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Kanji/Kana アルマジモン
Dub Name Armadillomon
Human Partner Hida Iori
Voice Actor Japanese Urawa Megumi (浦和 めぐみ)
English Robert Axelrod

Armadimon is the Partner Digimon of Hida Iori in Digimon Adventure 02.


Baby I Tsubumon
Baby II Upamon
Child Armadimon
Adult Ankylomon
Armor Digmon (with Digimental of Knowledge)
Pteranomon (with Digimental of Love)[1]
Submarimon (with Digimental of Faith)
Perfect Shakkoumon (with or without[2] Angemon)
Ultimate Vikemon[2]


Armadimon is a simpleminded, childlike soul, who would be content to just eat and play for the rest of his life. He is extremely curious and will ask Iori about anything he doesn't understand. Because of his childlike nature, he often comes to simple conclusions about seemingly complicated matters, a thing which has helped Iori come to a better understanding of situations he had faced time and time again.



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Video Games[edit]

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