Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals

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Premier Date JapanJuly 8, 2000
United StatesOctober 6, 2000
Director Yamauchi Shigeyasu
Character Design Animator
Character Designer Aizawa Masahiro
Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi
Animation Director Aizawa Masahiro
Producer Seki Hiromi
Composer Arisawa Takanori
Duration 70 minutes
Home Release February 21, 2001
Official Site Official Toei Website

Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!! (デジモンアドベンチャー02 前篇 デジモンハリケーン上陸!! Dejimon Adobenchā 02 Zenpen Dejimon Harikēn Jouriku!!) and Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals (デジモンアドベンチャー02 後編 超絶進化!!黄金のデジメンタル Dejimon Adobenchā 02 Kouhen Chouzetsu Shinka!! Ougon no Dejimentaru) are a film divided into two parts. Collectively, they are first film to be based on the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series, and they are set during the series' main story.

They premiered on July 8, 2000 as part of the 2000 Summer Toei Anime Fair, alongside Ojamajo Doremi ♯: The Movie.



Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!![edit]


In 1995,[N 1] Wallace and his partner Digimon, Gummymon and Chocomon are playing in a field of flowers near Summer Memory, Colorado, USA. While Wallace and Gummymon's backs are turned, a sudden gust of wind blows through, and Chocomon disappears into it. All Wallace sees is the gust dissipating, as he cries out for Chocomon.

Act 1[edit]

It is the summer of 2002, seven years later.[N 1] Motomiya Daisuke, Inoue Miyako, Hida Iori, Takaishi Takeru, Yagami Hikari and their partner Digimon are on vacation. Hikari and Takeru are in New York City in the US, visiting Tachikawa Mimi, while Daisuke, Miyako and Iori are at a beach in Japan.

In New York City, while Mimi is emailing Daisuke with pictures from the holiday, Hikari senses a "crying Digimon"泣いているデジモン」 somewhere nearby. At that moment, Mimi's Digivice starts beeping, she is surrounded by a small gust of wind, and she vanishes into thin air.

Back in Japan, Yagami Taichi, Ishida Yamato, Takenouchi Sora, Izumi Kōshirō, and Kido Jo's Digivices also start beeping, and they all disappear in the same manner as Mimi.

Elsewhere in New York City, as gusts of wind disturb the area around it, Chocomon (who is now in the form of Wendimon) appears before Wallace. He breaks through a fence and moves as if to attack Wallace. Gummymon (who has since evolved into Terriermon) moves in to attempt to defend Wallace, but his attacks have no evident impact.

While trying to figure out what happened to Mimi, Takeru hones in on Hikari's observation about the "crying Digimon." At that moment, she senses the Digimon again, and Takeru follows her to the site of the fight between Gummymon and Chocomon. As they arrive at the scene of the battle, they witness Wallace throwing himself between Gummymon and Chocmon and attempting to convince Chocomon to stop. Hikari identifies Chocomon as the "crying Digimon." Wallace tries to reach out to Chocomon, but Chocomon reacts with a pained expression and disappears into the wind again.

Takeru tries to get Wallace's attention, but Wallace and Gummymon run away. Hikari hears Taichi's voice from somewhere far away and senses that he is also in trouble. Takeru theorizes that Wallace might know something about what is happening, so Patamon volunteers to follow Wallace. Hikari remarks that she senses that "something is awakening."

Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Kōshirō, Mimi and Jo find themselves trapped together in a dark, cold void, with no memory of how they got there. Taichi and Yamato hope that Hikari and Takeru take care.

Patamon eavesdrops on a payphone call that Wallace makes to a relative, in which he asks the relative to tell his mother that he is headed for Summer Memory in Colorado.

Daisuke receives an email from Hikari, asking for him to help Taichi. Daisuke, Miyako and Iori are apprised of the situation, and Miyako arranges transit for the three. Through a combination of commercial and private flights, and hitchhiking, they make it to the countryside 500 km from Denver, Colorado.

Act 2[edit]

Wallace and Gummymon begin their journey to Summer Memory with the intention of Chocomon coming to find them at the nearby flower field, taking discreet modes of transport like hitchhiking in a cargo train car and walking through the summer heat. The two are at odds over each other's reaction to Chocomon in the New York City encounter; Wallace objects to Gummymon immediately resorting to violence, while Gummymon believes that Chocomon is too far gone to be reasoned with.

Takeru and Hikari take a passenger train headed for Colorado as well. During the ride, Chocomon appears before them outside the train. Their D-3s react, and Chocomon disappears, but once everything returns to normal, they find that everyone else on the train has disappeared, halting the train.

While Daisuke is venting his frustration at still being so far from their destination, a truck stops nearby. The group initially assumes that the driver mistook Daisuke's frustrated arm-flailing for an attempt to hitchhike, but in fact, the driver is picking up another hitchhiker: Wallace. The driver allows Daisuke, Miyako and Iori to board as well. The three attempt to introduce themselves to Wallace who, after Chibimon points out that he also has a Digimon with him, they identify as the boy they are seeking. They become acquainted during and after the truck ride, and Miyako concludes that the disappearance of Taichi and the others was not directly Wallace's fault.

During their conversation, Iori calls over a pickup truck for the group's next leg of hitchhiking. He and Miyako board the truck, but while Daisuke and Wallace are bickering outside it, Daisuke accidentally knocks on the back of the truck, signalling to the driver that the group is ready to go. The driver speeds off, inadvertently leaving Daisuke and Wallace behind.

In Chocomon's void, the six captured Chosen Childen notice that they have all been de-aged to be 10-12 years old again, as they were in 1999.

Act 3[edit]

Wallace attempts to call his mother, while Daisuke teases him. Shortly after, his Digivice starts reacting as gusts of wind kick up, and Chocomon appears. Daisuke and Chibimon immediately move to engage him. Chibimon evolves into V-mon, then Fladramon, and bombards Chocomon with attacks.

Meanwhile, in Chocomon's void, the captured Chosen Children—who have de-aged even further—witness the void turning red as Chocomon's anger flares. Sora and Jo sense Chocomon's anger.

As Fladramon throws Chocomon through a billboard, Daisuke demands answers as to what Chocomon has done with the Chosen Children. Chocomon does not respond, and turns the tide against Fladramon and knocks him out of the fight with a barrage from him stomach guns. Wallace throws himself between Chocomon and the devolved V-mon, and attempts to ask Chocomon for answers about the abducted Chosen Children. Chocomon does not respond, and when Wallace tries to reach out to him by reminding him of who he is, Chocomon rejects that he is Wallace, demands to know where the "real" Wallace is, and attacks him. Gummymon pushes Wallace out of the way of Chocomon's attack and, for the first time, evolves into Galgomon. Gummymon/Galgomon unleashes a barrage of attacks on Chocomon, but ceases at Wallace's request. Chocomon vanishes back into the wind, and as he fades away, Wallace tells him that he will be waiting for him at the flower field at Summer Memory.

Inside Chocomon's void, the redness of the void dissipates, along with Chocomon's anger. The scenery suddenly changes from a void to a field of flowers in summertime. Kōshirō speculates that they are being held captive inside someone's heart.

Daisuke and V-mon repeatedly press Wallace for answers about his (to him) cryptic words to Chocomon. Wallace flatly refuses to answer his questions, although Gummymon lets slip about Chocomon's de-aging of his captives until a glance from Wallace convinces him to stop. After a brief misadventure in which, while playing around with Gummymon's ability to glide, Daisuke, V-mon and Gummymon all injure themselves colliding with a billboard, the group decides that further hitchhiking is not an option due to the destruction that the battle wrought upon the road. Instead, V-mon volunteers an alternative form of transport: Lighdramon.

Daisuke, Wallace and Gummymon climb aboard Lighdramon, and ride him the rest of the way to Summer Memory, taking directions from some children that they pass on the way.

Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals[edit]

Act 1[edit]

At Summer Memory, Wallace and Daisuke reunite with Miyako and Iori, but find that Takeru and Hikari still have not arrived. Miyako reports that, according to their last email, they are taking a bus the rest of the way due to the incident with Chocomon on the train. Iori, Daisuke and Miyako once again attempt to press Wallace for answers about Chocomon, but he remains reluctant to give them. Instead, Gummymon fills in his conjecture about Gummymon's motivations for abducting and de-aging Digivice owners: to be reunited with the young Wallace that he remembers. Wallace continues to brush them off and insists on getting to the flower field, certain that doing so will bring back Chocomon's old self. The group hitchhikes one last time to the flower field, taking a pickup truck full of farm animals.

The group camps out in the woods near the flower field overnight. Wallace wanders off by himself, and Daisuke follows him, still determined to get the truth out of him. Daisuke has come to the conclusion that Chocomon is Wallace's partner Digimon, and when confronted with this, Wallace finally admits everything: that Chocomon and Gummymon are twins who were born from the same Digitama, and how seven years prior, Chocomon disappeared while they were playing in the flower field; Daisuke realizes that that would have been around the same time that Taichi and the others had their own first encounter with Digimon. He admits that he never got over Chocomon's disappearance even after moving to New York, and that he hates himself for failing to save him. Daisuke breaks down over the thought of having to fight his own partner Digimon, as Wallace has had to, and is torn over the possibility of needing to kill Chocomon to save Taichi and the others. Wallace insists that his idea for the flower field is that it might not have to come to that, as it might return Chocomon to normal. Having recovered, Daisuke and Gummymon (who has approached the two) both insist that Wallace not attempt this alone and that they want to help him.

Act 2[edit]

The next morning, Daisuke, Miyako, Iori and Wallace gather at the flower field, awaiting Chocomon.

Inside Chocomon's void, the six Chosen Children—who have now been de-aged to be age 4[N 2]—are visited by an apparition of Chocomon in his Baby II form, prior to his disappearance. Chocomon tries to find Wallace among them, and is disappointed and—as expressed by present-day Chocomon/Wendimon—angered to find that none of them are Wallace.

Chocomon/Wendimon appears before Wallace at the flower field. Wallace attempts to make a connection and establish his identity, and invites Chocomon to play with him as they used to. At first, Chocomon is appeased, but the voice of his Baby II self plants doubts in his mind, and he attempts to seize Wallace. When Gummymon intervenes to protect Wallace, Chocomon slaps him out of the way and enters a frenzy, insisting (in both voices) that it "wants to go back"帰りたい」. Wallace's attempts to convince Chocomon that the past is the past and there is no going back enrage Chocomon, and he evolves into Andiramon.

Wallace is determined to stop Chocomon/Andiramon. Gummymon, V-mon, Hawkmon and Armadimon evolve into Galgomon, Fladramon, Holsmon and Armadimon and engage Chocomon in a protracted battle. Chocomon is too fast for them and throws them all aside; Daisuke suspects that Chocomon is toying with them. Eventually, the partner Digimon corner Chocomon on the surface of the late, but Chocomon disappears beneath the surface of the water.

Act 3[edit]

The atmosphere around them becomes twisted and cold, and Chocomon emerges from the lake having evolved into Cherubimon (Vice). The Chosen Children sense that they are no longer in their own world, and that Chocomon has reshaped the world to reflect his own frozen heart; floating blobs of darkness, which Iori initially mistakes for black snow, float all around them.

Chocomon/Cherubimon unleashes a wave of "black snow" that reverts all of the partner Digimon back to their Child forms, and uses a gravitational power to suck them all in and juggle them, throwing them into the mountainside and disappearing into the water once Wallace asks him to stop. He suddenly reappears behind Wallace and attempts to approach him. The partner Digimon return to the Chosen Children's side, and Gummymon unsuccessfully attempts to protect Wallace from Chocomon, as he has always felt he must. Wallace condemns Chocomon/Cherubimon as not being the Chocomon that he once knew, but as the force that took him away, and expresses his determination to be able to fight, defeat Cherubimon, and take Chocomon back. The Chosen Children rally with Wallace and express their determination to stand with him.

The Child-level partner Digimon assail Cherubimon, to little apparent effect. Chocomon sucks them in again and threatens to eat them, but they are saved by the intervention of Angemon and Angewomon, as Takeru and Hikari arrive to reinforce the group. Hikari senses that Cherubimon is not the "crying Digimon," as if to confirm Wallace's accusations.

Angemon and Angewomon's holy attacks appear to inflict immense physical damage to Cherubimon and tear his physical body apart. Cherubimon disintegrates into a cloud of "dark snow" that spreads around the environment and, as Hikari senses, twists and modifies it to Cherubimon's ends, dyeing the sky black. Armadimon and Hawkmon revert to Upamon and Poromon, having run out of power, but Poromon insists on continuing to fight.

Cherubimon reappears before them; Hikari reports that she can no longer sense anything from him. Angemon and Angewomon close in on Cherubimon and project holy auras in an attempt to hold Cherubimon back.

The Chosen Children fighting Cherubimon also begin to be de-aged into their 4-year-old selves by Cherubimon's power,[N 2] returning Wallace in particular to his age and appearance on the day that Chocomon first disappeared.

Angemon and Angewomon decide that they also need to evolve into their Ultimate forms, thinking that doing so will bring about some sort of solution. Takeru and Hikari agree, and the two evolve into Seraphimon and Holydramon for the first time. Before they can act, however, Cherubimon strikes them down, and they revert back to their base forms, but not before they release the Digimentals of Miracles and Fate. The Digimentals descend into Daisuke and Wallace's hands and, following Daisuke's instructions, the two activate them with the "Digimental Up" command, causing V-mon and Gummymon to Armor Evolve into Magnamon and Rapidmon.

Magnamon and Rapidmon bombard Cherubimon with attacks and appear to inflict massive damage, but Cherubimon appears behind them, swallows them, and begins to reassemble himself. Inside Cherubimon, Magnamon and Rapidmon begin to lose both their power and their memories.

Outside Cherubimon, the Chosen Children and remaining partner Digimon rally, and the partner Digimon attempt to attack Cherubimon one last time, but Cherubimon effortly swats them all down.

Daisuke and Wallace's cries for V-mon, Gummymon and Chocomon reach Magnamon and Rapidmon inside Cherubimon, and their power and memories return to them. An apparition of Chocomon as Wendimon appears before them, who silently gestures at himself. Taking the hint, with Rapidmon's blessing, Magnamon and Rapidmon attack with all their power, and the apparition of Chocomon/Wendimon is consumed.

Outside, Magnamon and Rapidmon's internal attacks visibly take effect on Cherubimon, and he is overcome and transforms into Cherubimon (Virtue), who Wallace recognizes as the real Chocomon. Chocomon/Cherubimon silently smiles, and dissolves into light. As Wallace cries, Gummymon and V-mon glide back to the group, having survived Cherubimon's destruction. The sight of Gummymon brings a smile to Wallace's face.

The group, now all returned to their present-day ages, stands in silence in the flower field as Wallace mourns Chocomon. Daisuke reminds him that someday, Chocomon will be reborn and will return to him.

Back in New York City, the group learns that Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Kōshirō, Mimi, and Jo have all been safely returned to where they belong. Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, Takeru and Hikari say their farewells to Wallace, who promises to someday visit them in Japan, but who in the meantime intends to keep traveling. He leaves the group with a parting kiss on the cheek each for Miyako and Hikari, infuriating Daisuke.

Some time later, Wallace is back on the road. While he is on the phone with his mother, Chocomon's Digitama appears in a nearby river. Wallace and Gummymon excitedly run after it, and they are reunited with Chocomon who, after hatching, takes on his Child form, Lopmon.


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Home Media Box Art[edit]

Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals DVD cover


Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals promo
Digimon Adventure 02: Vol. 1: Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Vol. 2: Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals promo


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Production Takaiwa Tan (Toei)
Tomari Tsutomu (Toei Animation)
Yamashina Makoto (Bandai)
Toriyama Makoto (Yomiko Advertising, Inc.)
Planning Seki Hiromi 関 弘美
Original Concept Hongo Akiyoshi
(Serialized in Shueisha's "Monthly V-Jump")
Screenplay Yoshida Reiko 吉田玲子
Music Arisawa Takanori 有澤孝紀
Production Manager Takanashi Yoichi 高梨洋一
Editor Nishiyama Shigeru 西山茂
Audio Recording Kuramoto Teiji 蔵元貞司
Digital Director of Photography Takahashi Motoi 小谷野武
Color Design Itasaka Yasue 板坂泰江
Art Director Sawada Takao
Yuki Shinzō
Character Design Nakatsuru Katsuyoshi 中鶴勝祥
Animation Director Kuhara Shigeki
Aoki Yasuhiro
Hashimoto Takashi
Kanno Toshiyuki
Umakoshi Yoshihiko
Nakazawa Kazuto
Yamashita Takaaki
Kakita Hideyuki
Takahashi Manaka
Character Design/
General Animation Director
Aizawa Masahiro 相澤昌弘
Director Yamauchi Shigeyasu 山内重保
Seiyū Kanji/Kana Character Voice Actor
Kiuchi Reiko 木内レイコ Motomiya Daisuke Brian Donovan
Noda Junko 野田順子 V-mon Derek Stephen Prince
Steven Blum
Natsuki Rio 夏樹リオ Inoue Miyako Tifanie Christun
Tōchika Kōichi 遠近孝一 Hawkmon Steven Blum
Neil Kaplan
Urawa Megumi 浦和めぐみ Hida Iori Philece Sampler
Urawa Megumi 浦和めぐみ Armadimon Dave Mallow
Robert Axelrod
Tom Fahn
Yamamoto Taisuke 山本 泰輔 Takaishi Takeru Doug Erholtz
Matsumoto Miwa 松本美和 Patamon Laura Summer
Dave Mallow
Araki Kae 荒木香恵 Yagami Hikari Lara Jill Miller
Tokumitsu Yuka 徳光由禾 Tailmon Edie Mirman
Miyahara Nami 宮原永海 Wallace Bob Glouberman
Tada Aoi 多田葵 Gummymon Mona Marshall
Michael Sorich
Lex Lang
Noto Mamiko
Nishimura Tomomichi
Chocomon Wendee Lee
Paul St. Peter
Mizutani Yūko 水谷優子 Takenouchi Sora Colleen O'Shaughnessey*
Kazama Yūto 風間勇刀 Ishida Yamato Michael Reisz*
Tenjin Umi 天神有海 Izumi Kōshirō Mona Marshall*
Maeda Ai 前田愛 Tachikawa Mimi Philece Sampler*
Kikuchi Masami 菊池正美 Kido Jo Michael Lindsay*
Fujita Toshiko 藤田淑子 Yagami Taichi Joshua Seth*
Ota Kensuke 太田健介 Driver (TBA)


Main article: Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals - Original Soundtrack
  • Insert Song: "brave heart"
    Songwriter: Ōmori Shouko (大森祥子)
    Composer: Ōta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
    Arranger: Ōta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
    Artist(s): Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎歩)
    (NEC Interchannel)
  • Insert Song: "Break up!"
    Songwriter: Yamada Hiroshi (山田ひろし)
    Composer: Ōta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
    Arranger: Ōta Michihiko (太田美知彦)
    Artist(s): Miyazaki Ayumi (宮崎歩)
    (NEC Interchannel)


Numerous potential plots were pitched for the 2000 Summer Toei Anime Fair Digimon film project. One of the earliest, according to Seki Hiromi, featured the characters of Akiyama Ryo and Terriermon, and had a theme summarized by the slogan "There's a Digimon waiting for you;" Seki has also commented, albeit with uncertainty, that this story may have been related to Ryo's appearance in Ichijouji Ken's flashbacks to the events of Digimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers in the Digimon Adventure 02 episode "When a Digivice is Infected by Darkness". Until February 2000, this Ryo story was what they had intended to put into production, but it was scrapped at that point as they considered the form that it had ultimately taken through its time in development to be too sad for a summer film. Despite the discarding of the Ryo story, Terriermon—who had been created and designed by director Yamauchi Shigeyasu, rather than by Bandai or WiZ through the normal design process—was retained when the project became Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!![3]

Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! were consciously taken in a different direction from the preceding two Digimon Adventure films, in particular from the "hero film" nature of Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! Seki and Watanabe Kenji have characterized Yamauchi as using the films to explore the true nature of things and the question of what a monster actually is.[4]


Taguchi Tomohisa, the director of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning, has cited Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! as, collectively, his favorite Digimon film due to their "unorthodox" and "bold" elements, and has stated that he would like to implement inspiration from them in his work.[5]

In a May 2020 Digimon Web poll in which users voted on their favorite Digimon films, Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! (treated as a single film) placed fifth, earning 5% of the vote.[6]



In Other Media[edit]

Wallace re-appears in the drama CD Digimon Adventure 02: The Door to Summer, which is set one year after Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Transcendent Evolution!!

Wallace's Chocomon (under the name of, and in the form of, Lopmon) is a playable character in Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit and Digimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.5. Wallace also appears in two further WonderSwan video games, Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley and Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamers.

Wallace, Gummymon (as Terriermon), and Chocomon (as Lopmon) make a brief cameo appearance in the ending of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. According to producer Kinoshita Yosuke, he wanted both Chocomon and Gummymon to be present with Wallace in this cameo in order to "answer" the ending of Transcendent Evolution!![7]


Unlike the majority of Digimon anime productions, Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and (to a lesser extent) Transcendent Evolution!! feature noticeable product placement for products other than Digimon merchandise. Throughout the film, there are photorealistic billboards for such products strategically placed in major scenes.

  • After Daisuke, Miyako and Iori are dropped off by the "Denver Bird" private flight in Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, they are near a billboard displaying an advertisement for a 2000 Mazda MPV.
  • A billboard for Marlboro cigarettes is in the foreground of a brief shot in Digimon Hurricane Landing!! in which Fladramon's Knuckle Fire attacks are exploding around Chocomon. Unlike the others, this one appears to have been hand-drawn by the animators.
  • After the fight between Chocomon, V-mon and Gummymon in Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, the discussions between Daisuke and Wallace take place in the vicinity of a billboard advertising two airlines: Northwest Airlines (specifically, its then-active World Perks rewards program) and KLM. This is also the billboard that Gummymon, V-mon and Daisuke slam into when they attempt to glide together. (Two more of the Mazda MPV billboards are also present in this scene.) The North West/KLM billboard returns in the closing scene of Transcendent Evolution!!
M03 ArmorEvo Gaffe.jpg

Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! use versions of the Digimon Adventure 02 series' stock footage for Fladramon, Lighdramon, Holsmon and Digmon's Armor Evolutions that have been altered from the originals in several ways:

  • The Japanese background text listing the respective Digimons' names has been removed and replaced with more Latin/English background text.
  • Fladramon's name is spelled "FLAYDRAMON."
  • In the Lighdramon stock footage, Daisuke's head no longer appears during the starting shot of the D-Terminal transmitting to the D-3, although he, as in the series, can still be heard making the "Digimental Up" command.
  • There is an added gaffe in the Lighdramon stock footage (pictured right) in which Armadimon's name appears in the background instead of V-mon's.
  • The specters of Tentomon, Kabuterimon and Atlur Kabuterimon are removed from Digmon's stock footage.

Home Media Releases[edit]

Image Name ID No. Format RRP Release Date Notes
Running Time Picture Track Audio Track Distributor
80px Digimon Adventure 02
VCTM02619[8] VHS ¥2,940[8] Japan February 21, 2001[8]
Unknown Unknown Unknown (Japanese) Toei Video[8]
M03 dvd cover.jpg Digimon Adventure 02
DVD ¥4,725 (2000s)[9]
¥2,695 (2020s)[10]
Japan February 21, 2001[9] Bonus Features:[10]
  • "How to Play the Card Game Ver 1.1"
  • Theatrical trailer
  • TV spot
64 minutes[10] 16:9 (letterboxed), Color[10] Surround sound (Japanese)[10] Toei Video[10]
The Movies BD box.jpg Digimon THE MOVIES Blu-ray 1999-2006
デジモン THE MOVIES Blu-ray 1999-2006
BSTD03773[11] Blu-ray Disc ¥27,500[11] Japan January 9, 2015[11]
Main article: Digimon THE MOVIES Blu-ray 1999-2006

Included on Disc 2 with Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back.

301 minutes (total)[11] 16:9 1080p, Color[11] Disc 2: Linear PCM stereo sound (Japanese)[11] Toei Video[11]
The Movies BD Vol2 cover.jpg Digimon THE MOVIES Blu-ray Vol.2
デジモン THE MOVIES Blu-ray Vol.2
BSTD03892[12] Blu-ray Disc ¥5,500[12] Japan January 6, 2016[12]

Individual release of Disc 2 of the Digimon THE MOVIES Blu-ray 1999-2006 boxed set. Compilation release which also includes Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back.

Bonus Features:[12]

  • Trailer
95 minutes (total)[12] 16:9 1080p, Color[12] Linear PCM stereo sound (Japanese)[12] Toei Video[12]
Digimon the Movies Collection 1 TBA Blu-ray Disc TBA United States TBA[13] Compilation release, which includes Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/ Transcendent Evolution!! in their original individual form—along with the Digimon Adventure short and Digimon Adventure: Our War Game!—and the American Digimon: The Movie recut. Produced by With the Will administrator MarcFBR.[14]

For the individual original films, both the original Japanese audio tracks and new English dub tracks are provided, with subtitles for the Japanese audio tracks by onkeikun.[13][14]

TBA TBA 1) TBA (Japanese)
2) TBA (English)[13]
Discotek Media[13]


American English[edit]

Digimon: The Movie[edit]

Main article: Digimon: The Movie

Saban Entertainment used Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! as Part 3 ("Present Day") of Digimon: The Movie. Of the constituent films, they are the most extensively cut, recut and rewritten; one estimate places the amount of footage from Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution!! that was cut from The Movie at 49%.[15]

The extent of the edits and rewrites to the films that comprised The Movie was such that in 2000, before The Movie's release, the resulting dissimilarity to the original films was used by the Screen Actors Guild as grounds for a legal action against Saban Entertainment. SAG argued that The Movie no longer constituted a "dub" under the terms of their dubbing agreement with Saban due to the "significant" extent of its "revisions, reformatting, additions, deletions and modifications," and on those grounds sought remuneration for the English voice cast (who were members of SAG) commensurate with the greater remuneration owed to performers in non-dub productions but not those in dub productions, namely residuals.[16] The outcome of this action is unknown.

  • As usual for American English dubbed Digimon productions, the score is totally replaced and nothing remains of the Japanese soundtrack in The Movie. Unlike other dubbed productions, The Movie uses licensed pop songs from the US in addition to the usual score from Saban's dubs of the Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 television series.
    • In the original films, insert songs for evolution scenes are used only twice: first, when Chibimon evolves into V-mon and, shortly after, Armor Evolves into Fladramon at the start of his fight with Chocomon in Digimon Hurricane Landing!! ("Brave heart" is played); and second, when V-mon Armor Evolves into Lighdramon ("Break up!" is played) at the end of Digimon Hurricane Landing!! Otherwise, the currently-playing instrumental score is not interrupted at any time that anyone evolves. In The Movie, all instances of allied Digimon digivolving (evolving) interrupt the score with the Saban "Digimon Theme" to accompany their evolutions. These reflect common practices of each version of the rest of the anime: the Japanese version does not exclusively use its evolution insert songs every time that evolutions occur, and generally only chooses to do so when it fits the tone, context and plot beats of a given scene; whereas English dubbed versions almost exclusively use their designated theme songs or leitmotifs for evolution scenes, regardless of tone.
  • As usual for contemporary American English Digimon dubs, dialogue is generally significantly longer-winded, previously nonexistent jokes (sometimes of a scatological nature) are often added, and previously nonexistent dialog is often added over what were originally moments of silence.
  • In the original films, there is no narration, except on the intermission between the two volumes. In The Movie, consistent with the other parts of it, Kari Kamiya (Yagami Hikari) provides narration throughout the film, often irreverent in tone and explaining in detail what is happening or about to happen.
    • When she introduces this part of The Movie, a title card declaring "Present Day" is superimposed on top of its first shot. The timeline established by these title cards is inconsistent with the timeline established in the original films, as it establishes that its second and third parts occur four years apart, whereas originally, Our War Game! (set in 2000) and Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Transcendent Evolution!! (set in 2002) occur only two years apart.
    • The footage of the Chosen Children that plays in the opening credits of Digimon Hurricane Landing!! is repurposed for Kari's introductory narration as a where-are-they-now montage for the other six members of the Adventure team and an introductory montage for the new Adventure 02 leads. The footage is also recut to rearrange the order in which each character appears/is introduced, in addition to being slightly trimmed for time.
  • The teaser of Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, in which Chocomon disappears in the flower field, is considered to be part of Part 2 of The Movie and plays immediately after the last of its Our War Game! footage, in order to depict the disappearance as taking place in the immediate aftermath of the defeat of Diaboromon (Diablomon). This attempts to further set up how, as noted below, in The Movie's version of events, the stories of Diaboromon, and of Willis (Wallace) and Kokomon (Chocomon), are directly linked.
    • A side effect of this is that The Movie significantly reduces the time between Willis's loss of Kokomon and the events of Part 3. In Transcendent Evolution!!, Wallace tells Motomiya Daisuke that Chocomon disappeared seven years prior (by Daisuke's estimation, around the same time as Yagami Taichi's first encounter with a Digimon, i.e. the events of the Digimon Adventure short film in 1995). In The Movie, as noted in the title cards, only four years have passed; the footage in the disappearance scene is unchanged, so despite the change in timeline, the young Willis still has the physical appearance of a 4-year-old four years prior to the events of Part 3, despite his present-day self's significantly older appearance.
  • The original films call some attention to the language barrier between the characters: the car driver speaks entirely in English; and Wallace speaks in English when talking to his family and during the first encounter with Chocomon, but otherwise speaks in Japanese to the rest of the main cast, including Gummymon. In The Movie, the possibility of a language barrier is ignored and everyone speaks English without distinction.
    • During Wallace's phone call in New York City (which is spoken in English), Digimon Hurricane Landing!! provides Japanese subtitles for the call's contents, presented vertically along the right-hand edge of the screen. The Movie removes the subtitles.
    • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, Wallace says that the reason he speaks such good Japanese is that he once had a girlfriend who was Japanese. This is dropped from The Movie, and eight seconds of footage in which he discusses this with Miyako is cut.
  • The plotline about Chocomon abducting Chosen Children is entirely removed from The Movie. As a result, all footage depicting Taichi, Ishida Yamato, Izumi Kōshirō, Takenouchi Sora, Tachikawa Mimi and Kido Jo past the opening credits/opening montage is entirely cut, and none of them have any lines at all in Part 3 of The Movie. This has significant repercussions on what remains of the plot.
    • In The Movie, Mimi is still spoken of as accompanying T.K. Takaishi (Takaishi Takeru) and Kari on the New York City leg of their holiday, but she is never actually seen at all.
      • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, Mimi is using a laptop, plugged into a payphone, to send emails, and when she disappears, she drops the laptop and it is left dangling from the cable plugged into the payphone. In The Movie, since the footage of Mimi with the laptop is cut, the only time that the laptop is seen is the shot of it dangling from the payphone, with no explanation at all.
        • The Movie still acknowledges that there was an attempt, if not by Mimi herself, to email photos on that laptop, but it is said instead that the internet lines are too busy to send.
    • The cutting of this plotline also affects Kokomon's motivations and plan in the narrative.
      In the original films, since Chocomon is no longer able to recognize Wallace now that he has aged, he is using the only clue he has—Wallace owns an original-model Digivice—as his methodology to identify him, hence he is abducting anyone with an original-model Digivice, including the six Chosen Children.
      In The Movie, his plan is no longer tied to looking for Digivices and he is exclusively concerned with making Willis "go back to the beginning"—i.e. as later speculated, to the time before the virus attacked him—and to this end he stalks only Willis.
    • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, Takeru and Hikari's impetus for focusing on Wallace is due to the disappearance of the other six Chosen Children, as after witnessing his interactions with the "crying Digimon," they have reason to believe that he knows what happened to the others, and the urgency of this is why they call in Daisuke, Miyako and Iori.
      In The Movie, their interest in Willis, and their impetus to call in the others, is entirely limited to the fact that Willis is another DigiDestined (Chosen Child).
      • Unlike Hikari in the original films, at no point in The Movie does Kari ever talk about sensing the "crying Digimon" at all, let alone identify it as Kokomon. Instead, the two are led to the scene of Kokomon and Terriermon's (Gummymon) fight in New York City by the commotion that it causes. All subsequence scenes in which Hikari originally talks about her sense and what it is reading about Chocomon are either replaced in The Movie with various arbitrary dialog for Kari, or the footage is cut entirely.
      • The Movie also changes Kokomon's intent in the train scene, via dialog from Kokomon ("Don't interfere"), to indicate that his appearance there is as a warning to T.K. and Kari to stay out of it.
  • In the original two films, even though his default form is Terriermon in the present-day scenes, Wallace's remaining partner Digimon still goes by the name of his Baby II form, "Gummymon," as his default name. In The Movie, he goes by "Terriermon" by default. The same change is not made for Chocomon, who remains called by the name of his In-Training (Baby II) form, renamed "Kokomon" in English localization materials.
    • In the original two films, Gummymon does not speak at all when evolving, so his evolved forms are not identified by name on-screen. The Movie has Terriermon announce his evolutions in the usual style, therefore identifying his evolved forms as Gargomon (Galgomon) and Rapidmon.
  • An 8-second scene from Digimon Hurricane Landing!! in which Hikari senses that something has befallen Taichi, and Takeru voices his suspicions of Wallace's connection, is cut from The Movie.
  • In The Movie, no name is ever given to Summer Memory, nor is its significance as a destination especially explained.
    • In The Movie, the only context ever given to the location of their destination is that it is in the state of Colorado. Outside of New York City, all mentions of all other locations relative to their journey, including the capital city of Denver, are written out.
  • 10 seconds of footage of Hida Iori attempting to flag a car for hitchhiking, holding a sign that reads "With Monster," is cut.
  • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!, the car driver (voiced by Volcano Ota) who picks up Daisuke, Inoue Miyako and Iori in response to Iori's sign is not given an identity and is suggested to be a total stranger, and he spends the drive passionately declaring his love of both their "monsters" and Japanese motor vehicles to the three, in English. In The Movie, he is instead characterized as an American uncle of Yolei's (Miyako) who works as a taxi driver (footage of his car is not edited, so it still looks like a private car), and he instead loudly plays his music.
  • A 1:43 minute scene of Wallace and Gummymon in the train car, debating each other's responses and intentions in the fight with Chocomon, is cut from The Movie. Instead, when The Movie returns to Willis and Terriermon, they are already on the walking leg of their trip.
  • The aftermath of Chocomon's appearance before Takeru and Hikari on the train, in which they discover that everyone else in the train has vanished, is cut from The Movie.
  • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, the pilot of the private plane that Daisuke, Miyako and Iori take—the Denver Bird—is unnamed and nothing is made of their identity. In The Movie, as with the car ride, dialog is changed to identify the pilot as a second American uncle of Yolei's, "Uncle Fred," who has no basis in the original films.
    • In the following scene, The Movie changes Miyako's dialogue once again to have Yolei claim that she has a third American uncle with no basis in the original films—an owner of horses who lives nearby—as a possibility for their next mode of transport.
  • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, during their initial conversation with Wallace outside of the truck, Iori asks whether Wallace knows anything about Chocomon, and Gummymon collapses in shock from the matter being raised at all. Iori's question and the accompanying footage is cut from The Movie, although the footage of Terriermon falling over remains with no explanation for the fall given.
  • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, the pickup track that Daisuke, Miyako and Iori flag down for themselves and Wallace appears to just be a pickup truck, and the driver has no dialog; after he and Daisuke are left behind by the truck, Wallace makes another phone call to his mother.
    Although it does not edit the footage, The Movie recontextualizes this truck as a pizza delivery vehicle, with the group apparently taking advantage of the delivery to ride the rest of the way to their destination. The footage of Wallace's phone call to his mother is moved to before the truck's arrival and repurposed as Willis placing the delivery order, which arrives within minutes of the phone call; dialog is changed to have Willis call attention to this inexplicably short wait time by pointing out that the pizzeria promises "Two minutes or your next pizza's free." Pizza-related dialog from the driver (who was originally entirely silent) is also dubbed over a shot of him, although in said shot, his mouth is visibly not moving at all.
  • In The Movie, due to the aforementioned cuts and rearranging of the footage between the scenes (moving Wallace's phone call to earlier, the cutting of all footage depicting Taichi's group), Kokomon arrives to face Davis (Daisuke) and Willis immediately after the pizza delivery truck drives off with Yolei and Cody (Iori).
  • In The Movie, one scene from the aftermath of the first V-mon/Chocomon fight is cut from its original place in Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, and some of its footage is moved to the early stages of that fight and repurposed into an entirely new context.
    In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, after the battle, Gummymon, V-mon and Daisuke are playing around, and when Gummymon starts gliding, both V-mon and Daisuke grab onto Gummymon and glide with him for the fun of it, until they all slam into a nearby airline billboard.
    In The Movie, this footage is inserted into the battle in the moment immediately before Veemon (V-mon) becomes Flamedramon (Fladramon) and, as an attempted joke, is repurposed as a failed attack tactic against Kokomon: after Veemon inflicts his first Vee Headbutt (V-mon Head) to Kokomon, Davis comes up with the idea for himself and Veemon to glide with Terriermon as an attack against Kokomon but, as Kokomon watches and reaches up at them (this shot, in Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, being the shot that immediately precedes the Fladramon evolution sequence), the three slam into the billboard and Davis declares, "Time... for Plan... B...," at which point Veemon evolves into Flamedramon.
    • Approximately 20 seconds of footage is trimmed from the flight sequence, including the shots of Daisuke actually gliding with Gummymon and V-mon; and the final shot of the original sequence, in which Chibimon, Daisuke and Gummymon are bruised from the collision.
  • Some footage is cut from the V-mon/Gummymon/Chocomon fight sequence, including:
    • A five-second shot of Fladramon's Knuckle Fire attacks exploding around Chocomon. (This shot has a billboard for Marlboro cigarettes in it, which may also have been a motivation for the cut.)
    • A ten-second interlude in the fight, in which Wallace attempts to get answers from Chocomon about where he has taken Taichi and the others.
  • A significant amount of footage of Daisuke and Wallace's interactions following the fight is cut from The Movie. This includes the aforementioned repurposed gliding sequence, as well as:
    • A 13-second sequence of Daisuke trying to get answers from Wallace about Chocomon, and Gummymon letting slip the clue about de-aging.
    • A 9-second scene in which they notice the destroyed road and rule out further hitchhiking.
    • Another 56-second sequence, post-gliding, of Daisuke trying to get answers from Wallace about Chocomon, in which Gummymon insists that Daisuke and the others have a right to know.
  • In Digimon Hurricane Landing!!, when Daisuke and Wallace pass a group of children during the Lighdramon ride sequence, they ask the children for directions to Summer Memory. In The Movie, they do not do so; instead, the children express interest in also riding Raidramon (Lighdramon), and Davis declines by telling them that "we're on a mission!"
  • The intermission between Digimon Hurricane Landing!! and Transcendent Evolution is entirely cut from The Movie, which moves from the Raidramon sequence straight into the scene at Summer Memory.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, when Daisuke, Iori and Miyako are trying to get an explanation out of Wallace at Summer Memory, their questions are about who Chocomon is and why he abducted the other Chosen Children. In The Movie, since the elder Chosen Children have been cut from the story, their questions are about who Kokomon is and why he is haunting Willis. In this version, Willis gives a one-liner cryptic response—"Because I created him"—but nothing more is said.
    • 22 seconds of footage subsequent to this, in which Gummymon explains what he knows in lieu of Wallace doing so, is cut from The Movie.
  • In Transcendental Evolution!!, there is a 14-second scene in which the Chosen Children hitchhike from Summer Memory to the flower field in a pickup truck full of farm animals. This is entirely cut from The Movie, which cuts straight to that night in the woods near the flower field.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, the woods nighttime sequence begins with a 31 second scene of Wallace tucking in Gummymon for the night before wandering off by himself, followed by Daisuke spotting him departing and intervening. In The Movie, this is all cut, and the sequence begins with Willis and Davis having already left the others to talk.
  • In The Movie, as Willis reveals to Davis the night before the battle at the flower field, the cause of Kokomon's descent into his present condition is entirely different to the cause of Chocomon's descent in the original films, due to The Movie's attempts to turn three originally self-contained films into a single narrative.
    • Willis (who, unlike Wallace, is a computer prodigy, for reasons noted below) attempted to create a Digi-Egg (Digitama) of his own some years prior, out of a curious desire for a third partner Digimon. However, the Digi-Egg was attacked by a virus which mutated it into Diaboromon (Diablomon). In The Movie's version of Our War Game!, the (originally near-silent) scene where Kuramon hatches is rewritten and dubbed over to have Izzy (Kōshirō) describe that he is specifically witnessing said attack.
      • When Willis says Diaboromon's name, a brief shot from Our War Game! depicting Diablomon with the clock, with an evil laugh dubbed over it, is inserted.
      • The Movie's version of Our War Game! is also rewritten to establish a connection between Willis and Diaboromon. In it, Willis is inserted into the story as a replacement for what was originally an anonymous Russian contact of Kōshirō's. Willis adopts that contact's backstory as a computer prodigy, and has a greatly expanded role as he is constantly referenced as continuing to advise Izzy (Kōshirō) by email throughout the pursuit of Diaboromon.
        • The Movie gives Diaboromon (who almost never speaks in Our War Game!) dialog that ascribes to it a new motivation of seeking a then-unidentified "programmer," who is only identified explicitly as Willis in this confession scene.
    • After the defeat of Diaboromon, to which Willis contributed, Diaboromon's virus tracked him down and infected Kokomon, taking him away from Willis and Terriermon.
    • Willis alleges that the virus is controlling Kokomon and that, while Kokomon is still trying to tell him what he wants, the virus is responsible for stopping him from doing so.
    • As such, going forward, references to the "virus" and the need to destroy it specifically are routinely added to The Movie's dialog.
    • The Movie makes numerous changes in its treatment of Kokomon that it shares in common with Diaboromon, to highlight the written-in connection between the two.
  • The Movie heavily cuts down Davis's reaction to Willis's story, only using four shots from Daisuke's reaction in Transcendent Evolution!!, and appears to be attempting to play the scene as comedic rather than the serious reflection on the magnitude of the situation that Daisuke originally had.
    • The shots that The Movie retains are: his goggles dropping to the ground; him crying against the tree (declaring that this is "the saddest story (he has) ever heard"); Willis handing him his goggles and trying to make him feel better ("Get over it."); and Davis, having recovered from the crying instantaneously upon being told to "get over it," putting his goggles back on (Davis says "Okay," and Willis observes that "That was fast.")
    • All of Daisuke's comments from Transcendent Evolution!! about how he does not think he cannot bear the thought of having to kill V-mon under similar circumstances, or deciding between sparing Chocomon or saving Taichi and the others, are removed from The Movie.
  • In the resolution of Wallace's confession to Daisuke in Transcendent Evolution!, there is a brief comedic scene in which, when Wallace decides that they should go back to the others because he wants to see Miyako's face, Daisuke reacts angrily and his goggles crack. This is entirely cut from The Movie.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, the preamble to the final battle between Chocomon and the partner Digimon is fairly long, as Wallace attempts to reason with Chocomon and almost succeeds in swaying him, until the doubts of his Baby II self, Gummymon's attempt to stop him from seizing Wallace, and Wallace's attempts to convince him that there is no going back to the past cause him to snap. The Movie cuts upwards of 30 seconds from this scene, in addition to, as usual, all of the preceding footage of the de-aged elder Chosen Children in Chocomon's void.
  • The Movie extensively cuts footage from the first phase of the Kokomon fight, against his Antylamon (Andiramon) form, for both time and to reduce the impact of the violence.
    • For example, in one of the first exchanges of attacks in the fight in Transcendent Evolution!!, Fladramon readies a fire attack, but Chocomon/Andiramon materializes right in front of him and delivers a spinning slap which slams Fladramon into the nearby cliffside. In The Movie, the scene abruptly cuts from Kokomon/Antylamon materializing in front of Flamedramon, to Flamedramon recoiling from a now-undepicted slam into the cliffside, with Antylamon nowhere in sight.
    • A shot of Chocomon/Andiramon slamming Digmon and Holsmon's heads together is cut.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, when the partner Digimon corner Chocomon/Andiramon at the lake, there is a brief scene in which Miyako gushes over how cool the partner Digimon are, Iori remarks that Digmon's one-liner to Chocomon was too plain, and Miyako responds that Digmon and Iori have that in common. While The Movie more or less faithfully translates the first two lines, Miyako's third line is cut.
  • The Movie also extensively cuts and recuts footage from the second phase of the Kokomon fight, against his Cherubimon (Vice) form, including:
    • A minute of footage of the Chosen Children reacting to Cherubimon's first transformation of the world around them, including Miyako theorizing the link between the chill in the air, the "black snow" and Cherubimon's broken heart
    • A brief shot of Gummymon/Galgomon asking, rhetorically, who Cherubimon is.
    • A 24-second sequence of Cherubimon slipping under the lake, appearing behind Wallace, laughing in a distorted voice, and closing in on Wallace.
    • A brief sequence of Gummymon, after barely evading one of Cherubimon's black orb attacks, reverting to his Baby II form as he is thrown aside, then returning to his Child form.
    • A sequence, over 1 minute in length, in which Wallace reflects on his own weakness and accuses Cherubimon of no longer being Chocomon. Wallace and Gummymon affirm that he will stop Cherubimon, and the other Chosen Children step in to express their support for Wallace and everything that he has been through.
    • Multiple shots following the shot in which, in the aftermath of Angemon and Angewomon's attacks on Cherubimon, "black snow" begins to spread across Cherubimon's face; in The Movie, the scene resumes on the shot of, in the new darkened sky environment, Davis, Cody and Yolei walking into frame and remarking on the transformed environment. Affected shots include:
      • Angewomon trying to evade the "black snow" and watching it disintegrate the ground around her.
      • Wallace looking on as Cherubimon's body completely disintegrates into "black snow."
      • The sky changing color as the last of Cherubimon's body disintegrates.
    • Several shots showing the partner Digimon and Chosen Children regrouping inside the black sky environment; in The Movie, the next shots after the aforementioned shot with Davis, Yolei and Cody are of Cherubimon reforming his body. Affected shots include:
      • Wallace wondering whether the black sky environment was where Chocomon had been held.
      • Two separate shots of Hikari identifying the nature of the environment, reflecting on Cherubimon's motivations for modifying it, and on how she no longer feels anything from him.
      • The partner Digimon backing away from Cherubimon, including Upamon returning to Iori.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, Chocomon has no dialog in his Cherubimon (Vice) form. The Movie has him laugh evilly and speak some brief, mocking lines during the fight: when Willis asks him to stop juggling the partner Digimon, he responds "Okay" as he throws them into the cliffside; and after Veemon and Terriermon appear to knock him over, he quips "Think again!" when he leaps back onto his feet.
  • For the remainder of the Cherubimon fight, The Movie reorders many scenes, condensing much of the footage of Daisuke's group post-de-aging into the same minute or so following the reformation of Cherubimon's body.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, when Angemon and Angewomon evolve into their Ultimate forms, they do not know for sure what doing so will accomplish, but Angemon remarks that he is sure that it will somehow be of aid to the group. In The Movie, Angemon explicitly states that they must take their Mega (Ultimate) forms to release the Golden Digi-Eggs (the Digimentals of Miracles and Fate).
    • Two brief shots of Takeru and Hikari agreeing to Angemon and Angewomon's intent to evolve to Ultimate are cut from The Movie.
    • Following Angemon and Angewomon's evolution, in Transcendent Evolution!!, there are two reaction shots from Takeru and Hikari: one immediately after the Holydramon evolution sequence ends, in which they are still in their 11-year-old forms; and the other after a shot of Seraphimon and Holydramon floating dramatically in midair with glowing spheres, in which they, like the other Chosen Children, have been de-aged. The Movie only keeps the latter shot, and moves it to the position of the former shot.
  • Dialog from Seraphimon and Holydramon telling Daisuke and Wallace what the Digimentals are is removed from The Movie.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, when Daisuke and Wallace activate the Digimentals of Miracles and Fate, they use the usual Japanese activation command, "Digimental Up"デジメンタルアップ」. The Movie embellishes it further: instead of the usual dub equivalent of the command, "Digi-Armor Energize," they say "Golden Armor Energize." (This is not consistent with the dubbed version of episode 20 of Adventure 02, the only other use of the Digimental of Miracles, where the command was still just "Digi-Armor Energize.")
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, V-mon and Gummymon say nothing at all when Armor Evolving into Magnamon and Rapidmon, and as such never give their new forms' names on-screen. The Movie adds in evolution announcements in the usual style, but embellishes them further to indicate the special status of these forms: instead of the usual "(x) Armor Digivolve to...", it is "(x) Golden Armor Digivolve to...", which is consistent with the dubbed versions of episodes 20 and 21 of Adventure 02.
  • The final phase of the fight against Cherubimon, from the appearance of Magnamon and Rapidmon onward, is heavily cut down, rearranged, and rewritten in The Movie.
    • In Transcendent Evolution!!, the end of the Armor Evolution sequence has one long shot which starts on Rapidmon's face as his evolution finishes, then he moves backwards in the frame to next to Magnamon, then the two fly out of frame to dodge an incoming physical attack from Cherubimon. The Movie adds a reaction shot after Rapidmon's face appears, splitting the original shot in half.
    • Footage of their attacks seemingly obliterating Cherubimon is cut.
    • In Transcendent Evolution!!, as they contemplate whether they managed to get him, Cherubimon suddenly rematerializes behind the two and eats them. In the movie, although the footage is the same, added dialog reframes Cherubimon eating them as Magnamon's plan to get inside.
    • The Movie cuts approximately 18 seconds of footage that depicts Magnamon and Rapidmon stranded and losing power inside Cherubimon.
    • All of the scenes set outside Cherubimon's body during the time that Magnamon and Rapidmon have been swallowed, and the impact on those events on Magnamon and Rapidmon, are either cut or repurposed in The Movie, amounting to almost a minute of lost footage. This includes:
      • Daisuke, Wallace, Iori, Takeru and Hikari cheering their support for Magnamon and Rapidmon.
      • The sequence of Patamon, Tailmon, Upamon and Poromon rallying for one last attempted attack for Cherubimon, in which they are easily defeated and wounded. In The Movie, some of the footage is moved to before Seraphymon (Seraphimon) and Magnadramon (Holydramon), namely the shot of Upamon bouncing away while the de-aged Cody chases him, crying; and the shot of the de-aged Yolei trying to bandage Poromon's wing, which zooms out into the void (in this shot, Miyako's original dialog to Poromon is also replaced with Yolei making a reference to Kokomon's recurring "Time to heal" phrase).
    • In light of all of these cuts, the first scene that follows Magnamon and Rapidmon getting swallowed in The Movie is the specter of Kokomon appearing before them inside Cherubimon's body and the subsequent flashback to Willis bandaging Kokomon prior to the disappearance.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, the specter of Chocomon inside Cherubimon is totally silent, and his instructions to Magnamon and Rapidmon are purely by gesture. In The Movie, dialog is added for him in which he repeats lines that he (and Diaboromon) has frequently spoken throughout The Movie: "Time to heal," and "Destroy."
  • In Transcendent Evolution!, Magnamon and Rapidmon are completely silent until the end of Chocomon's gesturing, when Magnamon confirms one last time with Rapidmon that he is okay with putting Chocomon out of his misery. The Movie adds dialog between Magnamon and Rapidmon in which they attempt to interpret what Kokomon is saying, and conclude that he wants them to "destroy the virus," after which one of them also repeats the "Time to heal" phrase.
    • In The Movie, the footage of the aforementioned Transcendent Evolution!! exchange is cut and replaced with a repurposed shot from earlier in the inside-Cherubimon sequence, in which Magnamon and Rapidmon's armor starts shining brightly from a dull state. In Transcendent Evolution!!, this footage illustrated their strength returning to them when Daisuke and Wallace's cries of encouragement reached them, but in The Movie, it is recontextualized to show them powering up in preparation to destroy the virus, with added sound effects to reinforce this.
  • In Transcendent Evolution!!, Chocomon is entirely silent in his Cherubimon (Virtue) form. The Movie adds two lines of dialog for him: "Willis..." and, as he fades away, "Thank you..."
    • In Transcendent Evolution!!, Wallace has no dialog immediately after Chocomon/Cherubimon fades away, and only cries. In The Movie, this is dubbed over to have him say "Now I've lost both of them! while crying, immediately before Terriermon reappears.
    • Likewise, when he reappears, Gummymon's dialog in Transcendent Evolution!! reflects on how Chocomon seemed to have been at peace at last in his final moments. In The Movie, this is replaced with a platitude about how Willis will never lose Terriermon, echoing a similar platitude that he made earlier in The Movie's version of the forest confession scene.
  • The Movie uses footage that had earlier been cut from the start of the final battle against Chocomon to expand on Kokomon's return in the film's last scenes, following on from the appearance of his Digi-Egg. The footage, in which Chocomon (as Wendimon) sways to and fro while Wallace watches, in its original context depicts Chocomon in anguished delirium about wanting to "go back" and reunite with the Wallace that he once knew. In The Movie, the footage is repurposed into depicting the reborn Kokomon, having evolved back into Wendigomon (Wendimon), comically dancing to the tune of Smash Mouth's "All Star" to show that he is no longer evil.
  • The original two films' closing credits are cut entirely, in favor of the combined closing credits of The Movie. The two still illustrations that are shown in the background—an American landscape, and Wallace with Gummymon (as Terriermon) and Chocomon (as Lopmon)—are not repurposed anywhere (The Movie's credits are played over a black background).
    • As a consequence of this, Chocomon's Lopmon form does not appear at all in The Movie, although an ersatz white-and-dark-green recolor of him is still present on its theatrical poster.

Discotek Media redub[edit]

An individual American English dub of Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Transcendent Evolution!! was produced in 2023 for Discotek Media's "Digimon The Movies Collection 1" Blu-ray release, along with individual dubs of the Digimon Adventure short film and Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! The new dubs were recorded at Sound Cadence Studios with "as much of the original cast [of the Saban Entertainment dubs] as possible."[14]

This dub was announced and premiered at a screening event at Otakon 2023.[14]

  • The redub retains the original Japanese soundtrack.[17]
  • While uncut, the redub's tone is "a mix between classic Digimon dubs & a bit more straight."[17]

Additional Information[edit]

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    a) the Adventure 02 episode "Odaiba Memorial" is set on August 1-3, 2002, during the summer months, and
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    then theoretically, the events of these films can be placed somewhere within the timeframe of those 11 summer episodes: episodes 15 to 25.

    Chocomon's disappearance in the teaser can be estimated to be set in 1995, based on comments within the film by both Wallace (explicitly states that he disappeared seven years prior to the main story) and Daisuke (estimates that it would have happened around the same time as the events of the Digimon Adventure short film, set in March 1995).

  2. 2.0 2.1 Commentary in the Digimon Series Memorial Book notes that the intent of Chocomon's de-aging is to revert each Chosen Child subjected to it to specifically their 4-year-old self, so that they are the same age that Wallace was when he and Chocomon were separated seven years prior, instead of just reducing everyone's ages by an even seven years.[2]

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