Hida Hiroki

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Hida Hiroki
Hida Hiroki
Kanji/Kana 火田 浩樹
Dub Name Hiroki Hida
Family Hida Chikara (Father), Hida Fumiko (Wife, widowed), Hida Iori (Son)

Hida Horiki is a character who is mentioned and seen in flashbacks in Digimon Adventure 02.


Hida Hiroki was the father of Hida Iori, and one of the first humans to be aware of the existence of the Digital World.




Hiroki was born in Tokyo in the late 60's. When he was a young boy, he received a video game console, and while playing games on it, he discovered something amazing; using his game console, he was able to contact another world, filled with sentient monsters. After a while, he befriended a shy and lonely boy his own age, Oikawa Yukio, who was able to see the other world and its inhabitants as well. The two would spend hours and hours playing video games and contacting the Digital World.

Hida Chikara, Hiroki's father, became worried about his son's obsession and decided to take the video games away from them. Since he felt Hiroki spent too much time with Yukio, Chikara tried to separate them and forbade Yukio from entering his house again. Although the two were heartbroken, they remained friends. The two made a promise that one day they will visit the Digital World together.

When they entered collage, Hiroki and Yukio started working on a project that would help them get to the Digital World. Hiroki became a police officer, much like his own father, while Yukio became a computer programmer. In 1993, Hiroki got married to a woman named Fumiko and the two had a son, Iori.

In 1999, a tragedy occurred: while on duty, Hiroki took a bullet for an important figure and died. His son, Iori, was left fatherless, while his best friend, Yukio, who lost his only friend, was inconsolable; the promise they made, that they will go to the Digital World together, was broken.

Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Though he died long before Iori became a Chosen Child, Hiroki was very important to the plot of Digimon Adventure 02.

Iori's father was clearly absent for most of the series, but his name, profession and the circumstances of his death were revealed only on Digimon Adventure 02 - Episode 43. In Digimon Adventure 02 - Episode 47, the facts of Hiroki's connection to the Digital World and Hiroki and Yukio's longtime friendship were revealed by Chikara, upon his discovery of Armadimon and of Oikawa's transformation into an enemy of the Chosen Children.

When Belial Vamdemon subjected the children to an illusion, showing their greatest desire, Iori's desire was to be with his father and show him the Digital World, like Hiroki dreamed long ago. However, it was broken by Armadimon's explanation that it wasn't real. Though Iori refused to believe it, the illusionary Hiroki floated away and disappeared, forcing Iori to realize that it wasn't meant to be.