled the new Chosen Children's strongest Digimon, Imperialdramon Fighter Mode, Silphymon, and Shakkoumon, all while corrupting the Digital World and Earth with darkness. All of the other Chosen Children from around the world use their Digivices to transport themselves to the Digital World and use the lights of their Digivices to blind Belial Vamdemon. The Chosen Children then pep-talk the children who were infected with the Dark Seeds. As they overcome their fears of the future Belial Vamdemon's power's face and his body crumbles away. His spirit rose into the sky defiantly, but Imperialdramon Fighter Mode uses his Giga Death attack to finish Vamdemon off.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon Adventure: Anode Tamer & Cathode Tamer[edit]

Vamdemon was brought back to life thanks to Millenniumon, who he then served. He fights Akiyama Ryo in Vamdemon's Mansion, alongside a Clockmon and a Kokuwamon, the third boss fought in the game. Defeating Vamdemon freed Ishida Yamato, Kido Jo, Yagami Hikari, Gabumon, Gomamon and Tailmon. He fights Ryo again in Milleniumon's Lair alongside Pico Devimon, the third fight in the boss rush leading to Millenniumon, but is defeated once again.

Digimon World: Digital Card Arena[edit]

Vamdemon is the Battle Master of Deserted Island's Battle Arena, which opens up after the credits roll. Yagami Taichi sends the player to deal with him. He wishes for revenge, and the player reminds him of the Chosen Children he fought before, which makes him want to crush him and make him the first victim of his world conquest. Vamdemon plays the Dark Resurrection deck, a Black/Darkness deck with 4 attack, 3 defense and 2 evolution speed which is an incomplete Revived Dark deck. Upon being defeated, he wonders if losing to human children is his destiny and accepts it, but nonetheless demands a rematch to change said destiny.

Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley[edit]

Digimon Battle Chronicle[edit]

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Digimon Masters[edit]


Super Evolution Stage "Digimon Adventure tri. ~Adventure of August 1~"[edit]

Venom Vamdemon Undead appears as a villain in the stage show.

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