Evil Ring

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Evil Ring
Evil Ring
Kanji/Kana イービルリング
Dub Name Dark Ring

An Evil Ring (イービルリング Ībiru Ringu; Dub: Dark Ring) is a device made by Digimon Kaiser to enslave Digimon with the power of the Kaiser's D-3 which is transmitted by Dark Towers. They share a great similarity with the Black Gears used by Devimon.



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

An Evil Ring.

The Digimon Kaiser extensively used Evil Rings to enslave huge numbers of Digimon. The control can be broken by destroying the rings themselves or by taking down whatever Dark Towers are nearby.

Evil rings can generally be destroyed easily enough by a well-aimed attack. It has also been seen that they can apparently be deactivated by the power of a Holy Ring, like the one owned by Tailmon, until she went and lost it for the entire series.

Eventually, the Kaiser realized that his Evil Rings couldn't control Digimon more powerful than the Adult Level and modified its design to create a Evil Spiral which, in addition to being able to control Perfect Level Digimon, no longer required a Dark Tower be present nearby.

Enslaved Digimon[edit]

The Digimon taken over by the Evil Ring includes:

Digimon Ep
Gazimon.jpg Gazimon ZT01
Gottsumon.jpg Gottsumon ZT01
Unimon.jpg Unimon ZT01
Snimon.jpg Snimon ZT01
Monochromon.jpg Monochromon ZT01
Drimogemon.jpg Drimogemon ZT02
Mojyamon.jpg Mojyamon ZT02
Tuskmon.jpg Tuskmon ZT03
Elecmon.jpg Elecmon ZT03
Tyranomon.jpg Tyranomon ZT03
Vegimon.jpg Vegimon ZT04
Redvagimon.jpg Red Vegimon ZT04
Gizamon.jpg Gizamon ZT05
Yukidarumon.jpg Yukidarumon ZT05
Shellmon.jpg Shellmon ZT05
Ebidramon.jpg Ebidramon ZT05
Otamamon2.jpg Otamamon ZT06
Gekomon.jpg Gekomon ZT06
Gokimon.jpg Gokimon ZT06
Guardromon.jpg Guardromon ZT07
Andromon.jpg Andromon ZT07
Deltamon.jpg Deltamon ZT08
Bakemon.jpg Bakemon ZT08
Airdramon.jpg Airdramon ZT08
Meramon.jpg Meramon ZT09
Greymon.jpg Greymon ZT09
Skullgreymon.jpg Skull Greymon ZT09
Darktyranomon.jpg Dark Tyranomon ZT09
Woodmon.jpg Woodmon ZT10
Pagumon.jpg Pagumon ZT11
Flymon.jpg Flymon ZT11
Starmon.jpg Starmon ZT12
Gorimon.jpg Gorimon ZT14
Floramon.jpg Floramon ZT15
Mushmon2.jpg Mushmon ZT15
Igamon.jpg Igamon ZT15


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